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  1. AZ Meteorite Sells For $237,500

    There are so many more out there by Meteor Crater waiting to be found, it's a shame that place got swooped up as a mining claim 100+ years ago. I'd even pay to hunt there for a day, keep what you find. That way they could regulate who is there and keep the area in nice condition, and raise some funds for conservation as well. Too bad they "cleaned" it, I would have liked to see it in it's natural patina.
  2. Meteorite?

    Slag for sure.
  3. You might want to check out the relic sub-forum, lots of good stuff like this there.
  4. Looks like an old round ball to me for sure.
  5. There's a lot more than meteorites out there, too, and metal detectors bring it all to light. While I was looking for pieces of the Lake Los Angeles meteorite I came across an old homestead site and found tons of cool "treasure", you never know what you might stumble across.
  6. Are the last two throw downs to test? The top one in the last pict looks like an NWA weathered chondrite.
  7. Looks like an oxide coating on a sedimentary rock to me.
  8. A Brief Asteroid Story

    Sounds very similar to the great fireball of 1972, cool memory!
  9. I find ways in with google earth and then put the coords of different turns and stuff in my gps (Garmin 276c in the vehicle) which is loaded with topo maps of cal/ariz/nev. In the field I carry a handheld garmin, also with topo.
  10. Time to hit those strewn field that require detectors, opens up a whole new world of fun. I still remember the first thing I found with mine, an old lead slug waaaaaaaaay out in the middle of nowhere. Here's my trip report from that one, back in 2012: http://mikestang.com/bristolmnts412.htm
  11. There's a lot of these big, historic irons that only exist in large pieces. Maybe only the really big ones survived, and the rest rusted away into the Earth.
  12. Meteorite identification

    Not sure what "tests" you are doing, but is is 100% not a meteorite, it's copper slag.
  13. Metal detectors beep over all sorts of rocks, the ones you posted do not have any external characteristics of meteorites.
  14. Question, for my peers

    I believe it refers more to action like solar flares and coronal bursts, probably much more applicable to things like satellites and stuff in orbit.
  15. Question, for my peers

    I think you need to ask a solar scientist, but I don't believe there is a correlation between solar activity and regional temperatures.