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    That must have been where I saw it Andy. Thanks for the idea. Mine works fine in the driveway, and I think it will work fine in the field as well. If you look closely, you will see that one leg is a bit longer than the other. This is for when I am working "side hills"....... Grin Patrick
  2. Nuggetshooter 2017 - Random Photos

    Tom, you have no bad side. Patrick

    I saw something like this posted somewhere already, so I thought id rig one up of my own. Glad to say it works great! Patrick
  4. Cool find at the outing

    What a great offer Jen. You sound like someone who fit's into this outfit perfectly. Hope to meet you someday. Let me know if you ever get near Lake Havasu or the Q. Patrick
  5. Cool find at the outing

    I know. I know. I found one out there a few years ago and identified it on-line. A relic from an unhealthy habit. Patrick
  6. Nov outing with pictures!

    As usual Tom, excellent photos. Did OT get any gold? He sure worked hard enough.
  7. Happy Birthday Micro Nugget

    Let me add my best wishes. Patrick
  8. Scored a nice specie...

    Great job Adam. Will I see you at LSD?
  9. Happy Birthday Fishing8046

    Let me add my best wishes my friend
  10. Gold Monster 1000 @ Rich Hill

    Way to go Darlin'. I hope to meet you this season. Patrick
  11. Happy Birthday Patrick

    I want to thank all you special guy's. It was a great day.
  12. To all my Gold Monster 1000 Customers.

    Sign Shep and I up please
  13. Happy Birthday Allen In Montana

    Allen, let me add my best wishes. Patrick
  14. John Boyles

    He is in ICU with Pneumonia in Payson. Your thoughts and prayers will be appreciated.
  15. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris Ralph

    Let me add my best wishes CHRIS