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  1. Mikestang

    Bur Abor strewn field ,kenya

    I had heard from a very reliable source that the 60kg mass had been lost in the sand after it had been hidden by the finder. Hopefully those photos are current and it's in safe hands, it's a beautiful look iron meteorite.
  2. Mikestang

    Into to the hobby young!!!

    Awesome to see this! I took my little nephew out on a quick hunt a while back. I gave him a bunch of gear, he was stoked!
  3. Mikestang

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    Every fresh fall has fusion crust. There's nothing in your pictures that looks remotely like a freshly fallen fractured meteorite. The second photo shows what I believe you are mistaking as fusion crust, but it clearly is not. And the caliche on it is a terrestrial process. Keep sending them to anyone who will look, eventually after you hear "no" enough times hopefully you can focus your energies elsewhere.
  4. It was probably collected because it didn't look like any other rock and was only later recognized from its green fusion crust to possibly be a meteorite. There are witnessed Aubrite meteorite falls that, had they not been witnessed, would have gone unrecognized as visitors from outer space.
  5. Mikestang

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    Meteorites do not start fires.
  6. Mikestang

    Do not use magnet on meteorites

    I missed the part where they agreed it was a meteorite.
  7. Mikestang

    What types H5 or?

  8. Mikestang

    Bur Abor strewn field ,kenya

    Looks like sandstone. Does not look like a meteorite.
  9. Mikestang

    I.D. help

    I have to agree with Bob's assessment, some sort of ore perhaps, looks to be water-worn smooth. It does not display any traits of a meteorite that I can see from the photos.
  10. Have you ever handled a piece? It's almost like charcoal, it literally just falls apart.
  11. Mikestang

    Not sure what this is looks like glass,need help?

    Looks like slag.
  12. Mikestang

    help plz

    There are plenty of rusty iron meteorites out there, but they don't make very pretty pictures. Many irons are very stable due to the alloy nature of their make-up.
  13. Mikestang

    Great Photo!

    "Houston, you have a problem."
  14. Mikestang

    Nice suprise

    Nice score!
  15. Mikestang

    Interesting find please help

    Looks like a fossil maybe? Certainly not a meteorite.