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  1. GB2 finds a 1/2 lb nugget...

    I am pondering that crystallization pattern, gives me the impression that it formed very fast, possibly under water at one time? AzNuggetBob
  2. GB2 finds a 1/2 lb nugget...

  3. GB2 finds a 1/2 lb nugget...

    Very nice find Dave and the photo's look great to me. AzNuggetBob
  4. I think i got screwed!!

    Tektites are believed to have formed from many types of impact senerios into groups. I found these in and undisclosed area many years ago and there are more, lots more. most where embedded in with gravel in caliche. If the surface on them was caused by wind laying on the surface of the planet. Why would they have this strange wind blown ablation evenly on all sides? I have done some tests on them in the past but I'm not done with them yet. They may be Apache tears but I have to say they are the strangest looking Apache tears I've ever seen. AzNuggetBob
  5. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Thanks for the link Slim. and I agree with this Too. More from my book. You have to wonder sometimes why is there more gold in some parts of the world and not so much in others? It may be that the deposition period happened when the continents where still joined and as they broke apart and separated some parts of the continents where closer the to the impact zone or because of location absorbed more of the gold raining down from a super nova near by in space. AzNuggetBob Here is a video I think you should watch. A lot to be learned here about how we think and how we function based on our environment and where our future is headed and why. I agree with Neil deGrasse on his reasoning on this and is why I don't think we are headed to Mars for the sake of humans alone and I haven't since the start of latest space race. BTW Space X's Tech is not based on Apollo Saturn 5 tech as stated in the Space-X heavy launch video. It's based on old Titan III tech as I mentioned before in a previous post. AzNuggetBob
  6. I found some gold today

    Luke I can see your hunting skills are also getting better. Battery maybe? unless you where hunting with a weak old battery. Could it be its rained since you last hunted it, erosion, damp ground etc. lot of things to consider. I use all of these to my advantage on old patches. all I can say is, that placer patch isn't over until you hit bedrock. best of luck on more. AzNuggetBob
  7. NQ Explorer's hit San Domingo Wash

    OK whoopsi AzNuggetBob
  8. Nice Pieces !

    Nice speci/nuggets Adam. Well it would seem you found the source or is it random stringers? Ive ran into those areas before, drive ya crazy. best of luck on more. AzNuggetBob
  9. Gold display

    Very Nice finds Dan and I love the display too. I see you've been busy up there. AzNuggetBob
  10. Nice finds Andy I suggest the first thing you do is check the status of the land, claims, private,withdraws, federal,state etc. and get a claim or lease agreement if possible. These old piles can range from a few grains to several Oz's of gold per ton. AzNuggetBob
  11. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Thanks for the links Morlock. If you search "smokers" on this thread you will find more on this subject. as I recall there is a company trying to get a permit to tap some of these gold vents off New Zealand I believe. I talked about this several years ago so your going to have to go back several years into this thread. AzNuggetBob
  12. Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Slim I agree to an extent. I have to wonder why we are not putting more time and money into recovering it from the ocean? 75% of it (on our planet) is out there in the ocean. But here is where a lot of exploration is going these days. Here is a great show of technology and should give you an idea of where things are going. the car was a surprise to me too. I knew they had a secret paylode but didnt know what it was. I've always liked the Titan rocket and SpaceX has perfected it. AzNuggetBob
  13. NQ Explorer's hit San Domingo Wash

    Gee I dont know, maybe its because there is a lot of gold here too. AzNuggetBob
  14. Tom you better have a closed system ((water tight). Sorry Just thought I'd throw in a little drama. AzNuggetBob
  15. Big Shroom.

    Well Old Tom I've spent a lot of time in the hills and I'm still here. AzNuggetBob