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  1. How to look for and find Gold

    So what would you say about the minerals in this gold and quartz Specimen I found a few years back? I know the quartz but the others I'm not sure of. I especially would like to know what the red mineral is that is holding the wire gold togehter>
  2. 2005 Rokon Trail-Breaker

    Will $1,500 buy it!
  3. Apple pie patch gold

    Awesome finds! Rod Just keep killing it and sharing it!
  4. How to look for and find Gold

    As always you men of experience have had the opportunity to be on the cutting edge of this great hobby. Each of you has had the opportunity to share the ground with some of the original legends. Miners who had figured it out long before any of this. It is very much appreciated, the effort to help educate the next and future generations of prospectors. Thanks, Guys I hope you don't mind a few more questions. Bill, I can see what you mean comparing the 2 maps. I am curious if you have a link to those maps? Since down south there are less geological areas it would be nice to be able to zoom in and have the legends. These 2 maps with boots on the ground are a great combination! What $10 mineral books would you recommend to help understand the mineral relationship of minerals to gold? Rod, Awesome informational link! I am a southern Arizona hunter the Harquahala Mountains are way out of my range. Could you help the forum out with a link to the main site? Those are some very Comprehensive geological reports. Ron, 1st question is that picture taken on the patch of ground where that piece of gold was found? No, don't tell! The statement about the minerals colors relating to gold was very telling considering some of the recent posts with the blond sand peppered with an array of colored minerals. I was hoping that you would be so kind as to nail down the colors of the 4 minerals you mention in your post. If possible a link to each " hot looking Gossan", ironstone, quartz, greenstone, pyrite and iron schist striated bedrock. I really like this quote of yours "He also taught me about looking for mineral colors ... He always said that the more different colors of mineralization the better the chances for gold" Thanks again for all of you who have shared and to all of you who will jump in and share.
  5. How to look for and find Gold

    Thanks to all three of you! I believe you all mention geology being the other key. It would be great if any of you, but preferably all of you could expand on that!
  6. Do Better Headphones Mean More Gold?

    This is a post I made a while back the is still kicking around a bit. "So the original set of Eagle R Headphones for my Gold Bug 2 are starting to short out or go silent when you move the wire to the headset or move for that matter. It is starting to get to be a real pain but. I know don't pull the wire....if your running and I don't hear the threshold I have to put it over my pick or some metal object to get to hear the threshold again. Last time out I turned up the threshold and could actually hear very small targets breaking the threshold, mostly buckshot but one of which was gold. It was not until I had them exposed or on the coil that they were indefinable. It was so sensitive. That's the problem. Would you take the lesson as a new way of reading the detectors sounds of your machine or replace the headphones?if so what Head Phones would you recommend for my Gold Bug 2 This may just be a revelation to the actual nuances of the Gold bug 2 but a long time coming makes me ask the question Thanks for any help!" I went on to buy a pair of Nugget busters and I really like them. I don't believe the headphones make a huge difference when searching for a change in tone. Having a broken noisy set of headphones allowed me to hear the difference in tones because they were always making noise. The breaking of the threshold which I think at least for me is the key to finding the gold. That old broken noisy set of headphones changed the way I use my detector. I want a buzz in my ear so that I can hear it change and hopefully recognize the difference.
  7. More from the Pavement Patch

    Rod Thanks for the response. My question stems from the red colors on the gold itself. I learn so much more from being wrong than being right!
  8. More from the Pavement Patch

    Rod Very nice little chunky pieces. Would I be right if I said they are coming from an area with red dirt where the quartz is iron stained? I don't hunt up your way so forgive me if this is a dumb question.
  9. Gold Bug 2 Head Phones

    Very nice! Where did you get them and do they have any more?
  10. Sunday Gold

    Very Nice Gold Adam!
  11. New Years Nuggets

    Rod Thanks for sharing a view I hope to see someday soon. I appreciate the posts and hope you will post more. It is all an education you can never learn it all. Can't say it enough....Awesome Picture! and it is definitely not redundant. There is a lesson in every post for those of us who aren't quite as educated in the dirt.
  12. RUN Packy, RUNNNNNNNN!

    When I was a kid we would make an event out of Pack Rat hunting. We would pull their homes apart, and kill them as they tried to make their escape. The grown-ups ( bigger kids) would tell us that they liked shiny things like jewelry and coins, and would hide them in their houses.
  13. Placer operation in southern Oregon

    Yes Great Video The equipment looks like it is from the 70's
  14. Butterfield Trail

    It looks like if you had another one they would make a handle for a bucket.
  15. 16 to 1 wash

    Nice Gold I second the awesome background for the gold pictures. What is the red dirt in the pan from?