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  1. Terry Soloman

    Scored a Few .....

    Nice shots - Congrats!👌
  2. Terry Soloman

    Got a Haircut today

    You fellas inspired me. How do I look?
  3. Terry Soloman

    12.6 gram gold specimen

  4. Terry Soloman

    Time to be careful

    Pucker factor 11 - Glad you were not seen!
  5. Terry Soloman

    Ahhh Man !

    As an old paratrooper - Congratulations!
  6. Terry Soloman

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    Getting prettier!
  7. Terry Soloman

    Watch Your Step

    Amazing photos! When they are in those black rocks you never see them unless they move.
  8. Terry Soloman

    Gold Chain With 800

    WOW! Congratulations!!!
  9. Terry Soloman

    Yesterday's Gold

    Great gold!
  10. Terry Soloman

    Tammy is getting it done

  11. Great hunt - Sweet Ring!
  12. Terry Soloman

    One nugget, one Rattlesnake

    More than I got - Congratulations!
  13. Terry Soloman

    First Equinox800 gold

    Congrats on the Yellow! I LOVE my Equinox!
  14. Terry Soloman

    Found mexican coin today

    Great find!