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  1. mcgator

    My first trip out with the Gold Monster 1000.

    Keep at it Wayne, you will get to snagging some nuggets. Best way to clean? I never have, since it will just get dirty again when I take it out. But I'm sure a some wipes will knock the dust off to make it all purdy again. Cheers!! Mike
  2. mcgator

    A bit surprised

    CONGRATS TAMMY!!! Many more to come!
  3. mcgator

    Jackass Flats History

  4. mcgator

    Jackass Flats History

    Was her cabin that cement slab by the wash?
  5. mcgator

    Jackass Flats History

    Thanks Edge!! I like the Rattlesnake Annie name. If you find anything send it my way.
  6. mcgator

    Jackass Flats History

    Cool stories I checked some old surveys which didn't show much
  7. Does anybody have any info on how Jackass Flats was named as such? It seems two stage coach routes branched off from this area. Or did some creative individual look to the top of the ridge and think that's a great spot to put a Burro silhouette and crison the area as Jackass Flats. Just some few whiz thoughts while sitting at Chicago Oh are.
  8. mcgator

    Desert Gold !

    Nice little morsels! Neat seeing the color as it sits on the bedrock
  9. mcgator

    Tomorrow, gonna be hot

    Good Luck out there Bill and #1 Cheers!! Mike
  10. mcgator

    Got out this morning....

    It was fun getting out with you both. Finger painting with Ben Gay this AM. That nugget is a nice looking piece you got with the 3500.
  11. mcgator

    Today's little buggers

    Nice little dinkers!!
  12. mcgator


    Good to hear. So quads/ATVs are still allowed around LSD I assume. At the moment at least......
  13. mcgator

    Research Time

    Couldn't agree more. But these old survey notes for the 1800s are packed with info on old house sites, trails, ruins from many years ago. I've found three caches over the years looking through these notes that have pointed to old house sites in Nebraska and Iowa. Also all the old coins and relics I've found in old corn fields. It does make your eye bleed trying to read it. One journal I read here in AZ seems to indicate an old house site on the Spanish trail amongst other things. Now I just to get the time to get out there.
  14. My name is on the list. Cheers!! Mike
  15. mcgator

    Research Time

    Research pays off if one has the time. Reading those old survey notes is like watching milk expire but one can get a lot of info from them on old house sites, etc. Used to do this a lot in Nebraska during the Winter.