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  1. Rod

    The tongue rock???

    If it is a tongue I have some layered rock cake it might like Cool find you have there.
  2. Just don't hook up an older Nugget Finder (NF) coil to an Extreme or you will risk frying the detector. Happened to my partner twice back around 2006 or so and both times ML repaired the detector at no cost. ML no longer services Extremes so once it’s toast, it’s toast unless you can find someone, somewhere, who may be able to repair it. This whole NF & Extreme topic kind of took on a life of it's own back then with some people saying that the Extremes required an "upgrade" to run NF coils. The truth of the matter was that an ML technician confirmed that the coils were incompatible with the detector, something to do with diodes if memory serves correct. A small number of detectorist experienced this same problem. I ran my Extreme for over 15 years on Coiltek & ML coils and found a lot of gold, never once needed to have the detector serviced or upgraded. Was still working great the day I sold it to a forum member last year. From my understanding the newer NF coils are compatible. For the record, I actually think NF coils are pretty kick ass, great company and product. My goal here is to share a note of real life experience and caution with old equipment floating around out there.
  3. Rod

    Tammy is getting it done

    Nicely done!
  4. Thanks Bill. Last year when the girls and I stopped by your place you mentioned having a hunt and burning some cow meat together, we'll have to do that one of these days We've been out exploring all over the place and we're looking forward to getting back to Cali and spending some more time with my cousin and his family in the mother lode country. Here's a few the GM cleaned up from the pavement patch too. Still surprised that no one else has found this spot as it's less than 3 miles off a paved and well traveled road. Totally agree, the GM is a lot of FUN And at the end of the day having fun is what it's all about.
  5. I’ve been enjoying using the Gold Monster for the last month or so to help dial it in for my better half. It’s kind of been tough to do this and not swing the 7000 but doing so has really helped her and that’s cool. We’ve been out traveling all over the place with the GM. My opinion of the GM is still forming but I have made some observations that I’ll share here. Time may change my positions (observations). Hot Ground The GM is not a panacea for hot ground. I know a few areas that are very hot and simply no detector does well in the them. My friends and I have swung every PI made from the SD 2100 to the 7000, SDC, TDI, etc. in these areas and it’s just the way it is. Some areas are simply extremely hot ground. The GM does handle hot ground better than the other vlfs (I’ve used) such as the Gold Bug 2 (GB2), White’s GMT, Minelab Eureka, or the Tesoro Lobo Super Traq. Sensitivity compared to other vlfs The GM is not as sensitive as the GB2 on the smallest pieces of gold. Close but not quite. Noting due to the difference in kHZ. I believe the fact that the GM handles the ground better does level the playing field here somewhat. Coils So far no crazy falsing from either coil. Was kind of wondering after reading the experiences of others with the small coil. Would really like to see a small 5 or 6 inch elliptical coil for the GM. Sounds My gut tells me whoever engineered the sounds of this unit played on an original Atari game console as a kid. Really enjoy the sounds this unit makes and the lack of a threshold is a nice change. At first I (and she) had to get used to the lack of a threshold “Is this thing working?” Battery Life Great battery life. 8-10 hours of use you and you’re still going. This is true for both the stock battery and when using the AAs in the adapter. Here are a few pics of the smallest and largest gold the GM has found for me. One sub 1/10th of a gram piece and a 1.16 ounce specimen (gold weight after specific gravity test) although it only has a little gold showing. There are plenty of other size nuggets and species that we’ve found in between these weights. Putting the large specie aside, we’ve found just under 2 ounces with the GM so far - with the specie added into the mix, it brings the total gold weight to over 3 ounces. It's a fun and capable unit - we'll be taking the GM along on our summer adventures to cooler areas of the U.S.
  6. Rod

    ? for Bill S. or?

    What he said :-) As long as it works
  7. A few more dinks with the Monster, from the Pavement Patch. Think I mentioned it before, this spot is less than 3 miles off a well traveled and paved road. Another great day
  8. Cool looking mods Tom - good ideas
  9. Thanks for the reminder Bill We did replace the stock headphones with Koss UR 80s. We tried 1/4 to 1/8 adapters (both mono and stereo) for the UR 30s and both worked fine surprisingly (from what I've read folks were seeing mixed results). The UR 80s are the smaller 1/8 jack and fit nicely. They are not quite as heavy duty as the UR 30s but much beefier than the stock Monster headphones (which are like something from the 70s Walkman era ). The 80s worked great and no need for an adapter We'll give the Monster another run tomorrow but think we'll hit a different area and this time, I'll bring the GPZ
  10. LOL on the title My better half has been wanting a Gold Monster as she is no fan of the drone of the threshold on the Gold Bug 2 (GB2). She often runs it silent and knows this can be risky with missing gold. So I bought her one and we decided to give it a few hour test run seeing it was such a beautiful day. It was very hard for me to leave the GPZ at home and just try and dial this thing in for her Our plan was to test the Monster in two areas.The first area is loaded with trash so we had the opportunity to test out the different modes. The second area has been pounded by numerous detectors over the years and you're lucky to ever hear a target. We also used both coils and liked them both. The little nugget was found with the 10x6 coil and I'm sure the 5' would have found the nugget as well. It was not very deep, maybe an inch. Now I've only used the Monster for one day so my opinion of it is still in the forming stages. Having used detectors for find gold for many, many years I can say that the Monster is an easy to use machine for me. And my better half finds it easier to use than the GB2. Why? She relates to the buttons and digital screen of the Monster far more than she does the knobs and switches of the GB2 and, she certainly enjoys the relative quietness of the Monster over the GB2. Seems like a fun, productive, and easy to use detector so far
  11. Can't remember what we ate Morlock. Some road house in Nevada maybe It always fun breaking bread with friends and certainly awesome to be feasting our eyes on the multi ouncers in our pokes. We each had a little humble pie too
  12. The 3.62 ouncer above is a great SDC memory. Why? Well, because it was found by a GP Extreme with a 14 inch coil. The wash we recovered this gold in was loaded with trash, seriously loaded. You could swing your coil, get a few dozen signals in 3 feet and that means you dig them all. One of my friends and I had been working the area and it took a while before another friend could join us due to his family needs, that happened a weeks later from the initial discovery. When he finally did join us, he brought the Extreme. He asked where to start and I gave him the pointy finger up where the 2.75 ouncer was found as there was a lot of ground up that way to cover still. Our approach to this area had been simple, three phase plan, dig all the banger signals in the cherry spots, then go back and work through the trash, then vac and dry wash it all. And so we did. This approach worked great. While executing the first phase we found a lot of big gold, ones like I’ve already posted. When the Extreme showed up we were still in phase one. Yeah, we’re slow but thorough My friend had been seeing all the texts of our gold and really wanted a big piece, thus the pointy finger. About 20 minutes into it he got a deep signal and popped the 3.62 ouncer out. The SDC just never heard it and I swung over the area several times. We were all very happy for him (lots of high fives and smiles ) and we all went on to collectively recover hundreds more nuggets (including some more big ones that I’ve not shared here) before we dry washed the area. This all happened a few years ago and my last trip to this area (testing the GPZ last year) resulted in only a very small nugget found. The wash is essentially target barren now having been ran with multiple vlf, pi, mvt, zvt detectors and dry washed. This nugget and story illustrates that the SDC does have its limits with depth and ground coverage but again, I often miss having one on in my arsenal. Such a great detector As for the sources of the gold, well that's another story for another day
  13. Different spots, same trip. Speaking of that...Here's a cleaned up 3.62 ouncer from just a few feet away from the 2.75 ouncer This is source gold. There were two sources in the same area, feeding the same main wash. We cleaned house here, there's much more