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  1. mcgator

    Equinox gold

    Great NOX find!! Looking forward to more Au finds from you. Mike
  2. That is a nice bag!! Going to have to pick one up.
  3. mcgator

    Hello from Northern AZ

    Big Howdy there OferAZ. Great forum which may require a trip to a Nuggetshooter outing for initiation; which is usually a side dish for the BBQ.
  4. mcgator

    I found my biggest one today!

    WTG Nuggetshooterettea!! They seem to get bigger as they go along.
  5. mcgator

    Where In Arizona?

    Very Cool! Glad you found it. Those uslm are usually in reference to a survey. Alaska is a bit different.
  6. mcgator

    Where In Arizona?

    Find the USLM 1345. Its still on topo maps. Hence the number of the survey and the Location Monument. Also Cottonwood Creek is named differently now.
  7. mcgator

    So what do you do....

    Great find!! A lot of bragging rights in that piece!! WTG!! Mike sends.....
  8. mcgator

    Where In Arizona?

    There you go Clay!!
  9. mcgator

    Where In Arizona?

    Could be. But this Cottonwood Creek was renamed later on but not sure when. This mill site is within 5 miles of Jackass Flats. There is a clue in the notes though.
  10. mcgator

    Where In Arizona?

    The survey notes talk about marking stones. So when it gets cooler I'll take a wonder and try to locate some of these old markers. I've found several before and they are neat to find.
  11. mcgator

    Where In Arizona?

    Down the road from LSD.
  12. mcgator

    Where In Arizona?

    And near LSD
  13. mcgator

    Where In Arizona?

    While in Nebraska during the winter and couldn't go out digg'n, I was always doing research and finding places to go detecting. And in AZ since its to hot to go out, I do the same at times. For those who like doing research, see if you can find this spot. I've already found it and know where its at. The image is from a survey journal in 1899. Give it a try.
  14. Hey Doc, is there an ETA on the GM1000 covers, heading to Alaska in a couple of weeks and am looking for something to keep the mud and weather off, to keep the Monster looking purdy!! Cheers!! Mike
  15. I for one am a big fan of SPOT and use it all the time. Message my wife when I get out to the locations saying Having a Great Time! Then another when I'm heading back to the truck. Been looking at upgrading to the SPOT X and think I will. I have paid the extra insurance in case the SOS button has to be pushed. But have always wondered if it would work.