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  1. >>>FS SDC 2300 with extras<<<

    You NEED to buy this Felix, it's a SMOKING hot deal.... a GREAT value... I sold the identical package used for $3,600.00. This is a GREAT deal!!!!!!!! If I didn't already have a 7000 and am picking up a 5000, I'd be all over this... GET IT FELIX, you'll love it. Jen
  2. >>>FS SDC 2300 with extras<<<

    STEP AWAY.... FROM THE PAYPAL RECEIVE BUTTON....!!!!!!!! .... although I can't blame you, I sold my 2300 for the exact same reason.

    Book arrived safely, very cool reading, thank you Tom. Only thing missing is the map to all the big nuggets..haha Jen

    Yea I'll take it, how do you want payment and does that price include shipping? I can paypal you and you can mail it to me here in Phoenix. Thanks Jen
  5. Premium Membership Stuff

    Thanks Bill, that's great, that's all I needed to know... appreciate it... I'll go check out the settings area and explore more, hadn't been in there much prior to my donation so didn't notice the difference, thus my question, thanks again.
  6. Premium Membership Stuff

    La la la...... still waiting to hear the difference between free and full paid membership.
  7. Happy Birthday Mike Furness

    Happy Birthday Mike, sorry I couldnt' be there to do it in person, this will have to do...
  8. 950 miners trapped in South Africa

    I beg to say, if you're hundreds of feet down and the lights go out... any issue is tragic to you...
  9. Please pray for our trapped brothers and sisters in South Africa. https://www.express.co.uk/news/world/913199/miners-trapped-Sibanye-Stillwater-Beatrix-gold-mine-Johannesburg-south-africa
  10. Woo Hoo... I just accepted a new position and need to spend a sign on bonus... if anyone out there has a new or near new GPX-5000, I'm looking to add one to my harem. Let me know what you have and your price, you can PM me on this site or email me at jennifer#@#nuggetfinder.ca. (remove the 2 #'s) Thanks all. Jen
  11. Premium Membership Stuff

    Check where Bill, is there a page that shows the different membership levels? I'm happy to support regadless of any extra bennies but just curious. Your earlier response didn't clarify anything to me, but I'm blond... :o)
  12. January Snow and Gold

    Let me take you up to my claims in Winter BC Mitchel, I bet I can change that...hahahaahaa