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  1. Happiness Is Wanting What You Have

    Beautiful display and sentiments-kudos-John
  2. 12V puffers

    Always prefered gas for constant flow with elliptical oscilation for more volume and better recovery-John
  3. Lots of luck where ever you go -John
  4. Happy Birthday ArcticDave

    Hope you have a great celebration-John
  5. Hope I have room to prospect.

  6. Fantastic find. Sounds like you have quite a journey before you. Smaller sounds like the best has been worked to some extent and you don't go through all that trouble for nothing as in in days of old it had to be 1oz a ton to run and profit-John
  7. 950 miners trapped in South Africa

    NO water either as drought deepens also-John
  8. Junkyard Dog Wash - FISA Memo !!

    Fantastic stewardship of the public lands and gold also-double win and all my respect-John
  9. Project Ping Ping .

    Looks like a whole lot of fun. Looking forward to adventures-John
  10. Administrators............

    those who are perfect do absolutely nothing as to err is human....just glad this forum is still up and working as many have slowed to a crawl, died, or vanished-John
  11. Rusty Gold

    Great finds and getting much fewer and farther between. kudos-John
  12. Junkyard Dog Wash - Literally

    Amazing how much good/bad/ugly left for other folks to clean or glean from?? Found a few myself over the years just like someone got up and walked off and left everything,even a pan on the fire with rotted food etc etc-John
  13. graded areas

    100s of reasons-detect and see if someone did you a favor-John
  14. Break in the rain

    Great gold found out in the COLD. Kudos-John