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  1. This is a MUST get...

    For some reason "broad side of a barn" keeps popping up in my head. Looks cool though.
  2. Weaver Mining Dist. New Claims

    I checked the County Recorder too. Nothing there. Must be fake news.
  3. Weaver Mining Dist. New Claims

    Not showing up on the LR2000. Just the four claims they have had for years and the eight Sierra Hotel claims they made a year ago.
  4. I like Adam. He knows stuff. He's been really great at sharing that knowledge for years. He is outspoken but usually it's to the readers benefit. Does he rub some people the wrong way? Hell ya but he's not the only one. I've been known to pizz off a few folks myself. I doubt anyone here but Skip has a clean record on that account. I think this forum is Bill's thing. If he wants to control anything that happens here that's his right and privilege. I'll back him on his decisions about who posts here and what they post even if I disagree with him. I was taught when you are in someone else's house you follow their rules or go elsewhere. I have no opinion on an invisible "feud". Maybe I missed some drama along the way but I could care less. I hate drama and BS so much I don't watch television. Sometimes ignorance is a good thing in a world of made up news and sensitive snow flakes. On topic. (Not sure just what the topic is?) Hunting season can be rough anywhere there are inconsiderate idiots. In my opinion this story smells funny. A pistol hunter shoots a woman walking in a field because he thought she was a deer? And he hasn't been charged? There is more to this story than that brief article shared. I have a friend (hillbilly) that fed his family with a .22 pistol for many years. He's an incredible shot, one of the best I've ever seen. He took deer on a regular basis with his 22 long pistol. That's not an easy thing to do but he never lost a deer he had shot. A responsible shooter even when he was out of season and using the only gun he had. He lived near where this happened. I'm no good with a pistol, grew up hunting with rifles and I can very reliably hit stuff with a rifle. A pistol? Deer? I've seen it done but never in a field at close range unless chumming or a great blind was employed. Anyone who can take a deer with a pistol was already close enough to know whether his target was a deer or a human. Or they are an irresponsible idiot. He wasn't charged? Luckily there is no gold in southern New York. Prospectors are safe from this particular hunter wherever they may be mining.
  5. You might want to check out this map. It appears the 1,000 gram Rio Rancho meteorite was found near you in 2011. Then there is the famous Glorietta pallasite up past Santa Fe. Those are private land areas but folks in New Mexico are pretty friendly ... if you ask first. The odds of a meteorite fall are essentially the same for every spot on earth. They are much easier to see on dry lake beds or non mineral prairie which explains why they are mostly found there. Keep looking and you could find a previously undiscovered fall.
  6. NEW BLM LR2000

    We have noticed the same thing. It's becoming an issue Chris. Last year the Arizona BLM had processed and closed 3,026 claims case files by November 1. This year they have only processed and closed 37. California is about a year behind on their claims files processing. California BLM has the worst case processing record of any of the mining states. They are still working on closing files from two mining years ago. Utah is the best and is usually up to date even during the heavy Sept 1 - December 30 mining case rush. Utah has processed about 1,500 mining claim case files since Sept 1. That's about the same as last year at this time and almost completes their workload from September 1. The folks at Utah BLM take their job seriously and try to meet the 5 day deadline for updating case files. Arizona BLM is the training center for the nation. Arizona BLM is usually second in processing timeliness behind Utah. This year they are actually far behind California in their claims work. From second to dead last in a year. Same personnel same job. Arizona BLM isn't the only state dragging their feet this year but they are the most obvious. We should know within the month whether this is just a glitch or an actual intentional work slowdown. I'm hoping it's just a glitch but Arizona BLM does have some of the most aggressive anti mining employees in the agency. The BLM dragging their feet on claims case files is a real problem for miners. By delaying case work they are denying miners and prospectors a system that was supposed to enable everyone to know what any given claim's status is. The BLM lobbied for this system for decades and they finally got the right to receive notice of mining claims in 1976. Since then the cost for these informational filings has gone through the roof and the work we are paying those fees for is being delayed more and more. We are keeping an eye on this trend and will report on it as things move along through the mining year.
  7. A review Anyone who uses the BLM LR2000 search function knows it can be a challenge to get meaningful results. Often the service is down but you aren't notified of a problem with the system until you go through the whole complex search process to discover there was an "error". Frustrating at times. Well it appears the BLM decided it was time to change the look and feel of the LR2000 search function. They notified users months ago that they were working on an improved version but they caught a lot of people by surprise when they introduced the NEW! IMPROVED! LR2000 on November 1 and shut down the functions of the OLD! BAD! LR2000 at the same time. Problem was they didn't tell anyone. The old LR2000 still appears to be there and will allow you to do a search. That search returns an error, as mentioned earlier that's not unexpected or uncommon when using the LR2000. I use the LR2000 a lot when I need the most recent information on a land or claim case file. It took me nearly 24 hours after the changeover to get fed up enough with the old LR2000 not working to try the new LR2000 which has been available but not working for the last nine months. I'm hoping the BLM will set up that old LR2000 web address to redirect to the new LR2000 page so others won't have to waste their time beating a dead search system like I did. The old LR2000 was clunky. It reminded me of an old unfamiliar broken down right hand drive truck with a Japanese language repair manual. It was really that awkward and counter intuitive. There were many blogs, manuals and videos devoted to explaining the esoteric mysteries of the BLM's version of public access to public records, I even helped write a few myself. I made good use of the old LR2000 on the days it was working and I was glad to have it when I could get results but it needed fixing. The new LR2000 has a cleaner less intimidating interface with a slightly simpler set of options. I really don't like the "black topo" background the BLM now puts on all their web pages. If you like the black topo theme you are probably going to like the look of these new search pages better than the old ones. The behind the scenes search function has changed a lot from the old LR2000. I tried it on several browsers and three operating systems. I had problems on every browser and system. The Search seems to hang in some circumstances, in others it returns results as quickly as the old LR2000. The actual search itself seems to be slower sometimes. Every browser I tried had problems when it had run a few searches. The searches would eventually hang and several loops would keep the browser so busy it would lock up. That's not something I'm used to experiencing. This is a new system so I'm hoping the BLM will get these glitches out soon. The results of each search now displays in a new interface. Essentially there will be a window frame on the results page with the document displayed inside the frame as a PDF. Like the old LR2000 there are options to download the document in several formats including Excel, PDF and HTML. You can now modify or start a new search from the results page. Land Matters has made an effort to bypass the clunky old LR2000 interface and allow you to directly access any claims BLM serial register page directly with a few clicks on a map. This turned out to be a lot quicker way to get information on claims in a specific area without having to pound through the old LR2000. Being a direct live link to the BLM the information is as current as possible unlike other mapping programs that present static information updated every month or so. When the unannounced changeover in LR2000 search systems happened it broke Land Matters system of direct access. With more than 380,000 mining claims being actively tracked Land Matters had a problem. Claims Advantage Members also get several reports a month. In the last two days Land Matters had released two reports with a combined total of more than 20,000 maps and direct links to a broken LR2000. That's 400,000 missing documents. Sometimes life can be.... interesting. Needless to say I have been busy. It took 24 hours but I deciphered the new LR2000 system fixed the links to the serial register pages and corrected, compiled and uploaded new member reports. The mining claim serial register pages linked to on the maps load more quickly than the old ones did. If you have any problems with those maps or the Member Reports please let me know. Please try out the new LR2000 and share your experiences here. Try the Mining Claims Maps at Land Matters and marvel at the new search results. If you like the way the map link system works we can add the feature for a lot more types of research.
  8. I only shoot on club claims. Lots of folks out there looking for bullet fragments from what I've seen. I consider it a public service to spread lead, brass, boot tacks and tinfoil shreds for the new prospectors to practice with. Or Ben Avery.
  9. California into Three States

    It's a first step only. No State can split into other States without the consent of Congress. This was already voted on, approved and failed in 1941. Not saying it's a good or bad thing. Just pointing out the fact that it's going to take a lot more than an initiative in California to change anything. If you think folks in other States would like to see California triple their number of voting Senators then maybe there is a chance?
  10. New Restrictions on EPA

    Pruitt didn't change anything but department policy. The Sue and Settle scheme was ended in 2009 by the Court with the mining case Minard Run v United States Forest Service.
  11. Nugget Shooter Fall Outing

    Here's a 3D interactive map to help new visitors get their bearings. Here's a small version for slower connections. Here's a much higher resolution version for fast connections. Once the map loads you can zoom in/out, go to ground level or turn the model different directions. Get Lat Long for your GPS by clicking on the map.
  12. Turquoise?

    Nice Finds!. The green ones are common copper minerals. The solid blue ones might be turquoise. Are they heavy and glossy or is the stone light and sort of porous (tongue test)? Value wise? Maybe $30 tops for the blue ones to a jeweler if they are good solid Turquoise and they can claim they are from Turquoise mountain area. The Herget (Turquoise Mountain) mine is active again and Anglo American is heavily claimed up there even on the Side Hill area. It looks like parts of the old dumps to the north that aren't private land are still open for prospecting. Your material looks like it came from that area. Sometimes you can find rather large intact Azurite clusters on those dumps that have collector value. There is probably more money to be made in good copper mineral specimens in that area than quality Turquoise values. Keep hunting I've found some nice minerals there.
  13. So does that mean if we blew up this little guy (The white dwarf on the right 4' 5") We could get some copper, zinc and chromium along with the usual mess involved in blowing people up?
  14. The Land Matters Mining Claims Maps have been updated to October 15 ...finally! The BLM Secure Transfer Server was finally repaired late last night. We got the download after midnight. You now have access to the most up to date mining claims maps available. Thanks go to Kathy Ferguson for her assistance at the BLM Denver Applications Support Section, National Operations Center. There are good BLM employees and Kathy has always been responsive and helpful There are about 1,000 acres of claims being opened up in Northern Washington State around where the Kinross gold mine is operating. This is a big deal in a small mining State. Washington State prospectors are going to have fun exploring those new areas. California is still working on mining claim case files from two mining years ago. As usual the Utah State BLM is doing their job very professionally and are progressing with their updates in a timely manner. Two different worlds in those two BLM offices alone. Thanks go out to Utah BLM for taking mining case files currency seriously.
  15. I know a lot of you are waiting for the new updated Land Matters Mining Claims Maps. That update should have been available on Monday but the BLM is having some technical difficulties with its Secure Transfer Server and we have been unable to update the active mining claims information on our maps. Our contact at the BLM says the problem has been identified and should be corrected tonight. We should be able to access the data in the morning. I know this is a critical map update for a lot of our users. I'll post here as soon as the maps are updated.