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  1. Bug 2 or gold monster

    That's some might fine looking gold LipCa.
  2. Rocker box pics

    Here's another good one..
  3. Rocker box pics

    I thought these were pretty cool pic. You don't see rockers much these days but they were used quite a bit back in the day...
  4. First sunbaker 22.6g AZ Specimen!

    Impressive specimen for sure, and even cooler that it was a sunbaker! Congrats on a sweet find!
  5. Rusty Gold

    My dad and I got a tour last year from a guy who started reworking an old mine in Idaho. He showed me lots of relics including several old candle holders they found when they were exploring the old tunnels. Some even had wax still in them. Very neat and I agree some are quite valuable.
  6. Norway relics

    Sure would like to detect this site: https://www.yahoo.com/news/archaeologists-race-melting-glaciers-rescue-120002510.html
  7. Weekend Exploration ....Pays Off

    Nice job boys!
  8. Break in the rain

    Looks good to me!
  9. Found in Lesotho, Africa. http://www.latimes.com/business/la-fi-lesotho-mine-diamond-20180115-story.html
  10. Sunday Gold

    Definitely just luck, but congrats anyway.
  11. Really neat video of a placer operations on Sterling Creek in southern Oregon. Some impressive gold but also really neat to see the details of a large placer operation.
  12. 16 to 1 wash

    Some nice treasures for the day. Well done.
  13. Arizona Gold Tour

    Dang that's a pretty little piece!
  14. "LYNX" GOLD

    That is a handsome nuggy!