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  1. Gun Store

    Subject: Senior At the Gun Store...
  2. five hour hunt yesterday

    Guilty also....good lesson though-
  3. Finally joined the 1oz+ club

    WOW what a great day. Congratulations-John
  4. Happy Birthday Patrick

    OMG Bill even finds gold in cookie packages Hope you had a great day-John

    Amen golden years my arse...John
  6. Again Father time has his way !

    RIP as viagra stock plunges-John
  7. Weird $tuff

    HOLY $#!_ what a ride along. That boy got some bign's -John
  8. Cañón del Tesoro

    Thamks much for the tag a long-John
  9. 90,000 dollar find?

    Amazing absolutely amazing finds one and all-John
  10. Groucho Nugget

    WOW drop dead gorgeous-John
  11. 2.7g nugget

    YAHOO -John
  12. Still Searching

    If I were you I'd get a witness nugget(1/2 gram) glued to a poker chip and use to make sure your properly tuned and running right by dropping and kicking some dirt over it. You are also then trained to the sound of gold which is easy to miss with many units and the untrained ear. Never underestimate beginners luck as I've seen it plenty of times also. There are many electrical microwaves and such that can wreak havoc along with massive solar flares etc etc.John
  13. Rutting Season....

    Boys will be boys as all caution thrown to the wind this time a year-John