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  1. Micro Nugget

    Odd Places

    Taking a really long distance look back in time one realizes that oceans once may have covered an area that is now dry land. Thinking like a gold nugget, one then realizes that there are many, many iterations of differing geologic possibilities to explain the seeming randomness of where nuggets are found. The good news is that sometimes nuggets are found in patches and after several patches are found a larger "rear view" time mirror begins to take shape in the form of an extensive "field" comprised of the many patches. That is where I usually try to concentrate my efforts. This is so because by focussing on zones where the gold pops up in bunches the odds then begin to work in my favor. Sometimes though -- many times actually -- when searching for patches we all encounter the mystifying "lone wolf" nuggets that just seem to defy all explanations. And that is part of the charm or lore of nugget shooting that makes it, IMHO, such a satisfying and challenging endeavor.
  2. Last Sunday night (6-10-18) a BLM officer responded to a Joshua Tree National Park request to assist in the pursuit of an OHV. The chase departed from the park and ended on BLM land in the vicinity of Berdoo Canyon Road and Dillon Road. Not many details have been released other than there was a shot fired by the BLM officer at the end of the chase and an unnamed woman was shot and taken to the hospital. The officer was placed on administrative leave. Anyone know of any factual details? The usual standard in assessing these types of incidents is whether the officer was in fear of his life.
  3. Micro Nugget

    TWO EQ 800

    Any updates yet Bill on arrival of new shipment? Please let me know when they come in. I would like to buy one from you.
  4. Micro Nugget

    Lida Palmetto Tule Canyon Nevada area Finds

    I get the impression of butter on a nickel bun. Gorgeous finds!
  5. Micro Nugget

    GPZ7000 Strikes Again

    Yes Andyy, a very unusual pattern on this bad girl. The opposite side has character also. Weight: 1.4g exactly. Down about 8 inches beneath hardpacked cobbles in a gulley on a club claim.
  6. Micro Nugget

    GPZ7000 Strikes Again

    After yesterday's "Honey Do" chores I got a chance to swing my favorite detector. How nice it was to leave behind the press of day-to-day lists, tasks and sundry minor urgencies. Immersing one's self in the solitude and wide open spaces of Southern California's high desert refreshes my deepest innards. It is especially soothing to come home at the end of the day with a nice one in the poke.
  7. Micro Nugget

    Lead mining

    Hey Edge, I can feel your pain digging lead. It can be aggravating. A couple of months ago it cost me quite a bit of sweat equity just to recover a smallish, steel jacketed bullet. I was absolutely certain that I had a nugget because the ground was hardpacked and I didn't hit decomposing granite (false bedrock) until 22 or 24 inches. It never ceases to amaze me how those bullets find their way so seemingly impossibly deep. Fortunately my truck was nearby and I was able to use a shovel. Still, it took me around a half hour. Oh well, just one of those "realities" we all have to live with...
  8. Micro Nugget

    Desert Gold !

    Ahhh, how satisfying to see those nuggs basking in the sun. Thanks Adam for the "mood boost".
  9. Micro Nugget

    I Found A Specimen With The Equinox

    I am impressed with Mitchel's 800. I was with him the day he recovered his specie. After scrubbing the surface with water to get rid of the surface crud and dust we examined it with a magnifying glass. We could clearly see gold speckled along both sides of one edge. We found a spot without any trash contamination (not an easy thing right next to the still intact collar and head frame of a very old hard rock mine) and Mitchel began demonstrating how the 800 consistently registered a "1" when passed over the specie. I passed the coil of my 7000 back and forth over his specie and was able to get a fairly robust signal from up to 12" or 14" above it. Then we moved a short distance to an old sorting pile to see if the 800 could pick out an old discard chunk that was hiding its internal gold. We got excited when the 800 began consistently registering a "1" over one particular spot. Unfortunately the source of the signal turned out to be a very old crumpled up small wad of aluminum foil. That evening at my place it was pitch black outside so we took a powerful LED flashlight of mine and "candled" the translucent slab of specie. By so doing we were able to make out what appeared to be an internal gold inclusion that was approximately an inch or so from from one point to another. The milky quartz, however, was not clear enough to allow visual verification of whether or how much of the gold mass was interconnected. A conductivity test should settle that question. Now I want an 800 because there are many, many discard piles in places near to where I live and I can foresee some enjoyable hours spent trying to ferret out some hidden "micro nugget" gold!!
  10. Micro Nugget

    TWO EQ 800

    Hey Bill: Sign me up for an 800 when it becomes available. Thanks!
  11. Micro Nugget

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    The "fair share of trash" may help explain why others missed these nuggs. Just goes to show you what a determined prospector can accomplish especially if armed with a high tech detector like the GM1000.
  12. Micro Nugget

    Little Spring Wash - Revisited

    Wow, Adam, I somehow missed seeing this thread until just now. Another great job of an in situ photo. BTW, was that makeshift file found at or near to where the nuggets were found?
  13. Micro Nugget

    Dinky Dinks

    Long story short: It's still a good story...
  14. Micro Nugget


    I've been with WSPA since the beginning -- member #5. Over the years I've observed different styles from different folks; totally normal to expect in any volunteer group. Sometimes you get folks who tend to row together; then the "ship of state" plows onwards and stays pretty much on course. Other times a few who are responsible for tending to the helm may row more vigorously or less vigorously than the others; then the ship may tend to bob and drift. Meanwhile, the general membership seem to enjoy the cruise and catch plenty of fish regardless of course adjustments. As Fred commented, "It is what it is..." Over time a number of folks entirely unconnected with this forum have discovered WSPA, adding new flavors to the soup and making me want to remain a member.
  15. Rod: Those photos of yours taken with your new camera are better than "halfway decent." I'd say the photographer deserves some credit for the composition. Real talent isn't easy to hide.