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  1. middleforkminer2

    Mineral Tresspass

    Good luck with getting the sheriff to do anything....
  2. middleforkminer2

    Hand tools for moving large rocks.

    I used to have a 3.5 HP Honda powered D.A.M. industries winch that used a gear reduction "roto tiller" type motor...it was a great design that had a high an low speed and you switched gears with a lever on top that acted like a bicycle derailer...or gear shifter... on the chain and sprocket...it also had a reverse sprocket and chain. I could get that winch wherever I needed it.....just start it and guide it. At various times, I had mounted it to two wheels, a sled and even a twelve foot aluminum boat....if you ever come across one and want to really move a lot of heavy rocks, snag it up..
  3. middleforkminer2


    Yep...we've been getting pounded off and on the last few days...the good news is that it looks like we're finally gonna get some warmer weather this coming week....upper 70s by Thursday.
  4. middleforkminer2

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    FWIW, I'm probably gonna be breaking the law this summer....a couple weeks ago I found an area with water washed rock that was sitting on the side of a hill that is within some BOR land...and I seen no evidence that it had ever been mined....there were quite a few "motorhome" sized boulders along with everything in between, down to sand sized particles...as well as patches of exposed bedrock....even if I have to check it out at night, it's too tempting to pass up....
  5. middleforkminer2


    It's a pretty good storm that rolled in here....power went out at 12:17 last night...I haven't checked the rain gauge yet but it was really coming down last night and it's a warm storm. I'll bet this is gonna cause a lot of snow melt and really raise the river levels...I'm glad I'm self contained.
  6. middleforkminer2

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    Which brings up an interesting question about allowing government agencies and departments to pass laws and regulations that are in direct conflict with legislation that was passed by congress, as well as arbitrarily allowing or disallowing things like prospecting......
  7. middleforkminer2


    Yeah??? We've gotten just under 5" in the last 5 days...supposed to get another 4 days of rain next week....
  8. middleforkminer2

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    That's very reassuring....but the ONE thing I don't EVER want to do is get in a legal battle with a governmental agency. Especially the local one at the lake...they contract with the local sheriffs dept. for some of their law enforcement/park ranger patrols. The last thing in the world I want to do is piss off the local deputies.
  9. middleforkminer2

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    I don't doubt it.... And I don't care where you are or who owns the land.....if one of the people involved in the administrative end of the managing agency doesn't want you mining/prospecting a piece of ground, rest assured there is a law or loophole somewhere that will enable them to stop your activity....BTDT. I'm still hesitant to seek a "permit" to do anything, because the "decision" is generally up to the local administrative chief and they can deny you for ANY reason at all....even if they're just having a bad day....
  10. middleforkminer2

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    Just be aware that the "wording" of the regulation also makes it illegal to even "search for" minerals....
  11. middleforkminer2

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    It's illegal to remove any natural resources on BOR land....it's also illegal to even possess a metal detector unless you're in a vehicle on a public roadway...
  12. middleforkminer2

    Prospecting Bureau of Reclamation Land

    Try "CFR 423.29" in order to prospect it or use a metal detector, you'll need to get a special use permit...
  13. middleforkminer2

    Gas Powered Pump

    It ain't about using a pump....it ain't about using a dredge....it ain't about the "turbidity" of the water....if you could create wealth by snapping your fingers, they'd create a law against snapping your fingers....unless they could regulate it and profit from it....it's about control.
  14. middleforkminer2

    Gas Powered Pump

    Well, it's been a few years since I had a dredge permit....I seen the writing on the wall when they passed the moratorium.
  15. middleforkminer2

    Gas Powered Pump

    Jack...everything a dredge moves, is already in the water...what "environmental concerns" are they addressing by making dredging/highbanking against the law???.....NONE!!! And exactly how is making it illegal, an "effort to correct" a problem that doesn't exist???