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  1. Terry Soloman

    Researching Your Family History

    As you know I have been researching my Family Tree - It's Hard!!! I had to go back to square one after making some rookie mistakes, but now I am comparing information from three different sources, including FamilySearch.org, the Mormon Genealogy service. Here is what I know FOR SURE as of right now. My family qualifies for the Son's / Daughter's of the American Revolution. • Re: John Burch (1750-1818) Rev Pvt VA - My 5th Great Grandfather.
  2. Terry Soloman

    Researching Your Family History

    I honestly never gave my family history much thought until a year ago, when my 39-year-old daughter asked me about our roots. I had no idea! Well, I went to Ancestry .com and pulled out a few old family bibles, and in the last year I've made some progress. We came here in the early 1600s (Massachusetts), fought Indians; Redcoats; fought 'em again in 1812; and fought each other in the Civil war. I just ordered my DNA kit, so that I can finalize my application to the Sons of the American Revolution. Pretty cool thing to hand down to my kids and grandkids! Robert Lawrence Sr B13BIRTH 1371 • Ashton Hall, Lancaster, Lancashire, England DEATH 8 SEPT 1439 • Ashton Hall 18th great-grandfather RICHARD WHITMORE 1380– BIRTH 1380 • Whitmore, Staffordshire, England DEATH Whitmore, Staffordshire, England 17th great-grandfather George (of Malpas) Dorman, 13th great grandfather of Lady Diana Spencer 1460– BIRTH 1460 • Cheshire, England DEATH Unknown 17th great-grandfather Robert Leigh died of Plague 1372–1415 BIRTH 1372 • Cheshire, England DEATH 26 SEP 1415 17th great-grandfather Robert Legh 1410–1479 BIRTH 1410 • , Cheshire, England DEATH 1479 • Chorley, Lancashire, , England 17th great-grandfather Robert Lee 1395– BIRTH ABT 1395 • Langley, England DEATH Unknown 16th great-grandfather James Ridley 1402–1479 BIRTH 1402 • 1673464, Shropshire, England DEATH 21 JAN 1479 • Cheshire, England 16th great-grandfather 15a Thomas Axtell 1460–1485 BIRTH 1460 • Berkhamstead Castle, Hertfordshire, England DEATH 1485 • Bovingdon, Hertfordshire, England 15th great-grandfather Thomas Weightman 1425–1516 BIRTH 1425 • Burbage, Leicestershire, England DEATH 1516 • England 15th great-grandfather Ralph Lee 1420–1471 BIRTH 1420 • Langley, England DEATH 1471 15th great-grandfather Sir John Butterwicke Sheffield, 2nd Baron Sheffield 1538–1568 BIRTH 1538 • Butterwick, Lincolnshire, England DEATH 10 DECEMBER 1568 • Newton Kyme, Yorkshire, England 14th great-grandfather Sir Thomas Brooke, 8th Baron Brooke of Cobham, Knight Banneret 1480–1541 BIRTH 1480 • Chorley, Shropshire, England DEATH 1541 • Shropshire, England 14th great-grandfather Sir Richard Leigh 1446–1508 BIRTH 1446 • Langley, Shropshire, England DEATH 1508 • Willington, Durham, England 14th great-grandfather Henry Whitman/Weightman/Whetman 1463–1549 BIRTH 1463 • Burbage, Leicestershire, ENGLAND DEATH 13 MAY 1549 • Holt, Norfolk, ENGLAND 14th great-grandfather James Gunn 1420–1464 BIRTH 1420 • Caithness, Stirlingshire, Scotland DEATH 1464 • St Tears, Scotland 14th great-grandfather Daniel Gunne 1460–1560 BIRTH ABT. 1460 • Roslyn, Scotland, UK DEATH 1560 • Saintbury, Gloucestershire, England 13th great-grandfather Richard Gunne 1495–1587 BIRTH 1495 • Saintbury, Gloucestershire, England DEATH 28 JAN 1587 • Saintbury, Gloucestershire, England 12th great-grandfather Sir Richard GUNNE 1519–1587 BIRTH 1519 • Saintbury, Glouchestershire, England DEATH 1587 • Falkirk, Stirlingshire, Scotland 11th great-grandfather Nathaniel Jameson 1576– BIRTH BET. 1576–1580 • Massachusetts USA DEATH Unknown 11th great-grandfather Philip Fowler Jr. GG 9LT 1590–1679 BIRTH 1590 • Marlborough, Wiltshire, England DEATH 24 JUN 1679 • Ipswich, Essex, Massachusetts, British Colonial America 10th great-grandfather Henry Goad 1536–1616 BIRTH ABT 1536 • Upper Areley,Staff,Engl DEATH 1616 10th great-grandfather James Jameson 1610–1661 BIRTH 1610 • Scotland DEATH 21 JAN 1661 • Boston, Middlesex, Massachusetts, United States 10th great-grandfather William Copp 1589–1670 BIRTH 1589 • Hatton, Warwickshire, England DEATH 27 FEBRUARY 1670 • Boston, Suffolk County, Massachusetts, USA 9th great-grandfather John Haskell 1620– BIRTH 1620 • Ipswich, Essex County, Massachusetts DEATH Unknown 9th great-grandfather Alexander 201 Humble 1625– BIRTH 1625 • Houghton Le Spring, Durham, England DEATH Unknown 9th great-grandfather Ebenezer Howard Heywood 1638–1690 BIRTH ABT 1638 • Massachusetts DEATH 1690 • Salem Essex Massachusetts 8th great-grandfather Capt. Joseph Allen 1653–1724 BIRTH 13 OCT 1653 • Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States DEATH 06 OCT 1724 • Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, United States 7th great-grandfather William the Younger Cook BIRTH Selby, Skipwith, Yorkshire, England DEATH Selby, Skipwith, Yorkshire, England 7th great-grandfather Rev John Edward Wilson –1761 BIRTH Unknown DEATH 12 MAY 1761 7th great-grandfather Abraham Goad 1665–1741 BIRTH 1665 • Rappahannock, Lancaster, Virginia, United States DEATH 23 MAY 1741 • North Farnham Parish, Richmond, Virginia, United States 7th great-grandfather Patrick Hayes 1717–1761 BIRTH ABT 1717 • Ireland DEATH 1761 • Orange County, Virginia, USA 6th great-grandfather John Chapman 1702–1775 BIRTH 24 JANUARY 1702 • Charles Parish, York, Virginia, United States DEATH 29 DECEMBER 1775 • Spotsylvania, Spotsylvania, Virginia, United States 6th great-grandfather Christopher Humble 1729–1819 BIRTH ABT 1729 • Allenton, Northumberland, England DEATH 21 DEC 1819 • Crathorne, Yorkshire, , England 6th great-grandfather Henry Newhouse 1768–1852 BIRTH 1768 • Greenbrier, Virginia, United States DEATH 1852 • Kanawha, Virginia, United States 5th great-grandfather John Chapman 1750–1785 BIRTH 1750 • Virginia DEATH 1785 5th great-grandfather Corral, Continental Army Joshua Morris 1752–1795 BIRTH 17 DEC 1752 • Culpeper, (Orange Co) Virginia, United States DEATH 1795 • Teays Valley, Kanawha, Virginia, USA 5th great-grandfather Henry Chapman 1777–1859 BIRTH 1 AUG 1777 • Montgomery, Montgomery County, Virginia, United States DEATH 22 NOV 1859 • Teay Valley, Putnam County or Cabell County, West Virginia, USA 4th great-grandfather Henry Williams 1790–1883 BIRTH 1790 • Pennsylvania, Somerset, Pennsylvania, United States DEATH JUN 1883 • United States 4th great-grandfather John Hance 1820–1868 BIRTH 1820 • , , Pennsylvania, USA DEATH 16 OCT 1868 • , Bell, Texas, USA 3rd great-grandfather Samuel Ludwig Solomon 1806–1859 BIRTH 14 JULY 1806 • Ovelgonne, Duchy of Olderberg, Germany DEATH 18 APRIL 1859 • Columbia, Henry, Alabama, United States 3rd great-grandfather James Rowe 1852–1889 BIRTH MAR 1852 • Monmouthshire, Wales, United Kingdom DEATH 08 DEC 1889 • Walker, Northumberland, England 2nd great-grandfather James Forrest BIRTH Scotland DEATH Unknown 2nd great-grandfather Wiley F Soloman 1848– BIRTH JAN 1848 • Alabama DEATH Unknown 2nd great-grandfather Edward Paugh Goodwin 1872–1933 BIRTH 12 SEPT 1872 • Parkersburg, West Virginia, USA DEATH 6 MAY 1933 • Montgomery, Montgomery, Alabama, USA great-grandfather John Franklin Solomon 1872–1905 BIRTH 2 SEP 1872 • Eufaula, Barbour, Alabama, USA DEATH 9 JAN 1905 • Apalachicola, Franklin, Florida great-grandfather John G. Rowe 1887–1920 BIRTH 1887 • England DEATH 1920 • Dolomite, Jefferson, Alabama great-grandfather Bartlett Strother Goodwin 1898–1967 BIRTH 25 JUN 1898 • Ravenwood, West Virginia, USA DEATH 19 MAR 1967 • Miller, Georgia maternal grandfather Earl Soloman 1904–1976 BIRTH ABT 1904 • Florida DEATH 20 DECEMBER 1976 • Tallahassee, Leon, Florida paternal grandfather
  3. Terry Soloman

    Bacon wood knife scales

    Really nice! Love the coffin handle! This has been my showstopper since 1982.
  4. Terry Soloman


  5. Terry Soloman

    GPZ7000 Strikes Again

    Beautiful nugg - Congratulations!
  6. Terry Soloman

    Guessing Contest For Silver!

    Please PM me with your names and shipping addresses!!!👌
  7. Terry Soloman

    Guessing Contest For Silver!

    The Winners are: #1 Saul RW $$23,56 #2 AZMark $24.19 #3 Nugget108 $24.85
  8. Terry Soloman

    Desert Gold !

    Beautiful gold and photos!👌
  9. Terry Soloman

    Research Time

    We used the Robinson 44 to get clients into the Bradshaw Mountains, near Humbug, and Cow Creek. The problem with helicopters is that they cannot land on BLM land without a permit (which can take up to a year to get), and most pilots will not hover and allow you to jump off the skids (too much liability). Private property like Humbug is no problem, other than the $700.00 an hour, and weight restrictions. When I was a kid, my Dad would trailer the horses to the north end of Lake Pleasant, then we would ride the old Swilling trail into the Bradshaw's to his line shack for a few days.
  10. Terry Soloman

    Where does gold come from? with AZ Nugget Bob...

    This thread, over the last four years, has been a source of wonder, learning, laughter, agreement, disagreement, and enormous pleasure. Personally, I don't care where it comes from. Exploding Nebula's, the Gods, jewelry stores - wherever, as long as I keep finding it I'll be satisfied. Great Conversation All!
  11. Terry Soloman

    Too good to be true

    What a heartbreaker!🙃
  12. Terry Soloman

    Hemlo Gold

    Really good story. Thanks for sharing Bill!
  13. Terry Soloman

    Hermit Picks

    Love mine!
  14. Terry Soloman

    Is This Petrified Palm?

    me either..
  15. Guessing Contest for Forum Members! Here is the clad I have dug since May 1, 2018. This contest is not to guess the TOTAL, but to guess how many different coins are in the cup (how many pennies, how many nickels, how many dimes, and how many quarters. Prize’s: Three Dug, Silver American Coins - 1st / 2nd / 3rd place Drawing Date: Thursday, May 31, 2018 @ 9:00pm EST Entry Deadline: Thursday, May 31, 2018 @ 8:45pm EST Object: Guess the total number of Pennies – Nickels – Dimes – Quarters in the cup. The member that comes the closest to the actual number of each Wins! In the unlikely event of a tie, both members will win! Prizes for First, Second, and Third closest guesses. The winner will be notified here on the Forum, and through Personal Message. Why am I doing this? Because it’s fun. As always, the cash in the cup will be Coinstar counted, and the cash sent to Bill, to help support our great forum - Good Luck!!