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  1. AzNuggetBob

    New video of my Sweep Jig....

    Nice Jim, I like the whole concept of your Sweep Jig. AzNuggetBob
  2. AzNuggetBob

    Prescott area got a LOT of water!

    Doesn't surprise me, some very strange weather goin on right now. where going to get roasted again next week. AzNuggetBob
  3. AzNuggetBob

    Bacon wood knife scales

    I agree Dave very nice forge. I like the #1 knife too. I also like the way you re-purpose things too, way to go Edge. AzNuggetBob
  4. AzNuggetBob

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Now I'm not giving investment advise here but, the value of a large diamond is so grey that its really a matter of what some one is willing to pay. Let me give you another example. my wife's wedding ring is not worth as much today as it was when I purchased it. When I purchased it gold was $325.00 dollars an Oz. I could not take it into a store today and sell it for what I payed for it. even though the thin gold band has appreciated more than the diamond. I could have purchased seven ounces of gold at that time for what I paid for her ring. I don't think if I walked into any given coin/jewelry store today I could get more than a $1500.00 for it. Hope she is not reading this. AzNuggetBob
  5. AzNuggetBob

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Morlock thanks for your post. I can see how this may be possible from a geologic standpoint but lets talk reality as far as depth. If you look back on this thread you will find a post where I talked about a recent Russian discovery of a ton of diamonds they are finding in an old very large asteroid crater. they claim there is enough diamonds to supply world demand indefinitely. No the diamonds probably didn't come from the asteroid but the intense heat and pressure it created on impact. I saw a special on I think it was 60 minutes several years ago and they where aloud into their underground diamond vaults with cameras. the amount of uncut diamonds they have stockpiled in bank bags is staggering, tons. I noticed shortly after that airing De Beers stopped buying and controlling diamond mines with the fervor they have in the past. AzNuggetBob
  6. AzNuggetBob

    Meteroite in situ

    Looks more like a chunk of basalt layed on the ground and photographed. Insitu means still naturally embedded in bedrock or clay, found and carefully exposed and not moved. that rock has been moved. not carefully exposed in situ. Dino bones are carefully exposed insitu before being removed. going to have to get out my hip waders. TBSIGD Jamale Why don't you show us some rocks that have been windowed,sliced or least tested? rather than just showing us a bunch of rocks you found out in the Somali desert. AzNuggetBob
  7. AzNuggetBob

    Found a interesting stone

    I have a friend in Phoenix that owns a coin/gold buy/sell shop with a lab grade XRF scanner and he has solved many mystery stones for me. He has a high end one, even has a print out of the content. Its really the best way to tell if you cant I.D. it right off hand. Everything you need to know on a single sheet of paper. AzNuggetBob
  8. AzNuggetBob

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Ok Dave I'll get back to edged weapons. here is the tomahawk Im working on. this is a brass steel forge with a pipe bowl. the wood is walnut. the black pen marks are layout marks for brass or wood hand file work and tacks. like I said before Its going to look a lot different when its done. AzNuggetBob
  9. AzNuggetBob

    Found a interesting stone

    I'll bet it sucks when its chipped. AzNuggetBob
  10. AzNuggetBob

    Your opinion welcomed

    I think you may be correct about the rare African leaverites. Seriously, Thanks Jeff. I really appreciate positive comments like yours. AzNuggetBob
  11. AzNuggetBob

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Dave Here is some other things Im working on. I know its not a knife but it will give you an idea of some of the things Im working on, when Im not mining. I hate to showing them before their done as you have no idea where Im going with them until their done. stay tuned. Its hand carved soap stone ends with road kill skin. I think its going to blow your mind where Im going with this peace pipe. here is just a few quick photo's. Ive got another peace pipe tomahawk Im working on too. AzNuggetBob
  12. AzNuggetBob

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Ok I've heard a few rumors. AzNuggetBob
  13. AzNuggetBob

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    No, no Spanish hoard that I know of but there is a nugget hoard. AzNuggetbob
  14. AzNuggetBob

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Relichunter2016 I agree there is an area over above Weaver creek that all the nuggets are in an ancient placer. they are all super smooth on top but on the bottom they have straight line scrape marks. Its almost like they were pushed down the mountain by boulders. but the scrape marks are worn and smoothed almost like it happened during a single earlier event? but the scrape marks are almost a trademark for that old wash. If you see two of them together you would know what I mean. AzNuggetBob
  15. AzNuggetBob

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Micro nugget Im not trying to rip you over the comment. just trying to correct it as I understood it. AzNuggetBob