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    It can happen, remember Alaska Tom, who once was in the Fisher GB-2 magazine ads. Fisher sent him a detector, said to pay for the machine later when he finds gold. Tuning it or trying to, found out a nugget was under the coil while adjusting the ground balance/threshold. A large enough nugget, doesn't matter if they know what they are doing.
  2. Australia?

    Here is another from down under. A few years back a fella name Kevin or his name on here "CaliGoldDigger " visited Australia and needed some spots to go try. I organised to meet him out at Tuena for a few days to have a pan and run my highbanker . His family camped out there and had a chance to really enjoy the Aussie bush and scenery and he even took home a bit of gold. It was an absolute pleasure to help him out so please let your friend know he is more than welcome to post up here as there will always be someone here to show him around.
  3. Thoughts on Claim

    See if this helps any.
  4. Our fearless leader, a star is born.

    Better pick and shovel design to help you dig deeper...maybe they already exausted all those ideas.
  5. Australia?

  6. Australia?

    Getting a little more feedback from down under...hey, even icons copied. time of year will help Prepare his family !? Secure his job !( he could be here longer than he thinks)( but not long enough that immigration won't notice ) Take out the rights to the book ! ( and furure movie rights ) ! get him to think about how he will get the g o l d out of the country without being noticed ( good luck with that ). get him to bring water too ( as were all thirsty, and usually don't have enough to go round )
  7. Australia?

    Last year, not as big of a nugget, as the July 2015 huge one (think I got the month right) but sure helps Minelab sell detectors after a good find is made. People not realizing how much work it is, go buy a detector to try their luck too.
  8. Australia?

    The nugget was found in Victoria's Golden Triangle on a Friday. The area encompasses the historic gold mining towns Ballarat and Bendigo and stretches west to Stawell which is about 240km from Melbourne. http://www.theage.com.au/victoria/i-couldnt-believe-my-eyes-victorian-prospector-unearths-145ounce-gold-nugget-20160824-gr0g4h.html
  9. Australia?

    Be sure and watch this video...2 hours of hard work but you'll see dug nuggets before it is finished. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lMJxkeHz_yg
  10. Australia?

    Didn't take long, here is my first response from down under. Hi RRD, ask him where he's planning to detect, then those in the area would offer to assist.
  11. Australia?

    I'll put you in contact with them down under...if you like.
  12. 5-Friday, and 5-Today,---"Yowsa !!"

    Nice yellow color showing through on them, see you made it a new avatar.
  13. Hello

    Welcome, wish I could be there!
  14. Black coated gold nuggets, Salton Sea area?

    Yes, I think you are right about him also sending to other magazines.
  15. CC / CCB following Irma..

    After Irma, on the treasure coast side, guys were digging a lot of musket balls, maybe some Spanish silver too. Another treasure hunter from Georgia (NC?), anyway it was one of those states. He went down there following along a ways behind, checking the dug holes which didn't get filled in... finds included a lot of missed musket balls, encrusted objects, and a beautiful very ornate Spanish gold coin (left behind in one of the holes).