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  1. Happy Birthday Homefire

    LOL, You guys are as bad as me. A dollar Short and a Day Late. LOL
  2. No more NFL

    Presidents do not Legislate. The Legislators Legislate, I/E the Congress. I've seen nothing this President has done to Divide this country. That's Exactly what the Fraudulent One did. That's Exactly what some LEGISLATOR are attempting to do. Stick to his job ? You mean like Do what ever is in his powers to Protect the Interest of We the People and Country? That is his job. This man has gotten more done in the Interest of the Country then any of the last three presidents combined in under one year. We the People Elected this man. We the People will retain him in office via Non Fraudulent Means un like the Democrat Aka Communist Party has been proven to do. Racial Opinions? Where did you come up with that one. Just What has the man ever done that is Racial in any fashion ? I've not seen it. It's like your seeing everything Mirror Image. Backwards.
  3. No more NFL

    Fact: The NFL has the Means and Ability to put a End to these Followers of Islams Show of Dominance and distaste towards our Government. Fact: The NFL like so many others these days are Paralyzed with Political Correctness. Fact: Political Correctness is FASCISM described as Politeness. Fact: By NOT putting a end to this open act of Sedition, the NFL are Accomplices of the Same. se·di·tion səˈdiSH(ə)n/ noun noun: sedition; plural noun: seditions conduct or speech inciting people to rebel against the authority of a state or monarch.
  4. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    Cool. Regular Black Conduit. Probably 1/2 or 3/4 inch. Give me all info on what wires are going back to the Cabin. I assume at least : Ignition. Master Power Switch. Any thoughts of location of Battery yet ? Under or behind the Seat ?
  5. Happy Birthday Homefire

    Still not sure how I did it but yes I am... I must have some issues that need taken care of. I died back on 050516 and was Recalled for some reason or another. Don't think I better be asking. LOL
  6. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    LOL, Yep they could had just chucked it out the door as they went over, eaa? Saved a week or more. Ok on the Measurements. How hot do you think the Block gets on those thing's ? 200-250F ??
  7. No more NFL

    The Freedoms we are afforded in these here United States of America are one of the Few things I can say is NOT Over Rated. You know what the sad part is ? These people HIDE Behind the Vary same laws they Reject. We Afford these people the Protections of the 1st Amendment . The Vary same laws the followers of Islam Reject. Only in America ! Eaa?
  8. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    These are cheaper then the MAX 6675 . Too bad they only do Celsius. Red LED DC 12V Digital Thermocouple Thermometer Temperature meter https://www.banggood.com/Red-LED-DC12V-Digital-Thermocouple-Thermometer-Temperature-meter-0999C-with-Probe-p-1031834.html?rmmds=search
  9. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    When you have something that's starting to look like a engine again, get me some measurements to work with. The Graphics LCD seems to have over shot Deming by a few thousand Miles. LOL ! 2017-09-25 05:56 QUEENS NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER, Departed USPS Regional Facility, Your item departed our USPS facility in QUEENS NY DISTRIBUTION CENTER on September 25, 2017 at 5:56 am. The item is currently in transit to the destination.
  10. No more NFL

    Followers of Islam ! Take your Disrespect and Rejection of OUR ways of life to a Islamic Country. America is NOT or ever will be a Islamic Country. Your Islam is CONTRARY to every thing this country is. There is only One Allegiance following Islam.. ISLAM ! There is only One Law following ISLAM. ISLAM. Our Laws, Our ways of life , Our Culture are Meaningless to a Follower of Islam.
  11. CC / CCB following Irma..

    Not always so. When I was there we too a Major Cut in the beaches a few time. The heavies got tossed further inland. People was finding goodies way up out of the water.
  12. Twisting Up DIY Coils ?

    Gearing up to build one of the TGSL PCB's I have squirreled away. Knocking off a quick 5" DD to get it set up when done. This is what the Build Document Calls for. Diameter: 255mm x 137 mm (one coil) Wire size: .25mm (30 AWG) enameled Tx approx 99 turns of wire. Rx Approx 104. Tx inductance: 6.0mH Tx resistance: 18 – 25 Ohms Tx resonance - About 14.5 kHz Rx Inductance: 6.5mH Rx resistance 18 – 25 Ohms Rx resonance with 15nF – About 16.1 kHz I only had 28AWG at hand and Deviated from the Prescribed Number of winding's and Coil dimensions. Only completed the Tx Coil this far. I ended up with 166 turns of wire due to the Wire Size and Smaller Form. Shield is Copper Tape. Used it a pile on simple Mono Coils with good luck. The stuff is a pain to wrap without tearing. The foils not much thicker then the foil of a Gum Wrapper. As seen on my Chines Special Meter (Gotta Love those Chinese characters for the mH, Eaa?) I achieved the 6mH and Resistance required. . Not seen is after foil it dropped to 5.97Mh. This calculates out the machine should be running 14353.122 Hz with this coil. My plan is to build one as described and modify the second to run twice the normal Freq . 30Khz. If this works as Planed I should end up with something like a 30Khz LoBo. This Coil is only for Testing but may be the bases for a good Sniper Coil for the other machine, Eaa?
  13. Californias New Gold Rush NBC Nightly News

    Yep and in 6 months or so the Used Market will be Killing Grounds.
  14. Californias New Gold Rush NBC Nightly News

    After watching that all I can think about is how many hundreds of ignorant folks are going to hit the hills in search of their riches. The same thing happens with all the Metal detector Shows. They get out there not having a clue about the Laws or Etiquette's involved and cause a stink...
  15. STUFF !

    There is Junk. There is Keen Junk. And then there is STUFF ! Don't mess with a guys STUFF ! LOL