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  1. If there'd been a chunk of coal in the crack of my ass, it'd be a diamond by now... pucker factor for sure... be safe out there!!!!!
  2. jjbond

    Trump 45 meterite sidearm

    Jeeeesh... hahahahaha I stand corrected and updated my post, I read it and that totally slipped by me... haha
  3. Uh huh....... How true it is Doc, how true it is.......
  4. jjbond

    Source for NF Skid Plates

    See my text message..
  5. jjbond

    Source for NF Skid Plates

    Email them.. I know some of the covers, they (or Rob does) have but aren't on their web page. Rob's eBay listings are pretty full and complete.
  6. jjbond

    UTV's and dust

    A how in duh hed, it'll do it to you every time..
  7. jjbond

    Metal detector sled

    I have to ask, as a fellow Canuckistanian, where abouts in Canada do you plan to detect where you have such wide flat smooth surface that you can use a blanket or huge tow behind coil? Are you east of the Rockies?
  8. Awesome... nice to see you putting videos up again Doc.... Thanks for posting....... and ya even called it a ZED, not a ZEE, I now pronounce you, an honorary Canadian.... Jen
  9. jjbond

    Just a couple Outing picks

    YUUUUUMMMM darn it!!! Now I'm hungry again Mike... That cake is a work of art, whoever decorated it (which bakery)... they need a plug in the post for future business.. very well done. I love the little drywash tailing piles, the only thing missing are the tiny chunks of rusted old timer cans and boot tacks.
  10. jjbond

    Cool find at the outing

    1966 is the year my dad went in as well.... (not into the army, it was the year I was concieved/born)..hahaha
  11. jjbond

    Cool find at the outing

    Dont' rule that idea out Mr. Stake.... hhahaa... 15 minutes ago I got offered a fantastic job in Placerville so I may be up there quicker thank you think... We'll keep in touch. Jen
  12. jjbond

    Cool find at the outing

    Well if you ever get to Phoenix and you need someone to go out with, someone to assist you to have some time on the field, get you around, etc... you let me know Grub.. I'd be honored to be your pick bitch for the day if it'll help let you spend some time on the gold fields... no one should ever have to give up what they love because they aren't fit enough to go out or have too much pride to ask for someone able to help, for some of their time. I have no idea your age but society today has lost all respect and appreciation for the value of the friendship and knowledge we can all get by having an elder, a mentor in our lives. Us in Ham Radio/Amateur Radio call them Elmer's, someone who came before us and took us under their wing to teach and to whom we owe a debt of gratitude. From Wikipedia: Established amateurs who help newcomers are often referred to as "Elmers", as coined by Rodney Newkirk, W9BRD,[32] within the ham community. I thought I found my detecting mentor a while back but it didn't work out that way... Everyone deserves a day on the gold fields my friend, and those of us who can, owe it to those who can't, to make that day possible (especially for those of you who have served). Jen
  13. jjbond

    Thanks Giving to you ALL !

    Yup but as I'm also Canadian (dual citizen), we have Turkey Day in October so I end up having to eat two of them in total so the low calorie count is a necessity..hahahha
  14. jjbond

    Thanks Giving to you ALL !

    Life of a single poor white trailer trash gal, the decisions are easy........
  15. jjbond

    Nov outing with pictures!

    Thanks Digger...