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  1. Minelab 705 Dual pack

  2. gold bug 2 FS

    GB2 SOLD
  3. gold bug 2 FS

    Have a decent Fisher Gold Bug 2 w/10" coil for sale with manual Works great, little dusty $350.00 plus $20.00 shipping
  4. Minelab 705 Dual pack

    Have a brand new Minelab 705 2 coil Dual pack, which has both gold coil and coin & jewelry coil. also included in package is a set of Minelab RPG Headphones, Minelab padded gun style bag, trash & treasure pouch. Ship price is $775.00 Will take pay pay gift as payment
  5. Looking for

    he is looking. thanks
  6. Dome top

    one with hook up on it, the one I have the headphone jack quit. maybe even a 4 pin pocket rockert for the 3000.
  7. Dome top

    Looking for older dome top for 3000 or 3500 if you have one laying around.
  8. Looking for

    Anybody have a pocket rocket that fits the 4 pin minelab 3000??
  9. ML 3000

    So is there any value in a stock ML 3000, do they even repair them
  10. Zip Zip on e-bay

    Zip Zip the advanced course on e-bay http://www.ebay.com/itm/-/252711653466?
  11. Minelab 3500 + extras

    A friend of mine is moving up in detectors and is selling his Minelab 3500. Included in the package is a Control box cover Minelab 11" mono Minelab 11" DD 8" mono Koss headphones Car charger and wall charger Manual Doc's gold screamer Doc's pocket rocket with 4 batteries 2 are kind of old will take a charge but don't last long. Detector runs good and is in decent shape If you have any questions call Ray at 406-250-7125 $1400.00 shipped to you
  12. onx hunt map

  13. onx hunt map

    I have a 2016 onxmaps card for the state of AZ. It is a hunt premium state specific GPS map for use on Garmin =GPS & PC/MC. Used it Jan-Feb this year when in AZ Shows all boundary's of private and public lands as well as ownership and hunting district boundary's. Paid 99.99 sell for $60.00 to you. http://www.huntinggpsmaps.com/?gclid=CNK3mMDjns4CFURlfgodBYAMng
  14. GP 3000

    Sp what is a decent shape GP 3000 going for these days?? base unit Does Minelab still service the 3000. thanks
  15. Alaska Gold show

    Parker Schnabel's grandpa John Schnabel 96 passed away today March 18. The show Alaska gold won't be the same without him.