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  1. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    A couple times on my old Gold Fever DVDs, the underwater detector was used. In fact, on their Motherload claim in California his daughter was along and went swimming in the cold stream while scanning holding the Excalibur detector. Needless to say, she came up hand showing a large beautiful nugget probably a 2-3 ouncer. I'm thinking she might have been snorkeling along head watching the stream bottom.
  2. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Sounds like in the escape video they made in the California fire...bad stuff burning along the road and the curves, a real nightmare to live through, better to live so they kept going.
  3. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    The museum in Rio D burned down, I know that must be a long distance away. Yes, I watched a video on the TV news, similar situation in California, fire burning both sides of the road. They finally came to a tree across the road...guys put it in reverse all the way back to their lake campsite. It' bad enough to see a video of driving through an blazing landscape, would really hate being in one like that myself.
  4. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Nice nugget, this one has some character also. Apparently, must be brush burning time for gold hunters.
  5. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    I suppose mountain lions might be out at night, I think most of the big cat family must have good eyes in very dim light.
  6. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Yeah, steep banks you must be careful.
  7. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    You'll need to get enough nuggets before covered with water again.
  8. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    I imagine, plants get thick covering the ground quite well at times. Roots are supposed to be a good gold trap also. I've read of prospectors searching for trees downed in storms, along the streams though...right downed tree in the right location.
  9. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    That vegetation probably can hide some good nuggets!
  10. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Definitely, a couple of very different looking nuggets.
  11. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Don, I know you'll beat that skunk to death...WTG!
  12. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Looks nice on my new 17+ laptop screen. Just now upgraded to a newer one. My other was a 15+ WIN 7 upgrade to WIN 10. Need to get the new Ethernet cable you need to hook up the flat screen TV. A 29" TV hooked up to a laptop is the best way to view minerals, especially gold. Some things just don't show up very well on the laptop screen.
  13. Red_desert


    I haven't been on the Aussie forum in a while, probably should stop in soon. It's always been a good place to make comments, nice friendly atmosphere.
  14. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    Yeah...you just have to be careful, 👀
  15. Red_desert

    Sharing Finds

    So, hunting animals is illegal. Sounds like the locals steal anything they want and can get their hands on.