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  1. The World As We Know It Has Come To An End

    Ya, me too, my only interest is modern zinc pennies cause their worth the most, I got piles of em, I'm rich!!!!!
  2. canada selling off there Gold , whats happened ?

    Hey BB, I just figured out you or someone else deleted yer membership here, but I would very much like to continue the conversation I started with you in the private messenger. Please feel free to write to me through my personal email address that can be found on my profile, it's available publicly, I don't really care who has it. h5nife@hotmail.com your friend, Frank
  3. Puddle jumping

    Jeez BD, that gold is soooo coarse an jagged, Id prolly continue to work that spot in the same manner. You gotta be sittin right on top of the source!
  4. canada selling off there Gold , whats happened ?

    Outstanding conversation so far with multiple valid points in opinion, an a huge welcome back to you Rick Grimes, I mean BB. You have surely been missed! But I think maybe there is a growing crucial element not being included in yer equations concerning golds values. Thirty years ago science an technology had just begun to more detailedly look at their understanding of the astounding properties of Au. Heat distribution an electrical conductivity measurements in recent years are literally blowing the minds of scientists an the more that was learned, gave rise to, for example, cell phone technology which has gone 10 times above "captain kirk's" communicator gadget, that at the time was concidered absolute absurd science fiction.(did the flip phone even last more than 3 years?). The "industrial age" I don't think lasted more than 60 years (1890-1950) From there we went right into the space age. The Hubble, Keplar, an James Webb telescopes would NOT exist if Au was not relatively available in abundance. (it is only concidered rare when compared with more abundant minerals ie;silica, gypsum, iron etc.) An no matter how many economies crash over time, as long as there humans on this planet that keep a need an desire to maintain education in technological knowhow as well as exploration beyond our planets atmospere gold will always retain a higher sustainable value than any coinage, paper money or beans, string or corn kernels or whatever humans use to trade with to get different things we need to live an even prosper. My point bein the fact that the conversation up till now, left out, the crucial element of gold havin a re-newed stable an slowly growing value over times to come. I think we are, as a species, very, VERY lucky to have available in abundance the somewhat rare element of Au, an at the same time begun to understand it's almost "magical" astonishing properties. Yep! I think we are real lucky.
  5. Looks Like Gold Is Breaking Through The 1190 Barrier

    Hi Jack, first off, I re-read my post an I can't see anywhere that I'd mentioned or insinuated that any elected or "voted for" politician be removed by the use of gun violence or by any other means fer that matter. An I will apologize fer sayin that removing a few commodity brokers by any means including a well placed projectile, that won't fix the problem either. Your valued "elected officials" have worked really hard over the last couple hundred years to create boatloads of laws, laws filled with loopholes, to protect the ethically bankrupt self employed business entrepreneurs known as "commodity brokers". Mined an growed commodity values should slowly an steadily rise over time as demand rises above supply. Electronic technology in the last 30 yrs. has tripled global economic demand over existing new supplies. An yet their values drop an are kept low in order to keep wallstreet business people an elected official's incomes above everyone else's. These kina people existed more than 2000 yrs. ago, along with the needed laws to protect them. We need to find a way to make the business itself to be illegal an not allow it to exist altogether. I remember readin a book a while back an in it was story 'bout a feller name a "JC" where he saw that laws allowed but knew it was flat out wrong to do what they do. So took it upon himself to remove these brokers or "money changers" from the temple. Now, I ain't so much a religious person an I fer sure ain't countin some great messiah to come save the day. An I learned early on, the definition of "help from above" was a sniper on the roof. I's was also taught if there's a problem? do something cause doin nothin don't help, doin nothing might even make it worse. Boss used to say "don't wanna see you standin there an doin nothing, keep busy, even if it's wrong, just don't be doin nothing". An all that just kina makes sense, to me anyway. Frank in Mi. (in case the NSA is readin)
  6. Looks Like Gold Is Breaking Through The 1190 Barrier

    Force china an Russia to abide by EPA regs. an at the same time put the US $ back on the gold standard an you'd see the spot value climb to 3k+ an stay there. (Prolly need to do away with a couple of the larger corrupt commodity brokers as well). No need for lengthy court BS, just 2-3 strategically placed rifle cartridges ought to fix that. Don't git me started sooo early in the morning when my mind is clear. RH
  7. Still in circulation

    It WAS still in circulation, I'm guessin you put a stop to all that there AD.
  8. Super Bowl Sunday Mega Post With Pics

    Look like a little better than 2 gm. maybe 3??? nice!!!
  9. Happy Birthday Grubby

    Happy birthday to ya Grubstake, Lookin at yer w. forecast, unless you have other plans, might be a good day to go findin a birthday nugget. http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lat=37.5039&lon=-119.9772#.VrdB3cv2a70 Frank
  10. Not too new, New guy

    Oh an when/if you go there, at the bottom of the page there'll be tab that says "need help getting started?" Just click that line an go from there, ok, again ifn this helps. Frank
  11. Not too new, New guy

    Don't know ifn this'll help but MIT offers a few free non-credited on-line geology courses, w/no registration/work at yer own pace kinna atmosphere. This is one of the best inexpensive self education tools I've taken advantage of in the past an currently. Ifn this helps. http://ocw.mit.edu/courses/earth-atmospheric-and-planetary-sciences/12-114-field-geology-i-fall-2005/index.htm Frank
  12. Have a good one!

    Happy B-Day to you there AD, I really enjoi yer Alaska photos when you post them. Frank

    She is more than dangerous, she's a freekin criminal who's immune to prosecution. The way I see it.
  14. Happy Birthday Mike Furness

    Hey there, happy b-day Mike.
  15. What kind of rock is this has crystal inside

    Knowing yer in Penn. Prolly a clay stained limestone (sedimentary) w/calcite, water-worn=river cobble.