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  1. nugget108

    Newcomers beware

    Well said everyone. Just cant help some folks. But oh well. I guess its time we all go back to our boring lives of salting gold to make ourselves look good.
  2. nugget108

    Newcomers beware

    WOW!!!!! Maybe if we all knew what the hell we were doing, we wouldn't have to buy our gold off of Ebay and salt our claims with it. Also if we all get rid of our POS Minelabs, we might find something worth posting. And we call ourselves Electronic prospectors. Maybe we should all join Tom and start a knitting club.😃
  3. nugget108

    Heat wave....

    Hahaha i was going to say it but i wont. Nice nuggies Adam.
  4. nugget108

    Newcomers beware

    Well said Luke. And so much more can be added. This is not a get rich quick hobby. Have people done it? Heck yes, but its very rare. Its the fun of it for me and my boys. If we find something, well thats a bonus on top of the family and friends time together.
  5. nugget108

    Newcomers beware

    Oh yeah, and usually around a real big copper deposit, you WILL find a small gold placer. Northern Nevada is proof of that.
  6. nugget108

    Newcomers beware

    Well, all i can say is have patience. I myself have witnessed people being on a virgin patch and pulling out 100+ nuggets in a day. Didnt happen to me, but i have definitely found my fair share. There are guys and gals on here that are still searching for that first nugget and there are guys and gals that absolutely kill it with a detector. Hope your luck changes.
  7. Trout in the dead of winter or early Spring when the ice is coming off are great. Other than that, they get soft and really start to take on the taste of the weed growth from where we caught them. Even in our alpine lakes here that are 10,000 ft in elevation, the summer heat just makes them taste horrible.
  8. nugget108

    Hunting rifles!

    That 30-06 is a great deer gun Luke. Play with the ballistics a bit and it is great. Great elk caliber too. That is a pretty gun though, maybe too pretty to drag around the hills.
  9. nugget108

    Hunting rifles!

    Bob that Howa rifle is the most accurate out of the box gun i have purchased. I have the older model so it has the nice strong safety lever. The new ones are just a bent strap now and they bend easily. And it came with the semi bull barrel. Now they are a regular barrel unless you order it with the semi bull barrel. Thats my coyote pea shooter.
  10. nugget108

    Hunting rifles!

    Beautiful gun Luke. I myself love the old wood stocks but i hate dragging them around lol. I mainly pack around my Howa .223 with the hogue stock so i dont ding it.
  11. nugget108

    Gold is Not Where You Find It

    I totally understand the theory, but gold is where you find it. Its just the knowledge gained after time or teaching, to know why you found it right there.
  12. nugget108

    Happy Birthday Homefire

    Happy birthday Homie. Hope you had a great day.
  13. nugget108

    Hunting rifles!

    These are my favorite bullets for the muzzleloader. The Barnes Expander in 245 grain and the Powerbelt Aerotips in 250 grain. Shot my cow elk with the Expander at 185 yards and dropped her. The Powerbelts are very accurate and load easily.
  14. nugget108

    Hunting rifles!

    Bob, I found a 70 grain round point for my 22-250 that is killer on these Nv mulies. I load it with IMR3031 powder and talk about a flat shooting heavy hitter. I reload 100 grain noslers for my wifes and daughters .243 with 3031 also. Great deer load. My son shoots a .308 and we reload him with 165 grain noslers. Does a number on deer and his cow elk last year. He has a bull tag this October we cant wait for. I have found that Barns muzzleloader bullets are unstoppable for deer and elk and are well worth the extra few bucks. Great thread bud. Here is my daughters first deer year before last. 286 yards, dropped him. Then my sons deer from last year.
  15. nugget108

    Coarse Hillside Specimens

    Nice chunks Adam and Boulder dash. Thats turning out to be a great patch. I think thats the main reason i stay in Fine Gold setting. Everywhere i have hunted here in Nevada, i have only had 1 type of rock set it off and that was basalt. I love FG with hot ground and hotrocks.
  16. nugget108

    Hi everyone

    Welcome aboard. There are great folks with a lot of experience in all aspects of prospecting on here.
  17. nugget108

    Proud of my finds

    Thats a very nice collection of nuggies. I would be very proud of it. Great job!
  18. nugget108

    S&W Revolvers

    I pack the nickel 586 with the 4 inch barrel. I love that gun. The .357 is a great round.
  19. Yep i have found 2 and they were so smooth, you could barely make out what it was. Thats a nice one for sure.
  20. nugget108

    Fridays humidity

    Nice nuggies. Great job.
  21. nugget108

    Meteorite Identification

    Ok. I thought nickel itself had very little to no spark. And when it did spark on the grinding wheel, it was the material from the wheel. I was thinking it would not create a spark until it was alloyed with a ferrous metal. Cool, thanks Bob.
  22. nugget108

    Meteorite Identification

    I dont comment too much on the meteorites section because i really dont know much about them. But if it were iron or steel, it would throw sparks when grinding it. Does a meteorite make sparks when you grind it? I would think not because of the high nickel content but like i said, i dont know much about them.
  23. There it is. Awesome chunk. Looks like Nevada.
  24. nugget108

    Nugget hunting

  25. nugget108

    No Words.....

    Thats nice!