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  1. TomH

    Country Road

    Good to have you back Mark We will get together in the future and get some hunts in. Now you can relic and gold hunt! Tom H.
  2. WTG on that find Is it from Arizona? Like Saul says...it looks like a tooth with a filling. Nice find. Tom H.
  3. TomH

    Good Hunt Today

    Wow! what a nice bunch of gold! WTG on that. Cool looking turtle also Tom H.
  4. TomH

    A couple of Oregon nuggets

    Wow...thats a nice score : Tom H.
  5. TomH


    Cool pics Gary! Hes a biggen. If your cruzing at 40 down a dirt road.......I think I know where you were I saw one back in the early 80s there on a ledge in a mine shaft. As a dumb kid I was taking little pebbles and bouncing them off of him. Dont be fooled by their little stubby legs and fat body. Those things can move FAST! He shot out of the shaft so fast it scared me. Would not do that now as I have come to respect the desert critters. Great pics. Tom H.
  6. TomH

    So what do you do....

    Crap! nice find!!! Get some one to slab it and make pendents out of it Looks solid enough. WTG Tom H.
  7. Had a really great 4 days back in the hills looking for gold. Met up with some great friends around Dewey/Humboldt area. There is a lot of gold in this spot but unfortunately.....none of us could seem to get our detectors over it??? Oh well. That is why its called prospecting and not picking up gold We had a blast. Thurs night the rain dumped on us. It got down to about 70F and we all just sat under our canopies soaking it in feeling sorry for the folks in the city. Pretty cool to see normally dry washes flowing. Next two days were kind of muggy though BLAH.... The hand stack in the pic was 3 feet high and about 20 ft long. Someone put a heck of a lot of work in that area..Ate a lot of good food, made new friends and reminisced a lot. The view was AWESOME from camp. Just had a really good time out of the PHX furnace.My cool find was a old shot gun shell base made from 1860-1930s Enjoy!!!!
  8. TomH

    Beat the heat retreat

    That was funny...a weight way out here. Who knows how it got there. Tom H.
  9. Brand NEW! Never used. Very nice flat black with chrome accents This is the COILTEK cord. Not stock cord. Built stronger, leaner, faster, and a lot cuter! Located in PHX area. 35 Bucks. Can ship, but that is on the buyer. Tom H.
  10. TomH

    Beat the heat retreat

    Shay.....they were brand new. Someone was living there working that area...left, and left a pick up load of trash behind Tom H.
  11. TomH


    Oh, on a side note Gary.....I will never poke at you complaining about the heat up there Fri/Sat it was so hot and humid I only got about 3-4 hrs a day in detecting. I went up a wash about 1.5 miles and went through my whole 3 liter back pack of water! I was pouring. Taker easy. Tom H.
  12. TomH

    Beat the heat retreat

    Ummm....your the one that picked it! I just suggested It was a pretty nice place to camp. Tom H.
  13. TomH

    Just some average Arizona gold

    Great stuff Luke....and I know what went into finding each piece....a LOT of work. Your goot! Tom H.
  14. TomH


    Doc: The original camp ground we were going to is very small and we had it filled up with five families. It had to change the day before the camp out and we found a bigger one....so, next year It was pretty hot and muggy! Tom
  15. TomH

    November 2018 fall outing poll

    RoRo...there is plenty of room for your RV Tom H.
  16. TomH

    Happy Birthday Shep

    Happy B Day bud! 45? Tom H.
  17. TomH


    Hey! Welcome to the group. Shoot away with questions and such if you have any. Drywashing is tough! Leave it for the younger kids Tom H.
  18. TomH

    Wild Arizona

    If I remember...that is YOUR foot print. With your long gnarly nails Cool pics and story. Tks. Cool Turtle..... BD got gold!!! WTG Tom H.
  19. Dont do night hunts.....I turn into a pumpkin Tom
  20. TomH

    Not so Successful Webbing job on Chair

    Nuts....Dad rewebbed our folding chair about 10 yrs ago and they are still good, but not sitting in the sun. Ive noticed a lot of parts rotting off of things I leave outside. Snake gator straps, my detecting bag.......ME!....Sun is brutal. Tom H.
  21. Great story and REALLY cool pics! Thanks Rod. Enjoy it up there. Its HOT down here Tom H.