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  1. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Bathing Suites are OPTIONAL here.
  2. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Yea, my ears start aching inside with any little breeze at all. Arthritic hands Seize Up BIG TIME. We're leaving water running all day here so the well doesn't freeze up and toast the Pump. See ? Summers already started !! Whooooo Hooooooooo!

    I do Hats !
  4. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Yea, I'm done with winter. My fingers stopped working so well about 35f.
  5. Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Skippy Kinda Day to you Sir.
  6. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    OK ! I'm about done with Winter Here !!!! NEXT!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    I looked before but couldn't find any that small. . Tankz
  8. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    Ok, Here's the story. I built a Surf Master PI from kit. I had a original Surf Master Coil I planed on using. It Sucked. I built a simple Mono Coil and it doubled the detection on all targets. This detector would be more then fine hunting beaches or ToT lots if you don't mind the Dig It All thing. NO Were like a Gold Machine. I Gifted it to a kid. Next I built a Mini Pulse Plus. This This detector can handle being set to run down at or below 10uS of delay. This has potential of a half Azz nugget machine. I needed a Faster Coil to allow it to do so. Faster meaning from Tx Pulse to Sample time. The amount of time it takes the Coil to cancel the Fly Back voltage , less time. I don't want to get into all aspects of that here. I just want to know if some of you are interested in playing at making your own simple PI Coils. I'm not trying to produce a Mine Lab Machine here just a super simple PI that DOSE Have the potential to find relatively small Gold. CHEAP, Did I tell You I'm Cheap Skate ? I have the GMT as my primary Gold Machine. I just want to play with the PI thing too. At first I started Playing with Super Simple Mono coils. Some came out sorry. Some not so bad. Some Quite dang Good. Next to speed up the Coils I learned about the Basket coils. Thought I had it going until my third failure. Still working on some but I just can't seem to Produce that good of a coil. I got messing around with my High Dollar coil forms and came up with something I've never seen anyone do. A Stacked Basket coil. The Idea behind a Basket Coil is to lower the Coils inherent Self Capacitance that Boost the Fly Back Voltage and causes the coil to take longer to settle down after the Tx Pulse ends. The Basket Coil dose this by putting more distance / space between the winding's of the coil lowering Capacitance. Previous Basket coils use a radiated spiral wind. Starting from the Inside progressing outwards. This works most well in lowering the capacitance but it also lowers the Inductance some what. A coil with Higher Inductance is better at detection of the Target signal but also contributes to the Fly Back Voltage. This Stacked Basket Coil does the same thing in lowering the Capacitance in the same fashion. Keeping the Winding's separated . It seems to have a advantage over the Spiral Wind Basket in that the winding's produce a more consecrated target signal because of the formation of the coil shape. The spiral type basket the winding's progress outwards and this tends to reduce the concentration of the Target signal. Unlike the Spiral the Stacked keeps all winding's perpendicular to the in respect to the target signal. More Winding's exposed to the signal gaining the ability to gather more of same. The coil sees the target signal some what like a Mono would but without the Added Capacitance that keeps the Mono Coil from running Fast. This Geometry of coil has another beneficial quality. The Generated Field is concentrated in the vertical plain. Whats to say it detects more below and above the coils then a Mono can. DEEPER ! As more target signal of the same strength is exposed to more winding's at the same vertical plane I don't see how this could not translate to more target signal. I have a New Oscilloscope that I need to test this with. My old DIY Kit DSO 138 Scope was not up to the task. Rant Over LOL My current Resources: Free Wire. I salvage all my wire from Old TV sets. The Degassing Coil being the primary source. All Older TV with a Picture Tube has them . More Usable wire can be had from the Yoke Coils at the End of the Tube. One Degassing Coil provides enough wire to build at least three or four coils or more. Some of the Newer TV's they used Aluminum Wire for the Degassing Coils. It works fine too if you want to use the stuff. I've made some decent Coils with it. You just have to use Mechanical Spices sense you can't solder the stuff. Not a Issue. Wire Forms. I started building my own and found it a royal pain. Had to create a New Form for every Coil type I wanted. Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife solved that for me. Out of the Blue she say, Eaaaaa! What wrong with these ? https://www.walmart.com/ip/Darice-Easy-Knitting-Loom-Round-4pc-Neon/10727494 She Relinquished her set to the cause. I have a 5" 7" 9" and 11" loom. You can do Mono Coils, DD Coils and Yep, Stacked Baskets. Test Equipment: I have quite a gathering of decent equipment at hand. As for coils I rely on one of the most low cost items at hand. A $7.00 Test About All O Matic ! These things are Dirt Cheap. Did I tell ya I'm a Cheap Skate ? This thing will tell you any and all you need about a coil . It can tell you the Inductance and resistance in a single test. https://www.banggood.com/LCR-T3-Transistor-Tester-Resistance-Capacitance-Diode-ESR-SCR-Inductance-Meter-p-987971.html?rmmds=search Coil Shell Housings. There are a few people that produce them around. My Favorite Mr Hays shut shop. A guy named DB Bowers makes some good ones for a reasonable price. For the most parts I improvise. Use Coil Skid Shell as housings, Old Coils dissected. Bucket end the lot. Only limited by your imagination on that one. Shielding. I use the good ol Copper tape on all Mono Coils. Cheap and it works fine. Did I mention I'm a Cheap Skate ? https://www.banggood.com/10mm-X-20m-EMI-Copper-Foil-Shielding-Tape-Conductive-Self-Adhesive-Tape-p-1107008.html?rmmds=search I use Graphite spray on all others. You can not wrap the Stacked or basket coils. Here are a few crappy photo's of my mess and some basic information to ponder. I have everything needed to produce a DIY coil for my GMT that I'll tackle some time this winter I think. D-coils basics.pdf D-FastCoil.pdf

    Yes today is the Day to Remember ! Only a few of the survivors are still with us.
  10. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    Yes, Diameter. I need something like 1/4 or 3/8th not sprung.
  11. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Well, this SUCKS ! My fingers are COLD !
  12. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    Anyone know where I can come up with some spiral wrap like this but smaller ? https://www.banggood.com/5M-Spiral-Wire-Wrap-Tube-Manage-Cord-for-PC-Computer-Home-Cable-6-60MM-p-917640.html?rmmds=detail-left-hotproducts&cur_warehouse=CN
  13. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    TGSL Coil : Ta DAAAAAAW! Wire came today. If you hears some cussing and what not, the Coil Sprang on me and I'll be on the floor looking like something a spider wrapped up ! :P
  14. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    He knows I'm into computers, We think he just see's it as a BIG COMPUTER thing Hanging from the Ceiling. Err Will be . It's still in the box waiting to be hung. Or Sump-thing. LOL Thinking about that one. I still owe him a good time. A good time like when he watched our kid for the day and gave him like three 20oz Code Red Mtn Dews and dropped him off to crawl the walls.
  15. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Yep ! He sure would. He has his ways. That would fall under Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife's responsibilities. He gave it to her. LOL
  16. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    All the Real delay is waiting for those dang 6675's. Getting sample after the 200mS is only a few clock beats. A all the other stuff including their samples just a few clock beats. It's the dang 6675's. Once I get the Box set up I'll try to get them to run with say 100Ms. I may get away with it.
  17. Dang Got Booted Off the Forum on my Birthday!

    And a Skippy Fun Gold Finding Sorta Good Thing Day to you Sir.
  18. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Good Stuff for you. Here you almost have a Air Plane built and I'm still futttzzing with a Program. Yea, this printer is the Bomb. FAST FAST FAST compared to the old days. Like most other printers the Printer only cost like $40.00 and the Ink cost $20.00 Sure liking the Wireless thing. Only took like 10 minutes to get it printing right out of the box. Just popped the CD in the Lap Top and followed the yellow brick road. Gravy. Now we have a Printer, Copier, Scanner kinda toy. Need to figure out if and how I can scan stuff and get it to the computer some how. Wicked Wanda sorta forgot to use the discount on some paper. She did scoop a few more Ink Cartridges ! And a Cheapo Dremel Tool . Our house is some what on the Trailer Trashed Side but we have More Communications Equipment then the Russian Embassy ! With that TV hanging Up it's going to start looking like some Command and Control Room at NASA.
  19. Did You Know ? I didn't.

    Bad news Ran out of Bread. Good News. Remembered my Grandmothers Ancient Seneca Indian Trick Bisquick !! Bad News Remembered the Oven Crapped out months ago and I never did any thing about it.. Didn't have time to fire up no fire out side. HUNGRY NOW ! MICRO WAVE . Eaaa, From Start to Eating in just under 10 minutes. I think I invented something !
  20. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Santa needs a New Calendar. He hit us early this year. Wicked Wanda the Wonder Wife done did GOOD today. Her Employer gave everyone a one time 25% off today. That printer I was needing showed up. Wireless to boot. I can stash it anyplace. Maybe I can see what ta ell I'm trying to do on those programs now. Her brother, Me brudder in Law went bonkers. He bought her a TV. We don't Watch TV here. He bought her a BIG TV. So big we have no place to put the dang thing. Going to have to hang it from the ceiling in the living room kinda BIG TV. No one hear has any interest in what's on TV these days. BUT this is a smart TV he says !!!. The kind of BIG SMART Tv. It will go on line and we can watch all the Free Movies and Crap on the Kinda BIG Smart Thing Hanging from the ceiling. God this thing is BIG. Did I tell ya how BIG it is ? https://www.bestbuy.com/site/lg-55-class-54-6-diag--led-2160p-smart-4k-ultra-hd-tv/5792910.p?skuId=5792910&ref=212&loc=1&ksid=f916b716-910a-4c4f-9ea3-2f1074c47f9e&ksprof_id=16&ksaffcode=pg70949&ksdevice=c&lsft=ref:212,loc:2&gclid=Cj0KCQiAmITRBRCSARIsAEOZmr4Do3BfQ-50KwiItRUip3zyDPPvwVIDCpbU3hr0pxHSwAzrushiirMaAlMOEALw_wcB Maybe I should hang it out side and we can pretend were in the Drive in or something.
  21. Thoughts on Claim

    In a pick up added weight over the rear end does wonders some times.
  22. Thoughts on Claim

    I know a guy that built his front bumper with 8" Well Pipe. That was his Air Tank.
  23. Thoughts on Claim

    Or just buy a good little compressor. I keep a old Colman 12v compressor . These are better. https://express.google.com/product/3003948916229251393_10180081046285524181_8175035
  24. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    They probably used my missing Arduino Nano for the Guidance System. One went missing months ago and BanGGood reshipped it.
  25. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    Thank for the offer Dave but we is good. We have Everything needed in hand . All Parts. All Wire. Connectors. The Enclosure. The Lot. . Just getting things done is the issue. LOL ** Guess N. Korea didn't get your silicone wire. It showed up yesterday !!!!!