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  1. CC / CCB following Irma..

    Welll, I did find that ring up high, but I think it was a sit-n-slide as opposed to a wash-up.. You'd need to see how things look these days to try to figure it out.. First thing is there's no cut, it's all slope.. I think part of this was caused due to the leading edge of the storm pushing water onshore from the SE rather than from the more typical NE, followed by the trailing side blowing seaward toward the ENE.. The other part of why I think stuff got washed out rather than tossed up is because the dunes only breached at the very lowest points, and then just barely.. Because the dunes there are nearly non-existant anyhow, when they replenished they did a kind of dune build-up also.. There are spots where the backside of the dunes are lower than the ocean side of some condo's property.. Weird..! Point being is while there is a lot of wind-blown paper, plastic etc. entangled in the oats et al, by the time you've gotten that far back from the shore line there really isn't much if any ocean and/or beach heavies that wern't already there.. Limited-to-no water force in play.. Things could be totally different in S. Cocoa Beach, but as of now I haven't been south of 520 much less yet to the Treasure Coast.. Swamp
  2. Ok -- a quick word about the local beach conditions following Irma: Unlike Matthew, Irma did do a scrub job to Cape Canaveral / Cocoa Beach.. I'd guesstimate she removed a good fifty linear feet of replenished sand to approx four feet deep nearest the water sloping upward to sand-height replenishment level overwash nearest the sea oats / mini-dunes.. What I wasn't expecting though was just how bad the detecting would be do to the scrubbing.. During two three-hour sessions this past Wednesday and Friday I recovered well under two dollars in change, four bottle caps, four pull tabs and one fake Hot Wheels.. If it wasn't for a small 925 silver ring found Wednesday way up high at the edge of the sea oats the trips would have been a total waste of time.. On Friday the beach was virtually abandoned -- to the point I was actually able to grid off the prime towel lines at Sheppard Park and detect well over 100 perpendicular feet from dune toe to water's edge, and within that area I recovered 4 dimes and nine pennies recent drops and two nickles + one quarter deeply buried.. That was it..! This tells me whatever was there is now in the water.. So I guess I've finally run out of excuses for failing to replace my busted good water scoop and better do so pronto, cos if there's any stuff to be had that's where it now is.. Swamp
  3. Groucho Nugget

    I saw vid of this on YT about the time of the find.. Was shot by a prospecting store owner.. Came across it by accident actually.. Can't even remember exactly what I was researching at the time.. Oh, yeah -- had to do with in-stream gold around Burney or Dunsmir or somewhere in that vicinity cos a friend in CO's sister used to post photos of herself and a couple other gals out 'prospecting' for the day, and they always had these most magnificent lunch spreads of wines and cheeses n other food delights, lol -- and at the end of the day gold too.. Swamp
  4. Cañón del Tesoro

    Same ol' same ol' most excellentmundo..! Swamp
  5. Californias New Gold Rush NBC Nightly News

    This would make for an interesting comparison-and-contrast study.. In AZ in 2016 if you had the "worst gold" and sold all 3 lb the "worst possible way," that's approx $36,000.00 gross.. Is this a 'good' living or 'bad' living..? Depends on many factors, doesn't it..? Here's a comparison point: In the latter 1980s I had a higher-end blue-collar job at just under $14/hr or about 34K/yr before overtime, of which there was much.. Along with that came good medical, ehhh dental, one-to-two retirement fund matching up to 12% and industry standard vacation / sick / personal days, none of which Mr 3 lb gold had.. I was single at this time.. I also had a small house with appropriately burdensome mortgage, a paid for older but dependable car and a paid for older dependable motorcycle.. I felt like I was "doing ok," because in the hourly world of blue-collar at the time there really wasn't too much left $-wise above what I was doing/making except for dangerous work; IT was barely a thing then.. On one hand there's much to be said about not having to punch a time clock as with Mr 3 lb gold.. On the other there's much to be said about knowing when and how much at minimum your next check is going to be.. This can easily be interpreted as a security vs freedom trade-off.. And this is thirty years ago.. Present day touchstones: Lower-end = fast food manager; upper-end = some sort of tec specialist in the world of computers / communications.. Bottom line: It takes cojones to prospect full time.. Swamp
  6. Happy Birthday Homefire

    Nurtz 2 U -- I hadda hurricane get in the way.. Swamp
  7. Fix For The Gold Monster 1000

    I think it is worth mentioning, before some folks go getting their panties all knotted up and perhaps end up making statements they later wish they hadn't, that IMHO the "cable problem" some are experiencing can just as easily be a possible software issue as a supposed hardware problem.. Just saying, peeps.. This is new tec being used here.. Simply because the current issue at hand mimics past cable problems doesn't mean that's the actual cause this time.. I'm not saying it isn't a hardware problem.. However, if those suffering the the worst falsing problems are also those who constantly run the Monster wide open, the falsing can easily be software related.. Swamp
  8. Californias New Gold Rush NBC Nightly News

    That left me scratching my head too, Terry.. At first I'm like: "Hey! That's Shannon..!" But as the piece rolls on I start thinking it makes no sense cos Shannon isn't gonna do fluff, especially for something that seems to have no real point much less not correct injustices.. Which makes me wonder who approached whom, what was promised vs what was aired -- and if Shannon will have the unedited piece posted on his site so we can see what the 'interview' was really supposed to be about, assuming he even has raw copy to begin with.. Swamp
  9. 2.9 Ounces

    True that, but relatively speaking it is (flat,) or at least appears to be from a "not right there" perspective.. I'm thinking for example looking E heading toward Congress from the 93/89 split, or even looking SE heading toward Stanton from Congress on Stanton Rd.. Everything appears flat in those directions, especially when ya look at what yer about to encounter heading N toward Yarnell -- an over 2K' change in elevation in about six driving miles, which would be, what?, like maybe two miles as the buzzard flies..? Even at LDMA Stanton it's still relatively flat, but that is also where ya bump right up against the "everything changes from this point forward if going in these directions.." I'm not even sure what you call that narrow a transition.. It isn't really 'foothills' I don't believe, although I imagine this term could be applied to some of the area to the NW off Stanton Rd.. But even there it's really narrow and you're really in the process of starting up the Bradshaws.. Still, I know exactly what you're talking about, and possibly exactly where you're talking about too, thanks to while one time trying to get to a GPAA claim heading S I guess it would be from Decision Corner.. The land is basically flat, yet we still hit this one short stretch I wouldn't chance going down in the van because I wasn't sure I could get back up it.. I hadn't Google Earth'ed the area, and even with one of Uncle Ron's maps (which we'd just gotten a couple days earlier) I didn't know / realize / understand the interconnectivity of the roads & trails there and that if I kept going S we'd eventually dump out onto 93 somewhere just W of Vulture Mine Rd.. Anyhow, which direction was your approach..? Were you trying to get there heading N off of 93 via Scenic Loop Rd or attempting to drop into the claim the same direction we tried..? We never made it to the claim we were trying to access, and the way I understood things there is more than one spot along (forget the name RD) that could / would wash out before eventually joining & becoming another road name prior to connecting with upper Scenic Loop Rd.. I only ask because you made it to a GPAA claim.. Swamp
  10. STUFF !

    I'm not sure which of these is worse, Skip: Having your mate give stuff away without permission that isn't hers, or, having a "good neighbor Dave" come in and clean out what very obviously isn't junk all becase not you said have at it.. Good ol' Dave knew at least some if not all of what he was taking wasn't junk, yet he still took it anyhow.. To my way of thinking there's only two reasons haul-away "junk" gets immediately converted to cash: 1) It really is haul-away scrap; 2) It really isn't haul-away junk.. Swamp
  11. They are already out

    LOL, Skip.. Funny thing is I actually bumped into this guy over at Kellyco a few days ago, after having first met him & his wife two or three (or more?) years ago while they were standing on the crossover at Bonsteel Park checking out beach conditions.. Pure total coincidence both times for sure.. The Bonsteel thing was Nora & I were on our way back home from Wabasso and I deceided to take the super-slow way to Melbourne by heading up A1A in order to check out treasure beach locations I normally don't detect rather than heading out to I-95 as usual cos it is like 90 miles one way and doing A1A then fighting my way crosstown @ Melb instead of @ Wabasso's out-in-the-country road nearly doubles the trip time.. What also adds to that coincidental meeting is if there's one beach along the entire stretch between Port Canaveral -- Ft. Pierce he couldn't use that rig it would be at the Bonsteel Park / Chuck's Steak House spot locally known as Half-rial Beach because the sand there is super soft & fluffy.. He's a fisherman too though, and that location has a pretty regular group of anglers -- so who knows..? Anyhow, that's where / when I first heard about this contraption, of which I didn't know what or how much to believe about it at the time, and didn't have it pictured as being an electric bicycle setup either.. A few days ago, it must have been Monday because Sunday AM was when I finally got all the hurricane stuff squared away so was able to make it over to the beach Sunday PM to check things out & detect for the first time following normallus interruptus, whereupon shortly following commencement of detectoris backnforthus the arm cuff for the AT PRO discombuborated.. GAH..!! So Monday saw me n N taking a ride over to Kellyco to pick up a replacement (which they don't stock BTW so hadda call Garrett n they've shipped one no probs..) Who do we run into while there but this fellow Jim, and this time he has pictures.. I find it kinda humorous y'all've seen this thing before me.. It's definitely for real.. He can't, or doesn't I should say, use it all the time.. It's a very early AM low tide trick bag for him in order to not bother others.. He'll ride 2 or 3 miles. When he gets a hit he plunges the hoe underneath into the sand and keeps on going.. Then he turns around and on his way back digs his marks after pinpointing.. Pretty kewl.. Bit of a one-trick-pony, although if I understand him correctly this wasn't its original intention.. I'm of the impression it was designed to be used at an out-of-country location in a manner similar to "the blanket;" it was meant to detect gold.. Ok -- back to your regularly scheduled lives with y'all now, ya heah.. Swamp EDIT: PS -- Bill, I think he said he was using a 2100.. Don't quote me on that though..
  12. Equinox.....

    This is especially interesting to me.. With everything that'd been going on here before and following Irma I totally missed the "info release party" and all ensuing information.. Matter of fact this is the very first anything I've seen about what was released on the 16th.. It isn't like I really "need" a new detector or anything.. But if I was (or am maybe?) going to get one, the Equinox definitely sounds exactly like what I've been wanting for my neck-o-da-woods.. Time to do more research, and await the first round of pro reviews -- which will need to be taken with a grain of salt due to the numerous possible settings as it will take a while to put this detector through all its paces really right.. Swamp
  13. 90,000 dollar find?

    Rumor is she used to wear it turned around too.. Which is why those slapped by her said she left a lasting impression upon them, ba da BIM..! Swamp
  14. 2.9 Ounces

    Pretty much what TomH & Uncle Ron said too.. Even from all the way over here in FL I've seen where someone has been staking and selling claims for dirt cheap near the lower portion of Scenic Loop Road.. While it's virtually impossible for there to not be at least some gold everywhere down-slope of Rich Hill, I certainly never figured any of it would be of detectable size out there in the flats.. Your noting above where this one was found does explain a lot though, Bill.. Thanks for that.. Swamp
  15. I ain't a-skeered a no hurricane..

    Howdy Y'all, Life's pretty much back to a 'new normal or slightly altered normal' now both here and immediately around here.. With the exception of many bucket trucks still tightning up the grid and mounds of mostly cut up trees / other vegetation (but not pieces of people's lives) awaiting removal, by all appearances it's just another day in pair-o-dice.. One doesn't need to travel too very far from here to start running into pockets of humanity where this is still far from the case though -- mostly flooding to the N and W / WSW and a whole other world of hurt on the southwest coast of FL down around into the Keys.. My intention logging on just now was to let this thread die and start a new one about local beach conditions / detecting, which for me would be one of the steps bringing this new normal into current focus, but there's a couple things recently mentioned in this one that need a response.. So: Thanks, Old Tom.. I didn't know that.. I never gave tap water much thought.. It isn't as big a mystery as electricity is (I never could wrap my head around the workings of electricity) but still a mystery none-the-less.. It's one of those things I think most people take for granted: It's always and just supposed to be there -- until the first time it isn't for a long period of time.. The basics of life suddenly begin to operate under a different set of rules... MFM2 -- I pretty much completely agree with you.. Following having ridden out "gentle" Frances in '04 and having not been directly affected by the more violent ones of '04-'05 like Katrina, Rita, Wilma et al, I had made up my mind it's just sheer stupidity to want to ride out anything much above a Cat 2 hurricane when/if you can get out of its way.. And therein lay the qualifier: When/if you can get out of its way.. As a general rule I always have an evacuation plan.. Unlike most folks mine is based on a last minute evacuation.. It only works as long as the " when / if " qualifier can be met, however.. If the qualifying condition(s) cannot be met (those being namely / mainly based upon: size of storm; speed of storm; direction of storm both coming from and heading toward and intensity of storm,) in almost every scenario it's better to stay put than it would be to try to make a move.. But one does need to be prepped up to make this call; it isn't something ya just deceide to do at the last minute and only then start to get ready.. A quick example of why I opt for last minute evacuations: A tightly-wound Cat 4 is loping in @ 10mph off the Atlantic.. On its present heading it would make landfall at Cocoa Beach, but all the models have it making its turn to the N 100 - 200 miles off-shore and they've been reading like that for the past 48 hours with nothing to indicate otherwise.. Even though the hurricane is tightly-wound it still has enough of a tropical storm outreach that some manditory beach evacuations are implimented and near-shore evacuations are suggested.. Folks pack up and take off both west and north.. 'All of a sudden' the storm track begins to shift west.. Turn is gonna be 50 mi off-shore.. No, wait! -- it's gonna make land fall @ CCB.. Oh nooo, it's gonna cross the state and not begin to turn until back out into the Gulf..! All those people who evacuated N & W are now just as screwed as if they'd done nothing at all.. I hop into a ride when it gets close, drive 2 hours south (or 3 hours if I want to blow my evacuation $$ @ Hard Rock Hollywood while waiting it out,) turn around and am back home in < two days.. I realize this sorta sounds like what just happened with Irma, but it isn't.. Irma was a large storm that hit in the south of FL, closing off any possible southern sanctuary.. And as large as she was ya woulda needed to have driven to Topeka or Toledo to escape her.. I knew days in advance I was riding this one out and that my chances of having things go right or wrong were just as good here as they would have been anywhere this side of 700 miles away.. This decision was based on my location in conjunction with Irma's projected landfall location(s) though.. If she was projected to be making landfall here, I wouldn't have been.. That was a huge deceiding factor.. I wouldn't have been looking forward to all the hassles associated with needing to evacuate, but neither would I have wanted to be at ground zero for a hurricane of Irma's intensity either.. Swamp