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  1. Equinox Gets Silver Today!

    Pretty impressive Terry I do envy you that you have old areas to detect. Not much "old" stuff here in Az. But, we have GOLD stuff Tom H.
  2. Howdy

    Welcome to the gang....Congrats on retirement, your going to LOVE it Good luck to you Tom H.
  3. MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    Heck.........im just out there cleaning up birdshot/tin/bullets Good ol green me Seems to be all I get down there...........but! the outings are a heck of a great time! Running over toilets...running over gas cans (YOTO got hungry) Getting plugged up and having to go to Eringburg to get unplugged....dont ask ...Getting my 1oz. certificate. Holding Sheps Dog turd..................Not to mention the sunsets! Lots of good times! Tom H.
  4. I’ve got it who wants it?

    I WANT IT!!!!.......Ill go $3.25...that's my highest. Tom
  5. I’ve got it who wants it?

    That is special! Will you take 3 dollars for it? Tom
  6. So I get a Text from Tammy

    Oh Jez...shes got the bug GL to ya Tom H.
  7. Got Gold ?

    WTG Adam Crazy when you think about the amount of land you cover and you find the little guy. Hope theres more. Tom H.
  8. El Dorado reaches 72 today

    I knew yours was right around mine Happy B-day Tom H.
  9. Happy Birthday Tom H

    Hey all: Thanks for all The B-day greetings Appreciate it. Didn't go out hunting. Played around in the workshop all day. Prefer to go out during the week as its a lot less crowded and less crazies out there. Thanks all Tom H.
  10. Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Yah...really...show us the STONE ...well if you can Tom H.
  11. Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Well Heck! Least you got some gold After talking with you, I told Dad about it....halfway through...he said...I know whats wrong. What? Kidney stone!. Dad should have been a Doc. Well, plus, hes had a few Glad you made it out ok and are getting better. Heal up and piss out Tom H.
  12. "Taint" much, ... but 2 is > "0"

    Good job Gary. Those sure rolled around a bit. I got to get some to post! Going out Wed. to see if we can scare some up Tom H.
  13. Happy Birthday Desertpilot

    Hey! Have a great one. Hope you get out detecting Tom H.
  14. Rob Allison's Father

    Prayers sent. Tom H.
  15. Happy Birthday LowPoint

    Have a great one Gary. Another trip around the sun Tom
  16. Ad problem

    It could be the browser you are using. Ive had issues like this on other sites. Use another browser to open Bills forum and see how it acts. Tom H.
  17. Dern! Thats one nice hunk of gold! Hope you kick some more out. Tom H.
  18. FS GOLD BUG 2 + 10" coil

    I got it when I first got into detecting, but then got the 5000. Just did not use it much after that. Tom H.
  19. Well, I dont use it anymore so hopefully I can sell it to someone that wants a good detector. In good shape, No issues, works great. I had to do a "fix" on the big coil a couple of years back as it was falsing where the wire goes in. Steady as a rock now. I never had one of the battery compartment doors so I use a foam block to hold the battery in. Works good. $450 for all of it. Located in the PHX area (peoria) PM me if you have any questions. Thanks Tom H.
  20. FS GOLD BUG 2 + 10" coil

  21. Lesson at LSD Today

    Ok...I give up...its all gone Yah Right! Way to teach them Mike. Good to hear they got some yellow. Tom H.
  22. Good going on the nug It is a good little machine and handles the ground well. Here are a couple of things I did to mine to make life easier... Taped the adapter on to the body so when bushes are yanking at it, its not yanking the little jack of the adapter. Also got some kids play foam from Dollar tree and wrapped the hand hold with it. Just makes it a little more comfortable. Good luck out there! Tom H.

    Nice ones Gary Now you have a spot down here to hunt when its cold up there. Tom H.
  24. FS GOLD BUG 2 + 10" coil

    Yes, both coils. Tom H.
  25. 2 Dinksters - SD2200 Gold

    WTG Adam Nice little chunkers Any gold is goot! Your photography is pretty cool. Need to have you school me on how you take those night shots. Tom H.