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  1. boulder dash

    Gotta love those bees!

    Those bees are a serious danger . more danger than snakes and scorpions in my opinion.
  2. boulder dash

    4 July Dinks and a little Hmmmm?

    Great story and great read.
  3. boulder dash

    9 inch elite mono coil

    In the bank but not the national bank... They was funny.
  4. boulder dash

    "THAT'S IT,....WE ALL AGREE!!!!!"

    Some extremely nice finds there
  5. boulder dash

    Chicken head

    You definitely have skills
  6. boulder dash

    Odd Places

    Nice perseverance. Those 2 outcrop finds change everything. I'll be in touch.
  7. boulder dash

    A bit surprised

    Last year
  8. boulder dash

    Vulture mine is hiring

    Anyone looking for work? The Vulture Mine is hiring the shift Fri through Sunday 12 hour shifts. Pm me for interview.
  9. boulder dash

    A bit surprised

    Just wait till you find 40 in one day..
  10. boulder dash

    Desert Gold !

    The character of the largest piece is most excellent. Good good going man.
  11. boulder dash


    What about the lower areas? By San Domingo?
  12. boulder dash

    Blasting caps

    So cool, Toms.
  13. boulder dash

    Popped the Gold Monster Cherry

    I think I recognize the look of that gold. If so there's gobs of nuggets left. He who digs the most wins.
  14. boulder dash

    Little Spring Wash - Revisited

    Nice finds man.
  15. boulder dash

    Snagged a few today

    You should call it pounder. Because that's what it's done, found pounds.