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  1. fishing8046

    10" coil Gold Bug II

    I found my 1st and best ever piece of gold in quartz with the 10" coil. It was the coil that my detector came with. I decided after beating the ground for 2 years with it that I needed to try something different ( the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results) so I ordered the 6.5. No coil you order matches up to your machine. ( a fact I didn't know) So I sent them all in and Fisher tuned them to each other. I rarely use the 10" now in spite of its alleged depth. If I think a spot I have recovered some gold from has some hiding a little deeper I just rack it down. My 10" coil looks brand new.
  2. fishing8046

    So what do you do....

    I consider it to be a trophy. It's like catching a 10-pound bass except you don't need to have a taxidermy mount it. The good lord has already made it perfect.
  3. fishing8046

    Its time to find gold

  4. fishing8046


    They are on the move right now looking for Quail eggs, Lizard eggs or them darn big grasshoppers
  5. fishing8046

    Where In Arizona?

    Hey Look at the handwriting....do any of you have handwriting that perfect...just sayin
  6. fishing8046

    Just some average Arizona gold

    Luke Thanks for sharing the project info!
  7. fishing8046

    Just some average Arizona gold

    Come on what project?
  8. fishing8046

    Just some average Arizona gold

    Luke Very well done. You have definitely eliminated the learning curve. I would really like to know what the project you are funding?
  9. fishing8046

    Butterfield Stage Route .KMZ

    Awesome trail! It's amazing we can fly along it on our computers and imagine what it must have been like
  10. fishing8046


    Cool beans! Did you know that the term Huckle Bearer is a person that carries the coffin?
  11. fishing8046

    Prescott area got a LOT of water!

    Awesome Drone Video! Thanks for sharing
  12. fishing8046

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Thanks, Morlock Have you ever looked at Google Earth of the area? What would be its Coordinates? It would be really interesting to see it from the satellite.
  13. fishing8046

    Here ya go,..."OMG!!"

    Wasn't the boot of Cortez found only like 2 miles from the US Mexico border?
  14. fishing8046

    Odd Places

    I look forward to seeing what else your project produces.
  15. Hey guys both Desertpilot and Tortuga are the real resources on the Boarder topic. One in the air, one on the ground. The best of men, the real good guy's! I pray that God keeps them safe and the government provides you with the tool to get the job done. Your right Tortuga but I can help to get pissed having to stop at a border checkpoint 40 miles from the border. What is your opinion on this weeks change in position by Trump's executive order?