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  1. Here is a Crystalline Nugget I Wish I Had!

    That intertwined gold wire in crystals is amazing-thanks much-John
  2. The journey begins-kudos-John
  3. 24 hour Gold

    Great job and righteous gold-John

    No more dredging or mechanized water mining in calif. ,legally that is. Waiting on Judge now for his written ruling on many aspects. I loved all mining anywhere using anything as a addict and proud to be a has been. Still detecting but even a sluicebox will/can get you in trouble here now....sic sic sic illegal harrrasment-John

    To me being young again is being ready, willing and able to indulge in such vigorous attempts to get at the gold. NOT being able to go to such extremes is indeed vexing but at least I did for many many years,hence envy to say the least.John
  6. Darwin Awards for 2016

    You only get to be that dumb once

    WOW whole lotta work but nice gold for sure-kudos wish I was young again...John
  8. Awesome Jupiter Cloud Photo

    OMG cool-John
  9. Specimen from last week.

  10. Agates

    Amazing colors but are they treated as many ways to produce colorful mineral species these day??? John
  11. Calling All Math Guru's

    After 77 beers who'd give a darn.....John
  12. Nuggetshooter 2017 - Random Photos

    Warms the heart to see so many like mined folk just a having a ball-thanks much for the pics-John
  13. Northern Cali/Nevada Winter Detecting

    If you do come to Cali check out the Auburn Goldhounds non profit club as many great folks who love to hunt all year long. John
  14. Tuesday hunt with TomH

    Best advice ever-Dig'm all!! John