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  1. TomH

    Went Crumb Chasing

    Good deal Bill You got some In my offroad group someone said they found some bear prints in the Morristown/LSD area. You ever see any in the years you have hunted up there? I thought Bear prints had claw marks on the tips? I donno.... Tom
  2. TomH

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    Have a good one Skip! Glad to have you around with the forum. Thanks Tom
  3. TomH

    Hoping to find a nugget

    Good luck! Start drinking water NOW! Tom H.
  4. TomH

    My Facebook account got hacked!

    Here is one thing they will do if they hack your account. There are people out there that are gullible and will get ripped off. http://www.azfamily.com/story/38461724/hacked-facebook-account-used-to-dupe-phoenix-woman?autostart=true Tom H.
  5. TomH

    Odd Places

    Ahhhh...I think hes just bumping around and really doesn't know what hes doing. Hes just lucky Tom H.
  6. TomH

    My Facebook account got hacked!

    Chris: Yes, they will hit the average Joe. I got hacked and my friends started getting advertisements/requests for loans, friend requests and saying we were connected on messenger. Once you friend them they are into your page....not good. FB will quickly delete it when you send it to them. Tom H.
  7. TomH

    My Facebook account got hacked!

    Nuts! I got a message from you offering to take me to all your old spots in the vultures......what a let down. Tom H.
  8. TomH

    Odd Places

    Man...you are so LUCKY. you just stumble on it. WTG. Tom H.
  9. Great adventure Gary The desert smells so nice after the rain. Cave creek area got hit pretty good. No rain here in Peoria though. Tom H.
  10. TomH

    Gold Daze - Family coming

    Lots of pictures and no phones. Tom H.
  11. TomH

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Iron wood Burls would look so cool! Especially with some light bark with it. Tom H.
  12. Wayne: Keep at it bud. Prescott area is a hard area to hunt with lots of trash. The lower desert areas (after it cools off) is not so trashy. Just keep at it, learn the machine and enjoy your time out. Good luck to you. Tom H.
  13. TomH

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Thats great Dave. Nice grain. I like the look of Iron wood, but its so tough on bits/blades. Tom
  14. TomH

    Happy Birthday Buckeye Boy

    AJ...happy b-day bud. Tom H.
  15. TomH

    A bit surprised

    WTG Tammy Nice little nugs. Tom