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  1. meteorite mistake purchase.

    Rocky, We've all,l made those mistakes.. It would still be interesting to find out what it is, but it has no visible characteristics of a meteorite. It could be worth a small amount of money for what it truly is. I actually have a collection of meteor-wrongs that I keep for classes that I teach. billpeters
  2. Possibly a meteorite or just a rock?

    Water worn. No meteoritic crust. It's a rock. Leaverite billpeters
  3. Mike, You and Jimale are correct. Farmer's pics show very interesting Olivine inclusions. Nice! Maybe Jimale's first in situ pic is real. I would like to see it cleaned up a lot with good photos though to better assess. We will probably see it at the Tucson Gem show next January. billpeters
  4. Of the six known meteorites recovered in Kenya none are Pallasites. Anyone can claim a rock is a meteorite. That cannot make it a meteorite. It must be authenticated by a recognized meteorite lab or expert. It is preferable to have it published in the Meteoritical Bulletin as well. Jimale, you have only presented us with meteor-wrongs. Have a recognized lab analyse your best candidates and show us the reports. billpeters Name Status Fall Year Place Type Mass MetBull GoogleEarth ••Map all ↓ Notes 7 records found for meteorites from Kenya with names that contain "*" Bur-Abor ** Official 1997 North-Eastern, Kenya Iron, IIIAB 290 kg 84 Duruma Official Y 1853 Coast, Kenya L6 577 g Kuresoi ** Official Y 2014 Rift Valley, Kenya L6 555 g 103† Meru Official Y 1945 Eastern, Kenya LL6 6 kg Rumuruti ** Official Y 1934 Rift Valley, Kenya R3.8-6 67 g 75 Sotik Doubtful Y 1946 Kenya Doubtful meteorite 2.05 kg Thika ** Official Y 2011 Central, Kenya L6 14.2 kg 100
  5. Jimale, There are no centimeter-sized olivine crystals of peridot surrounded by an iron-nickel matrix . It not a meteorite, much less a pallasite. billpeters
  6. Another Franconia find

    Help. I've got a large Campo I need to clean. It's 126kg and was oiled by someone else and is now dirty. Would the isopropyl work best or is there another suggestion? billpeters
  7. meteorite or rock?

    Has no characteristics of a meteorite; no crust, no crazing, interior is wrong, exterior is wrong, non- magnetic, and looks like a terrestrial rock in all aspects. It's a rock. billpeters
  8. Newbie.....Is this what I hope?

    Radssmith, The gray (metal or not) interior is typical of terrestrial, metallic rocks and not a characteristic of nearly all meteorites. Shape is wrong, but possible in some circumstances. The rock is worth a closer look by someone who studies meteorites. Good luck. Keep looking down. They're our there. billpeters
  9. Lorian swamp basin.

    Uncle Ron, Great finds! Great pics! Its nice to get back to real meteorites once in awhile. billpeters
  10. Lorian swamp basin.

    Jimale, It is not a meteorite. billpeters
  11. Lorian swamp basin.

    Either white crystal or calcified inclusions, rough coarse surface, definitely not a meteorite. Leaverite. billpeters
  12. meteorite 2 kg

    Slag, not a meteorite. billpeters
  13. Natural terrestrial, sedimentary, conglomerate stone. Posted in the wrong forum. billpeters
  14. Not even close to a meteorite. billpeters