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  1. Last Thursday I went out with a couple of friends for a day hunt. The first place we stopped they broke out their 7000s and I used the 800. This area had be raked extensively and I soon tired of that so I headed for the unraked areas. Just before we left I found a piece of quartz with a reading of 1. It was consistent and it was not magnetic but it was dusty and I couldn't see anything. When we made our next stop it was mostly to look at an old header and I washed it off with some tea. We had a loop handy and sure enough it is golden. How much I don't know yet because I haven't been able to find my fish scale to weigh it in water. I went out today and tried to find more but spent a day in the sun with no additional gold. The sensitivity was about 22 and everything else was default including the multi frequency. It was down about 4 inches. Mitchel
  2. mn90403

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    I have done the weights again to be more precise. I hung the digital fish scale on a nail rather than hold it. Now I got 691g dry/431g wet which makes for 5.1g gold according to the calculator. I won't know until I see more of it by slicing or with acid. Mitchel
  3. mn90403

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    Ok, I have just made my weight measures and it leaves me with some things still to figure out. I am using this: http://www.desert-gold-diggers.org/gold/specgrav.htm#Calc When I put in my dry weight (695g) and my suspended in water weight (430g) it come up with a -8.48g of gold! Something is not 'right' because we can see gold there. If the specific gravity of the quartz is changed to 2.60 in the formula then you get +7.19g of gold. So the quartz from this area (The Dale District) may have a value between 2.60-2.65. This one is too close to call so ... It has been suggested to use acid or slice it. I think slice it may be the way to go. What do you think? Mitchel
  4. mn90403

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    Bill, After we cleaned it up and saw the gold we then put it under a 7000/14 and it sees it easily. It sees it from a farther distance than the 800 also. I have now gone over that little hill where it was found with the 800 and the 7000 and not found any additional gold. I'm not done with the area but it is almost 4 hours one way from where I live. You guys who live on gold or camp on it have it easy at the end of the day. We have a long drive. Mitchel
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    Snagged a few today

    Well found! Good job. Mitchel
  6. I have added a simple brochure from UCLA Collection of Meteorites that you can review and it will help you determine if you have a meteorite. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/101421522673623412677/albums/5980102290642930001 Mitchel
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    Thanks for the comments everyone. Mike, you were one of the reasons why I joined WSPA. Most clubs like WSPA, GPAA, PCSC, OC49ers, SPMA and even QMDC are run by strong leaders who volunteer. They get the support of the majority of the members until such a time they 'retire' by rule or they get 'burned out' and quit, they die or another strong volunteer comes along to direct the club. Succession in the eyes of the founders is practically impossible these days for civic groups, churches or fraternal organizations let alone a gold prospecting club. They are always looking for a dynamic leader who will encourage participation and drag others with them. WSPA has a few lifetime members, claim holding members and paid members which make up the total. Non-claim holding members are limited and pay an annual fee. We are now at a point of renewal for the year. If you would like more information about that you can contact me or another member and we'll be glad to forward your name to membership for consideration. We do not think of ourselves as having to rebuild but we are always willing to consider membership input that can make the club work better for all of us. Times change and we need to be forward looking and not dwell on the past. Mitchel
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    Adam, I rarely see you post the GPS of your gold finds andy more. 😉 Everyone has their 'spots' and they aren't going to tell anyone (even a good acquaintance) about them ... except a few of their best friends. Then they tell a few and soon ... What if your 'spot' is on a club claim you belong to, will you share that? There are a few people who I will say share their experience and gold. (Some just share their experience!) The 3 gentlemen I know who share their gold and experience are Swifty, Micronugget and Lucky Joe. Two of those 3 are still in WSPA. These men have put me on gold and told me how to find it recently. Another guy who has put me on gold in the past is Bill. There of course are other people you run across who say 'come on with me' to a spot but that is a one off sort of thing. Sometimes there can be others who don't want you to know. I have my favorite beaches to hunt around here. As it turns out some of my friends consider those same beaches to be THEIR beach! haha You try to get there before they do. It is just part of the game you play now of getting there first. That is human nature like fishing or hunting. Why do we need people in clubs who rarely use it? We need to share the expense or we just like them as people. We are social ... trying to share valuables. That can be difficult if you don't like to be a teacher. Mitchel
  9. Skip, Mike is right. Can you take these pictures of 'finds' and make them into separate threads and keep the info about Identification of Meteorites pinned and separate? Mitchel
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    WSPA is alive. It is more 'private' than public and probably better that way. Every month there is a 'find of the month' and there is also a 'give away' type of contest. That keeps people coming back. There are 4-6 outings each year with a coin hunt and the club has a couple of claims. Most of the time the membership is maxed out and there is money in the bank. The real problem is that people are busy with their lives and don't have time for building club value. I wasn't one of the original members but have been a member for a few years now. I'm on the board and things are just kinda going along. There are fewer and fewer claim owners who want to open up their claims to a bunch of club members. Where should it go and who should lead it is a problem for many clubs right now. We've had a couple of Southern California Clubs come close to folding for lack of leadership and participation. Organizing miners and prospectors is about like herding cats. Everyone has an attitude and an idea but at some point you have to take votes and move together and that is when you start to lose members who disagree. As Fred says WSPA 'is what it is.' He was going to be President which would have been good for most of us but David has also done a good job. I like my WSPA membership. Don't judge a group based upon those you disagree with. If someone can dislike or disagree so be it. If someone has a really good idea and it is not accepted by a group, it probably makes sense to incorporate another non-profit and start another group. I belong to several so I can use the claims. I'm much more of a follower than a leader. I wish Kevin and Bill would start a new group. I'm ready to join. Mitchel
  11. mn90403

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    I like this one best. You just have to know the weight of speci and then weigh it in water. http://www.desert-gold-diggers.org/gold/specgrav.htm
  12. Maybe this Vulture Mine story is already in this file. It should be. Now I know why Bill lives where he lives! https://www.livescience.com/60068-vulture-gold-mine-ghost-town-photos.html
  13. Here are some meteorites that have crystals! https://www.livescience.com/62345-diamonds-from-lost-planet.html?utm_source=notification
  14. Thanks for the link. There are a lot of newsy items on Live Science we don't normally see. Some of it falls in line with the normal 'the earth is going to end soon' type of reporting and other things suggest we have been here a long time and there is a lot we don't know and understand. Those are the articles I enjoy the most. Mitchel
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    Here is a link to some nuggets! https://news.yale.edu/2018/04/12/peabody-showcases-stunning-specimens-california-gold
  16. Today I got out with the Nox 800 and I found a place that had some coins shining in the wind. There was also this 4.5g ring when I looked down at my target area under the coil. Mitchel
  17. Late yesterday afternoon I decided to go to the beach in the wind. There had been a little bit of a cut but I was surprised to find so many people out. The tide was coming in for a couple of hours so I needed to get on with things. The Nox is still a bit different for me in the sound department after so many years of the 3030. Things can be very 'short' if you have the recovery speed set high (6-7) so I try to make the sounds longer and stay at 4-5. Everything else was factory in Beach 1. I found the crackling pennies (20-21) and very few other things in the waves that were washing up high. I don't get wet more than about a foot but I know I could drop the Equinox and it is waterproof. I don't have a leash on it so I'm not going in and the water is too cold for me. This is a beach I've hunted for many years so I'm 'reading the beach' and I head in one direction toward a place called Ring Beach. I gave it this name because during El Nino I found 10-15 rings in the area over that summer. When I look at my waves, wind and tide I reverse my direction and I head south. After a few yards I get a 13/14 signal which means on the Nox a cap or nickel. This was in a shallow, washup wave. I attempt a scoop and it is still there so that means this solid little signal is down about 5-6 inches. I get it on my second scoop. Most of the scoop contents have sifted/washed away but the remainder I flip over on the wet sand expecting to see a nickel. That is not what I saw. I could tell it was a chain. I didn't know if anything was attached but I had to get it before the next wave and I didn't want the people around me to see it. I plopped it in my finds pouch and searched the area for more. There was nothing so I moved on. The stories and the threads started rushing into my head. This could be my best gold chain! As I walked down the beach I was hoping the conditions would make other chains or targets available but it didn't. I took the chain out in a private area and felt the weight and I felt even better. It was time to go back to the car. The total hunt time was about 1 hour and I looked at the chain with my glasses and it said 14k! Yessss ... about half an ounce I guessed. When I reached home I decided to put it on my son's neck and show his mother (Lu) this way. She likes gold so it didn't take her long. We took a couple more pictures and then I weighed and measured. 20in/19.1g/14k I've now found more with the Nox than what it cost. Mitchel
  18. mn90403

    Gold Chain With 800

    I went back out this afternoon and nothing much on the beach. I took the chain with me to test. When in the dry sand I found a target. It was a 13 and when I dug it up it was a rusty bottle cap. I took the chain and put it near and it was also a 13 but solid and not popping. I put them close to each other with the chain in a ball and stretched out long and it sounded the same. I pumped on both targets. There was no negative number or low sound with the gold but there was with the cap. It's too bad the numbers are so close together. I wonder what I missed with the 3030 by not digging caps. Mitchel
  19. Bill, I'm not notching. I sometimes run in all metal because I don't know what the numbers really mean yet. I do tend to skip pennies (20-21) and negative things but not all as you can see. I've got another post I'll put up now. Mitchel
  20. It is a handmade with some gold I'd say and I don't know about the cab. It weighs 4.75g and doesn't have a hallmark.
  21. mn90403

    First Equinox800 gold

    Luke, That is a good sized nugget for the 800. I found a couple of little ones the first time I used it but have missed a couple of times since. I found lots of that little shot missed by all the other detectors too. The 6 will help to harness some of the power around hot soils. Mitchel
  22. Got these today!
  23. While I was gone (from the forum here) I was out on the beach and in the desert and I found gold! Bill sent me the 800 and I had some 'getting to know it' time. I'm not good on reading all the manuals before hand and remembering so I have to 'get it and go' sort of learning. I've got it and gone so Friday I was at the beach and Saturday I went to the gold patches. I got a small gold ring (1.8g at 10 inches with a diamond) on Friday and two small nuggets (.1 g and less) yesterday. The Equinox will find gold. Mitchel
  24. mn90403

    I Found Gold with My 800!

    I added a 14k/2.7g gold ring with 3 diamonds last night with the 800!