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  1. Mikestang


    Certainly not.
  2. Mikestang

    NWA Meteorite

    Looks like an ordinary chondrite for sure, more than that would just be speculation.
  3. You can file a smooth window and then try to etch it with ferric chloride. You could also have the window show with an XRF gun and see if there is nickel present.
  4. Mikestang


    Cool find, I love putting puzzle meteorites back together! Here's 16 of 18 pieces of a Stewart Valley find I managed to piece back together. And another Steward Valley puzzle find of mine. They're like extraterrestrial rubic's cubes.
  5. Mikestang

    I’ve got it who wants it?

    Not a meteorite, not worth $3, not worth postage.
  6. Mikestang

    Is this a flanged button tektite? Dig Find

    If it's not from Australia, it's not a flanged button tektite.
  7. Mikestang

    Is this a flanged button tektite? Dig Find

    I should have clarified, yes those are the only known sites.
  8. Mikestang

    Meteorite Hunting Advice Needed

    You have to go to the polar regions to be "away from industrial stuff", and even there you'll still find pollution by-products. The odds of finding industrial waste are good, micrometeorites not so much. You cannot identify a MM visually, despite what any video you may have watched claims.
  9. Mikestang

    What is this

    It's not a meteorite.
  10. It doesn't look like one to me.
  11. Mikestang

    Is this a flanged button tektite? Dig Find

    You didn't even need to post a picture with that information, the answer would have been "no". Tektites are only found in a few specific places around the globe.
  12. Mikestang

    Meteorite Hunting Advice Needed

    Like I said, without a SEM you can't know what you have, you cannot identify a micrometeorite by how it looks.
  13. Mikestang

    Meteorite Hunting Advice Needed

    99.999% of what you capture on a roof is going to be human industrial by-product. Unless you have access to a SEM it's all but impossible to determine you have a legitimate MM. There was a great post on the MetList about MMs years ago, but I can't track it down. In the meantime I can refer you to https://journals.uair.arizona.edu/index.php/maps/article/viewFile/15566/15554 an·thro·po·gen·ic ˌanTHrəpōˈjenik/ adjective adjective: anthropogenic (chiefly of environmental pollution and pollutants) originating in human activity.
  14. Cannabis had been CA's gold for decades, it's been the #1 cash crop as long as I've been alive.