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  1. Happy Birthday Patrick

    I want to thank all you special guy's. It was a great day.
  2. To all my Gold Monster 1000 Customers.

    Sign Shep and I up please
  3. Happy Birthday Allen In Montana

    Allen, let me add my best wishes. Patrick
  4. John Boyles

    He is in ICU with Pneumonia in Payson. Your thoughts and prayers will be appreciated.
  5. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris Ralph

    Let me add my best wishes CHRIS
  6. Got to Get Out

    Best of luck my friends. Patrick
  7. Goodwin fire

    Will do Mike
  8. Monsoon season.... sigh

    OUCH.....Anyone hurt?
  9. Goodwin fire

    Thanks for the info 2-Tom's. I agree. Our firefighters are awesome. They don't get the credit or pay they deserve. Shep and I are talking about making a trip up that way in the fall. Patrick
  10. Striper.....

    Glad you enjoyed it. Patrick
  11. Finally Some Rain

    Nothing here but more sunshine.........
  12. GOLDMONSTER 1st walk=1st blood from a newbee

    I just found some info from JP about setting up the GM 1000. Here is the link: http://www.minelab.com/usa/go-minelabbing/treasure-talk/mastering-the-gold-monster-1000 Patrick
  13. New Shaft for Gold Monster

    Hello Mike. Nice to hear from you. I haven't had a chance to try the machine yet. Too hot here in Havasu to stick my nose out the door. But if we get some monsoon activity, I should be able to sneak out for a bit. Patrick
  14. New Shaft for Gold Monster

    Just some info. I just made my already light Gold Monster lighter by putting it on one of Herbs carbon fiber shafts. (Thanks Herb) Everything fit just fine. But I still need someone to dig and fill the holes for me. Patrick
  15. GM 1000 Coil cover.

    Yeppers. I just looked. Both of mine have one. But too damned hot to even put a scratch on them yet. Patrick