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  1. middleforkminer2

    New video of my Sweep Jig....

    May put some of that oily stuff on the bushing??? Then I might take a propane torch and see if it burns??? That "sweep jig" is interesting...have you ever tried it in a known "free gold" spot?
  2. middleforkminer2

    New "OLD" gun on its way...

    Yep...I know all about the floating chamber and after I lob a few rounds through it, I'm gonna take it apart and clean/treat it with either "Frog Lube" or Hornady "One Shot "....lubes that weren't available back in the day...
  3. middleforkminer2

    Uncle Ron's AZ-Gold CBD Oil

    I wonder if it would show up in a drug test???
  4. middleforkminer2

    Uncle Ron's AZ-Gold CBD Oil

    Haters are gonna hate.... some people are so brain washed about ANYTHING cannabis related, they'd oppose it if it cured cancer....
  5. Well, I finally managed to snag what I think is a "lightly used" Remington 550-1 (.22) on gunbroker... $205.00 I must have bid on a dozen or so in the past few years, but was always outbid... I had one back in the mid seventies, but my brother left it next to the barn over a winter when we were in Missouri and it rusted really bad....IMHO, it's one of the best made semi autos ever produced. The one I had back then didn't have the grooved receiver, this one does....My old one functioned flawlessly with shorts, longs, long rifle, and while I never tried any CB shorts, they're supposed to work as well....it's supposed to arrive at my dealers door next Wed. and then it'll be another 10 days to take possession....man, I'm stoked.... Over the years, I've owned a bunch of different .22s, but none ever lived up to the fun I used to have with that old Remington 550....
  6. middleforkminer2

    Sierra rivers and glaciers???

    I got to pondering this a couple months ago and have been trying to study up on the issue via the WWW....not much help though. My thinking is that the wide valleys up in the high country are probably glacial but the steep, sheer canyons are probably more from erosion than glaciers....a couple, questions for any geologists that know the answers.... Barring the different types of bedrock, is there a known rate of erosion for the average mountain river??? Like maybe a foot per thousand years??? Two feet??? I realize there are variables such as flow rate and amount of debris such as rock and sand, but is there any "baseline" for an average??? Also wondering if the glaciers were mostly confined to the higher elevations, (which I suspect). Any links to a "DEFINITIVE" book on the subject is welcome....
  7. middleforkminer2

    Is this a trace amount of gold?

    If it WERE gold, it wouldn't be just a "trace" amount.....it would be very high grade ore...
  8. middleforkminer2

    Odd Places

    Many rivers here in Ca. used to flow North to South...and parts of those rivers now sit on the top of ridges...what is now a valley, may very well have been a mountaintop at some point in earths geologic past....
  9. middleforkminer2

    Tart Cherry Juice, Arthritis and medications....PSA

    It's kind of a long story...lately it's been around 140/80....I'm gonna try herbs.....
  10. middleforkminer2

    Going to try something dangerous

    The strings don't have to snap....ANY stringed instrument is gonna wreak havoc on the tips of your fingers until you build up some callouses...
  11. A post on here by Uncle Ron and others convinced me to try tart cherry juice as a remedy for my aching knees and hips....imagine my surprise when it worked.... Well, it wasn't a complete cure but it helped a WHOLE lot....a couple months ago I ran out of my blood pressure meds and had to wait a couple weeks to get them...guess what? My aching hips and knees suddenly got even better!!! I still didn't put two and two together until about three days after I stated taking the meds again...knees and hips started killing me and it wasn't until I was headed to pick up a new bottle of cherry juice that it dawned on me that the only change in my habits or diet was re starting the medication (Atenolol)...hmmm. So I quit taking the meds and everything got better....started the meds again with the same results........so now I've been off them for a month and my hips and knees feel better than they have in 20 years...unless I drink too much alcohol...then they start getting stiff again....The tart cherry juice still helps though and will remain a daily supplement for the joints.....from here on out, I'm gonna be a little more wary (and aware) of the possible side effects of prescription meds....I was blindsided
  12. middleforkminer2

    Bonuty ! Bounty ! Bounty Heads Wanted !

    Try calling the BOT # then press 0... if that don't work, you may have to physically go to a service center...
  13. middleforkminer2

    Mineral Tresspass

    Good luck with getting the sheriff to do anything....
  14. middleforkminer2

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    I used to have a 3.5 HP Honda powered D.A.M. industries winch that used a gear reduction "roto tiller" type motor...it was a great design that had a high an low speed and you switched gears with a lever on top that acted like a bicycle derailer...or gear shifter... on the chain and sprocket...it also had a reverse sprocket and chain. I could get that winch wherever I needed it.....just start it and guide it. At various times, I had mounted it to two wheels, a sled and even a twelve foot aluminum boat....if you ever come across one and want to really move a lot of heavy rocks, snag it up..
  15. middleforkminer2


    Yep...we've been getting pounded off and on the last few days...the good news is that it looks like we're finally gonna get some warmer weather this coming week....upper 70s by Thursday.