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  1. Mars?

    It looks to me like gneiss or schist with iron inclusions . AzNuggetbob
  2. Very nice story Tom. I appreciate all the details and the jokes. a lot to be learned there too. I get the feeling it wont be long and you'll be hooked on hardrocking. but you do have to dig a little deeper. AzNuggetBob
  3. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Morlock thanks for the link. I agree. there are there are over 200 Billion stars in our galaxy alone with many planets forming around them using minerals and gasses flying around in space from star explosions enveloping and vaporizing small existing planets around them into asteroids,meteorites and space dust, then coalescing them into new planets around other near by stars. and what holds them together and keeps them from crashing to each other in orbits until it happens again?. its Dark matter. from what we have been able to detect. Its stringy filaments of sticky black material that sets up and begins to bond together again in space after a star explosion slows down, so to speak from crashing through dark matter in space. Will the solar system ever stop expanding? it almost seems like a chain reaction that never stops. exploding stars will continue to drive minerals and planets further out into space as long as hyper-nova and supernova stars keep exploding. These video's are interesting. https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/videos/how-do-galaxies-form https://www.sciencechannel.com/tv-shows/how-the-universe-works/videos/what-really-is-dark-matter AzNuggetBob

    Not the backside of a hunter, use Ballcap, and move away from the letters, grey shirt or camo. AzNuggetBob
  5. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Here is an web post I found on the finds. Meteorite Mailing List Archives - [meteorite-list] Re: Willcox Playa 003 and 005 Meteorites, Family Reunion http://www.meteorite-list-archives.com/2005/mar/0972.html Bob Gutowski AKA AzNuggetBob
  6. Brown stone meteorite ?

    I agree Mike. I like it. AzNuggetBob
  7. Specimen from last week.

    Your gettin close Tom. Nice speci. I was wondering if it Ohmed. it looks well shot through. I'd hit the hillside too. good luck on more. AzNuggetBob
  8. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Homey I lived in Tucson back in 2000. we used to go out to the Willcox playa test range east of town and launch rockets before I moved back up to Nev. also used to look for meteorites there too. found two verified H5 and 6 Chondrite Meteorites . you had to eyeball them on the surface. too much US military junk to hunt them with a detector. AzNuggetBob
  9. Thoughts on Claim

    Also something else I have always carried besides a 12v compressor is a tire plug kit. It will get you out of there and to a tire repair without even having to change your tire. if it's a small hole plug it, pump it, drive it away. AzNuggetBob
  10. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Oh ya Homey I used to fly the Cineroc too. I remember it was hard to get the tiny film developed too. now you can put a digital camera on a key chain.
  11. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    I hear ya Homey, I launched a mouse or two when I was young. with not so good results. I didnt yet understand G's. Later I used to launch rockets up in Black Rock when I lived in Nev. but nothing like that rocket in the video. I think the best I did was Mach 1.4 and my rockets were half the size of that one. that rocket in the video was doing like Mach 3.plus. As far as Mad Mike Hughes, In my last post I was referring to his earlier red rocket. yes he's been building this rocket for years. now he replaced the fuel tanks with surplus parachutes on the newer blue version. I think he's going to need them. but its not going to help the aerodynamics. gota love that rattle can paint. AzNuggetBob
  12. Thoughts on Claim

    Very good point Desertpilot. And I agree with you a 100%. AzNuggetBob
  13. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    http://www.vcstar.com/videos/news/2017/11/25/mad-mike-hughes-cancels-diy-rocket-launch/108027046/ I'm sure we'll hear about his launch on the news. my guess looking at his rocket, looks more like a kiddy ride out in front of a dime store. jmho Love that rattle can paint job too. notice the fuel tanks on top of the fins. maybe he put them there to help protect them from the crash?. I'd bet he beats the paramedics to the scene of the crash by at least 20 minutes. Evil Knievel's rocket looked better and at least his had more symmetry. I guess where going to find out if he understands the center of pressure in relation to the center of gravity. But if he thinks the world is flat that kinda says it all. Now if you want to watch a real home built rocket launch watch this. Watch the paint and plastic melt on the outside and migrate over the camera lens. it reached 121,000 feet and traveled up to about 2180 mph and it was done with a reusable solid propellant rocket motor,that would have been a wild ride if it where large enough to carry a human. AzNuggetBob https://youtu.be/rvDqoxMUroA
  14. Thoughts on Claim

    Well chrisski maybe you can get this smart guy on geology to explain how that all that cut you course quartsy gold and hard rock digs got there. the reason most mines didn't last long is they where small localized surface peculation and precipitation pockets. and the gold hasn't traveled that far.. the left over highly mineralized veins and stringers are everywhere in that area. and some are still producing gold. AzNuggetBob
  15. Two nuggets three outings

    Luke the last time I saw him he was wearing the same boots he sells. and he sells lots of them. AzNuggetBob