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  1. From FB

    https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1688029287915715&set=pcb.10156273316664305&type=3&theater&ifg=1 Any idea what it is?

    Bill, have you given thought to some of the hitech materials, this company does excellent work with wicking shirts that offer high UV protection. http://www.dryuv.com/saoct.htm
  3. Where to move overburden

    Right side bank is where the flood gold was.
  4. Where to move overburden

    Gwatt, thanks for the offer but I have my Gold Cube to set up and run. Water is fluctuating with the rain but I have two 35 gallon barrels to take down dry and fill from the stream to assist if needed. Still sampling.
  5. Where to move overburden

    I was wondering about using a small gas pump instead of the electric motor but was concerned with the correct flow.
  6. Where to move overburden

    Chris, working towards that set up now. Just figuring out my wattage draw so to have a solar panel attached to the battery. Sampling today.
  7. Where to move overburden

    Bedrock is inches below with pockets in the slate a bit deeper.
  8. Poison oak in the winter is just a skinny branch, no problem. Get your flat lander body work out and climb some hills for once. Wasn't Breaking Bad done in the desert? lol On second thought, yeah you should stay down in the desert. No gold here
  9. This is some of the "stuff" we have laying around on the piles.
  10. Winter is the best time to detect in the foothills, everything is green and the tall grass has laid down. Just staked post yesterday for another claim. Still some open land around here and it's reasonably safe. I don't need a big magazine for my gun, pretty good shot and if I miss with the first round, my bad. ATV's are limited here just as they are in other states when traveling on government land. I'm just north of Placerville and live at the 2070 ft elevation. We call the hills here "above the fog, below the snow" as we normally get a wet blanket of snow just a few times during the season. Get below 2000 and you get the fog. You just need to do some research to get some access. You can search on Google Earth and see where the grows are located, pretty easy to spot. If your basing your living requirements on your love of guns with big magazines, stay away, I really don't need to hear 30 rounds going off more than I already do on Sunday, in fact I will be pulling down the targets I found set up in the mine at my new claim. If you basing your living requirements on the beauty of an area and the resources available, you couldn't find a better place to live in my opinion but I've only been up here since 1977. Couple of good groups to hook up with, Don Robinson is out of the Auburn group and writes for ICMJ on occasion. Not being sexist but I wouldn't think you would have any problem getting access to claims in the area. California taxes are what they are. You get what you pay for. 1.25 hr drive to South Lake Tahoe and 2 hours drive from San Francisco / coast.
  11. Where to move overburden

    So this is a large drop zone in the creek and I raked away the larger stones to get an idea of depth to bedrock. Over the weekend I took a pan and with my scoop took some samples. First pan had three pieces of lead in it. Should be the right place to sample.
  12. Well... Who Found What?

    Not desert gold but just "up stream" from the Gold Discovery Site in California, newest claim, another 20 acres. Always love finding boot tacks. Puts me right in the old miners footsteps. GB 2 sniffed this out of very loose dirt on a steep bank. Would have been in the bottom of the drainage with a couple of more rain storms.
  13. Got the "Nugget" to watch tonight. Not a 200 pounder but had fun finding it yesterday.
  14. Old California Gold Map

    I've always loved Tahoe.
  15. Old California Gold Map

    I have it hanging in my office.