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  1. Here is a picture of a recent fall meteorite. Do you see anything on the 42 lb rock that would make you think of this? Also, if your rock was part of a meteorite fall then that fall would have a name which is closely associated with the location where it was found. Just as a 'for instance' Dolan Dave is showing us pictures of the Holbrook meteorites that he has found. You might have guessed these can be found near Holbrook. This helps establish provenance and value for most meteorites. It takes many years and for some a lifetime to be experts at meteorites. Ask one of the meteorite dealers in Tucson. Google 'Tucson Meteorite Dealers' and take your pick of who to call. Mitchel
  2. mn90403

    Turn That Phone OFF

    Some say turn it off. I say don't take it with you! If you have ever found one at the beach you will know how BIG the signal is from a cell phone. It can be down 2 feet. What pocket is not going to air test with a cell phone in it? Mitchel
  3. mn90403

    My First Gucci

    Conditions are good for visiting the beaches today. This is where a new 'supply' of lost items comes from both in the water and the blanket line. If you look closely in one of these pictures you will see a metal detectorist working his way around the people in his way!
  4. mn90403

    My First Gucci

    We have many minus tides over here without having a current. It depends on the pockets you detect. The waves right now are less than a foot. There is no sand moving to speak of. There is no cut. There are few targets and few detectorists. After that find the other night I found less than $1 in change on that beach and two others. I've lived here for 30 years (before that on Maui for 2 years and before that I grew up in North Florida with experience of East Coast and Gulf Beaches and strong rip currents in intercostal waterways) and my best days are after big waves, minus tides or no minus tides. One thing I will get with a minus tide that I don't get on a high tide is a chance to find a big gold or silver ring where it was lost by a swimmer. They are out playing in the surf and it comes off. I don't go out in the surf with my detector although I could now with this Nox. My problem would be digging it but I saw a guy a few years ago down in San Diego who made an art out of getting into the surf on a calm day and digging where it never gets dry. That is an area where there are fewer detectorists. I wait for waves to bring those items in to me. It is like a crab crawl. The waves and energy groups it together and when the beach (gold pan) separates the items then I go looking for the patches. I'll walk along and not find anything on either side of the patch but then I'll get quarters, rings and other things all in a group. The ring I found here was a one-off sunk deep into the muck. It was there from the ebb tide/second low tide area at the bottom of the hill ((the slope of the beach) to be specific about our conditions now. Just like the east coast you will see metal detectorists out after the big storms or high surf and sometimes I have found great jewelry in surf breaking high up on the beaches. You have to get it before it runs back down. We've stood in one place in some pockets 10-20 feet apart and we all got good things! Those are very rare days.
  5. mn90403

    My First Gucci

    Those 'easy' days with the flashlight are gone. There are too many out with PI's over the years that it is very, very hard sometimes to get anything other than clad. The best recent years are when we've had El Nino. Still I've heard stories from guys and gals with multiple ring days that boggle the mind. Just like some of the gold nugget days ... what will be left in 10-15 years for my son to find? Please everyone post your stories somewhere for others to read. Mitchel
  6. A couple of days ago we had some low tides and it was time to get out. When I say get out I mean at 4 AM with my light on my cap. There are a few beaches you have to get to when the tide is low and BEFORE someone else. This was one of those mornings. When I get there I head directly to the wet sand and the spots where I've found stuff before. This pattern I repeated the other morning and I got a strong target on the Nox about 2 minutes in to the hunt. I was in Beach 1 just about standard settings. When I heard the target it sounded like a quarter (30) and then a little bit higher (31,32). The only targets I have heard this high have been the miniature cars and cell phones. This had to be a cell phone. I have a big scoop with an 8" diameter and the first couple of half scoops didn't get it. It was still chirping at me. I was now down 8" and it was one of those broad signals. Got'a be a cell phone. I had to set the Nox down and dig with two hands and I flipped out the dirt and the target was out of the hole but no cell phone. I pushed the mud around with my boot and I saw silver! This is the heaviest silver ring I've found so far. It is a Gucci Bamboo that weighs 18.4 grams at 10-12 inches and I think it could have seen it deeper. Mitchel
  7. mn90403

    Out with the Equinox again

    That is what it takes Rick. More and more and you will go to some places where there is really good stuff ... around all the trash in Oatman I bet there are some old coins if you can get permission. Mitchel
  8. mn90403

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    I found a place selling 1 liter for $75. Bill recently used some so he could give us an idea of his handling precautions.
  9. mn90403

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    We would like to get some HF. Does anyone know where? As to Doc's and others 'halo effect' some of my recent reading from JP and others about the 7000 seems to call this effect 'tracking out' rather than halo. I think there has to be some of both. In the case of the 7000 semi-auto has been added so that 'track out' does not happen as often while a detector ground balances and is supposed to be better than manual GB. For those of you who use the GB2 or other technology without auto or semi-auto ... do you get a 'halo effect' with those detectors? I'm mostly a beach hunter with various detectors like the SE Pro, 3030 and now the Equinox and I sometimes 'lose' a target at the beach in wet and dry sand after I start digging it. This can be with and without GB. Some say it is orientation and some say the salt 'halo effect' but all I know is it happens. Mitchel
  10. mn90403

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    I have done the weights again to be more precise. I hung the digital fish scale on a nail rather than hold it. Now I got 691g dry/431g wet which makes for 5.1g gold according to the calculator. I won't know until I see more of it by slicing or with acid. Mitchel
  11. mn90403

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    Ok, I have just made my weight measures and it leaves me with some things still to figure out. I am using this: http://www.desert-gold-diggers.org/gold/specgrav.htm#Calc When I put in my dry weight (695g) and my suspended in water weight (430g) it come up with a -8.48g of gold! Something is not 'right' because we can see gold there. If the specific gravity of the quartz is changed to 2.60 in the formula then you get +7.19g of gold. So the quartz from this area (The Dale District) may have a value between 2.60-2.65. This one is too close to call so ... It has been suggested to use acid or slice it. I think slice it may be the way to go. What do you think? Mitchel
  12. mn90403

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    Bill, After we cleaned it up and saw the gold we then put it under a 7000/14 and it sees it easily. It sees it from a farther distance than the 800 also. I have now gone over that little hill where it was found with the 800 and the 7000 and not found any additional gold. I'm not done with the area but it is almost 4 hours one way from where I live. You guys who live on gold or camp on it have it easy at the end of the day. We have a long drive. Mitchel
  13. Last Thursday I went out with a couple of friends for a day hunt. The first place we stopped they broke out their 7000s and I used the 800. This area had be raked extensively and I soon tired of that so I headed for the unraked areas. Just before we left I found a piece of quartz with a reading of 1. It was consistent and it was not magnetic but it was dusty and I couldn't see anything. When we made our next stop it was mostly to look at an old header and I washed it off with some tea. We had a loop handy and sure enough it is golden. How much I don't know yet because I haven't been able to find my fish scale to weigh it in water. I went out today and tried to find more but spent a day in the sun with no additional gold. The sensitivity was about 22 and everything else was default including the multi frequency. It was down about 4 inches. Mitchel
  14. mn90403

    Snagged a few today

    Well found! Good job. Mitchel
  15. mn90403


    Thanks for the comments everyone. Mike, you were one of the reasons why I joined WSPA. Most clubs like WSPA, GPAA, PCSC, OC49ers, SPMA and even QMDC are run by strong leaders who volunteer. They get the support of the majority of the members until such a time they 'retire' by rule or they get 'burned out' and quit, they die or another strong volunteer comes along to direct the club. Succession in the eyes of the founders is practically impossible these days for civic groups, churches or fraternal organizations let alone a gold prospecting club. They are always looking for a dynamic leader who will encourage participation and drag others with them. WSPA has a few lifetime members, claim holding members and paid members which make up the total. Non-claim holding members are limited and pay an annual fee. We are now at a point of renewal for the year. If you would like more information about that you can contact me or another member and we'll be glad to forward your name to membership for consideration. We do not think of ourselves as having to rebuild but we are always willing to consider membership input that can make the club work better for all of us. Times change and we need to be forward looking and not dwell on the past. Mitchel