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  1. GeoJack

    A rock I found.

    Glass scratchs glass. I'm in the business.
  2. GeoJack

    California Crystalline Specimen

    Disregard last post. Sorry I missed you. We should hook up for some detecting. We've got 36 acres up by our place.
  3. GeoJack

    California Crystalline Specimen

    With the Trans Tahoe shirt on?
  4. GeoJack

    May Nevada Trip

    Indeed, just 2 hours into the hunt and she kicked the skunk out of the trip. Was really happy for her.
  5. GeoJack

    Diamonds in Meteorites

    Per the articles, in order for diamonds to form they would have to have been part of at least a small planet for the pressure to be sufficient enough for them to form. Then boom, they become star dust again and reform into asteroids.
  6. GeoJack

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    These are fantastic for cleaning specimens. https://www.walmart.com/ip/Electric-Textile-Spot-Cleaning-Spray-Gun-Power-Tools-High-Pressure-Airless-Paint-Sprayer-Water-Pistol-110V-US-Plug/431215332
  7. GeoJack

    May Nevada Trip

    3.0g and it does have some quartz in it.
  8. GeoJack

    Diamonds in Meteorites

    Diamonds were found in the Sutter's Mill Meteorites as well. https://www.space.com/27959-space-diamonds-meteorite-sutters-mill.html "Embedded in part of the meteorite were 10-micron diamond grains — much smaller than what is used in diamond rings. But their diminutive size is still bigger than what is usually found in meteorites. The finding hints at what could have existed in the parent cosmic body that eventually broke apart and produced the Sutter's Mill meteoroid before the fragment slammed into Earth's atmosphere."
  9. GeoJack

    California Crystalline Specimen

    Very nice piece. Hope you got a good price for it. Mariposa area?
  10. GeoJack

    May Nevada Trip

    Very nice. She was tossing in her scoop when I was walking up to her to show how big it was.
  11. GeoJack

    May Nevada Trip

    Wife's birthday week of prospecting coming up next month. She found a nice nugget in the Eugene's last year and we will be going back but want some other areas to hunt as well without looking over our shoulder. Are the Hycroft claims still open to metal detectorist? May also take some time at Sawtooth. Beginning my research now.
  12. GeoJack

    Rye Patch Gold Corp Q1 2018 Results

    Interesting read: https://ryepatchgold.com/operations/florida-canyon/
  13. GeoJack

    Rye Patch Gold Corp Q1 2018 Results

    The math; Crushed 2,151,900 tons of ore; Produced 10,844 ounces of gold and 5,457 ounces of silver;
  14. GeoJack

    Rye Patch Gold Corp Q1 2018 Results

    Is the Hycroft claim area still open to metal detectorist?
  15. GeoJack

    Rye Patch Gold Corp Q1 2018 Results

    .23 gpt, is that good or bad?