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  1. Minelab Gold Panning Kit Prize

    How about $26.50 Thanks again Bill.
  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY Chris Ralph

    Happy birthday Chris. I hope you have a great day.
  3. Thanks Bill. Congratulations Rick.
  4. New member.

    Welcome aboard.
  5. Kicked the SKUNK.......FINALLY.

    Thanks everyone. Im happy with it for sure.
  6. Kicked the SKUNK.......FINALLY.

    A few better pics. Guess i need to get a camera.
  7. Morning everyone, Took the kids out last night for another night hunt. There is a spot below our new relic area that looked good to me when we pulled out of there at daylight the last trip. So i checked the arial maps and seen some stuff i liked so i hit it yesterday. We got up there earlier yesterday than we normally do because it was cooler. The boys grabbed their detectors and headed to the relic spot and I geared up with the 5000 and headed below. About an hour into I pulled this 5.6 gram specimen. Not huge but it is a nice little piece and the skunk buster for 9 trips or so of gold free detecting. Ill get better pics of it. The boys found some cool stuff too and I'll show pics of them when we clean them up. Take care everyone. Dan
  8. 2 coins and some cool stuff

    My dad gave him the F5 summer before last and he is finally starting you use it this year. Hes getting it figured out pretty good. He wants a CTX3030 SO BAD. I told him thats a lot of lawns to mow over the summer haha.Thanks Swamp, I always enjoy your input. Dan
  9. Nome report Stev Phillips

    Very nice. Looks good.
  10. Clark County, Nevada

    Welcome to the forum.
  11. 2 coins and some cool stuff

    I was using my 5000 because we have relics and gold where we go. My oldest boy uses a Fisher F5 and my little guy uses a Bounty hunter Jr.
  12. 2 coins and some cool stuff

    Thanks Terry. I've been doing a little research on it but couldn't really find a match online.
  13. Ad Results Looking Good

    Bill I like how the ads are set up at the top of the page and they don't mess with browsing the forum and they don't mess with loading speed of the pages. I'm glad they are working for ya.
  14. Camp out

    Looks like it was a fun trip. Friends, family, good food and good gold. Nothing better.
  15. CPAP Machine

    Jim My friend Larry has to have one and he takes it everywhere we go camping. He has a converter setup for his pickup when we tent camp. And has it set up for a car battery when the truck isn't close to the tent.