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  1. fishing8046

    Prescott area got a LOT of water!

    Awesome Drone Video! Thanks for sharing
  2. fishing8046

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Thanks, Morlock Have you ever looked at Google Earth of the area? What would be its Coordinates? It would be really interesting to see it from the satellite.
  3. fishing8046

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Wasn't the boot of Cortez found only like 2 miles from the US Mexico border?
  4. fishing8046

    Odd Places

    I look forward to seeing what else your project produces.
  5. Hey guys both Desertpilot and Tortuga are the real resources on the Boarder topic. One in the air, one on the ground. The best of men, the real good guy's! I pray that God keeps them safe and the government provides you with the tool to get the job done. Your right Tortuga but I can help to get pissed having to stop at a border checkpoint 40 miles from the border. What is your opinion on this weeks change in position by Trump's executive order?
  6. fishing8046

    Getting Some Rain?

    Now it's a bit hot but nothing like hot with humidity! We need the heat to start the rains. You can hear the Cicadas crying for rain.....
  7. fishing8046

    Getting Some Rain?

    In Tucson 6-16-18 we have had good showers overnight and this afternoon. No records but it might jump-start the monsoon. As I write a shower is coming down so hard you can barely see across the street. Whats happening where you are?
  8. I ran into a few out at Greaterville on Saturday. I haven't seen any in there in over 10 years. WTF Come on let's guard the border at the border.
  9. fishing8046

    Desert Gold !

    Dude, you're my hero there is no BS in your game! Thanks for sharing
  10. fishing8046

    David from Memramcook NB Canada

    Dude That will definitely bode well... What area will you be hunting? Maybe someone here has a inside information.
  11. fishing8046

    Fines to a button.

    Thanks I think I will try it with MEP gas and a plumbers torch.
  12. fishing8046

    Fines to a button.

    So can you give a bit of an explanation of the potato? Do you use a torch like a plumbers torch wit MEP gas? Any direction would be appreciated. Thanks
  13. Rod That stuff doesn't look like it traveled very far
  14. fishing8046

    Scored a Few .....

    Very Nice Gold Adam! only a true pro doesn't spaz out when finding a nice piece and relishes the moment. Thanks, for sharing!
  15. fishing8046

    Watch Your Step

    That dude looks totally out of his element. There is no camouflage for him in the white/tan rocks