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  1. Roger P

    Book Contest

    Looks like $16.72 to me. Thanks for the fun. Roger
  2. Roger P

    Meteorites causing fires

    Sorry Mike, here are two of several reports on the subject. I realize that some of the information referring to lower temp ignition of wood has to do with long exposure. Obviously that does not apply to the original post, but this does cast doubt on your temp claims. engineeringtoolbox.com/fuels-ignition-temperatures-d_171.html Please note information regarding; Oakwood dry, paper, pinewood dry, and wood. doctorfire.com/low_temp_wood1.pdf Roger P.
  3. Roger P

    Any advice dealing with black ants?

    This is not "eco-correct" but pick up a can of wasp and hornet spray. It will give amazing results. Roger