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  1. I prefer the first one because it weighs 44 POUNDS!
  2. Welcome home? Doc. Did they give you a doctor's discount? Glad you can handle it without all of the masking stuff they want to give you. Mitchel
  3. http://www.calaverasenterprise.com/sierra_lodestar/article_ca273814-da1c-11e7-b866-b37713f31b00.html
  4. Doc, Good luck with the procedure. Your details leave most of us cringing from what you are about to experience. All of us will keep in mind your situation that causes it to happen. I have friends that are very grateful AFTER the recovery period and they would do it again. Just tell them whenever they are done you want your ass to be off the ground because that is where you have to swing your coils! Mitchel
  5. 24 hour Gold

    Well done as has been said. I hope you find the source. You are giving us a lesson in how the old timers did it with the rock stacking. Mitchel

    Gary, That is a great lesson for us. Are you the first one to stack in that wash or were there signs it had been done before? Mitchel
  7. Specimen from last week.

    Tom, Good start on the pictures. I know what you mean about wanting everything to be in focus and as good as you can get. I dealt with the problem also. One problem is depth of field. Often times the auto setting on your camera is not what is needed. I had a Pentax camera (non digital) for many years and I could understand my depth of field very well. I could judge the time and the light and get the background out of focus and the two or three inches in the right place for the picture (flowers at the time as I was not hunting for nuggets). I've read my camera setting several times and I seem to be getting worse at photography rather than better with my Canon. I've discovered that I need more light most of the time and I need a tripod. (My phone camera or my small fixed focal length camera often times takes better pictures.) The way I dealt with this helped with the second problem. When I added more light then the shadow became worse (direct sunlight) so you have to make a light box. I bought one from a camera shop and used it on my prized nuggets. It let me change the background colors and not move the camera or change the settings once I got it right. That light box is now in the garage. The light box got rid of most of the shadow. There was a posting years ago on how to make a light box. Let me see if I can find it. I could not but I found this: http://www.handmadeology.com/studio-quality-product-photography-with-a-12-set-up/ When in doubt, just look for a YouTube video and it will show you how to do it right. Mitchel
  8. Blood, Sweat and Gold

    Ouch! That wash is now missing a couple of nice pieces of gold. WTG Mitchel
  9. Dave, That first one was a 'Golf Ball' nugget. It has 1.5 oz of gold. The egg is the egg. Mitchel
  10. Remembering 4 years ago this weekend! Nothing has been done to the nugget. As far as I know there have not been any others found in that gully. I've been back with the Zed a couple of times without success. I have a video from that day I should post up. Maybe next year on the 5th Anniversary. Mitchel
  11. Tuesday hunt with TomH

    I'll come over and follow you!
  12. Tuesday hunt with TomH

    Wow! I guess you didn't want the outing participants to follow you out there! haha That is a great day Tom. Mitchel
  13. Got to get back with detector

    I've been in the claw and cholla. It is my contention that is what makes cowboys and cowgirls tough in Arizona. It ain't the horses and cows! The THOUGHT of pulling a lot of that stuff out of a hand, foot, arm, leg, etc is PAINFUL. Then you still have to do it! Mitchel