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  1. Yes, I hope be out there at 84. Good on your Dad. I don't think my beard will be that nice I haven't been to the outings yet.
  2. I appreciate your reply. Looking back, my question was not phrased properly. I should have asked if you limited your hunts to the washes. Your response was great. I use the same approach hunting everywhere, well almost. I tend not to hunt the larger junk filled washes and at 78 I leave the crawling through brush to the younger guys. Hell, I'm having trouble just getting off my knees after digging a target.
  3. Yes, very nice good. I got a big time LSD skunk going. Do you hunt the washes?
  4. Jen generously shared some information but left herself open to comment because of the big red square and how she worded her post. A decent intent misunderstood. There was a subtle accusation in Clay's post along with the helping hand. Maybe the helping hand could have been given more diplomatically. I am not pointing fingers, but I have observed that some members of this forum tend respond to Jen's posts with less respect than if someone named Jack made the same post. Time to get in the 21st century.
  5. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    Okay, I see how this post can read differently than I intended. I have found nuggets with both detectors. Not as many as would like, but who has not said the same. I agree the 7000 has made the 2300 somewhat redundant. I think I have enough detectors to find nuggets.
  6. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    I love my 2300, still have a love/hate relationship with my 7000 (probably wouldn't have bought it if I knew then what I know now). I covet a GM 1000, but dam it, if a 2300 and a 7000 won't find them then fug it, I am done with buying detectors.
  7. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    Rod, very interesting audio thought process. Thank you for sharing. Being "right brained" has its advantages. Thanks to others who have shared additional tips.
  8. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    Hmmmmm, .......thanks. Back to more patience.
  9. kwah

    GPZ Observations

    Your review is very interesting and the gold is great. If you please, would expand on the above quote. I find the GPZ to be very sensitive to basalt and other hot rocks and I too become a master of profanity when operating in those areas. The basalt/hot rocks are easy to handle if on the surface, it's the larger good sounding one's under the surface that require some patience to sort out. I have been unable to "tune out" the rocks and am short on patience. How do you operate in severe hot rock areas?
  10. kwah

    24 hour Gold

    Dash riprock, are you related to Dash boulder?
  11. Like the drone shot. The jerky motion can be eliminated by slowing down gimbal speed in the settings. I am also trying to take smoother drone shots. Good luck.
  12. kwah

    Sumpin ain't right

    Good choice. The 4500 is a very versatile detector considering all the coil options. Just hook up that coil and go with the factory default settings to get started. AND GOOD LUCK!!
  13. kwah

    Sumpin ain't right

    azdigger, Your story is very much like mine. I spent many hours trying to find my first nugget with a VLF detector (GMT). No luck. I think in highly mineralized areas the effective depth of a VLF is very much reduced. Also, target response from a nugget is usually subtle, more so than the trash you are finding even if it is the same size. You may be missing nuggets because they are too deep, or the subtle signal from a nugget is assumed to be ground noise. Those members successful with VLF detectors now are placering, vacuuming, raking, or detecting over shallow bedrock. They minimize the depth to the nugget. Most of the nuggets found now are small. After a time with no success you start fiddling with the settings because you start to distrust the detector, then you start question yourself. If you can afford a new or used SDC 2300 I would highly recommend buying one. They are excellent at finding small nuggets in highly mineralized soil. It is a simple "turn on and detect" detector My first nugget was found on my first trip out with my 2300.
  14. kwah

    Current Mining Claim Forms???

    I don't doubt what you are saying. If you go to the link below and look about half way down the page you will see a link that will take you to another page regarding claim forms. That page has a link to the claim forms. Same place as your link. Seems the BLM sent you to the AZGS site to get what you need. Not sure what is going on at the BLM. Anyway, you got what you needed. http://www.azgs.az.gov/mineral_rights.shtml
  15. kwah

    Current Mining Claim Forms???

    These forms are provided by the Arizona Geological Survey. They have been available for a few years. Lots of good information available at their site.