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  1. Terry Soloman

    Where am I ...?

    Bingo Adam! About 300-yards southeast of the old pioneer cemetery!
  2. BMc, I've read four of Charles A. Kenworthy's books, including Spanish Monuments & Trailmarkers to Treasure; Treasure Signs Symbols Shadow and Sun Signs; Unfound Treasures of Mexico; and Treasure Secrets of the Lost Dutchman.. I met him in 1978-'79, while he was exploring in the Superstition Mountains. My Dad and I were coming back from Lebarge creek on the Peralta trailhead, when we ran into him and his friends. He talked to my Dad for a while about Charlebois Spring and Williams Camp. The man was a great writer, but I think some of his ideas are just pure fantasy and conjecture. Who is right? I have no idea.
  3. Terry Soloman

    Where am I ...?

    Nope, but you're warm!
  4. I try to put myself in the boots of the Spanish. Why would I waste my Indian slave's labor on monuments and markers, when I needed them to work the mines. I wouldn't. Why not use natural markers and landmarks? Anyone that has lived and worked in the Bradshaw's, Superstition's, or any other mountain range in Arizona, knows how to navigate using natural landmarks - so why wouldn't the Spanish? That wouldn't make a good book.
  5. Terry Soloman

    Where am I ...?

    Great thread Adam! In your honor, I would like to throw one in! I'm standing 300-yards from a well known local landmark, associated with an early Arizona Gold mine, and town. The name of the town, would likely have a very low approval rating today.
  6. What is it that makes you believe these are not natural? I've seen outcrops and dykes all over the world like these. Very familiar with the Bradshaw mountains, and these types of formations are quite common. Very interested to learn more.
  7. Terry Soloman

    Whites Detectors

    Sale: $490.00 Ebay fee: $49.00 Paypal fee: $14.75 Shipping: $29.00 Net from sale: $397.25
  8. Terry Soloman

    Camp oven Chile Verde

    The only thing I would change is the beer! Try it with a Yuengling Golden Pilsner, or a Shiner Premium Golden Lager. YUMMY!!!!
  9. Terry Soloman

    Gold monster eats silver too!

    Congrats on the Sweet Merc!
  10. Terry Soloman

    Whites Detectors

    You are right AZdigger. I just sold one 30-minutes ago, and between the ebay fee $45.00, and the Paypal fee $15.00 - I'm out $60 before I ship it. Good thing I got it free
  11. Terry Soloman

    Whites Detectors

    I gave up and put three of mine on Ebay. I'm getting offers and bids. You should try it!
  12. Terry Soloman

    Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

    What a fantastic hunt - Congratulations! I have only used the stock coil with my NOX 600 on the beach, never even thought about using the smaller coil - guess I need to re-think that!
  13. Terry Soloman

    November 9th -11th Fall Outing

    Looking forward to seeing everyone!