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  1. fishing8046

    Watch Your Step

    That dude looks totally out of his element. There is no camouflage for him in the white/tan rocks
  2. fishing8046

    Today's Butt Ugly Half Gram Nugget

    Hey Bill Would this be the same Hydrochloric Acid that a fellow can buy from Wallmart? Just Curious I have a specimen I would like to mess with,
  3. fishing8046

    My Collection of Photos & Drawings

    That was very good!
  4. fishing8046

    Rocker box pics

    Nice pictures IDdesertman!
  5. fishing8046

    They BE BACK

    They are truly awesome creatures, I commend you for boarding them. I hope you reap the rewards of being an excellent steward of the land.
  6. fishing8046

    UFO Over Arizona.. Again!

    Maybe? https://worldview.space/
  7. fishing8046

    One nugget, one Rattlesnake

    Dang, he was at full attention! Nice gold both of them are still out there.
  8. fishing8046

    Rough nuggets, how far can they travel??

    Nice looking! I hope you have found a hillside patch with a stringer!
  9. fishing8046

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    A close-up!... Dude That thing is gnarly and it has a hair! From the looks of it, I believe that is just the past leaving itself behind. Sounds like your headed in the right direction now.
  10. fishing8046

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    Nice gold! But did you have to post your misery? I had one once. I think it came from drinking Mountain Dew! LoL
  11. fishing8046

    Which detector?

    For what it's worth being an experience GB2 user. In my opinion, I don't believe that Docs opinion is informed enough to have any unbias weight on this subject. I hunted with a guy today that ran the Monster without headphones so I could hear him throughout the day. I took him to a spot that has produced many pieces of gold with the GB2. I heard him gound balancing that machine constantly all day. And yes, he had training from Bill. I have owned my GB2 for over 12 years and have never used or needed a coil cover. My coil has no real signs of wear. In my opinion, a coil cover just puts you that much further from the target. Once balanced, I gound Balance my GB2 very few times during the course the day checking periodically with only fine adjustments. He threw me some of the hot rocks that were screaming on the Gold Monster that barely broke the threshold on the GB2. While the hot rocks he detected sounded just like gold (lead, Iron, BB's Etc.) on the monster. It seemed like he literally chased hot rocks all day. I noticed that there is no distinction of sound on the Monster. No round sound of hot rocks, slightly sharper on iron and the sharp-peaked sound of birdshot or gold. He found a few BB's which might be promising. I had him run the Gold Monster over proven ground where I have taken many nuggets. The monster found no gold. While the GB2 was able to pick off a couple of pieces of gold just feet away. This may mean nothing to anyone. To me, it means I would purchase another GB2 before Purchasing a Gold Monster. Maybe it is the experienced detector vs a new machine but the hype sometimes over promises and under delivers. I challenge you to find a well-kept GB2 for less than 75% of what someone paid for it new even 12 years ago. Just my opinion.
  12. fishing8046

    Bug 2 or gold monster

    If we were doing this for a living most of us couldn't buy beans. Any gold is nice
  13. fishing8046

    Landed a BIG one !!

    Very nice!
  14. fishing8046

    2 Dinksters - SD2200 Gold

    Very nice Adam! it doesn't look like they traveled. That could be a good thing.
  15. fishing8046

    AZ Meteorite Sells For $237,500

    How big was it?