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  1. Unexpected Locations

    There are a couple reasons why it's unlikely you''ll find nuggets while coinshooting...first would be the detectors used and second would be the areas generally detected for coins, aren't on hillsides/washes or areas of exposed bedrock. I'm sure it occasionally happens, but not often.
  2. Eaaaa?

    https://archive.org/details/WeatherAsAForceMultiplier This report was back in 96....FWIW, the weather here has been pretty mild for this time of year....What's funny though is that it's been warmer here at 9 am (low 60s) than it's been at 2 pm ....by 2 in the afternoon, I can see my breath and it's been pretty much the same for about a week straight...
  3. Eaaaa?

    It all makes sense when you come to the realization that some countries in Europe, along with China, Russia, Australia and the good old USA are doing research/experiments on being able to somewhat control the weather....back in the late 90s, I happened to come across some documents outlining the joint efforts of the USAF and the RAAF in being able to manipulate the jet stream, create fog and increase the intensity of precipitation....all done electronically.

    As long as the water's deep enough to where they can't touch the bottom, they'll drown...

    Build yourself one of these.... https://www.backyardchickens.com/threads/5-gallon-bucket-mouse-trap.747201/ my personal favorite bait is bacon.....
  6. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    I wish I'd have gotten there about fifteen minutes earlier so I could have gotten a closer look....
  7. ArcticDave's Legal Eagle XL

    I was thinking of this thread yesterday when I went to the boat ramp down the road....an ultralight amphibious was rolling down the launch ramp as I rolled around the corner.....he rolled into the water, fired his engine and idled past the "no wake" buoy... then throttled up and took off....soooo cool.
  8. New year and the skunk is outta here!

    I thought it looked more like a kids attempt at sculpting a "boner"....
  9. Jackass Flats.

    Safe??? Define "safe".... From what??? Life, is not, and never can be "safe"...
  10. Northern Cali/Nevada Winter Detecting

    Rancho Cordova was built on tailing piles.....
  11. Northern Cali/Nevada Winter Detecting

    I'd stay down in Az. unless the job offer was too lucrative to pass up....the cost of living here is getting out of hand. Gasoline is hovering around $3 a gallon and if I weren't getting a free spot to live in my motorhome in exchange for watching the storage yard, I couldn't afford to live here..."Growers" shouldn't be a problem because they don't plant crops till spring but you need to keep an eye out for meth cookers...another thing to remember is that the gun laws here suck....I0 round capacity limit for magazines and the "carry" laws here are a LOT different...I'd leave the ATV in Az. unless it were a more permanent move.
  12. Caution, cougar sighting, Little San Domingo area.

    It's been a few years, but back in the day, I was locally known as "The Cougar Whisperer"......If that old cat keeps stalking around to the point where ya'll need a solution, shoot me a PM....
  13. Thoughts on Claim

    The last time I was challenged about being on someones claim, I happily pulled out my topo map and showed them where they were...then informed them they were standing on private property (owned by Sierra Pacific) which I had permission to dredge on...if those people were so adamant about that land being claimed, SURELY they could have shown or told you where the discovery monument and corner markers were??? How is a person supposed to know/prospect an area if the local claims aren't "CLEARLY MARKED"??? Run to the local BLM??? Is that what people did over a hundred years ago when the mining laws were written?
  14. Happy Birthday Middleforkminer2

    HUH???!!! Dang...I completely blew it off....I've been busy trying to chase the electrical gremlins out of the motor sitting on the back of my old (younger than me ) pontoon boat....thanks for the heads up...I sure didn't plan on living this long...
  15. Fluid Bed Gold?

    Looking at that concentrator you posted, I'd bet money it has a built in vibration system.....