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  1. Reno Chris

    Crystal from an estate

    Kyanite grades from opaque to fully gemmy transparent crystals. I have seen plenty of Kyanite that looks very much like the one in the original picture. There is a kyanite mine in Imperial County, California that produces similar material. Measuring the hardness of kyanite is difficult as the hardness in one direction is different than the hardness perpendicular to that direction - the difference between the two directions is quite large. It can be really hard to see the true crystal shape in a 2D photo.
  2. Reno Chris

    $80 A Ton -- No Processing Required

    Processing is required. Fracking sand must be of certain sizes and nothing is that pure naturally. So yes, its just sand but it does have to be sized very carefully and that does require a processing plant.
  3. Reno Chris

    Interesting find please help

    If the rock has a metallic sheen, then I'd go with pyrite. Its hard to tell from blurry photos.
  4. Reno Chris

    Found rocks

    I'm with LipCa - ???? - It appears to me to be a leaverite of the highest order.
  5. Reno Chris

    Mineral ID

    I dont think its Galena. I am guessing Jamesonite because of one of the pictures. Still a lead bearing sulfide, but Jamesonite also has significant antimony.
  6. Reno Chris

    Crystal from an estate

    I'm leaning toward Kyanite as what the original poster was asking about.
  7. Reno Chris

    Help with Rock ID

    Although it has some angular features, it also has some very much melted features of rounding with probable bubble areas. Graphite rarely has a nice metallic surface, I think that photo is mostly a matter of photo reflection appearance. Graphite is only slightly metallic looking and also something that never looks melted. The metallic silver streak also says metal (Graphite has a steak that looks like pencil lead). In the end its impossible to be 100% sure. That's why identifying something from a photo or two is hard. The angular features could be an imprint of what it sat on in its melted form as it cooled. Also some metals will partly crystallize if they cool slowly. I'm still reasonably confident its some melted metal.
  8. Reno Chris

    Help with Rock ID

    Its a piece of melted metal. If heavy perhaps Babbitt or lead, if light, perhaps aluminum. But its not a rock or a natural mineral.
  9. Reno Chris

    Rawhide Nevada

    They found some coarse nuggets at Rawhide, but much of the placer was deep - 30 to 100 feet down and was worked with shafts and drifts along the bedrock. The shallow head of the placer area at Hooligan Hill was mined in the pit and is gone. While the pit is not active, much of the area is still fenced off.
  10. Reno Chris

    Research Time

    The obvious answer - the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada in California. Highs tomorrow expected in the low 60s here in Reno.
  11. Reno Chris

    Blasting caps

    Those look to be 1950s or 60s vintage. They can be plenty unstable and explode without any battery or electricity. They can go off from static in the air such as comes over in a thunderstorm. Dangerous stuff to have around the house to be sure. Much like old dynamite.
  12. Reno Chris

    Good Article In popular Mechanics

    An interesting article on a form of prospecting we talk little about. I've been doing a bit of that type of prospecting myself. I came up with a real interesting idea in January, we've now got a bunch of claims staked, with more to come. A deal has been inked with a mining exploration company and soon we'll be prospecting with 40 foot diameter coils from 100 feet in the air. As stuff is still happening, I cant really talk about it with any specifics, but in maybe 6 months we should have everything taken care of and be able to talk. In time there should be an article in the ICMJ and I'll be able to talk about it here too.
  13. Reno Chris


    Yep. When it comes to gold, many think its every man for himself, club or no club. There was also some dispute with a neighboring claim holder on those claims - I dont know how that one ended up. I didn't intend it in any mean sort of way, just a plain statement of the facts. Its true of most clubs. A few contribute, most take what they can. There was not a lot of training or learning. The giant craters left everywhere by the newbies attest to that. Most people, while they are nice folks, just wanted someone to put them on the gold. Many of those were not really capable of putting themselves on the gold.
  14. Reno Chris


    Yes. Of the two, the California claim produced far more gold.....
  15. Reno Chris


    My experience was that it was a group of a few experienced people who were willing to help and a bunch of nice but inexperienced folks who just wanted someone to put them on the gold without having to work for it. A lot of clubs are like that - few good contributors, and a majority who just want the benefits. Its easy for the contributors to burn out. And like most spots, the good gold is gone quickly. The only WSPA claim I ever found gold on was the one I contributed to the club - and I would guess that claim has contributed a lot of the gold found by WSPA members over the years. Pounds of gold were found there at one time - but no more as its been beat really hard and the last time I visited, there were open craters everywhere. A lot of newbie members that have no concept of filling in that 18 inch hole they just dug. Finding good spots is a lot of work and few want to do that very hard exploration work then give the good gold over to folks who cant or wont do that hard exploration work. I started with a good attitude, but eventually my attitude turned sour and I left.