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  1. Gold Cube

    Paint filter sacks work great from any hardware store like 3 for a couple a bucks. Tough and last. Connect 2 buckets,trays or catchments and pump from the 2nd and use cotton balls/paint filters to filter in the pipe in between. John
  2. Solar Eclipse on August 21st

    Watch out a zillion phoney viewing glasses sold on amazon and other sites. They even have the proper numbers as the real ones and amazon,others has sent out warning notices. Great to see but what a bummer get rich schemes are at play with your eyesight!! John
  3. Follow the drywashers

    I have them all, signed and notated and covet above all others-John
  4. Amazing Opal

    Absolutely drop dead gorgeous, never seen the patters before like that John
  5. Follow the drywashers

    Fantastic book written by a great man, respect Jim always-John
  6. Tammy and The GM 1000

    The fever begins
  7. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    Shasta County is the Queen bee capitol for producing them and lots of thieves and trouble all the time now. My local connection is about to go ballistic over insane events these past few years. GREAT organic honey though-John
  8. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    sic sic sic world full of sue happy idjets-John
  9. REJOICE!!!

  10. Just finished my bagger

    THAT is one sweet ride.kudos-John
  11. 2 coins and some cool stuff

    A pig in your sons poke is cool-John
  12. The Indicators

    Best detector ever made is your eyes. I've found plenty of sun bakers in my life just staring up at me-John
  13. I carry carpet strips to lay down for traction. Just 2' wide x 6' long and sure have helped out myself and quite a few folks over the years. Use them to keep dirt out of the tent and back of the truck plus stripping out of my wetsuit. I try to multi purpose as much as possible. John John
  14. Another British Hoard Found

    Amazing example of beginners luck YAHOO. Took the government 2 years to decide and clean..wow..and we thought our bureauratz were slow. Wonder what the kid received?John
  15. Current Mining Claim Forms???

    Amazing bs ain't it? just to comply with their insanity-sic sic sic-John