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  1. TomH

    Scored a Few .....

    NIce! Looks like an area where Road cut may be Tom H.
  2. TomH

    Happy Birthday Alwaysdirty

    Again! Wow! You have like two a year? Happy B-day bud. Tom H.
  3. TomH

    Unexpected find...

    Cool find Adam. If only it was a vein of gold! Tom H.
  4. TomH


    You dont have this one? Tom H.
  5. TomH

    12.6 gram gold specimen

    Nice find! Tom H.
  6. TomH


    Think of it as your exercise program The gold is just a bonus! Tom H.
  7. TomH

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    Andy, you are correct. It will go to the bone, and you need a special antidote to deal with it. Just have to be smart when using it. Tom H.
  8. TomH

    Happy Gully Nugget

    Holy cow Ron! Those are some nice slugs Geet your butt out there and sniff some more out. Tom H.
  9. TomH

    Watch Your Step

    You seem to be a real snake magnet lately? Too bad it doesn't work on chicks Tom H.
  10. TomH

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    WTG Beel! Yah, it is kind of ugly...but its gold Congrats. It would have been ugly if you were out in a open flat area with all the wind today. Next time Tom H.
  11. Right now im at ZERO status! Im beat, and beat up! Tom H.
  12. Dad and I went out today to do some detecting. Spent 4 hrs in a new area and got junk. Found a old prospect that the guy was stacking the ore. I grabbed some samples and will process it tomorrow. So, im finding unspent blasting caps and right at the base of his prospect I get a really loud High/low. Dug down some and its big and screaming......then a little voice said "you might want to stop" So I did....and left it. Why? I didn't want to dig up something that might blow up in my face. Call me chicken, or whatever First target iv'e ever walked away from. After nothing in that area, we went back to Backwards Wash. I decided to take the monster in, as its murder on regular VLFs. WOW! that thing ran quite as a mouse. There were some hot rocks and iron stone that sung out but they were just scraped away. We have hit this area a LOT, but missed the bigger one somehow. It was about 1 1/2 ft. up on the side of the hill above a small drainage. Weighs 1.2 grams. Scoured the area, but no more. On the opposite side of the hill I saw some red dirt and decided to try it. It was up about 25 yrds above the drainage. Got a signal! Out pops the little guy. Pretty much on the surface. But, right above it is a small quartz stringer in red dirt....Hmmm. scooped up about 2 cups and brought it home. Crushed some of it and got two small bits of gold Will do the rest tomorrow. Great day out, found some gold and was blessed with good times and good weather. Tom H.
  13. TomH

    My Collection of Photos & Drawings

    Thanks Terry! A really good video. Gives a good look at what those guys had to deal with underground. Those were some harder times for sure. Tks. Could you use "flight of the bumble bee" next time for the music? Get us all jazzed up Vivaldi's 4 seasons would be cool also. Tom H.
  14. TomH

    Tammy is getting it done

    WTG Tammy! Hope you find a bunch more! Tom H.
  15. TomH

    Yesterday's Gold

    WTG Beel! Get some more and find a phone Tom H.