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  1. could be epidote. I was reading a mineralogical report a while back and it stated that epidote and chlorite were found together in the Gold Basin area. The link to the report if you need some nap time is https://pubs.usgs.gov/pp/1361/report.pdf
  2. I believe Gold Basin has some chlorite minerals...maybe Clinochlore but I am not that knowledgeable on minerals.
  3. looks like flint from the UK. http://www.ancientcraft.co.uk/Flintknapping/Flintknapping.html
  4. Two that come to mind is oolite limestone or variolite. I am not familiar with that area so both guesses could be wrong. Can you let if the dark spot are crystals...any transparency to them?
  5. Copper Replacement Agate

    I've been wanting to add one to my collection for a long time. Even the lower quality ones can be very expensive.
  6. Memories of Beeline and Manzanita

    Tom you think the smell of the rendering plant was bad at Manzanita. I did some engineering work for them and had to do a site walk. It was so bad I almost did not get through it. The survey crew was praying that we did not need to send them back there. Unfortunately I only managed to get to Manzanita a couple times before it closed. We have gone to Canyon Speedway quite a bit but have not been there lately.
  7. Wow you did very well on that trip. Are you going to be selling any?
  8. My LSD geode

    That is a pretty nice geode. There are a few geode locations in that area but yours is much nice than a lot that I have seen.
  9. Toms coil and repair week

    Hey Dean I was up your way last weekend. Checked out a few new areas to hit once it cools off.
  10. What kind of stones are they?

    Beach Glass https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sea_glass
  11. Looks like it might be Quartzite
  12. Fluorite is the cubic purple crystals. The silver plates in the last picture is Muscovite. It is hard to tell what the red mineral is in the last picture but my guess is Garnet. Closer pictures showing the crystal structure would help.
  13. Moonstone is just one of many feldspars that are very interesting. Sunstones are also feldspars that come in various forms. Once of my favorite so far is the Rainbow Lattice Sunstone from Australia. I managed to get a nice parcel of them but they sure do not come cheap.
  14. May even be Opalite which is a manmade glass with Opalescence effect.