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  1. AZ Meteorite Sells For $237,500

    I was hoping to keep it a secret.
  2. Equinox 600 Arrived Today!

    Rinsed the coil well, I thought. Opened the coil cover and found out I didn't do such a great job! Sand, dirt, dust and mud will get in, so clean it out regularly!
  3. Looks like you're having a great time, and finding some neat targets!
  4. Equinox 600 Arrived Today!

    My first hunt with the Equinox 600, took me out to Long Island, and Field #4 at Jones Beach. I popped the machine into “Beach 1,” and used the factory preset program to start in the dry sand. I immediately realized I had no idea what I was doing or how to use all the tools this machine has available to me, so I decided to just relax and try and learn the different tones and VDI numbers.My first high tone (VDI 25) was a clad quarter in the dry sand. The signal was strong, and I was surprised when it took two scoops to get down to it – at least 10”-12” deep. Happy-happy!! Pull tabs were coming in around VDI 15, and a deep nickel (9”) also came in at VDI 15. Once I got down to the water, I switched to “Beach 2” and transitioned into the wet sand and shallow surf. Completely smooth, no falsing, crisp signals. I was able to pass up bobby pins and iron with no problem and got a nice surprise when I got a solid high tone and a VDI 28 IN THE WATER. Three scoops later I had a Silver 1946 Dime!I dug a couple of new pennies deep in the surf as well, and a Wheatie on the way back to the boardwalk! I couldn’t be happier with this new machine on the beach. It is lighter than my Tesoro Sand Shark and seems to be just about as deep as the Excalibur that was following me around. My problem (being a Tesoro guy), is not knowing how to use it yet, but I am sure with a few more hunts under my belt I’ll be able to use it with more precision.So, to sum up, first time out at the beach was a pleasure and surprise. Very good separation and recovery in heavy trash (bottle caps; screw tops; bobby pins; nails; screws; wire), with good high tones next to low tones. Plenty deep, in wet sand and saltwater. I may never use my trusty Sand Shark again.
  5. Got the machine today! Took 3-hours for the initial charge, and I'll be headed for the beach on Long Island tomorrow, to test it in the wet sand and surf. Pretty excited!
  6. FS: Original Tesoro Bandido

    I have an excellent condition Tesoro Bandido for $225.00 shipped. Includes stock 8" Concentric coil (11"x8" DD coil an additional $95.00). terrysoloman@aol.com 914-589-3985
  7. Happy Birthday ArcticDave

    Happy Birthday Dave! Fly with the Eagles!
  8. Happy Birthday Mike Furness

    Happy Birthday Buddy! Sending some exotic dancers to your house to help you party!
  9. The Last Pistol I Will Ever Buy

    My Ruger .44 Magnum Vaquero. I bought it from Adam, a few years ago. It is the perfect companion for my M79.
  10. Premium Membership Stuff

    It supports Bill Southern, and his continuing effort to spread knowledge and fun through this forum. It costs money and time to run a forum of this size and depth. There is more gold and nuggetshooting knowledge in this forum than in most libraries! Thanks for helping support the community!
  11. Today's Dink....

  12. A Better Week for Rings!

    Congrats on the great finds!
  13. Gold Bug 2 Head Phones

    Does anyone use Killer B's besides me?
  14. Happy Birthday Jim Straight

    Happy Birthday Jim!