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  1. Dang, that was a WIN WIN Party.
  2. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    I think I can just get it to Display the Actual Numbers .5V and above. You should have the full range. I'm thinking like the TACH i'm going to have to do some Averaging a few samples to stop it from throwing numbers all over the place at you.
  3. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    One More Step to Progress. Only Two Hours of my life never to be seen again. It would seem my basic math skills have retired early. Broke the Code on your Oil Sensor. With the reading they supplied I figured out what we needed to know. Information they provided : Output: 0.5V – 4.5V linear voltage output. 0 psi outputs 0.5V, 75 psi outputs 2.5V, 150 psi outputs 4.5V. Information I figured out LOL : .0266 V per PSI Read Oil Sensor PSI == Oil read --.5 / .0266 *0.5V... 0 psi 0.75V 9 psi PSI == ( 0.75 - .5) / .0266 = 9.390 1.5V 56 psi PSI == ( 1.50 - .5) / .0266 = 56.390 *2.5V 75 psi PSI == ( 2.50 - .5) / .0266 = 75.187 3.5V 112 psi PSI == (3.50 - .5) / .0266 = 112.781 4.0V 131 psi PSI == (4.00 - .5) / .0266 = 131.578 *4.5V 150 psi PS I== (4.50 - .5) / .0266 = 150.375 Now ? What Range did you need ?
  4. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Yep, all going on a Nice little flash drive . Did you Find the Decal with the Thermo? Being like five years old it may be dried out. You may need all this documentation to do Inflight Repairs at 6,000ft ! I'll keep it simple. LOL
  5. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    One Step closer. Only took me three hours to figure out what pins I could and could not use. Am I special or WHAT ? Arduino - Sensor Pins.rtf
  6. Emmm Sounds like Squatting to me. You just have to Reoccupy your property and defend it.
  7. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Good Stuff. Let me know if we need to adjust the Harness any. Still Racking the Noggen on the Program stuff. Got tired of that so attacked the Brain End for a while. Using the EFIS program I just need to insure I use the same pins on the LCD and Encoder. The Sensors are all up to me. Eaaaaaa
  8. Are you telling me My Lunar Gold Claims could be Fraudulent ? http://www.lunarland.com/?gclid=CjwKCAjwyIHPBRAIEiwAHPS-GK9zhkhfIM-ejLx-Kt4oqPvZjVCzQIW4gDZxRO5Df5ga59NdZePVEBoCziUQAvD_BwE
  9. Economics. Oil is Cheap and does the job.. Non of the Renewable sources can compete except Hydro and that has more then a few down sides. If they get it together on the Hydrogen 3 thing all that my become MOOT.
  10. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Ok, Junction Box is Sorted Out. Sorta LOL That GND for the Oil Sensor can provide the GRD all GRD Needed by me at that end. Just pig tail the third wire I hand you at the end of Oil Sensor Wires. It's going to be tied to That Shield Wire. This will provide the GND we need for ALL Shields, Tach and that Oil Sensor. I can tie the GRD at the other end (Brain and Display) providing Double Terminated GND for All. This is the Junction Box in the works.
  11. Been talk for years of Mining the Moon for Helium 3. They would mine the Top 10 inches of the Moon Dirt. Process on site and just ship containers back with the product.
  12. LOL, Imagine how fast they would find a way to Mars if one of the Rovers found a Nugget ?
  13. Weird $tuff

    Follower of Islam ? LOL
  14. Darwin Awards for 2016

    Sounds like he WAS Taliban.
  15. The bottom line is NO ONE knows what or how it happened. Having seven academic degree's doesn't make you right .
  16. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    All sensors are going to be two conductor. Excepton of The Oil sensor requires three wires. The Black wire can just be tied to the Shield as it will be grounded any ways. The two shielded wires will be Signal and +5 Volts. ** · Wiring: Red for +5V. Black for ground. Blue for signal output.
  17. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    That would help. Just like 10lb 20lb and 50lb would be good. Wicked Wanda the WONDER Wife got your ThermoCouple mailed today. There is a Window Decal in there too so don't be chucking it out.
  18. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    "" Output: 0.5V – 4.5V linear voltage output. 0 psi outputs 0.5V, 75 psi outputs 2.5V, 150 psi outputs 4.5V. "" I can work with that I think.
  19. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Ok so on the Fire Wall. Behind Engine. Cool Beans. This will save me piles of issues and be better for you. When you know what Oil Pressure Sensor your going to be using let me know the Make and Model numbers. I need to look it up and see what the Voltage curve is on it. I've sorted out the MAX 6675 Adruino program to the most parts. Have a functional program for the Tach now. Have a Functional program to read the Oil Sensor. Sense we are using the same Graphics Display as the Original EFI system uses I should be able to us most of the Print functions from that to get all your numbers on the Display with a few hours of head banging. The Arduino is not going to be to provide all your numbers in Real Time but they will be so close I don't think your going to notice too much. The Tach Program is going to be Base the on a 1 second sample durration. After that the Arduino will need to Sample all four MAX6675's and the Oil Pressure in series and UP Date all numbers all at the same time. I have to use a 200uS delay allowing each MAX 6675 to wake up and send a accurate reading. All of that is going to take like 800uS. The Oil Pressure reading will consume hardly any time at all. None of the numbers presented on the Display should be older then 2 seconds or less if I get it right. .
  20. Franconia

    200Ft they have. Messed up as it is they tend to get a bit ugly some times. They gate some of the Siding roads here in New Mexico.
  21. Judge Jeanine

    At least Some One out there says it the way it is.
  22. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Questions Dave: Where your putting the junction Box do you see that area reaching Temps over 185F ? How far does that 42 inches go to the Engine? Middle? Rear End ? If we can keep the temps at or below 185F I can locate the MAX6675's in that Junction Box and Co Locate the Brain with the Display. That would tidy up wire mess gain Reliability I think.
  23. My Collection

    Some of those looked like Planets.
  24. Weird $tuff

    A Real PHOTO THING. Because the Communist Liberals think only they can have them ?
  25. 10 Million Acre Mineral Withdrawal

    Yes We the People Can. It sure is Nice having a American as the President again, eaa?