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  1. Swampstomper Al

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Not necessarily precious metal but I'm down with a high metal content of some kind(s).. Swamp
  2. Swampstomper Al

    Miners Christmas

    Oooooo -- me like-um gOOdy Grams too..! And yours is a "real" one, NOT one half loaded with crackers.. Whazzup with those..? Unless I'm at Muir Station in Antarctica you DON'T need to include crackers..! Fancy crackers I will get.. Exotic cheeses..? Not so much.. Keep those coming.. Swamp
  3. Swampstomper Al

    Miners Christmas

    Happy Holly-daze..! May your nugget pouch be ablaze With 22-karat and finer, Like the shake we find in Caroliner.. Few nugglets or larger do we score for us; Not exactly what we'd normally consider a plus.. But when you take a moment to give it a think, Neither is there destruction of fingers in WHINK.. Is the grass really greener or does it just taste that way..? When the fence is thisss wide it's purt' durn tough to say.. Yet one thing's for sure at the end of the day: When it's weighed on the scale it's gold come what may.. da Swampster
  4. Swampstomper Al


    Welcome aboard.. Swamp
  5. Swampstomper Al

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    Thanks Fred & hermit.. Have some info searching to do now.. I'm good with smaller objects "skipping" off the atmosphere.. Entering, making ground contact and still having escape velocity though..? Ties my brain in a knot lol.. Even given a super-shallow angle the object would need to be going sooo fast I'm having a problem imagining its composition in order for it to hold together.. Like -- diamond and titanium..?? Or what..? Swamp
  6. Swampstomper Al

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    While I never gave this region's formation much thought prior to seeing these photo's, one thing I think I can pretty much safely say is IF this area was created by an extraterrestrial strike it wasn't any sort of what we would normally consider being a typical meteor or asteroid that keyed this fender.. Matter of fact, assuming it was an object skimming by I'd say it would have to be at the very least moon-sized if not earth-sized + - .. Regardless of size though, it would need to contain mass enough to remain un-affected by our gravity well.. This would be the only way, at least as of this moment, that I could accept a "glancing blow" explaination.. I can't think of anything "typical" that's capable of entering our atmosphere and striking the surface while also retaining momentum enough to escape our gravitational pull other than an object having a mass at least nearly equal to our own, all difference on the minus side being off-set by speed, angle and a buncha other mathamatical formulations I'm incapable of explaining.. Other explainations welcome.. Swamp
  7. Swampstomper Al

    More WW2 goodies with my CTX 3030

    Nice silver.. Let us know the dog tag histories if the families share with you, 'k.. Swamp
  8. Swampstomper Al

    Happy Birthday Garimpo

  9. Swampstomper Al


    Welcome aboard.. Swamp
  10. I agree -- when it's between Frauleins Helga & Hilda.. Swamp
  11. Welll, if it was coming from Schultz on "Hogan's Heros" it would be spelled: nussing, with a soft u.. But if it was coming from a "real" German it would be spelled: nussink, with a soft u.. Dialects -- who knew..? Swamp
  12. Swampstomper Al


    Welcome aboard.. Swamp
  13. Swampstomper Al

    Here is a Crystalline Nugget I Wish I Had!

    photo credit: collectorsedge / Colorado Quartz Mine, Mariposa Co., CA
  14. Swampstomper Al

    Here is a Crystalline Nugget I Wish I Had!

    Is this a trick statement..? What do we win if we guess right..? Swamp
  15. Hijacked..? Really..? I'd be more apt to go with resuscitated, or resurrected -- mayhaps tossed-a-life-preserver or salvaged even.. Obviously not with posts of the type you were wanting, yet / but saved by others just the same.. The fact of the matter is this thread was thirty-two days dead-and-gone and all but buried when for whatever reason Morlock chose "here" to post an one-liner about the entire site having been wonky a couple times in the recent past.. Assuming, nay, knowing his thinking can be somewhat like mine when it comes to certain "branchings off pathways" I'm gonna go with him doing so was an easy and subtle way to bump a thread back into relevancy by placing it in front of viewers eyes once again.. Sure there may be some prattling or goofiness in conjunction with the shot-in-the-arm savior, but hopefully following that the thread will pick up again from where it stalled, or stopped.. Which brings us to the stalling or stopping portion of today's show, brought to you by Bilt-Tuff brake pads and Idle Threat fuel injector reconditioner with nanotech stabilization O-ring rebuilder redundency technology.. When a thread sees no action for over a month following a not-bad-but-less-than-stellar start to begin with it's generally due to one or more of a very short list of reasons.. In this case it's due to three main factors: 1) Lacking time of possible provider's; 2) Lacking interest of possible providers, as in they either don't like or care to share at all or don't like or care to do so under another person's titled thread; or The Biggie 3) Nuggetshooter has not one but two forums dedicated to the posting of nugget finds.. Ergo there's nothing to go getting yourself all riled up over by taking personally or too seriously, Gary.. What you're seeing is simply pretty much the way things tend to flow around here and most other similar sites.. When a thread is gifted a second chance at life yet no external-source on-topic conversation ensews it kinda falls on the original poster to try to regenerate interest, i.e. another picture posting of the subject matter at hand, in hope doing so re-kindles a shared flow of like subject depictings.. But if following that nothing further happens it just means the thread has run its course.. Given this site has dedicated space for finds allows folks to post what they want when they want to be picked up under their own username by the web crawlers.. If photo interaction happens to take place 'out here' in these forums that's all well and good and for the betterment of eye-candy viewing, but it isn't something one would or should expect to happen constantly and/or continuously in long-running threads.. I've never seen it or known it to work that way because, well, just because, I suppose.. If I had to guess I would say it has more to do with the (photo) credit factor than anything else, and things like that tend to 'get lost' when stowed under another's username.. Swamp