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  1. Tailgate Wash Station

    Recycle and repurpose my plastics when possible. One soapy water, the other clean. Don't use much of either with this setup.
  2. I Just Got No Words

    20 Reasons Why Women Live Longer Than Men
  3. Mariposa Evacuated

    Looked at the fire map on Cal Fire's site but it hasn't been updated. It jumped 140 to the south and is close on BIL's place on Yaqui Gulch Rd. Hope they get a handle on it today.
  4. Mariposa Evacuated

    My old fire chief is flying an MD 87 with tail number 105. Great pilot and firefighter.
  5. Mariposa Evacuated

    Fire taking a turn for the worse overnight, building and headed for town. Family in area has been evacuated. flightradar24.com has some good coverage where the air attack is hitting the red stuff.
  6. Sure get's qiuet in summer....

    Had my swamp cooler since 1979, same box, new motors when required. Works well past 96° if you get it on early keeping the house around 75°.
  7. SM33 Sutters' Mill Meteorite found by observer (broke up over our heads so we hear it and saw the trail) of fall on day 6 of hunt. 8.5 grams One of ten my group found. The Sutter's Mill meteorite is a carbonaceous chondrite which entered the Earth's atmosphere and broke up at about 07:51 Pacific time on April 22, 2012.[6][7] The name comes from the Sutter's Mill, the California Gold Rush site, near which some pieces were recovered.[3][8] This was the largest meteoroid impact over land since asteroid 2008 TC3. Meteor astronomer Peter Jenniskens assigned SM numbers to each meteorite, with the documented find location preserving information about where a given meteorite was located in the impacting meteoroid. As of May 2014, 79 fragments have been publicly documented with a find location. The largest (SM53) weighs 205 grams,[4][9] and the second largest (SM50) weighs 42 grams.[9] The meteorite was found to contain some of the oldest material in the solar system.[10][11][12] Two 10-micron diamond grains (xenoliths) were found in the meteorite recovered before the rain fell.[13] In primitive meteorites like Sutter's Mill, some grains survived from what existed in the cloud of gas, dust and ice that formed the solar system. The meteoroid entered at a record speed of 28.6 ± 0.7 km/s, the fastest fireball on record from which meteorites were later recovered.[9] It broke apart at an altitude of 48 km, the highest breakup event on record resulting in meteorites on the ground. Before entry, the meteoroid moved on an eccentric orbit, stretching from just inside the orbit of Jupiter to the orbit of Mercury. The orbit had a shallow inclination and an orbital period suggesting that this meteoroid originated in the 3:1 mean motion resonance with Jupiter. The CM chondrite Maribo moved on a similar orbit, but rotated by 120 degrees in the direction of the line of apsides. The asteroid family that is the source region of CM chondrite-type meteorites is now thought to be located close to the 3:1 mean motion resonance, in low-inclined orbits, and may be the Eulalia asteroid family.[9] The meteorite type is similar to that of the 1969 Murchison meteorite in Australia. Unlike Muchison, Sutter's Mill shows clear brecciation: fragments of CM lithologies with different aqueous alteration and thermal processing histories are embedded in a fine grained CM matrix material. The Sutter's Mill meteorite originated from near the surface of its parent body. As a whole, Sutter's Mill is harder than Murchison.[9] The pre-rain collected meteorite SM2 was found to contain the mineral oldhamite (CaS), a mineral that reacts readily with water vapor. This xenolithic material may have come from enstatite chondrites impacting on the surface of the CM chondrite parent body in the past.[9] The Sutter's Mill meteorite is used to test sample collection and analysis procedures for NASA's OSIRIS-REx sample return mission.[9]
  8. Nevada Road Reports?

    Trailer is a 1956 Canned Ham Terry Coach. Won't be seeing it on the dirt except in camp. Thanks JJ, I'll check it out next trip. Hopefully next weekend.
  9. Claim in in California and has trails that have been on them since the gold rush. I now have a person or persons driving a modified rock crawler up and down the trails which were only bike / quad width but are now being widened by full size vehicles. What's the law on this?
  10. Nevada Road Reports?

    Been out and back on Tungsten Mine Rd several times at speed with no issues, just watch that one curve at the top of the hill coming out. I wanted to drive out in the field to fool some people into thinking someone went off the road. Watching the weather and deciding whether to just rent a room in Winnemucca or take the trailer and pull in at Rye Patch. Seems a lot of us drive white trucks. Wife is feeling the itch now that she got her first Nevada gold.
  11. Should He End The Hunt?

    Grub, conventional thinking and most point to Yellowstone as he spent so much of his family vacations there. I picked a place a little closer as he said he drove his car there.
  12. Should He End The Hunt?

    Piss poor planning promotes piss poor performance. Weather is getting most of them, both hot and cold. First thing I always check before launching into any outdoor activity, weather.
  13. Should He End The Hunt?

    We live near the American River, plucking the flatlanders out of the whitewater just about every weekend, limp. Can't fix stupid.
  14. Should He End The Hunt?

    Self regulating