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    Prospecting and exploring the countryside in the UTV. Filling the freezer with lean meat is also on my list too.

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  1. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    I'd be interested in the responce you receive from Minelab. . . if you wouldn't mind sharing it.. I learned fairly quickly to be gentle with the ferrite ring after I chipped some paint off it and as such, no longer drop it on the ground to GB. I actually carry it in a cheapo leather pouch to further protect it.
  2. Off for trout

    Good luck. . . I loved trolling for trout when had a boat. . .
  3. Congrats on the invite!!! Sounds like that'd be a lot of fun.
  4. Christmas Gold

    Nice golden Christmas you had there. . . Thanks for sharing!! -n- good luck on finding ur shirt. .

    1 hat and 1 - 2x khaki tee for me please. . . Thnx
  6. The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Did some one arm swinging today along with some one arm picking. It turned out to be an alright day!! The top three were within a half hour of starting out and very close to where we parked (stones throw away!!) A re-hashed. . . TIP of the day. . . swing where you park. Totaled 5.9 grams or 3.8 dwt
  7. I hate those pucker factors . . . but some times that's what it takes to get where ya-wanna be.. congrats!!
  8. Congrats Moody. . . That's how it's done. . gather a little knowledge .. pick up a good machine .. do some research .. work for it .. reap the rewards. Yup those are tiny pieces , but the memories you will have forever are HUGE. Good job!! Good luck on finding their bothers -n- sisters...

    Some gray/tan color in the shirt and hat would be cool. #1 looks like a hard hat rather than a ball cap... IMO .. So cowboy/geologist hat would do for me. Actually... I'd still buy/wear either of them.
  10. Specimen from last week.

    Very nice looking piece!! Congrats
  11. Howdy

    Well congrats on the retirement!! I'm still working toward that day. . . Enjoy the hobby with the new detectors.
  12. New Member??

    Well Gents, Thanks for the welcome. . . but I'm not to sure how much "vast experience" I have to offer-up. I started as a rod-man for the surveyor and then helped out our Enviormental dept with monitoring a few compliance stations in the field. After the mill was built I spent 6 years as a Refinery operator, handeled thousands of ounces and poured hunderds of dor'e bars. (that was awesome) The last 23 yrs have been driving haul trucks, operating equipment and currently talking safety with our guys n gals. Believe me. . . I'm a late bloomer when it comes to finding Au for myself. I appreciate all that has been offered up on this and other fourms to make it happen. I have learned a lot. . . Thanks!!. . . Just wanted to put that out there cause I've never have been one to claim something that I'm not. Be safe out there, NvAuMiner - Doug
  13. UTV's and dust

    Yeah, I like camo and I tend to hunt like I swing.. away from people. There is quite a story behind this hunt. In short: I spotted him opening morning but couldn't get close to him. I waited a few days until my wife could join me. We headed back up a deadend road and spotted him laying down in a tall grass high in a bowl.(450+yd & steady cross wind) She stayed in the Ranger, glassing him the whole time as I snuck to within 220yd. It was 9:30am. my field of view changed and I could see but just tips of horns. So I waited. At 3hrs a forky-horn (that I couldn't see) stood up - streched and layed back down at 1:30 he stood - bang - back down he went. Meat in the freezer. . . so I thought!!! There was a reason he didn't want to get up - he was hurting. The shinny spot above his left eye (that is no longer there) is a bulit stuck in his hide, betterhalf is pointing at it. My 1 shot was true, but he was also hit in the intestin. It must have been a few days earlier as he was already septic and not consumable at all. NDOW thanked me for taking him out of his pain and offered me another tag, but I declined. I thought who knows how many other people just fling lead in hopes of hitting/wounding and not retreaving their game. Besides, I am not alwasys blessed with such great company and wanted to remember the hunt with the mounted rack. To those that hunt... learn your gun, go to the range and practice Just flinging lead could injure more than game, as bullets travel a long long way and still do damage. To get out of the weeds and back 'on-topic' track . . . You can see how the gun scabbard doesn't have dust on it.
  14. UTV's and dust

    Here ya go.
  15. UTV's and dust

    BBD ??? = Big Buck Down