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  1. Great adventure Gary The desert smells so nice after the rain. Cave creek area got hit pretty good. No rain here in Peoria though. Tom H.
  2. TomH

    Gold Daze - Family coming

    Lots of pictures and no phones. Tom H.
  3. TomH

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Iron wood Burls would look so cool! Especially with some light bark with it. Tom H.
  4. Wayne: Keep at it bud. Prescott area is a hard area to hunt with lots of trash. The lower desert areas (after it cools off) is not so trashy. Just keep at it, learn the machine and enjoy your time out. Good luck to you. Tom H.
  5. TomH

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Thats great Dave. Nice grain. I like the look of Iron wood, but its so tough on bits/blades. Tom
  6. TomH

    Happy Birthday Buckeye Boy

    AJ...happy b-day bud. Tom H.
  7. TomH

    A bit surprised

    WTG Tammy Nice little nugs. Tom
  8. TomH

    Detecting hat

    Well, seeing that its a tad warm here in AZ. im organizing/fixing my detecting stuff. Never have been a fan of Baseball hats. They seem too hot. Had a floppy hat last year and really liked it but the brim was a bit small. Ordered this one off of E-bay for 10 bucks. Cut it, glued it and I have a nice wide brim hat with ventilation and a flap for the neck. Heres the link for the hat if anyone else wants one. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Camo-Hat-Wide-Brim-Outdoor-w-Neck-Cover-Sun-Flap-Hunt-Hike-Fishing-Mesh/331782796079?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&var=540885692700&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 Tom H.
  9. TomH


    19.61....my birfday! Tom H.
  10. TomH

    Detecting hat

    Give it 5 yrs.....it will be the rage by then Tom H.
  11. TomH

    Out with the Equinox again

    Rick: Here is a good page if you want to identify the markings on it. http://www.cartridge-corner.com/heads.htm Tom H.
  12. TomH

    Turn That Phone OFF

    I knew there was a reason I dont have a cell phone "stuck in the 90s" Tom H.
  13. TomH

    My First Gucci

    Nice find Mitchell Here is what it is...bamboo ring. http://www.ebay.com/itm/like/121996227598 Tom H.
  14. TomH

    Death Valley trip

    Cool trip report. Thanks for sharing. Got a little color also! Tom H.
  15. TomH

    Happy Birthday Nugget108

    Have a good one! Enjoy the day Tom H.
  16. TomH

    "Dang, I forgot my camera !"

    Oh Well, I've got it photographed in my memory for later retrieval. ...........................Thats the best part Wish I had a go-pro running when I had Javalina jumping all around me trying to get between me and my Quad. Tom H.
  17. TomH

    "Dang, I forgot my camera !"

    Wow..cool! That would have been a great pic. I always keep my cheap point/shoot in my back pack. Have gotten some cool pics that way. Glad ya got some gold! Tom H.
  18. TomH

    Tiny wash, rough nuggets.

    WTG Bill...a spot to go back to Tom H
  19. TomH

    Lead mining

    Keep at it! Theres a spot out there with your name on it Tom H.
  20. TomH

    Desert Gold !

    Yes! WTG Glad your getting out. Tom H.
  21. Cool fossils and specimens. Sounds like a really great trip. Thanks for sharing. Tom H.
  22. TomH

    Today's little buggers

    Nice boogers Beel! Glad you got out and got some. Tom H.
  23. TomH


    Donno..I was in the YOTO. Tom H.
  24. TomH


    I saw a fire restriction sign in the area I detect. First time in 6 yrs ive seen one. Its good they are on top of it. Tom H.
  25. TomH

    Research Time

    Welp...guess the mule/donkey is the answer Tom H.