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  1. nugget108

    Cool petrified wood

    About 5 miles directly west from there. This is a huge patch of it. After hunting season we will check it out more. Its some of the best i have ever found. Really deep blue.
  2. nugget108

    5.70 g Nugget

    Awesome chunker!!
  3. Hello all, The boys and i were antelope hunting yesterday and i found a huge area with chunks of petrified wood laying around. Its some of the best stuff i have found. Thought i would share. Take care everyone and stay cool out there. Dan
  4. nugget108

    Gold monster eats silver too!

    Nice! Its always cool to pull a silver coin.
  5. nugget108

    Happy Birthday Reno Chris

    Happy birthday Chris.
  6. nugget108

    So what do you do....

    Heck yeah, leave her how she is.
  7. nugget108

    So what do you do....

    Like Bob said, have you put a meter on it yet? That piece might take a acid bath pretty well or i would look at cutting it. Either way, awesome speci.
  8. nugget108

    Got a bucket list silver....

    Nice walker Bill. Great job.
  9. nugget108

    Into to the hobby young!!!

    Thats when i switched to an external speaker. I could still hunt with my little guy there.
  10. nugget108

    Into to the hobby young!!!

    My boys are my best friends. They will go detecting with me any time, day or night, rain or shine. Its a great family hobby. Good job getting him interested.
  11. nugget108

    Your Best Non Nugget find?

  12. nugget108

    Where In Arizona?

    660'x1320' is the common 20 acre claim.😁
  13. nugget108

    Just some average Arizona gold

    Awesome stuff Luke.
  14. nugget108

    Beat the heat retreat

    Great photos Tom. Looks like a great time.