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  1. Thats easy Santa of course Mike C...
  2. Inspiration From Ridge Runner

    Heres a pic of the stand I got-I marked and drilled 2 holes n my shaft and secured it with the set screws-it has a wider stance and elevates the detector off the ground it works really well and it doesnt look like an oakey made it Mike C...
  3. Inspiration From Ridge Runner

    Very nice Mike C... PS-heres mine it works way better than the arm cuff one it only cost me $16.00
  4. An old patch

    IMO I dont think you need anything bigger than a 16 for most most AZ areas depth wise Now if your trying to cover alot of ground quickly thats a different story bigger is better Good going on the gold Dean Mike C...
  5. Small nug awakening

    Just turn the sat way up and that smooths most of it out Mike C...
  6. An old patch

    Ah ya gotta love that blood red soil-good going How did Dean do ? Mike C...
  7. Small nug awakening

    Actually it was on edge so I can see how it was missed now if it was laying flat Im sure the 5000 would of seen it-I have found under 1 grainers with my 5000 Mike C... The guy who passed over it is very good with his 5000
  8. My Collection

    v Very Nice collection for sure- Mike C...
  9. Small nug awakening

    Decomposed granite bedrock-the redder the better Thanks Mike C...
  10. Small nug awakening

    Since its kinda slow here thought Id post this one that I found a few weeks ago- I awoke it from its long slumber-I took my time on this one I usually just dig em out and maybe take a pic-I know its small Its a whopping 2.5 grains and was down about 3 inches-found with a 2300 -Funny thing is a 5000 had just gone over it and didnt even hear it so I guess the 2300 is good for something Mike C...
  11. Best coil choice for GPX

    I hear you I bought it for Gold basin since its wide open ground and I could cover alot in a short amount of time the only problem is I dont know when Ill be up that way again so maybe Ill post it in the classifieds-Good luck Mike C...
  12. five hour hunt yesterday

    Is there a bush hanging over your hole ? Ive had wire hanging in a bush close or above a hole more than once-figured it out after digging to BFE Mike C...
  13. Best coil choice for GPX

    Go with a mono that would be my choice Mike C... PS you should buy my coiltek 24X12 ufo you could really cover some ground then
  14. Lots of good coin beepers out there now and rumor has it that the new minelab wont be available till sometime in spring-is that our spring or the Aussies spring Mike C...