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  1. Nice little desert sidewinder. Congratulations on the meteorites. Chris
  2. bsumbdy

    Scored a Few .....

    Yeah the bottom right one looks like a smooshed cricket lol. Great finds Chris
  3. bsumbdy

    May Nevada Trip

    Nice nugget?
  4. bsumbdy

    Watch Your Step

    Beautiful snake! Chris
  5. bsumbdy

    First gold poured at Moss Mine

    Any luck detecting out there?
  6. bsumbdy

    First sunbaker 22.6g AZ Specimen!

    Congratulations Sonny! Great looking nugget!! Good find! Chris
  7. bsumbdy

    Break in the rain

    Great finds!!
  8. bsumbdy

    Old gold pan, classifier?

    But definitely looks like a gold pan?Yes I figured gold would go through the holes, that's why I was thinking poorly built classifier?
  9. A buddy of mine found this on his property near Ely NV. Any idea of what it was used for? It is definitely a gold pan. Looks like the square nail holes were punched intentionally? But not enough holes to be a classifier? What do you guys think? We may do some prospecting and relic hunting. Chris
  10. bsumbdy

    Gold is NOT where you find it!

    To me that statement "gold is where you find it" was just an explanation of the gold we find out of the norm. Gold not on bedrock, sunbakers, gold on top of the hills, not in the washes or gullies. That lone nugget with nothing else nearby. I have only been detecting for a few years, but i have found several nuggets in areas that i thought had no promising look to them. Maybe I just don't know enough about geology lol. But yes Doc, what you said was articulated perfectly. PERFECTLY! I have met many "prospectors" that just randomly go to the desert or a creek and mine without ever doing research on the area. Chris
  11. Found this last week in GB. It wasn't a very strong signal, maybe 4 inches deep. I thought it was a meteorite. Took a closer look and saw quartz. Poured some water to clean and I started seeing some shimmer of gold! I've found nuggets with quartz, but never quartz with Gold lol. Soaked in CLR, now I'm soaki n't in Whink rust remover. Will it eat away some of the quartz? How long should I soak it? I did the specific gravity test and I came up with 6g of gold. Thanks Chris
  12. bsumbdy

    Sunday's Hunt Detecting

    Great looking Gold Dave, that is an interesting area where we were, cant wait to get back there. Funny how the gold gives off a "trashy" signal there. Also my giant deep nugget signal in the clay lol. Anyone have experience with red clay setting off the GPZ? Chris
  13. I really do enjoy the gold posts as well. Reading the story ,and seeing the gold inspires me to get out there and find more. Sometimes I learn something new that helps me become a better detector. Chris
  14. Lol that was my first thought!! Chris
  15. We'll i finally got to join the 1oz+ club!! My buddy Dave and i headed to Gold Basin for a half day trip. We hit our usualy spot and split up. I headed to a wash that i found a 5.4 gram piece a couple of weeks ago. I didnt hit the whole wash, so i figured id start where i left off. A bit later, i get a nice signal by a bush in the middle of the wash. It turned out to an 8 gram specie with some dark host rock mixed in. 10 feet away in the bank of the wash i get another screeming signal. This was the flat nugget, also about 8 g. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news. The next couple of hours there was nothing except a couple of meteors. I decided to hit the bottom end of that same wash on my way back to the truck. After a bit i get a nice signal in the wash, it was the .8g flat piece. The wash had widened out, and the bedrock was deeper, so i wasnt detecting to slow wgen i got a slight sound. I thought it was just ground noise because i was running the GPZ hot at 18 sensitivity and high yield and normal ground. I did a scrape and the sound was still there. I took about 6 inches off with the pick and the sound seemed more distinct. I fugured it wasnt mineralization but rather trash because the dirt was silt, not hard pack. I kep widening and deepening the hole and when i got to over a foot it was screeming. I was figuring tin can ir something. After about 6 more digs and around 2ft deep. I get it out of the hold. I did reach bedrock so i was feeling hopeful. It turned out to be a 1.41 (OZ) nugget and a pretty one at that, with a bit of quartz. I finally joined the club. I feel like i deserve a patch or something lol. I radioed Dave to tell him the good news, and he was eccited for me. (He was already a member pf the club) a bit under 2 oz for the day. Great trip, thanks Dave! Now i can say the GPZ officially paid for itself. Chris