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  1. pairadiceau

    Please help fro my Daddy...

    Good job Rocky, You are doing a wonderful thing for this man and his father. You're generosity and compassion for this fellow are inspiring!! I tip my sombrero to you! Thanks for sharing this story with us and continued success and happiness to you. Jeff
  2. pairadiceau

    Good Hunt Today

    Excellent and important tip regarding the critter. I saw one recently in the El Paso’s, had a brief chat and moved on. One can’t waste ones energy or time when doin lead removal.... thank you Bob
  3. pairadiceau

    "Clay talks about fires and stuff"!!!

    Si, great guitar and lyrics. Thank you for sharing it.... Kosher tacos..... and the strange jux toe positrons just keep rolling in.
  4. pairadiceau

    Happy Birthday Pairadiceau

    Thanks guys, don’t melt down over there, looking forward to seeing the crew this fall.... great folks in the big Az!!
  5. pairadiceau

    "Clay talks about fires and stuff"!!!

    Bob, I was catching up on probably the greatest thread I have seen in a long time, (even with an ever changing name) and noticed you mentioned Reserve. Reserve NM I presume. If that is the Reserve you are speaking of I had the good fortune of visiting there a couple of years ago to pick up a diesel powered Samurai from a very interesting wrench bender there.... My friend and I walked into the small cafe for breakfast and we were both amazed at the warm and friendly greetings we received from the locals.... A woman came by our table and filled up our coffee cups and when as we left I saw her outside and thanked her again, turns out she was not an employee but just a local being a kind soul.... The country is breathtakingly beautiful and the people we talked to were great..... I gotta go pop some more popcorn so I can continue the top notch banter here. Jeff
  6. pairadiceau

    Beat the heat retreat

    Thanks for posting the great photos Tom, looks like good times with good people!
  7. pairadiceau

    ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

  8. pairadiceau

    18 USC 911

    Wet/Dry, "Senior financial official at a major post office", what does that mean? This is certainly an interesting thread...... Signed, Citizen
  9. pairadiceau

    Found a interesting stone

    Ahh yes, there is always that possibility, slim but still possible I suppose ...... Nothing like exploring all the possibilities tho...
  10. pairadiceau

    Found a interesting stone

    Hey Saul, Sherlock Holmes has nothing on you. Elementary.......
  11. pairadiceau

    hay all

    Welcome, You came to a great site for education and some humor on occasion......
  12. pairadiceau

    Your opinion welcomed

    Bob, You may have started a bidding war on rare African Leaverites...... It is great to have you back on your game! Your wit and wisdom have been missed here. Have another beer and write on! Jeff
  13. pairadiceau

    Hard rock deposit surveying

    Jbarr1122 Perhaps you should send a PM to Chris Ralph, he is a professional geologist, avid gold hunter, and I believe the editor of the publication "Western Mining Journal". He is a very knowledgeable man and frequents these forums. Good Luck with your project.
  14. Fred, Another well reasoned argument. I know very little, but I do believe in meteor wrongs, Ford trucks, and heavy concentrations of Gypsum. Emoji... Smiling Jack.