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  1. IDdesertman

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    Heres a few more, these are still from dredges on the Yuba. I think I'm getting toward the end, I've got one more box to go through with maybe a dozen slides.
  2. IDdesertman

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    I've still got a few more dredge pics... These are from one of the dredges on the Yuba River I believe.
  3. IDdesertman

    1.7 oz Nevada Nugget!!

    Man that is a very nice nugget!
  4. IDdesertman

    Idaho nuggetshooting

    You bet. in the SW part you could try Silver City area but I've never seen much in the way of nugget-sized gold from that area. Not to say its not their but I haven't seen much detectable size gold. Venture south a few more hours and you'll be in nugget country.
  5. IDdesertman

    Idaho nuggetshooting

    Perhaps if you could elaborate beyond "desert areas of Idaho" you will get a some better info from folks. That's a pretty big area and a tad vague. Trying to do any nuggetshooting south of the Snake River is going to be a wasted effort except for a few very select areas until you get down into NV. The link that Dakota Slim shared is from my website. Free info and a good start.
  6. IDdesertman

    Idaho nuggetshooting

    ^^ Not anymore. I heard that all the nuggets have now been found.
  7. IDdesertman

    Idaho nuggetshooting

    Since you mention the desert areas in Idaho I assume you are talking about southern Idaho. For nugget shooting, most guys I know are driving a few hours further south and hitting Nevada.
  8. IDdesertman

    Odd Places

    I found a little patch like that once. All the gold seemed to hang up on the rim of an outcropping. Very weird as I didn't find any gold under it down in the wash were you would expect most of it to be, although I suppose someone could've come by and got them already. If not for some good looking color changes in the soil I probably wouldn't have spent much time in the area at all. Good finds Adam and hopefully more to come from that spot...
  9. IDdesertman

    Did not go to Rawhide.

    Love the character of that Nevada gold. Neat stuff.
  10. IDdesertman

    gold Nuggets

    Here's some!
  11. IDdesertman

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    Here's the only pic I have of the Callahan dredge.