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  1. I Just Got No Words

    Hmmmm.. I guess someone needs to come up with a better sarcasm emoji then, cos I thot the lookie-uppy eyes had that covered.. To this day my most memorable birthday is my 25th (which now thinking about it did take place while I was living in Tucson) because the way I'd been going I really never expected to see it.. I'm not beyond admitting to the possibility of divine intervention once or maybe fourteen times or so.. Swamp
  2. research

    Dayum son, what same brain waves, lol..??! da Swampster
  3. research

    While more research is always helpful, I don't think it is necessarily "the" answer for you in your location + considering your situation, Rick.. Given where you either can't or don't want to get into without a partner, the answer / solution I believe you seek is a combination of both spending more time in your nearby known nugget locations and hunting those areas smarter than the average detectorist is willing.. The harder it is to reach (which in this case means getting a coil over, not as in getting to the bottom of a difficult-to-access wash) the more time you want to spend going lower-&-slower.. Cos let's face it: Everyone, including yourself, has already scanned the 'paths' between the nasties dozens of times.. To find nugglets in your closer-to-home easier-to-traverse locations, you both literally and figuratively need to "get off the beaten path.." The good news is to do so may require as few as one step.. From that point forward it's merely time and patience.. Swamp
  4. Got to Get Out

    TWEEEEEET!! Personal foul, offense: PI blindsiding in a VLF convo.. Half the distance to gold line & loss of down.. Reset the clock to 1848.. Swamp
  5. Couple of my Favorites

    You have to open up The Hulk's fingers to see her better.. Swamp
  6. Gold Basin Today

    lol I know everyone tires of hearing 'where there's lead shot there's gold' or some such, but it does tend to be true.. Just hang in there, Rick.. You'll pop the first one this run n the flood gates will open..! Swamp
  7. Got to Get Out

    Not wishing to get in the middle of anything here, fishing -- but if I "lost" all my detectors and I had the opportunity to go out right now to purchase one and only one gold-only VLF, without a doubt it would be the GM 1K.. I've never even seen one physically much less held one in my hand, but if there's to be continued performance improvements in the wonderful world of VLF detectors it begins with this machine.. Not that there's anything wrong with the machines you mentioned, along with the GMT and others in that class.. They're fine machines and will never go obsolete IMHO.. Thing is though they've reached their event horizon.. There's nowhere left for them to go improvement-wise because they've all maxed-out their processing capabilities.. The future of VLF lays in 24-bit and beyond processing power.. Swamp
  8. Friday.... LSD

    Only if ya go after some small stuff this time.. Those bruisers from the last time hurt some of our feelings, ya know..? Swamp
  9. I Just Got No Words

    We only made it cos we never did stupid things when younger & indestructable.. Swamp
  10. Alaska trip

    Hope y'all sent Beau home with some gold in his pocket.. Pretty sure he thinks it beats magnet fishing ordinance.. Swamp
  11. new guy here

    Two schools of thought at play here.. OT1H, being able to pick up two used (let's say) GMTs for the price you're calling your ceiling for one (new) machine so you can afford to get two of 'em is a deal-and-a-half..! All the machines mentioned in that showroom floor $700 + - range are good at what they do, are available used at excellent prices (except for the GB2, which retains a premium resale value/price) and all of 'em will remain being good at what they do forever.. OTOH, if you're a younger person (merely meaning you already know you're gonna be doing "this" for the next several decades,) I can also make a pretty good case for going a couple hundred $$s over budget for a Gold Monster 1000 in order to get into 24-bit processing power.. Let's face it, the theoretical sub-sub-basement floor for all-metal mode VLF detecting 'depth' has been hit.. Pretty much the only way of moving forward from here depth-wise (which really means "less shallow-wise") will be coming in the form of, let's just call it/them " 'discrimination' programs " even though it's a combination of up to all twiddling knob tweaks, and that takes both memory space and speed.. But unless one is a hard-core hunter who needs every possible edge / advantage available, the old VLF tec will still be plenty good enough at the casual-to-moderate detectorist level for, well, forever.. I guess what I'm trying to say is: If you want every advantage possible in this hunting format and arena environment, spend the add'l $$s.. But it isn't like the current older tec is FUBARed or anything even close to that.. It'll continue finding nugglets the same as always until long after we finish making the planet unlivable.. Swamp
  12. Should He End The Hunt?

    Alternative facts.. What do y'all think of this guy's "I found the location but too late too" spiel..? Even though I forsee a couple dudes in white uniforms carrying a big butterfly net and a jacket with extra-long reinforced sleeves sneaking up on him in the near future if he doesn't get back on his chill pills PDQ, wellll, that's another story.. In the meantime though, there is this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQ5fWkYb708 ( purposely displayed as a link rather than imbedded video ) Reserving my thoughts until if / when there is any discussion.. Swamp
  13. NEW CONTEST, Gold & Silver

    And the winning guess is $15.53.. Thanks, Bill.. Swamp
  14. NEW CONTEST, Gold & Silver

    Is that a mis-type, Mike..? Wayyy more than that visible.. Swamp
  15. Selling gold.

    Getting spot for fines is an excellent deal.. Most "We buy gold" places run 85% to maybe 90% if you're a known, and that's for finished gold items, not wild.. Some really try to stick it to ya @ 80%, and even less.. Don't see too many brick-and-mortar buyers of wild gold except in gold country though.. Refiners tend to offer the best prices; I've seen up to 98% of spot.. You need to trust their 'count-and-amount', and they tend to have a minimum weight -- although with wild Au I think you're in there at an oz.. Plus all the above want to have you on the books, so no cash-under-the-table dealings.. I think Bill's on it when he says you'll probably get your best price (spot) from a gold hound / prospector.. You may be able to get slightly better than spot off of eBay though if you take the time to do a well-written description hawking where it was found, with good pictures, with a good break-out of content's percentages, why that place / area is/was important gold-wise etc., etc.. Some folks don't want the 'hassle' of dealing with the Bay tho, especially true if you aren't already set up on the site.. If trying to sell to an individual via classified, you're still going to need a similar write-up.. You're going to have to do at least an approx purity analysis anyhow unless going brick-and-mortar (in which case you have to go by their's).. You have the benefit of a decent amount of silver too, preventing the entirety of anything else being written off as dross.. Regardless how you go about it if outside of brick-and-mortar, I'd definitely include a pix of that one speci pre-crushed.. Wotta great score that was..! Swamp