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  1. Unexpected Locations

    Man....thats golden both ways! Tom H.
  2. Today's Dink....

    Good going Beel! I do envy you that you can just about drive out into your back yard and find gold. Tom H.
  3. Happy Birthday Cowkiller

    Justin! Happy Birthday you pup Have a good one. Tom H.
  4. To me it looks like cast iron. Not wire rope made into something. Some kind of a heavy duty ornate hook for something back in the day. People sure took time to make nice things back then. Tom H.
  5. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    Hmmmm.....good idea Dave. I wonder how that would work with my macro lens.....Hmmmmm. Tom H.
  6. Dinky Dinks

    You got some yellow! Sweet. I got two 22 bullets and 2.5 miles of fighting ironstone and cats claw today Tom H.
  7. Great post! Love reading the adventures. Pretty cool finds for sure. Keep em coming. Tom H.
  8. Kwah: Good for you that your still getting out and hunting gold Keep at it and eventually you will look like my dad who is 84 now....and still hitting the washes Do you get to the outings? Tom H.
  9. Nice fix on the ferrite ring. Nice nuggets too! Its still in that area. Tom H.
  10. Apple pie patch gold

    Good finds Rod. Keep hitting it. You only have 300 different directions to go from the paved road Tom H.
  11. March outing at Q?

    Bill put it up in the UPCOMING EVENTS Section. Tom H.
  12. NUGGET SHOOTER Spring Outing

    Sounds good! Will be there Tom H.
  13. Saturday Nugget Scrapping

    Nice nugs! Glad you found a good spot. Try a bigger camera, so the pic is bigger My inspiration was squashed today by a big ugly skunk! Makes you appreciate the gold more though. Tom H.
  14. Fred: That really looks cool! He did a great job on it. Tom H
  15. March outing at Q?

    Yahhh....probably aught to get some dates up so folks can plan. Not that far away actually. I got pistachios! Tom H.