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  1. Boise GPAA gold show this weekend

    Sorry we missed you there. I've been referencing your nevada-outback-gems.com site for months and it would have been nice to say hi. We had a great time in Idaho. I won one of the local chapter nugget drawings. It was really more like a small picker, but hey, I was glad to take it home. My husband won a GPAA outing in the Sunday door prize drawing. I figure we're riding a lucky streak so we'll be out this weekend in some of that 55 deg weather we're supposed to see. Perfect.
  2. minelab gpx-4500 ?

    I'd be extra cautious about those $1700 4500s on EBay. I was in Boise over the weekend and talked to Kevin Hoagland of Minelab. He says it's really hard to find a 4500 right now. Seems there's a gold rush in Sudan. As a consequence, Minelab is trying desperately to fill 10,000 4500s that have been backordered. Minelab can't produce them right now because there's a component, which is not manufactured by Minelab, that is in very short supply. Seems the component is also used in making LCD TVs. Anyway, what it all boils down to is that if those EBay items really are working 4500s, they would probably command a much higher price.
  3. Prospector Wanted in Ohio

    Give the guy a break. Maybe he's just trying to make ends meet. Kind of rough in Ohio.