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  1. Micro Nugget

    Equinox 6" Coil Beach Hunt

    Mitchel, it looks like you are loaded for bear for tomorrow night's PCSC find of the month competition with such nice displays. See you there.
  2. Micro Nugget

    MicroNugget showing how it's done!

    The flat bottom scoop is an ice scoop available in places like Smart & Final Iris. The place where we were hunting contains the primary gold down fairly deep mixed with a layer of ironstones in a heavy red clay. The weather is too hot right now to dig down for a chance at larger nuggs. Over the long periods of time flakes and smaller nuggets that we call "cornflake nuggets" get kicked up from this clay layer and into the blow sand (think desert tortoises, ground squirrels, gophers for example) or shaken out of the clay layer (think earthquake tremors, P-waves and the like) or washed out (think monsoonal flash flooding). In cooler weather some of us who don't mind some digging shovel off a foot or so of blow sand exposing a patch of red clay -- say 10' by 10' enough for a day's work. Then, magnets are employed to separate out the obvious ironstones. Once done, then we scan for nuggets with our detectors. The Gold Monsters prove their worth in this endeavor given all the ironstones. This is followed by scalping off another four to six inch layer or so and then on and on until we hit greenish decomposing granite -- typically around 3' or so deep. Usually no more nuggets once this is reached -- except every once in a while a whopper comes out from down deep. Then, next trip we backfill while exposing another day's work. During the hot weather we prospect the blow sand, marking the patches for later mining digs as described above. I hope this helps to understand our approach. Please see attached photo. The 7000 sniffed out three yesterday. The smallest is .06g. The other two are .36g and .37g. The flatfish one is the one I recovered shown in Patrick's video. All came clumped fairly close together. Patrick found another one a 100 yds away or so.
  3. Micro Nugget

    MicroNugget showing how it's done!

    Earlier in the day when Monster Guppy (AKA Patrick) spotted my truck and hooked up with me he requested that I let him know when I was getting a clear, repeatable signal as he would like to video the recovery. I don't use external speakers so unfortunately you can't hear the signal. The technique of employing two scoops -- one larger with a flat bottom side and the other spoon like -- allows fairly rapid isolation of the target. Anyway, after a two month hiatus, it was good to get out again even if the heat was a bit uncomfortable.
  4. Micro Nugget


    BTW, I forgot to mention. We have Desert Geckos on our property here in Yucca Valley, CA. They are marked with extremely similar colors and patterns, but are not nearly as large.
  5. Micro Nugget


    I, too, have encountered a big lizard similar to that one. Very chunky. It was 10-11 years ago in Gold Basin. Around 5 pounds by my guess. The orange and blackish coloration was a bit different. Might have been a Chuckwalla. Not sure if Chuckwallas live in Arizona though. I held my 14" search coil over it and estimated its length around 16" or so. It hissed a bit and assumed a defensive posture. Didn't have my camera but I surely remember that dude. Thanks for snapping the photos and sharing.
  6. Micro Nugget

    A couple of Oregon nuggets

    Glad the fires didn't intrude on that nugget area -- very impressive character to those nuggs BTW.
  7. Micro Nugget

    So what do you do....

    Not all that pretty???? Well, the eye of this beholder thinks she's a beaut!!!! Great piece of Mother Nature's artwork. Thanks for making my morning...
  8. Micro Nugget

    NEW Doc's GoldScreamer® Bungee

    Hey Doc, I have an application for that Nyglass "O" ring. Is that sold separately?
  9. Micro Nugget

    Gotta love those bees!

    I can feel your pain Sonny. Good thing those weren't yellow jackets. Those bad boys just keep on stinging and re-stinging. Nice nuggets to end up the story, though. Thanks for sharing.
  10. Micro Nugget

    Endangered species cleanup

    Thanks for carrying the initial oar on these important issues Clay. I for one will be mulling the listed proposals and sharing responses where I deem it helpful.
  11. Micro Nugget

    Endangered species cleanup

    I think maybe the FS hires college kids or gets free volunteer help from time to time. The career FS rangers that I have had contact with all were and continue to be pretty much trying to be fair and sticking to standard operating procedure. But on occasion Jill & I encountered youngish non-FS folks dressed in FS looking clothing. This one time a group of four our five of them just hunkered down on a slope that overlooked what we were doing on the North Fork of the Salmon River east of Sawyers Bar. They took photos, jotted down notes, but never once spoke to us. There were some dredgers operating dredges a few hundred yards upstream using grip hoists attached to not-too-stout trees to roll boulders. Maybe they thought we were about to do some of the same. The difference was we only were using metal detectors and scraping out bedrock crevices. Occasionally we retrieved a bucket or two of stream water to pour into a 7 gallon plastic concrete mixing tub. I would pan out the dirt that we scraped out of the crevices in the tub of water. I guess they just weren't sure what the heck we were doing. After a half hour or so they wandered off. We never heard anything more about it. We had our "approved as modified" notices of intent signed by the lead FS ranger on hand just in case. We wondered about that for a long time. Anyone know whether FS hires part time help or takes on summer interns or has eco volunteers "helping" them who sport FS looking duds?
  12. Micro Nugget

    I ain't sure ,

    Maybe do a little conductivity test or crush it and pan out to see what that yeller stuff is.
  13. Micro Nugget

    Endangered species cleanup

    Thanks for drawing attention to this "little kernel" Clay. Quite a few words to read indeed. Glad we are given 60 days!
  14. Micro Nugget

    First Dredge

    Just a general observation: In the regular scheme of creating administrative regulations it is the everyday low ranking civil servants who do the scut work and draft proposed regulations. But, at the end of the day it is the political appointees who have the authority to adopt those proposals. By my lights the jury still is out as to just what finally will emerge at the California Water Board. Keeping my fingers crossed...
  15. Micro Nugget

    Aftermarket Coil for GPZ 7000 ?

    I agree Mike, a bit faster than I'm used to. Also, note the humongous chunk of iron he wears strapped so low down on his left leg. That seems to be what is inducing the rhythmic high tones that are cadenced to his swings. This is one reason I hunt with smoothing on and with virtually no metallic object lower than my waist. I prefer dead quiet until a target in the ground is encountered -- not something that is attached to me. My (admittedly old and declining) brain just gets numbed out listening to all that unnecessary racket. But for those who can adapt to the constant sound modulations, more power to them. I say use whatever works best for your individual situation.