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  1. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    You remember that mine we found one time while riding the quads? Remember the hill you wouldn't go up? That little dink was right at the bottom of that hill where the wash wraps around.
  2. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    Idk Tom...it was kind of a pain in the butt. Trying to get the auto focus to focus through the lens and hold everything with only two hands was a challenge. Maybe if I lived closer to a nuclear plant and had a 3rd hand...
  3. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    Agreed. Pretty sure it came from a peripheral stringer along that big dike somewhere. I checked the top very briefly while circling back to the buggy with no luck, but I did find an old shaft with some promising material scattered around, on the opposing flank of the hill. There were some relatively fresh claim markers on that side, so I just turned off the beeper and used my eyes to scope out the mined rock types. It appears that big dike bisects the entire hill and they were digging a narrow 6-8" vein that ran parallel with it. Makes me wonder if an extension of the good vein outcrops on the side of the hill above where I found that little specimen.
  4. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    I got curious if I could take a better photo of the tiny nugglet. Taken with a hand loupe over a cell phone camera lens. You can clearly see the hematite stained quartz in the gold matrix now. There was a large quartz/ironstone dike about halfway up the wash on the left limit hillside. I wonder if there is/was an enriched seam in that dike somewhere? Might be worth another trip to investigate
  5. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    That would have been cool to see I think it would be a great addition if you lived somewhere with water. You can land in a remote lake and fish right off the plane
  6. More from the Pavement Patch

    That explains a lot...I've been using geometry
  7. New buggy!

    Yep. I really didn't want to turn and go back the way we came at that point. It was almost dark and I was getting hungry! Looking over the track on google earth I see we could have made a left turn at Albuquerque and taken an easier trail
  8. New buggy!

    Yep...sketchy stuff. You have to hit it with some speed so you don't turtle and roll down the mountain
  9. New buggy!

    They were almost exactly like that Skip! Except at 30-35° angle and covered with loose rocks
  10. March outing at Q?

    Sounds goot to me too. Earlier in March the better
  11. New buggy!

    Wish I had taken more pictures of our trip into the mountains yesterday, alas...I was too occupied with not dying We headed out Constellation rd from Wickenburg in an epic 75 mile journey through some of the most rugged terrain Arizona has to offer. Rocky old mining roads that all the fill has washed out of, leaving narrow shelf roads high above the valleys below, made of solid bumpy ass granite! The road is good until we made a right turn before getting to Williams Ranch. Hopping over waterfalls...check Long sidehills with zero room for error...check Steep scree covered hills...check Beautiful scenery...check Doing it all in an old Volkswagen...priceless! Patches handled it all in style and nothing stopped it for long. We made a big loop,ending up at the Swallow mountain mine. From there out to Buckhorn rd and back to Wickenburg, followed by a nice run down Hwy 60 home to Morristown. I'm thankful to have survived! Would I do it again? Possibly...after a few days of letting my butt cheeks relax from having a death grip on my seat!
  12. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    It didn't hurt the wood too much, but sure did a number on the finish! Left a nice slimy greenish white goo all over the back of the shelf
  13. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    No, the vial tipped over and leaked out on a shelf.
  14. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    I found a bit of native silver approx 3 miles from where this came from. It looked different though, with a more brown tarnish on it. I think native lead specimens are pretty rare, most of time is with silver in the form of galena. It would be interesting to see what you find out!
  15. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    I didn't see that! I have no idea what it is. I'm assuming it's some sort of human garbage, but it was the only piece of "trash" in the whole wash. Maybe some wadded up shaving off an aircraft? Nope! I think the buggy will be around awhile. I'm constantly tinkering with it, but it is a blast to drive