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  1. Nov outing with pictures!

    Thanks for posting up some photos right quick-like, Tom.. Swamp
  2. Book Contest

    $15.67 feels about right.. Thanks Bill.. Swamp
  3. Another Friday, Another 5-nuggets

    More nice finds 4 U 'downstairs'..! Bonus points for digging straight through the dry slough to get to the good stuff..! Swamp
  4. It could always be harder...

    Nice speci for sure..! Hard won more for sure..! Swamp
  5. My DIY Miller Table

    Not exactly.. That's what the brush is for.. You recirculate a thin sheet of water, slow-moving, evenly spread across with a slightly more-than-typical amount of Jet Dry in it.. Then you take your black-sand cons and spoon out a line of it across the chalkboard near the top.. The water floats away the black sands while the Au stays put for the most part.. Some gold will squiggle downward too sometimes, so you either snuffer it up or like with this setup brush it back towards the top.. Repeat, repeat repeat.. Eventually you have a nice line / collection of gold, at which point you brush it into the hole and you end up with a vial of clean Au in H2O.. You're either finished or continue to run more cons.. Works well when you get down to the smaller gold not wanting to easily come out of the black sands.. I have a Black Magic, which is basically the same thing with matting instead of chalkboard.. If you have material laying around, a spare pump and tools at the handy you can put together a home-built miller table for a lot fewer $$s though.. Swamp
  6. The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    That works good for unsteady hand blur, but end result is pixel count remains the same.. Beyond that it's macro & tripod or ideally a cam with higher pixel count as well.. Your magnification shots are excellent examples, albeit microscope.. Swamp
  7. New Member??

    Welcome aboard.. Here's your five-year pin too.. Swamp
  8. Tommy Knocker

    Primarily because you've mentioned this incident a few times in the past and left it hanging in this same manner, I have a couple of questions for you.. Hope you don't mind filling in some of the blanks: Where did this take place? -- as in: at home or in the hospital (seemingly the two most probable locations..)? Regardless where this happened, were you "illin'" at the time or did it happen "out of the blue" to an otherwise feelin' alright you..? If this happened in a hospital, were you conscious just hangin' out in bed wired to monitors or were you unconscious under anesthesia on an operating table..? It's the being told part that has my curiosity (and confusion) the most, since to me that infers you were fortunate enough to be being monitored, which would make for quick detection and resussitation.. At the same time though, the only way I can picture you're not knowing something'd gone down until weeks later is if you were unconscious at the time of its happening.. Help me out here, Homie.. Thanks.. Swamp
  9. Here's a question

    Actually it's because -- Hey! Look! A shiny thing..!
  10. Where to move overburden

    Oh yeah -- pretty..! Even magnified still well worth getting at the wash traps.. Swamp
  11. Hello

    Welcome aboard.. Swamp
  12. Some Recent Gold

    Actually, from what I can tell adam & BD keep their dry washing and detected finds separate.. Swamp
  13. Minelab Rep....

    Hyah sis.. What'cha been up to..?
  14. Tommy Knocker

    Okay -- when it comes to the spiritual realm I believe in not messing with things you don't understand.. One thing I "think" I believe, which if anything is a projection of my own philosophy of what I would 'like' to believe happens upon our passing is that our 'soul' or 'essence of being' is released from our mortal shell and much like the Big Bang Theory is immediately scattered throughout the "totalness of all".. In other words, whatever was what we once would have called "me" is now spread pretty thin, with the odds of enough of the pieces-parts ever coming back together enough to form a cognizant thought or memory of/from/about the former "you" high enough against ever happening to be considered an impossibility.. However, chit happens.. So I'm not beyond accepting the possibility that for whatever reasons upon one's passing one's soul is not properly released for "re-mingling with the entirety," remaining trapped upon this earthly coil until whatever was responsible for that abnormality is mitigated.. I can't say I've ever had any earth-shattering supernatural encounters.. I have had what I would call 'experiences' though.. One of the more notable took place while driving to the Crater Of Diamonds located just outside of Murfreesboro, Arkansas.. The event happened approx twenty years ago, long before things like Google Earth or easy access to good local maps outside of their local area existed.. Our ingress from Interstate travel began from the south via Shreveport, LA, and the more trips we took to the diamond mine the more 'unmarked' roads we would find, roads that shortened the final stretch of the drive which we always hauled straight through in 20 - 21 hours.. It was late at night (or early in the AM) under totally clear conditions.. I'd just made a left off of a dead-end "T" both from a new stretch of road and onto a new stretch of road we'd come upon the last trip and this was the first time we were driving it from this direction.. I'm just beginning to accelerate when I turn to Nora and say "Do you feel that..?" She says "What are you talking about..?" Well lemme tell ya -- before she even has those words out of her mouth the hair on my arms and back of my neck are standing up and I'm experiencing a head and body rush.. The field on my right suddenly has numerous ?apperitions? I guess they would be called, vague wispy impressions of men in uniform, and to a lesser degree a few of them on my left as well, which is a hill with a lone totally dark stone ?farm house? standing, the building being real.. To say I was stunned is an understatement..Plus I was caught somewhere between wanting to experience more and not being able to get out of there fast enough.. Getting out won out.. It had to have been a battle field.. But to this day I've never checked the historical relevence of the area, and I'm not sure I ever want to do so.. Swamp
  15. 5-Friday, and 5-Today,---"Yowsa !!"

    Ayup -- Ya just drive to the bottom of the hill n hang a louie at the frog.. Ezy pzy.. Nice nugglets.. Swamp