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  1. Franconia

    I worked on a project along 12 miles of BNSF right-of-way several years ago, I went through their "safety training" and had a badge for myself and a permit for my vehicle and the whole 9 yards. They are very protective about their property, and rightly so; much of it has been theirs (i.e. ATSF.) as long or longer than some states have been states. They received land grants from Congress decades before Arizona was even on the map. Follow Frank's advice.
  2. Franconia

    I think "they" removed the boulders at the tunnel a few years ago to stop people from driving through. They were there one year and then we had a really wet winter and when I went back they were gone.
  3. Meteorite?

    Does not appear to have any characteristics of a meteorite.
  4. Meteorite?

    So does my refrigerator, pretty sure it is not a meteorite however.
  5. Is it real?

    This one does not look like a meteorite to me.
  6. My Collection

    Way cool, they look like moons from Jupiter and Saturn.
  7. Mars?

    Looks ordinary to me, like any other broken rock. Why is it posted in a meteorite forum?
  8. help plz

    Looks like slag to me, almost certainly not a meteorite, they don't look melted like that.
  9. Meteorite?

    Does not appear to have any meteorite traits to me, looks like a black Earth rock.
  10. Meteorite?

    Provide a window, doesn't look like one to me at a glance, interior would help.
  11. Meteorite?

    Absolutely not a meteorite.
  12. Slag or possible meteorite

    Will be interesting to see if the analysis confirms the suspicion, keep us posted.
  13. Any Opinions

    I've heard the new GB isn't that great for meteorites, the GB2 remains the champ from that manufacturer.
  14. Slag or possible meteorite

    The metallic sheen doesn't look like anything I've seen in fusion crust, but I don't know if that's just a result of the picture. Iron oxide coatings do have that sheen, though. Hopefully you can get someone to look at these in person as well as a good XRF analysis, where are you located?
  15. Slag or possible meteorite

    Blaine Reed will do it for $30 at the Tucson show.