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  1. Picture A Day

    awesome pics!!
  2. Would you nugget hunt here?

    Looks like a good area to me. Lots of exposed quartz. I've always detected these areas, but they're always in known gold regions. If gold has been found in that area then detect it.
  3. Road Nugget

    I should also add. I don't think it's a good idea to post pics of other people's find without their permission. I'm not certain this pic wouldv'e been approved by the finder. This nugget has been seen by many nugget hunter's in our area and it is "known". Just my thoughts with respect to the person who actually found it. cheers
  4. Road Nugget

    Yep, I know this person and this nugget, I will refrain from mentioning any names. He's one of the kings of the El Paso's and a helluva nice guy. I've seen this nugget several times and there's no misstaken. I was with him 3 months ago when he pulled a 2.6 ounce specimen that he found over an area I had previously detected over. I watched him dig a hole 3' deep and that's no exaggeration.