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  1. Happy Birthday Weaver Hillbille

    Happy birthday.
  2. An old patch

    Nice Luke, good job.
  3. An old patch

    Great video!
  4. My boy got his deer today.

    Unfortunately there are people that do believe wild animals are just like pets. I see it everyday around my house. We have a big deer herd in the community i live in, and the deer get really aggressive if they are cornered or if its during the rut. The bucks go really wacko during the rut. They come in our yards and bed under the windows and eat all our dang bushes and flowers. Some people just don't know any better and were never introduced to the outdoor lifestyle i guess. Gotta respect the wildlife.
  5. Very cool. Congratulations!
  6. My boy got his deer today.

    I kinda think she knew something was up, but she wasn't quite sure. We were in all camo and the wind was right so you never know. Them cow moose can be mean critters.
  7. My boy got his deer today.

    Hi Bob, That is my favorite season now. Muzzleloader hunting is an absolute blast. You don't have to get as close as you do when archery hunting but you can't be out 400 yards like rifle hunting. I call it revenge for archery hunting lol. You are correct about boys. Man right now they are my best friends. They go everywhere and do everything I love to do and I couldn't ask for better kids to be honest. They are into all kinds of hunting and more safe with a gun than most adults I have hunted with. My daughter's are the same way, still like hanging out with mom and dad. We are waiting for late season to go hunt for my daughter's deer, she wants to chase a big nasty buck this year lol.
  8. Small nug awakening

    Nice nuggie Mike. Adds to the collection no matter what size.
  9. My boy got his deer today.

    Lets see if it comes through clear. 20171008_182704_361357453998945(1).mp4
  10. My boy got his deer today.

    Yep. Just seen one last weekend. We usually see 3 or 4 a year. They are a very cool critter. I have a video from last elk season of a cow moose that came in to the water hole we were sitting on. What an amazing experience that was. She was only 8 feet away from us slurping water. My son, my father-in-law and myself were in awe on how big she was. Thie video gets blurry when I send it but here is a pic.
  11. five hour hunt yesterday

    I too have dug a huge "bunker" by a bush with a piece of wire hanging just above the hole. Haha wasn't a happy moment. I found a target one time that was just like your explaining. Had to chip through all this hard concrete like rock. Chased and chipped for about 3 feet down when I finally reached the tip of the target. Turned out to be an exploration drill casing. During the reverse circulation process, water and rock chips are brought up from the bottom of the hole. When the target depth is reached, we would dump 3 sacks of concrete in the hole and it would mix with everything. Plugging the hole. Explanation just in case you didn't know how the process worked lol. I thought I found a huge gold ledge/vein. Dan
  12. My boy got his deer today.

    Haha just down the road a few miles.
  13. Hi all, took the boys out deer hunting this morning. My son chased this one during archery season in August but could only get about 80 yards from him. Then during muzzleloader season we couldn't find him. So went out this morning and found him again. Layed an awesome shot on him and he only went about 15 yards and dropped. Not huge but he's happy. Dan
  14. I hope you find the answer you are looking for. There is a lot of knowledge on this forum so someone might be able to help you out. Welcome aboard.
  15. GPX 4500

    Dang Bill, that is slow. Lol. I agree, read up on it, learn it's settings then read some more. Good luck with the new toy Rick, you'll like it I'm sure.