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  1. Recent aquirement

    Way Cool Adam, Nice chunky Nugget. I'm guessing it's weight is 3.7 grams
  2. Micro Nugget Happy B-Day

    Hey MARTIN/PREZ Happy Birthday. This was a great Hunting year for you. Knowing you, you will top it in 2012. Keep up the Awesome Hunting. BEST WISHES BUD!!! Jack
  3. Don't forget to turn your phone GPS off

    I seen a News video once where someone can still track a phone with it being turned off. The solution they recommend is to take out the battery. Just think of this, you track someone via cell phone and when Google maps becomes real time video maybe next year. You will see the individual you are tracking in real time swinging in his/her Nugget Patch. Technology & Satellites combined WOW!!!
  4. Headphones?

    Hey everyone THANKS for the info on the headphones. Really appreciate the feedback. Jack
  5. Headphones?

    Thanks Flak for the info on the Sun Ray headphones. Sounds like some tough headphones. Durability is a must out in the bush of the desert. I just never heard of these headphones before. Again Thanks Jack
  6. Headphones?

    Hi everyone, Im new to this Metal Detecting. Was wondering if any of you heard of Sun Ray headphones? I believe they have a line of headphones called Sun Ray Pro "Gold". If anyone has any info on these headphones good or bad? I heard they outperform Koss UR 30. Thanks Jack
  7. Heads up!

    I also run across these scammers frequent on CL. If they don't post there phone # I will still make an attempt to E-mail them via Craigslist E-mail. That only works if they did not hide the CL E-mail. If no CL E-mail, no phone # I move on. Frequently these sellers on CL are just regular folks that don,t want to reveal there #. I usually get to buy there item because most other buyers ignore them and just go to the next seller with there # posted. The one thing you don't want to do is give them your personal E-mail. What I have noticed is that they make every excuse possible, not to give you a contact #. I heard a lot of these scammers are from other countries, telltale signs are how they word the description of there post. Some of the post are to detailed with odd asking price, like $1,137, $1,288 etc. Jack
  8. Nugget Shooting SoCal.

    Hey Chris, got that OC49er's membership info for you. I spoke with the treasurer and she said to click on the application form from there web site and send it in. I take it that means make a copy. She said you are welcomed to go to the outing and just mention you have mailed your application already to any board member that is present at the outing. Im also a member of OC49er's and I really feel it is a great club to belong to. Hope this helps a bit, good luck and enjoy. Jack
  9. Nugget Shooting SoCal.

    Hey Chris, I can find out if OC49er's can allow you to join at the outing. I will try and get that info later today. Last year at a outing they did accept renewals there.
  10. Nugget Shooting SoCal.

    Hi there Chris, just to let you know this weekend April 30 and May 1st OC 49ers is having an outing at there Puppy Feet claim. It is located near Duisenberg. They will be camped out near/ just before you hit Duisenburg. Awesome club to join. You mentioned your an GPAA member, thats great because there is another club from Orange County called Route 66 Gold Miners that is a chapter of the GPAA. They have a very large claim close to Barstow, I believe its off Hwy 247. You being a GPAA member there is no charge. If and when you get a chance to meet Jim Straight, he is an awesome individual. Highly knowledgeable in Gold Prospecting. Got a chance to meet him at a club meeting last year in Orange County with West Coast Prospectors. He gave me a lot of history on Beck and Nicks drywashers, that was classic. HAPPY HUNTING Jack
  11. Bob, 29Prospector has moved on

    Had the pleasure to meet Bob last year on the way to an outing in the Dale. Awesome person, very generous, a LEGEND in the Prospecting community. He will be greatly missed. Jack