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  1. AZ Meteorite Sells For $237,500

    You can do the same thing with gold Mike C...
  2. >>>FS SDC 2300 with extras<<<

    SOLD pending payment-Thanks Felix and NS Mike C...
  3. >>>FS SDC 2300 with extras<<<

    PM sent
  4. >>>FS SDC 2300 with extras<<<

    Just do it-Im pay pal ready Mike C... PS-I forgot to mention it also has factory box and owners manual-I can text pics to serious buyers.
  5. Nice pics Rod you lucky dog Mike C...
  6. Up for sale is a SDC 2300 in good shape comes with nuckle guard extra coil skid plate-headphone adapter so you can use any headphones-Docs control box cover and the lion batteries with charger and adapters-I really like it and its found me gold but I have a 5000 so Im sticking to that-First $2600 gets it-prefer local sale but will ship on buyers dime-If interested PM me through here-Will put up pics later on-Thanks-Mike C...
  7. Very nice Vulture gold Good story as well Mike C...
  8. I found some gold today

    Nice Gold I NEEEEEEED to get OUTTTTTTT soon Mike C...
  9. Nice Pieces !

    Nice species Mike C...
  10. SDC2300 Li-ion battery adaptors

    Good job it will get 2X more run time than the stock setup plus unlike the stock setup or alks it wont slowly lose its voltage-it holds its voltage till the end-Ive been running this setup for sometime now with no problems at all Mike C...
  11. Weekend Exploration ....Pays Off

    Hey Bob do you have any recent pics of yourself-the only pics you show of yourself are from 25 years ago when I knew you Mike C...
  12. Good job even though I cant see the gold Mike C...
  13. Junkyard Dog Wash - Literally

    I would say they had a run in with the Elementals Mike C...
  14. Weekend Exploration ....Pays Off

    ATTABOYS Hows that Mike C...