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  1. scatterguns

    How much for the street girls sign, I reckon if I hung it on my RV door it would pay for itself quick enough...hahahaha just kidding.. couldn't resist. To be serious, how much for the pistol grip Moss?
  2. Still available and has moved to Scottsdale/Phoenix area for local pickup... $175.00 cash.
  3. Equinox Speed Test Video

    Mod, can you please move this to the coin forum, sorry. Thx Jen
  4. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    Where's the other one? Some women pay big bucks for check inplants. I think you're BS'ing...... Your cheeks are full of nuggets... nice try Chip n Dale. Jen
  5. ..... I realize multi day skunks suck guys, but really, machine gun fire? Isn't that taking it a bit far?
  6. Dome top

    I just emailed you a full size copy Bill, send her a link to this thread if she wants a quick look, the full size is a large file. Jen
  7. Dome top

    Yes for sure Bill, it's from my hydraulic site in BC... it would make a GREAT add photo for them... "The past meets the future" of gold prospecting. If they want to use it for an ad, have her contact me... tell her I said hi, I met her at the conference. Jen
  8. It only takes a second....

    Hi Mitchel, it was a pleasure showing you around, sorry you didn't get any gold while we were detecting but those meteorites make the trip worthwhile and the knowledge and confidence you have to go to those safe to detect places I showed you more than make up for it I'm sure. You're right, it started raining on me as well. After you and I parted ways in the wash, I went down to the 1/2 ouncer spot I showed you but was skunked. Was getting a lot of lightning EMI and then the rain sent me home. I'm in the Phoenix area now so have no more plans to detect up there in the near future so go clean out all those spots you marked in your findgold app. Maybe we'll see each other on LSD or Quartzsite one day.... Take care. Jen
  9. Dome top

    Thanks Fred...
  10. It only takes a second....

    It's been ok in the mornings with the occasional afternoon shower, I've left and am down near LSD now so not sure what it's like today. Jen
  11. Dome top

    And I have to apologise publicly to Bill because both times I suggested he contact Doc I was totally blond hair momenting the fact that he was a dealer for items from Doc. Sorry Bill, I totally forgot you could get those items, I should have mentioned you as a source for them. Please don't anyone think I suggested Doc because I'm in any way any longer involved in his business, selling for him or promoting him, I simply had recalled seeing them on his shelves while assisting him last year. Had I not brain farted, I of course would have encouraged our supporting of Bill and this board by purchasing items from him when possible and as my apology to Bill, after I hit submit here I plan on going over and paying the $40.00 to support the board. If you can't afford to sign up, at least please purchase from Bill when possible... Thanks all. Jen
  12. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Thanks guys... Jen
  13. November 17th to 19th Nugget Shooter Outing

    Thanks Luke.... part of my question still stands... is the blue area in the map image I included what they mean by state trust land we're not allowed to detect on (but may camp and park on with a permit, which I just purchased). I'm not a club member and have no plans to become one... I'm a BLM'er Thx all