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  1. New Year's Nuggies...Yea!!!!!

    The are cute little guys aren't they! Folks such as myself who have neither the time, nor the cash to drive and hunt are envious of even the small nuggets. Keep up the hunt, and keep postin photos to keep my desire alive. In a few months I will get my shot at hunting AZ, so this keeps my eye on the prize, and if I could come home with even one of those little beauties I would be proud. I just hope my MXT can pick up small nuggets when I arrive.
  2. 1ST New Years Hunt

    darn frank I would honestly say 70% of my desire to visit this forum is to check out your posts! You're killin it lately, keep it up!
  3. "CABO WABO" in Quartzite 2.5 OZR.

    I consider myself to be an excellent hunter as I can find something of value no matter where you put me and give me time, but I have yet to find a substantial nugget or a meteorite. (Although I have found plenty of tiny flecks of gold in quartz throughout my years of eyes to the ground) Seeing things like this just makes me even more excited to finally make my way out to Gold Basin in the early spring! If there's gold and meteorites to be found there, I have at least 4 days to kill there, enough drive and good attitude to hunt like crazy, and many years of teaching myself the art of patience! (If 7 years of being enlisted in the military doesn't provide patience, buddy you can't get it!) Look forward to seeing some of you out there, and even if I found a nugget the size of a nail clipping, you can bet I will write a novels worth of story on here all about it! Congrats on that beauty! Rocco
  4. hey whats up with skyrock cafe?

  5. I look forward to purchasing your detector. Just call my cell or give me your preferred method of payment through PM. If you could also float me a few pictures, that would be great! Thank you!

    SGT Daniel Rocco Ames

    IMCA #8920

  6. waiting to test the MXT.

  7. Hey Ben, how's life back in the states brother?

  8. Prayers for the 'ol 29'er

    Amen to that. I don't know many people on here, but anyone who's a respected friend of a forum such as this is well worth praying for. I don't know him, but God bless him, and I know he will make it through just fine. Good luck 29, you'll be back in the field in no time! Rocco