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  1. Nothing like the first detected nugget. Congratulations.
  2. Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Happy birthday Luke.

    I voted for number 3 myself. Looks good Bill.
  4. Happy Birthday Andyy

    Hey Andy, happy birthday to ya.
  5. Calling All Math Guru's

    37 years old, born in 1980.
  6. Calling All Math Guru's

    It worked lol
  7. New Member??

    Hey a new guy!!! Haha. Gotta love that mining. You got about 20 years on me Doug but i love it. Its been good to the family. Here is your official welcome to a very cool group of people. Dan
  8. Cool find at the outing

    My son found one of them last year. It had some writing in a circle inside the star. Ill have to see if i can find it. Cool piece for sure.
  9. Cool find at the outing

    Grubby you hang in there. Good things come to good people like yourself. Thank you for your service to this country sir. Salute Dan
  10. Cool find at the outing

    A lot of the old timers used them to store the claim information. We have found several around here that were attached to old 4x4 posts or old tree limbs. I have a friend that found one detecting and it had claim info in it wrapped in like a real thin leather. It was almost weathered too bad to read, but you can see the words "claim, and 1913" if i remember right. We find several a year, and when the boys find them they feel they need to keep them haha. Cool find and in great shape too.
  11. UTV's and dust

    Great idea......i recognize the cropped hunting pic lol.
  12. The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Them are good looking nuggies.
  13. The Nugget Only Thread, Past finds and New

    Dang Doug, are we going to that spot whenever we get out detecting together?????? NICE!!!
  14. Here's a question

    To bad it couldnt just be simple and have the scale button on oz's every time we put our gold on it. 😁