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  1. Steel Pan

    Right to access your claim

    Theoretically, a bond would cover corrections for any unapproved or inappropriate construction activities that don't follow county, state, or fed codes. According to "guidelines", there is only one way to skin a cat, and don't you dare change any part of the process, even if you still get the critter skinned. So far, all advice outside this site recommend getting an attorney in order to lay the groundwork. Well, that ain't happenin', $$$$$$$$$$ I just don't have.
  2. Steel Pan

    Right to access your claim

    5 miles to the start of the road closure, which I would have to keep open since FS does not maintain that 5 miles. 1 mile up closed road to S end of claim, absolutely NO vehicle access from closure point to claim boundary. By legal access, I mean using authorized access rather than just boony stompin' my way in where ever I find a path .Not only can I not afford a horse/ mule, I have no place to board it on my own, I'd have to rent board. ( if you note, in my original post I said "piss fir", that's Forest Service to you laymen. ) As I mentioned, I can have access as long as I post a bond and cover cost for construction and maintenance. Too bad my last name isn't Clinton, I could do what the H*** I want, and get the gooberment to pay for it.
  3. Well, I always thought I had the right to access to my claim. Guess what, not all that simple. The Piss Firs just let me know that they are closing my access road. When I asked about my legal right to access I was told, "sure, you can have access, you just need to post a bond and maintain the road". I've been clearing the road of debris for the last 7 yrs, only now I would have to post a bond of several thousand dollars, AND install culverts, AND re-construct the road to width and surface requirements. (and they would get a FREE upgraded road) I hate to admit defeat, but I'm done, there isn't any way I can meet their demands. I am currently in the process of removing ALL the "stuff" I have on the claim or face exuberant fines and fees. Since I no longer have legal access, as of Sept. 1, 2016, and can not afford to hold a claim I can't access, I have to let the claim go.
  4. Steel Pan

    Update to small miners' waiver?

    Finally got my papers, no changes....yet.
  5. I haven't yet received my claim paperwork for the coming year. Does anyone know of changes to the "small miners' waiver"? I heard a rumor that the waiver no longer exists and that there are several other changes to rules and regulations.
  6. Steel Pan

    Hey El Dorado

    Glad to hear you're O.K., thanks for sharin' the pics. From logging in the area I know there is some pretty steep ground. Fire fighters have their job cut out for 'em.
  7. Hey Steve, I left a question for you in the lounge. Are you being effected by the fire in your area?

    I logged an area east of Forest Hill several years ago and was wondering about the fire effecting y'all.

    1. El Dorado

      El Dorado

      Sorry I did not see this until today.

       The fire came darn close this time, but the firefighters did an amazing job protecting my small community of Todd Valley.... the lower part of Todd Valley was evacuated but my street was voluntary evac.... We were ready to bug out on a moments notice for ten days......The sky was like a constant airshow.......al is good now and almost back to normal.  I only wish the rest of the country was the same

  8. Steel Pan

    Hey El Dorado

    Are you staying out of the smoke and flames? Heard there are evacuations around Forest Hill.
  9. Steel Pan

    Gold forums contest

    April 29,30 or May 2
  10. Steel Pan

    The World As We Know It Has Come To An End

    So, I can foresee that all previous claims, from 50 yrs ago or older, could be designated as historical sites and subjected to being banned from further prospecting.
  11. Steel Pan


    My 3 thoughts for the day,.... Why gun control and not criminal control? What ever happened to 3 strikes and your out, and where is the death penalty for murder and rape? Just wondering...
  12. Steel Pan

    Weird $tuff

    Need one in DC that's on an automatic timer, a flush every four years.