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  1. FS: Minelab Pro-Find 25

    Price Lowered: $80.00 shipped... collecting dust now that I have the 35.
  2. Not quite gold related and nice dinner video, but glad you're ok none the less. Might be more appropriate in the Prospectors Lounge area mods, of which you are one Doc. Jen
  3. $5,500.00 https://phoenix.craigslist.org/nph/ele/d/minelab-gpz-7000-metal-gold/6407583809.html
  4. FS: Minelab Pro-Find 25

    FS: Minelab Pro-Find 25, used less than 3 times and only on Sundays, $100.00 shipped
  5. Uh huh....... How true it is Doc, how true it is.......
  6. Things taking up space, come pick it up in Phoenix for $150.00. Am moving and don't want to pack it up.
  7. Source for NF Skid Plates

    See my text message..
  8. Thank you GWatts, ya never know... they may come back with an offer I can't refuse, the work is in Rancho Cordova so close to the gold fields, for sure. Jen
  9. Source for NF Skid Plates

    Email them.. I know some of the covers, they (or Rob does) have but aren't on their web page. Rob's eBay listings are pretty full and complete.
  10. Source for NF Skid Plates

    Did I scratch them up that bad before selling them to you? (kidding)..... I'm not going to make a recommendation as last time I did it without thinking and blond momented that Bill could get the item for someone who I sent over to Doc.... so that being said..... If Bill can't get it for you, Rob has always been fantastic on shipping stuff VERY quickly so that's where I've purchased that exact item from in the past with great success... again, try Bill first so we support the board but Rob's a top notch NF seller in my opinion... and I should know, I own http://www.nuggetfinder.ca and jennifer@nuggetfinder.ca (it's a long story)
  11. Perfectly spoken fine sir, a gentleman you are!!!!! Mod, please feel free to lock this thread before it goes pear shaped again, perfection would be, it ending on SS Al's beautiful words.
  12. There's no "feud", there never has been one, I just want to be left alone. Welcome back.
  13. Thanks for the correction, god bless you Adam.
  14. UTV's and dust

    A how in duh hed, it'll do it to you every time..