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  1. Hoser John

    My Facebook account got hacked!

    And anyone wonders why I don't touch facecrook. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many folks getting hacked,whacked and attacked. The grand daughter garbage would have sent me through the roof. VERY sorry to hear of this sic sic sic XXXXXXX-John
  2. Hoser John

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    Hope you have a great day with many good years to follow-John
  3. Hoser John


    $48.95 sounds good to me-John
  4. Hoser John

    Happy Birthday wet/dry washer

    Hope you have a great year and nugget season-John
  5. Hoser John

    Adventurous Weekend complete!

    Fantastic finds-John
  6. Hoser John

    I`m Moving....Packed up and out of here

    Beautiful gold in as good a place as any to get killed in.......John
  7. Hoser John

    Compass repair

    OMG still alive wow ,wish ya luck.-John
  8. Hoser John

    Need help to identify this object (pics)

    Jade/nephrite looking in a couple of pics but not in others,looks different?John
  9. Hoser John

    Today's little buggers

    WOW great to recover such dinks-kudos for the mad skills-John
  10. Hoser John

    Fox With Three Young

    We have healthy fox in our park right here in Redding. Got a bird by the jacuzzi and trying to get the birds I feed too. O well -bright eyed shiny coats so the loose cat,dogs,squirrels and birds are a plate of plenty in town here-John--downloaded in under 2 minutes here???
  11. Hoser John

    208 New Minerals as a result of.... People.

    I wonder what the hawaii volcano eruption is creating at this very moment??John
  12. 😀 Righteous fantastic finds for sure-John
  13. Hoser John

    Dinky Dinks

    Sure beats the skunk, now go find their big brothers-John
  14. Sending best wishes and luck-John
  15. Hoser John

    Father Time Strikes Again.

  16. Hoser John

    gold mining in Tanzania

    I was offered a job boss job there in the 90s but last one got killed by a hippo so stayed home-John
  17. Hoser John

    Gold Chain With 800

    Quality for sure-kudos-John
  18. Hoser John

    Watch Your Step

    No sense of humor at all-John
  19. Amazing ring-kudos-John
  20. Hoser John

    Easter Sunday MONSTER Nugget found

    Pretty crystal never the less-John
  21. Hoser John

    King Tuts Knife

    National Geo show told it all about the construction of the knife. Most treasured artifact under the tightest security as the one and only and transfered in Eqypts' new museum. High cobalt content was a determining fact. Hope you can find the special as prized Tuts artifacts were a mishmash of artifacts and even part of the golden masks was repurposed from another. Amazing. John
  22. New science just proved it was made from a meterorite as metal arts composition was not know for yet another 800 years later. Laid on his chest as most sacred object for the afterlife, They never could figure out why a knife was so richly gold covered and laid in his box. Just a crazy new technology on old artifacts as meteors always been coveted-john
  23. Hoser John

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    All forums need all ideas from one and all. No such thing as a bad idea, some just a bit better, cheaper,easier or faster. John
  24. Hoser John

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    Good old hand winch with a truckers strap-4" -work mighty fine. They contour,grab and hold and never break and no cable style whiplash-John
  25. Hoser John

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    I obtained a 10 year lease from the BR for lands below shasta dam for a local club and we mined like crazy for years. Till a new woman took over then adios to one and all-John