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  1. Eureka Gold

    Rick, I was in Eureka, Utah today. Does that count? I've also been in Eureka, Nevada a few years ago. Mitchel
  2. Some Gold Monster Plusses And Minuses

    Come on Billllll ... get her one of her own and KEEP YOUR HANDS OFF! haha Go get'em Tammy.
  3. Big Changes

    Slim is just smarter than the rest of us! haha
  4. Kicked the SKUNK.......FINALLY.

    Well done Dan. That area looks like it will keep the family busy for a bit. Mitchel
  5. Makes me wanna stay in Az.

    Thanks Bill for keeping the old threads on your server. Chris G took a lot of his old threads down and there was a lot of good information lost. Mitchel
  6. Mike C. Falsing fix?

    Mike, You first posted that falsing fix around June 27, right? Mitchel
  7. Good job rick! I would hunt in all metal mode in Gold Basin and go to some of my meteorite areas! Maybe I would make it 'less sensitive' and go to Franconia also. Mitchel
  8. Have you swung it on a meteorite? An iron? All metal of course but maybe it is a killer ... the 7000 is!
  9. Got to Get Out

    Bill, You got a late start! I would have been out there at midnight. Good findings for ya. Mitchel
  10. Got to Get Out

    All of us get discouraged digging only trash. Any of us who use a Gold Bug Pro or even a 3030 can hear a target and see the difference between gold and iron. There are going to be a few pieces that will fool you but if you are old and sore like me then you want to limit the number of holes you dig. Why dig a bunch of trash and nails if you are not a relic hunter? If it is too trashy for me then I want to get a strong hit on gold or at least an iffy hit. When I find gold mixed in with trash then I'll dig more targets. Just because there is trash in an area that doesn't mean there has to be gold. Sometime there was gold there before the old timers camped on it and that protects the gold that is left. I may eventually end up getting a Monster and from all the reports that I have read it finds small gold that many other machines can't find and it will also help me dig fewer holes until I know there is a patch. This will let me skip a trashy area without gold and find a trashy area with gold. Some of this I can already do with my 3030 and if you look at some past threads here you will see some fantastic gold found with it. I've only found a couple of nuggets with the 3030 but one was just over half an ounce! There was a lot of trash in that river I didn't have to dig. Mitchel
  11. Desert Flooding Deaths

    Oh, I see now that it was close to Payson?
  12. I know more people die in the desert from flooding than just about anything else but this is a big loss. How close is this to LSD? http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/eight-dead-two-missing-after-flash-flood-arizona-swimming-hole-n783526 Mitchel
  13. What coil for the GM1000

    Rick, It is still there waiting on you and your Monster. Get out there early, early on the GPAA claim. Mark out a 10x10 square near where they have been dry washing. You don't have to limit yourself to a pile but don't skip them either. Get every target in that 10x10 under your coil. By the time you get to your 3rd 10x10 you'll have a couple of nuggets. If you don't go a few hundred yards away and try it there. When I get one that is what I'm going to do. My wife Lu did this with the 2300 last year and she found a meteorite and a couple of nuggets that people had missed. Mitchel
  14. What coil for the GM1000

    Rick, Go to an area where you KNOW someone has found a nugget and grid, grid, grid that area because now you truly have a machine that will find any nuggets that have been missed. Don't get too hot in the process. BELIEVE! Mitchel