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  1. homefire

    Batteries, OOOOOH I like Batteries !

    MOOOOOOOOOOOORE Batteries to play with. 100 2200mAh LG 18650's from Modem Packs. Never Used.
  2. homefire

    Time To Play With Your Spaghetti

    Spaghetti ? I mean come on here. There are way cooler things to break, eaaaa ?
  3. homefire

    Time To Play With Your Spaghetti

    Before I learned just how ROCKET FUEL like juniper was I plumb messed up a good cast iron pot belly stove.
  4. homefire

    Time To Play With Your Spaghetti

    Guess they didn't think of Grasping the Spaghetti with Two Hands. Works for me. Dang I can break the whole box like that.
  5. Yep, Combo Tool. Lug Wrench, Jack Handle and Hub cap Popper Offer. Oh, Finger Pincher too.
  6. homefire

    New Toy

    I need Photographic Evidence on who is Robbing my Cookies at night. That way I won't be having bad dreams about MURDERING a innocent Rat. No seriously this camera looks like most Yentzy video cameras but is quite amazing in performance for it's size. Father Time caught up with my Father in Law two years ago. The Mother in law came across this never ever used camera he purchased last week. I had told her some time back I need to get one someday. My Good Ol Mudder in Law Provides most well from time to time. Not quite a Go Pro but over all I say it may be better. I need to figure a way I can Remote Activate it if possible. Like this one but this one is WHITE in color. That way I can get it all Grubby every time I use it. LOL https://www.cnet.com/products/samsung-hmx-f900-camcorder-storage-flash-card-hmxf900wnxaa/specs/
  7. homefire

    New Toy

    First Attempt playing with my New To Me SamSung Video Camera. This thing is way smarter then me. This is going to take me more then a few brain cells to memorize the how too's ! Most cool camera. I can see the Moles on a Rats Nose with this one.
  8. homefire

    IMPORTANT REMINDER from Administration

    LOL , My bet is most the kids that frequent this site could make you Blush with the stuff they talk about.
  9. Nope ! These came from Pennsylvania. I guess LG and SamSung may have had the Chicoms make them. The guy buys up all sorts of stuff carrying 18650 Cells. Dissects it and flogs the batteries. He sells Butt Loads of the things. If you find a deal you like ya have to jump on it. They'll be history in a few days. https://www.ebay.com/str/tomhasgooddeals?_trksid=p2047675.l2563
  10. I have no Idea how this post got here. Something jumpped.
  11. homefire

    Judge Jeanine

    Moral Standards Need Not Apply.
  12. homefire

    1912 V Nickel

    In all my years of detecting, NEVER FOUND ONE. Ever. Emmmmm
  13. Bob if you used the Lupe like I said ya would have seen it. Eaaaa?
  14. Bob, I know about a lot of Chit ! I know More chit about some chit then the other chit. Ell I know more chit about chit then most people in the country but even I know I don't know all the Chit about chit. I never heard of this chit and claim Ignorance on the chit. But all that being said Now I can add this chit to the list of chit that I know a bit of chit about ! Thank You People !
  15. Wonder what other Useful Properties it has and CAN WE MAKE IT ?