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  1. bc5391

    Equinox gold

    I have not been out since May, but after getting the 6 inch coil from Bill a couple of week ago I took a trip south. 4.88g
  2. bc5391

    Equinox gold

    Past Ruby, AZ a few miles from the boarder
  3. bc5391

    I found a thing in the dirt?

    soak in vinegar to verify lead, weigh the object, convert to grain, from grain to caliber.
  4. bc5391

    Question about Equinox 800

    Bill, I just watched your 2nd video on youtube. The equinox does not always have the target at the tip. To pinpoint push that large pinpoint button in the center, draw a line on the ground where the target is and turn the machine 90 degrees, and repeat the pinpoint, draw the line and "X" marks the spot. And not to dig every piece of iron when you get a target push the horse shoe button, if the number is now negative, walk away.(be sure to push the horse shoe button again before detecting.
  5. bc5391

    Question about Equinox 800

    Bill I keep it on multi freq.
  6. coin program for parks: Base mode: Park 2. -Change Target Tones from 50 to 5. -Disc level – Accept Reject: Reject -9 through 7. -In advanced Accept/Reject – Tone Breaks: Tone 1 is set at -9 through 11 (iron and foil range). Set to lowest tone (1) Tone 2 is set at 12 through 13 (Nickel range). Set to low or medium tone. Tone 3 is set at 14 through 17 (Pulltab & junk range). Set to low or medium tone. Tone 4 is set at 18 through 22 (IHP and Zinc penny range). Set to low or medium tone. Tone 5 is set at 23 through 40 (Silver coin range). Set this to maximum pitch (25) to make targets in the silver zone scream! -Recovery Speed: 4 (adjust to match the site you’re detecting). -In advanced Recovery settings, Iron Bias: 3 -Leave Frequency on Multi.
  7. bc5391

    Question about Equinox 800

    The stock coil will find very small gold. I've dug 36 inch holes to be disjointed, and 2 inch holes and found gold, most so far has been within the first 6 inches.Not sure how much more sensitive a 6 inch coil would be.
  8. bc5391

    Question about Equinox 800

    A tip though, when in Arizona use gold 2, iron bias 2 -3, and recovery speed 4. The higher the recovery speed, the less depth you will get
  9. bc5391

    Question about Equinox 800

    Large learning curve. Too hot for me to travel out in the desert, but I recommend that you first practice in parks, and not to bypass Bill, but do yourself a favor and buy the Minelab Equinox book "from Beginner to Advanced" by Clive Clynick (Clivesgoldpage) After you get the basics from park hunting try the goldfields. What you will find that is different from parks (besides the trees and grass) is that size does matter. Coins have their own signals dimes 25-26 ,pennies 19 - 21 depending if zinc or copper, nickles 13. Now forget the numbers when looking for gold, dig everything. Small gold will be a 1 (never dig a neg. number when looking for gold, it is iron). then as the size of the nugget increases so will the numbers, about .3g the number climbs to a 3-4, the bigger the gold the higher the number 17,18,19. But guess what you will dig thousands of brass cases, lead , tin cans left by illegals. Most lead will ring up as a 10. I found a piece so small it does not register on my scale, it registered as a 1 (same as a gum wrapper) The next piece rang up as a 10, I rubbed and rubbed, it would not shine up even with water. I brought it home and dropped it in vinegar, it was lead I would guess it has been in the ground 300 years or more, the weight equals a 50cal, the area it came from was mined by the Spaniards. In the same area I found a date carved into the walls 1658, farther down the canyon is an "X". Will return in the fall.
  10. bc5391

    Off to the Hills

    We are in the stage 2, down here in Pima,Santa Cruz counties, won't be long till we are closed.
  11. bc5391

    Today's little buggers

    very nice indeed
  12. bc5391

    The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    made it back out again this weekend, some more pieces the Equinox found, the small one is .04g, thought I would never find it as it keep moving in my dirt pile. (almost gave up)
  13. bc5391

    One nugget, one Rattlesnake

    I think that snake is guarding the big one
  14. bc5391

    Equinox 800

    I told Bill I would share my experiences with the Equinox I picked up a couple of weeks ago. My first search was in town at a field they and an event 2 months ago. There I found quite a bit of trash, (Pull tabs, copper tube, foil,lead, all the normal stuff) But I was trying to get to know the machine before traveling 2 hours to search for Gold. Saturday was my first trip to an area I have been to many times and used many detectors. Traveling in the wash of course I found the normal stuff, nails and other iron, which I found gives off a negative number, lead was at an 11. I found a positive number at 1 and dug it up to find a gum wrapper. (this machine will not fool me again) After walking about an hour I got a signal that almost blew my headphones off, a solid 17, so I dug. at 6inches I moved the equinox over the hole again, the target was still there, 12 inches- still there- 24 inches- still there. At 36 inches I heard a clang as my pick hit the target. (all I had was a small pick and plastic spoon.) as I cleared out the hole I had found a water pipe that was used for hydraulic mining in the 1800's. Ticked off I filled in my hole. 100 yards later I found a hole (Picture) where someone else had found a piece of pipe also. An hour or so later after hearing several 1's but not digging, I decided to head back. I looked up the side of the hill to find a cattle trail, and what the heck, I decided to follow it. All I could say is wow, the area opened up to what looks like Virgin ground, cobble every where, but no metal detector holes, no drywashing piles, just cow pies and old cans.By now the sky was getting dark, the wind was blowing 30-40 mph, and I could not hear squat on the headphones, but the detector showed a 1, so I dug. (.2g) now I am pissed that I did not dig the other targets, Had to leave it was a long way back to the SxS. Started raining when I got there. I will return. Bob
  15. bc5391

    Equinox 800

    the only factory setting I changed was sensitivity , I turned it up to 14, and took off auto ground balance. I did let the auto mode find the GB, and then, turned off the auto part. I ground balancing the machine every so often if the hum started to get erratic . Reading the manual 4 or 5 times now I will change the speed from the factory 4 to perhaps a 2 on the next trip.(gold 2 mode) I walk slow.
  16. bc5391

    Equinox 800

    Thanks Bill, I do want a 6" when they are available, lots of brush and tall grass to move around. Adam, it is Arizona. I should also not I've been to this area many time with several detectors, The Garrett ATX, never found the pipe, and the Noka was useless with all the hot rocks.
  17. bc5391

    What type of nugget is this?

    genuine lead nugget
  18. bc5391

    Two Seater or Single Seater?

    I'm happy with my RZR 570, built a rack for the back, but miss my Prowler, it had more room. Once you add your wife or hunting partner, lunch, water, metal detectors, drywasher, there is not much room left, and don't forget a spare tire, jack , duck tape and a few tools, you will not squeeze that in an ACE. Unless you can weld or want to spend another $900 for a rack, buy a larger SxS.(Ranger, prowler ,Yamaha, etc)
  19. bc5391

    Thoughts on Claim

    Arizona Copper is always nice to find, the shinny ones are wafer thin
  20. bc5391

    Thoughts on Claim

    Talking about his pictures of the mine shaft(colors) along as where his finger is pointing. Thanks for the welcome, I've been a member for 3 or 4 years, I just do not post. picture is of a Malachite /azurite formation (Wikipedia) very common here in Southern AZ. you will find it Globe, Bisbee, Arivaca ,can be found where copper is found, as well as Chryscolla . Chryscolla and Malachite look very similar.
  21. bc5391

    Thoughts on Claim

    if it is a darker blue/green most likely it is Malachite , you also said somewhere in a post blue rock, the pictures are blurry , but it looks like some blue is near the green, it could possibly be Azurite . Both minerals are signs of cooper as well as the Chryscolla , not to say gold cannot be found there, but cooper was most likely what they were after. Download the "world mineral resources.kml" for google earth it may help you determine what was mined in the area