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  1. boulder dash

    Watch Your Step

    Here are the couple of nuggets found in a new to me area. The larger one was sun baking even though I was in the shade at the time.
  2. boulder dash

    gold mining in Tanzania

    Do I need any experience in finding gold? I only know how to pan, but watch gold rush often enough to copy there system.
  3. boulder dash

    Tammy is getting it done

    Soon she will have her first oz.
  4. boulder dash

    Passing on the love of prospecting

    Thanks for sharing your passion.
  5. boulder dash

    Yesterday's Gold

    Those are boulderdash sized!!!! Nice going.
  6. boulder dash

    One nugget, one Rattlesnake

    That little piece is so killer. If memory serves me correct that would be our first snake in that area.
  7. boulder dash

    A friend found this today

    Handsome nugget sir!!
  8. boulder dash

    LSD camp out

    Those hand stacks make my mouth water
  9. boulder dash

    quads and skunks

    Nice looking bedrock. I hit my brakes for bedrock.
  10. boulder dash

    Got Gold ?

    Way to scan the area Adam!
  11. boulder dash

    So I get a Text from Tammy

    See what happens
  12. boulder dash

    12V puffers

    Well said sir. Gas drywasher blows away puffers drywashers. If you want the most gold possible gas engine works best in my opinion. Having found literally pounds of gold in my drywashing career I definitely didn't waste time on a puffer. Higher gold recovery with gas once you learn the equipment.
  13. boulder dash

    2 Dinksters - SD2200 Gold

    Are people saying your better at photography compared to finding gold? I'm confused....
  14. boulder dash

    I found some gold today

  15. I tried to pm you Andyy . It didn't like me. Try to contact me if ya can.