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  1. Red_desert


    I haven't been on the Aussie forum in a while, probably should stop in soon. It's always been a good place to make comments, nice friendly atmosphere.
  2. Red_desert


    Yeah...you just have to be careful, 👀
  3. Red_desert


    So, hunting animals is illegal. Sounds like the locals steal anything they want and can get their hands on.
  4. Red_desert


    Sure, hunter's game blind works every time. 🙃 Probably would make a nice porta-potty too!
  5. Red_desert


    We have a fence pliers like that, one side is curved to a point, push under staple top edge and pry it out in seconds. I think one part of the pliers is made to grip top of staple, wiggle it then the pry end slips in.
  6. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    I decided to keep them separate, above Hebrew/Phoenician only. Compare above letter M with NA mountains and NA fish with above fish. You compare with above left to right-Kemetic 200 BC, Semetic 1500 B.C.E., Phoenician 1,000 B.C.
  7. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    I was talking about the old picture Hebrew, the rock carving NA picture writings. I can't tell you much about the Native American, you would have to search Internet using "Native American pictographs. Actually, as for a written language the Cherokee were probably first tribe. Utah has some sites with picture carvings, I've seen some photos posted by treasure hunters and somewhere find sketches on the Internet. I'll post this one NA pictograph chart I'd found, now don't have any info on how old they are, but some have a rainbow which is ancient. For over 2,000 tribes from everywhere in north American made a pilgrimage to what is now Hot Springs Arkansas. When the rainbow appeared, they were ready for their ceremonies to start. Then you have the rainbow warrior prophesies that originated. They had 7 sacred caves associated with the site, all Native Americans hoped to travel there at least once in their lifetime. As guess you could even say it was like the "Mecca" of NA culture. Here maybe it might be better to only post a couple at a time, comparing Hebrew/Phoenician with only the one NA chart pictures. Ignore the last 2 letters of M & fish for they are Greek/Roman.
  8. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    I though there seemed to be obvious ties between the most ancient Hebrew alphabet forms and the American Indian. The more ancient you get on the Hebrew, the closer of a match you get.
  9. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    Well, I know it's far too risky (and expensive) of a venture for me...quite a few have already wasted their money, not being successful at it.
  10. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    Actually, I have been doing some research on the most ancient forms of the Hebrew alphabet, a little on the others closely related. Yes, I've already deciphered some of the Native American pictographs, as being of Mideast origin. I do have a limited knowledge of Torah type of Hebrew but not studied the recent modern Hebrew spoken in Israel today. It is the Cherokee tribe which believes they originated from the Middle East. Here is a link you might look at, it is easier to read than on the more complicated technical DNA websites. http://torah-voice.org/DNA links Cherokee to Northern Israel and coast.htm Cherokee DNA finds matches in Northern Israel, and along Eastern Mediterranean coastal regions LAWRENCEBURG, TN. – Genetic research directed by the Equahiyi-Wasi (Abraham-Moses Project) of the Central Band of Cherokee has discovered links with peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean including Northern Israel and the coastal region. "The Cherokee comprise one or more of the Northern Tribes of Israel, collectively called, 'the House of Israel' before their exile more than 2,730 years ago," said Principal Chief Joe "Sitting Owl" White of the Central Band of Cherokee, who have a museum and Council House in the Town Square. Seafaring tribes who occupied the coastal region of ancient Israel included Dan, Asher and Zebulun as well as the ancient Phoenicians and P'lishtim, the name by which Yasser Arafat called the Palestinian people. Most of northern Israel was occupied in biblical times by the two families comprising the House of Joseph: Ephraim and M'nashe with part of Benjamin. Other archaeological finds and spiritual practices of the Cherokee and DNA lines point to Cherokee influence and assimilation from a priestly sect of Hebrews known as Cohein among the tribe of Levi. The Equahiyi-Wasi, is a society of 13 Cherokee, mixed blood, and Jewish professionals, who are researching archaeological, cultural, historical, linguistic, spiritual and DNA links of the Cherokee and other Native tribes. This includes the landmark findings by Dr. Donald “Panther” Yates, principal investigator at DNA Consultants, a genetic testing company in Phoenix, and one of the 13. Other articles published in the current edition of Ancient American magazine update the research of the Scotsman James Adair who noted 23 similarities among the Cherokee spiritual beliefs and practices and Hebrew priests in his 1775, London, “History of the American Indians.” The Cherokee observance of the New Moon, gleaned from the unpublished but copyrighted manuscripts of John Howard Payne describes a ceremony parallel to the Hebrew observance. Payne, who befriended the principal chief of the Cherokee before the Removal, also describes the layout and order of the Cherokee Council House in terms of Hebrew kabbala. “We are investigating whether the Cherokee People may also have been a refuge for some Knights Templar families who fled from France to other parts of Europe and eventually the Americas. This could explain some of these esoteric influences,” the chief said. Yates’ research debunks long-held “sacred cows” of the archaeological community and raises questions about traditional theories that Native populations arrived across Siberian and Bering Strait land passages. “The DNA shows we came here by boats,” the chief explained. “Most Cherokee clans crossed the Atlantic but other tribes apparently Island-hopped the Pacific or migrated from the south country. DNA is serving as markers along a highway so we can eventually identify our origins and stops along the way.”
  11. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    How about entrance? This is in the same area. I wasn't suggesting that anyone search for it. But I can do better than this, not give out the location ever. Besides, it's been found a couple times already, has brought bad luck to the finders.
  12. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    It's on the mountain side, there is a pentagon shape above top right.
  13. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    Here is what an Egyptian Sa symbol looks like, this one is either made from gold or electrum and from Egypt. The rock carving above seems to be a reverse or mirror image of the true Sa symbol.
  14. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    Saul, what do you think of this carving, doesn't it look like an Egyptian Sa symbol? It is in AZ at Needles Cayon vicinity, Superstition Mts.
  15. Red_desert

    Hello, all

    Welcome! I wondered about your name, first time seeing it here in America. I have a pretty cousin named Linda who grew up in New York. She went on a tour to Israel once, met an orthodox Jewish guy while on the trip and married him. Since then Linda has even served in the Israeli army.