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  1. I found some gold today

    Where did you get the adapter and the charger? I saw one for sale in Oz.
  2. That was well worth the read! WTG Andy. Mitchel
  3. Sometimes you get a surprise

    Nice find as you seem to post good ones. So Doc, how is it after the operation for you? Mitchel
  4. NQ Explorer's hit San Domingo Wash

    There you have it! It has been well over 100 down-under for much of the summer. If you watched the Australian Open tennis you could see how hot it was. They talk about the temps getting over 40C. That means it is over 104F so it is time to come to the states for a video. Mitchel
  5. graded area cont.

    Ok, now that is done. Go back. There is very little chance that they got it all. Go back over all of their holes and spend a full day there and determine if there is a pattern you can extend and find what they missed. Whomever pushed it knew there was gold also and now you'll be able to spend lots of time getting some for yourself. Mitchel
  6. NQ Explorer's hit San Domingo Wash

    What month was it videoed? We have opposite seasons so you could hunt for gold in comfort year round between down-under and here! Mitchel
  7. Happy Birthday ArcticDave

    Happy Birthday. You have a long way to go to catch us! Mitchel
  8. Have you been following ... http://www.wacktrap.com/legal/lawsuits/8-claim-ownership-180000-carat-bahia-emerald-ca-worth-400-million
  9. New Spot -- New Nuggs

    Well done Martin. Did that take all day? Mitchel
  10. Slim, Many other people found gold on Rich Hill before you. They say to the tune of $900 million and still counting. Here is an article about that: https://latestcasinobonuses.com/news/editorials/the-mystery-of-rich-hill Mitchel
  11. I know it can be hard to find gold. Good job. There is something in my book harder to find. Bunk! You've had a Bunk sighting. That is really special. Mitchel
  12. Weekend Exploration ....Pays Off

    Fire? Isn't that a modern invention? WTG Mitchel
  13. You are very efficient at this. Thanks for posting. I manage to go through a lot of headphones. I've saved on it recently by putting the WM10 or WM12 on the back of my cap and then attaching the headphones. The extra cord is wrapped around the remote and all of that is a long way from the coil until I bend over and start pinpointing a nugget. You've posted more gold so you are in your season. Get'm while it's still cold. Mitchel
  14. January Snow and Gold

    That's a good day and cold nuggets are better than hot ones in my book. WTG Mitchel
  15. graded areas

    John said it ... it is a clue. You have to determine if it is a good clue. We have an area around Barstow that we hunt. One of the places we were going you had to dig down to the .5 grammers. This made for a long day and there were no fines for the drywashers. After a few years of this someone started looking around on the open ground and saw push areas. We went out there and detected the 'push' but didn't find anything the first trip ... even with our 7000s. Then he found a couple of nuggets. Then we started detecting the unpushed areas near and we found more nuggets, then we saw signs other places near that had been pushed many years before and some places had dig holes ... The short version is we found hundreds of nuggets and several ounces off of the mile square area over the last couple of years. We have hammered it and now only get a few Monster nuggets. John M, where was your push? Mitchel
  16. So, it does look like fun. I've got lots of relics and beach finds ... so many you don't really know what to do with them. What do you do with yours? We 'display' some but you begin to forget where it all came from. Mitchel
  17. Beautiful Day with GPZ Gold

    The Z says 'Give me dig holes and I'll show you more!' It is one of the best places to look. Nice nuggies. Mitchel
  18. Break in the rain

    What does the cleaned version of those nuggets look like? Mitchel
  19. Unexpected Locations

    I am Fred's definition of luck. Mitchel
  20. Unexpected Locations

    Bill has stated it correctly of course. I'm the newbie around here. Since that time there are people who have told me they found gold around the Buck Mountains. There are a couple of old mines around there. I joined the Havasu Gold Seekers for a year and showed them my nuggets and they told me stories about nuggets found around their camp but none of them had ever seen one as big as mine. Roger who has hunted that area a lot and knows that mountain said there are some pockets that produced in the past. Mitchel
  21. Unexpected Locations

    Almost everyone knows my story. I went out in a meteorite field (Franconia) and found a specimen that was 3.5oz/1.5oz gold. It was a sunbaker. About a year and a half later I went back to the 'area' to target gold and I found a 20.5oz/8oz gold specimen about a mile away. When I posted the story Bob Dansing 'Montana' responded and said he had found his first gold nuggets about 2 miles away. I don't know if he found any meteorites either but when I went there I was not targeting gold on the first trip. I found the gold before anyone told me there was no gold there. (Actually Bill had said there was no gold there and he was going to some mountains about 5-6 miles away.) Mitchel
  22. It has been a while since I found any good rings but my last two trips have been better. One trip I got 3 rings and today I got a 22k/3.9 g ring for a change. It is my first gold of 2018! The silver ring is 7g and the other two are titanium and I think a very thin stainless. Mitchel
  23. I went out last night nugget hunting and got a .08g nugget with the Zed 19. After it was daylight I went to the dry lake and looked for meteorites. I've only found one on this lake and it was about 3g. This one was sitting up nice and pretty and I could see it at a considerable distance. It is 13g, all fusion and has a wonderful patina on the entire piece. I'll have to compare it with the other finds on the lake which have been many.
  24. Partners Conference