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  1. Hoser John

    My Facebook account got hacked!

    And anyone wonders why I don't touch facecrook. TOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many folks getting hacked,whacked and attacked. The grand daughter garbage would have sent me through the roof. VERY sorry to hear of this sic sic sic XXXXXXX-John
  2. Hoser John

    Happy Birthday Au Seeker

    Hope you have a great day with many good years to follow-John
  3. Hoser John


    $48.95 sounds good to me-John
  4. Hoser John

    Happy Birthday wet/dry washer

    Hope you have a great year and nugget season-John
  5. Hoser John

    Adventurous Weekend complete!

    Fantastic finds-John
  6. Hoser John

    I`m Moving....Packed up and out of here

    Beautiful gold in as good a place as any to get killed in.......John
  7. Hoser John

    Compass repair

    OMG still alive wow ,wish ya luck.-John
  8. Hoser John

    Need help to identify this object (pics)

    Jade/nephrite looking in a couple of pics but not in others,looks different?John
  9. Hoser John

    Today's little buggers

    WOW great to recover such dinks-kudos for the mad skills-John
  10. Hoser John

    Fox With Three Young

    We have healthy fox in our park right here in Redding. Got a bird by the jacuzzi and trying to get the birds I feed too. O well -bright eyed shiny coats so the loose cat,dogs,squirrels and birds are a plate of plenty in town here-John--downloaded in under 2 minutes here???
  11. Hoser John

    208 New Minerals as a result of.... People.

    I wonder what the hawaii volcano eruption is creating at this very moment??John
  12. 😀 Righteous fantastic finds for sure-John
  13. Hoser John

    Dinky Dinks

    Sure beats the skunk, now go find their big brothers-John
  14. Sending best wishes and luck-John
  15. Hoser John

    Father Time Strikes Again.