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  1. Eureka Gold

    Good man keep it and learn it-Ive done good with the XT18000 and the golden hawk which are just like yours except for the wrappersits just a matter of time till you pop that first nugget Mike C...
  2. Minelab Gold Panning Kit Prize

    Cool thanks Bill for the contest-33.00 is my guess Mike C...
  3. Eureka Gold

    Hey Rick I have a gently used minelab 11 inch coil with cover that will fit right up to your eureka-I got it when I bought my XT18000 which is more or less the same machine but in a different box-it will give you more depth on bigger targets when set at 6.4 Khz-PM me if your interested-Thanks Mike C...
  4. Kicked the SKUNK.......FINALLY.

    Nice one Mike C...
  5. Mike C. Falsing fix?

    Steve I have no problem with you I've always respected you as being non biased I simply asked you why you didn't do anything and now I knowThanks Steve 👋 Mike C...
  6. Mike C. Falsing fix?

    No I didn't report it to minelab only because I half ass fixed mine. Why didn't you step up to the plate I'n behalf of the others that were experiencing the same issues on your forum ? are you not affiliated with minelab ? I didn't even say anything to Bill he took it upon himself to help. Have a good day Mike C...
  7. Southern AZ Gold

    Ya especially if you want to dig DEEP trash in rock hard ground Mike C...
  8. Mike C. Falsing fix?

    Yes Somewhere in that time frame and Bill is the only one that's affiliated with minelab to say or do anything about it Thanks Bill Mike C...
  9. Jim Straight here

    Thanks Chris I was wondering where Jim was its been quite a while since he posted here-Mike C...
  10. 3rd world manimals all the way Mike C...
  11. Mike C. Falsing fix?

    Hi Bill I appreciate what you have done and I might not like paying the over inflated prices for their products but lets face it minelab puts out some good stuff and I would never quit using their products-as of now I have 4 minelab beepers -Lets wait and see what they have to say but until then Ive cured my problem with the issue but I wonder how many newbies dont know the difference Mike C...
  12. Mike C. Falsing fix?

    Hi Bill I guess your coil is better than mine because I tried different positions even the one that fixed your problem-on my coil it wasnt just a slight falsing like experienced on most coils when bumped hard enough-if it was barely bumped it set the machine off loud like a target signal-thats fine and dandy if you dont touch anything while beeping which some have done to avoid the issue -me I like to tic-tac the coil on the ground and push it into the bushes and between rocks and so all the falsing just doesnt work for me let alone my wife and what about the newbies which this machine was targeted for-total confusion for them Id guess- so I had to do something to rectify the PROBLEM because we seen what kind of help MINELAB offered and I know they were aware of the issue even before this because they do follow the forums-I really didnt want to make a big deal out of this butttt you brought it up I think the GM is a kick A$$ little beeper other than that So Im done with this because I came up with a fix to band aid the existing problem that should have never been there in the first place Mike C... PS-Bill thanks for trying at least
  13. Mike C. Falsing fix?