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  1. ArcticDave

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    Happy Birfday Skip!
  2. ArcticDave

    1965 vintage Remington model 1100 12g

    SOLD! Thanks for looking guys
  3. ArcticDave

    Researching Your Family History

    That looks like a lot of work Terry! You're making progress at least. I had started down that road myself, but eventually gave it up. I did find the ancestor that came over from Ireland in 1830 something. I didn't go past that because of the effort involved in tracking down the Irish records. Apparently the O'Reilly clan is quite numerous and by that time were scattered all over Ireland, and were not just in the ancestral homeland in the modern county of Cavan. The record I did find didn't list a specific place of origin for my ancestor...just that he was from Ireland. I guess I'm not suprised. Being from Ireland wasn't a source of pride in those days, and the Irish were basically treated like garbage.
  4. ArcticDave

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Yep. Seriously....what self respecting serial killer doesn't have a creepy, crappy fluorescent light in his hideout? Maybe the flickering light is better for showing off nipple belts and jars of eyeballs...
  5. ArcticDave

    Bacon wood knife scales

    I've always hated fluorescent lighting. It seems like I get a real humdinger of a headache everytime I'm in a room lit with them.
  6. ArcticDave

    Bacon wood knife scales

    I think fluorescent bulbs darken it too. There was a guy on the knife forum I was reading about ironwood, that said he had kept his knives on magnetic strip above the counter top. There was a fluorescent light fixture mounted under the top cabinets right next to his custom ironwood kitchen knives. The knives all darkened several shades within a year on the sides exposed to the light fixture.
  7. ArcticDave

    1965 vintage Remington model 1100 12g

    I also have about 150 rounds of #7 1/2's that can go with it for an additional $50.00.
  8. Hello all, Tired of this sitting in the closet collecting dust. It is my grandfathers model 1100 that is in usable condition. Some light rust spots that disappear with some steel wool. Stock is in good shape. It still shoots great! Cycles faithfully everytime. It has never jammed on me. 12 gauge 2 3/4" shells 27" ventilated barrel with modified choke. I don't bird hunt anymore, so it no longer gets used. I've priced these out and they generally sell between $400-500. Asking only $300 FIRM because of the light rust. Like I said earlier it is a perfectly servicable shotgun. Please cash sale only, local Morristown Arizona pick up. I may be willing to meet someone halfway if the distance isn't too great. I need to order a cylinder head for the airplane engine. Thanks for looking. Private message me here if you're interested!
  9. ArcticDave

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    That is what it's all about!
  10. ArcticDave

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    I've never been in a 172. The most common aircraft back home was the Super Cub. It seemed everybody had one. My uncle Chuck had a 180 on floats...I think that was the only Cessna I've ridden in. What do you fly these days DP?
  11. ArcticDave

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    I'm going to add some vg's to the underside of the horizontal stabilizer right in front of the elevators. It is supposed to really help keep the tail from stalling before the wing. The other Eagle builders all report that it drops like a rock with power off and it's best to maintain some speed and fly it all the way to the ground with flare at the last possible second. I bet that pacer was fun to scoot around in! Especially with big enough tires to land out here.
  12. ArcticDave

    Bacon wood knife scales

    That makes sense then Skip. It appears that if you don't want to keep your piece in the dark all the time, the darkening can either be accepted, or you can refinish every so often. Since it still looks good even when dark (like Bob's knife), I'd probably just leave it alone.
  13. ArcticDave

    Bacon wood knife scales

    With all this talk of ironwood lately, I did some research on the darkening effect. It is a known issue with ironwood. The general consensus over in a custom knife forum was that uv plays a big role in how fast ironwood darkens. If you store it in the dark it seems to retain its original color longer. A finish that blocks uv could greatly extend that time. Shellac is very uv resistant and could be worth experimenting with, for those of us that prefer a more natural finish. The good news I read over there, was that the darkened ironwood can be sanded back to the original color fairly easily. Apparently the oxide layer is not that thick. This is all second hand info, but it seemed pertinent.
  14. ArcticDave

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    25-28 is what most guys report. I'm hoping the combo of flaps and vortex generators will get me down closer to 15- 20. With any kind of headwind the actual ground speed could be much lower. Slow enough for me
  15. ArcticDave

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Mine will be 5-6 lbs heavier than standard. I beefed up the spars a small amount and am adding flaps. The lower stall speed is worth the extra weight of the flaps to me.