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  1. Here are some meteorites that have crystals! https://www.livescience.com/62345-diamonds-from-lost-planet.html?utm_source=notification
  2. Thanks for the link. There are a lot of newsy items on Live Science we don't normally see. Some of it falls in line with the normal 'the earth is going to end soon' type of reporting and other things suggest we have been here a long time and there is a lot we don't know and understand. Those are the articles I enjoy the most. Mitchel
  3. mn90403


    Here is a link to some nuggets! https://news.yale.edu/2018/04/12/peabody-showcases-stunning-specimens-california-gold
  4. mn90403

    Gold Chain With 800

    I went back out this afternoon and nothing much on the beach. I took the chain with me to test. When in the dry sand I found a target. It was a 13 and when I dug it up it was a rusty bottle cap. I took the chain and put it near and it was also a 13 but solid and not popping. I put them close to each other with the chain in a ball and stretched out long and it sounded the same. I pumped on both targets. There was no negative number or low sound with the gold but there was with the cap. It's too bad the numbers are so close together. I wonder what I missed with the 3030 by not digging caps. Mitchel
  5. Late yesterday afternoon I decided to go to the beach in the wind. There had been a little bit of a cut but I was surprised to find so many people out. The tide was coming in for a couple of hours so I needed to get on with things. The Nox is still a bit different for me in the sound department after so many years of the 3030. Things can be very 'short' if you have the recovery speed set high (6-7) so I try to make the sounds longer and stay at 4-5. Everything else was factory in Beach 1. I found the crackling pennies (20-21) and very few other things in the waves that were washing up high. I don't get wet more than about a foot but I know I could drop the Equinox and it is waterproof. I don't have a leash on it so I'm not going in and the water is too cold for me. This is a beach I've hunted for many years so I'm 'reading the beach' and I head in one direction toward a place called Ring Beach. I gave it this name because during El Nino I found 10-15 rings in the area over that summer. When I look at my waves, wind and tide I reverse my direction and I head south. After a few yards I get a 13/14 signal which means on the Nox a cap or nickel. This was in a shallow, washup wave. I attempt a scoop and it is still there so that means this solid little signal is down about 5-6 inches. I get it on my second scoop. Most of the scoop contents have sifted/washed away but the remainder I flip over on the wet sand expecting to see a nickel. That is not what I saw. I could tell it was a chain. I didn't know if anything was attached but I had to get it before the next wave and I didn't want the people around me to see it. I plopped it in my finds pouch and searched the area for more. There was nothing so I moved on. The stories and the threads started rushing into my head. This could be my best gold chain! As I walked down the beach I was hoping the conditions would make other chains or targets available but it didn't. I took the chain out in a private area and felt the weight and I felt even better. It was time to go back to the car. The total hunt time was about 1 hour and I looked at the chain with my glasses and it said 14k! Yessss ... about half an ounce I guessed. When I reached home I decided to put it on my son's neck and show his mother (Lu) this way. She likes gold so it didn't take her long. We took a couple more pictures and then I weighed and measured. 20in/19.1g/14k I've now found more with the Nox than what it cost. Mitchel
  6. Bill, I'm not notching. I sometimes run in all metal because I don't know what the numbers really mean yet. I do tend to skip pennies (20-21) and negative things but not all as you can see. I've got another post I'll put up now. Mitchel
  7. It is a handmade with some gold I'd say and I don't know about the cab. It weighs 4.75g and doesn't have a hallmark.
  8. Today I got out with the Nox 800 and I found a place that had some coins shining in the wind. There was also this 4.5g ring when I looked down at my target area under the coil. Mitchel
  9. mn90403

    First Equinox800 gold

    Luke, That is a good sized nugget for the 800. I found a couple of little ones the first time I used it but have missed a couple of times since. I found lots of that little shot missed by all the other detectors too. The 6 will help to harness some of the power around hot soils. Mitchel
  10. Got these today!
  11. mn90403

    I Found Gold with My 800!

    I added a 14k/2.7g gold ring with 3 diamonds last night with the 800!
  12. mn90403

    14.9 Grams of Ugly

    Bill, You did good with yours. I've got a couple of them that I wouldn't go with the HF unless it would be all the way. The stains in the quartz on mine add character and one of them shows the tumble shape so without the quartz it would loose definition. Gravity may make yours brittle but a bit of strategic fastener would help it retain its structure. It would then require a special stand for display but that is what Kristallie does. Here is their link: https://kristalle.com/product-category/gold-gallery/ Mitchel
  13. mn90403

    A Good Day's Worth Of Nuggets

    Skunks are everywhere out where Martin is (I've seen my share lately) and I don't even know where there are places that haven't been disturbed in years. There are a few of those places gone now! WTG Mitchel
  14. mn90403

    Carolinas Gold

    You know there are some good looking specimens from Georgia for sale in this auction. You can see them on page 104 of the catalogue. http://www.artfixdaily.com/artwire/release/5461-holabirds-march-15-18-auction-in-reno-will-largely-be-a-celebrati Mitchel