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  1. Meteorite?

    It does look like some sort of slag. What was the area like you found it in?
  2. Hi Everyone

    Welcome aboard! Lots of great folks here with lots and lots of knowledge.
  3. Nice Pieces !

    Well, they definitely dont have an ugly side. Those are some cool chunks man. Great finds.
  4. Way to back him Bill! Thats pretty cool.
  5. Wow Andy! Great story and awesome chunkers bud. Congratulations.
  6. I found some gold today

    Sweet nuggies Luke. Good job.
  7. Nice Pieces !

    Awesome Adam.
  8. Gold display

    Thanks Andy, hopefully i HAVE to build more soon due to lack of storage for all of the specimens we are going to find haha. Take care.
  9. Gold display

    WOW thank you Micro, i appreciate it.
  10. Gold display

    Very true. My kids have friends that are the same way. Never been out of the house and into the hills. I feel bad for them also.
  11. Awesome pics Rod! Looks like you have a tough decision to make lol. Either way, im sure it will be a blast.
  12. Gold display

    The pic doesn't really show the gold content or the clusters of gold. For those of you that didnt see last years pics after we found them, here is what they look like. Thats why i made them the case because some of them are fragile.
  13. Gold display

    Thanks Doug, i hope they will. How you been and hows the shoulder doing?
  14. Gold display

    Bob, unfortunately not as busy as we want to be lol. Seems like the weather turns to crud on the weekends lately. Been pretty cold. Soon though i hope.
  15. Gold display

    Steve, actually the species were found in a different part of the state on a friends claim. He has a bunch of high grade piles that never got ran back in the day. So we go down and detect them with the GB2s. The boys have a blast going down there. The coin on the other hand was found at our spot.