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  1. Patrick in Havasu

    Frank C's old White's GMT

    Super story Bob. I'm sure that when Frank passed the detector on to you, it was in top shape. And Im sure you did the same. Patrick
  2. Patrick in Havasu

    Small Gold , New Trend ?

    I always enjoy your photo's Adam.
  3. Patrick in Havasu

    Getting Some Rain?

  4. Patrick in Havasu

    Happy Birthday Kevin Hoagland

    Let me add my best wishes Kevin.
  5. I'll take one Bill. Patrick
  6. Patrick in Havasu

    Blasting caps

    Tom. I have a friend missing two fingers from a blasting cap. I'd call the police and let them pick them up? !
  7. Patrick in Havasu

    Hermit Picks

    I bought one many years ago, and have discovered recently that it makes a great cane as well.
  8. Patrick in Havasu

    Little Spring Wash - Revisited

    Great Job as usual Adam. Patrick
  9. Patrick in Havasu

    Happy Birthday Bill

    Let me add my best wishes my friend
  10. Patrick in Havasu


    You're doing great Darlin '
  11. Patrick in Havasu

    Happy Birthday WLTDWIZ

    Hello Walt. Let me add my best wishes.
  12. Patrick in Havasu

    Last Week's Nuggets 4.21g

    I think I'll go visit my Niece in Apple Valley.
  13. Patrick in Havasu

    Few Days at the Q

    See ya tomorrow
  14. Patrick in Havasu

    W-I-D-E mouth bottle, no go !

    Great job my friend. I'm proud of you. I know how hard you work at it.
  15. Patrick in Havasu

    El Dorado reaches 72 today

    Let me add my best wishes YOUNGSTER