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  1. I created a video that show the etch of the larger Sikhote Alin Pieces https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vU4R4KYq9fw
  2. Sikhote Alin is classified as a “Coarsest” iron, that means it has the widest band width of the widmanstatten pattern or the largest clusters of crystals This is the meteorite that destroyed a large part of a Russian forest in 1947 Processed Sikhote Alin is very rare and smaller pieces go for $4-$6 per gram on eBay, and now I know why. This material is very hard to cut and tricky to etch. I decided to process the last 2 large end cuts into smaller pieces that are less expensive Most of these pieces are freshly cut from the saw and will require additional finishing. If you are interested in any piece I can polish and / or etch it prior to your final decision to purchase it. In the case of mutiple cut faces you can request to have any combination of polish and etched surfaces. If interested in anything please send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com Please include the following Forum ID Full Name PayPal email Country Item you want Thanks A: 145 Gram Slice – 5 cut faces - $435 B: 35 Gram End Cut – 2 cut faces – $105 C: 43 Gram Slice – 4 cut faces – $129 D: 209 Gram Slice – 2 cut faces – $627 E: 125 Gram Slice – 2 cut faces – $375 F: 70 Gram True End Cut – 1 cut face – $210 Here are images of the entire group 70 Gram End Cut
  3. F: 70 Gram True End Cut – 1 cut face – $210 is sold pending payment
  4. BLACK FRIDAY SALE 25% off all listed meteorites + if you buy a Silhote Alin with an MWA 8529 you get free domestic shipping & I will subsidize international shipping $10
  5. $627 - 209 gram true full slice that was polished on both sides and etched. It is 3.370" wide, 2.095 tall and .330” thick. $432 - 144 gram slice – Etched on all sides with some crust on the back It is 2.108" wide, 2.087 tall and .330” thick.
  6. My Collection

    Thanks I'm getting ready to process the 2 Sikhote Alin end cuts that have not sold yet This will produce some awesome slices but it will diminish the size of the end cuts (obviously) which is a shame because the size of the widmanstatten pattern of this so large that you need a large surface to appreciate it.
  7. I know it's been a while since I last posted but stuff happened. I have been actively searching for specimens to add to my collection but finding affordable material large enough to make a sphere in a classification that I need has been difficult But despite those barriers I am up to 20 meteorite or meteorite related spheres and I just bought a Mesosiderite, which has been very difficult to locate at an affordable price Here is my collection, the individual images are listed in the order they were obtained. GIBEON IAV / FINE OCTAHEDRITE IRON- 488 GRAMS NWA 869 L3/6 CHONDRITE - 225 GRAMS CAMPO IAB-MG / COARSE IRON - 485 GRAMS BRAHIN PALLASITE - 335 GRAMS SEYMCHAN IIE / UNGROUPED IRON - 520 GRAMS GUANG DONG TEKTITE - 145 GRAMS NWA 2828 EL3 CHONDRITE - 158 GRAMS DRONINO ATAXITE / UNGROUPED IRON- 536 GRAMS GAO-GUENIE H5 CHONDRITE - 227 GRAMS URUACU IAB-MG / COARSE IRON - 533 GRAMS NININGER MUSEUM WALL BRICK- 171 GRAMS BLACK ONAPING SUDBURY IMPACT MELT- 185 GRAMS TOLUCA IAB-sLL COARSE IRON- 528 GRAMS CANYON DIABLO GRAPHITE - 247 GRAMS NWA 791 L6 CHONDRITE - 220 GRAMS DHOFAR 1289 L4 CHONDRITE - 214 GRAMS LIBYAN GLASS IMPACT MELT GLASS - 147 GRAMS ZAG H3/6 CHONDRITE - 246 GRAMS GHUBARA L5 CHONDRITE - 230 GRAMS DHOFAR 1724 H4 CHONDRITE - 222 GRAMS
  8. My Collection

    I'm sending some material to Russia to get made into spheres so I replaced the Bondoc Sphere Rough with the Iron Sikhote Alin that I quickly etched
  9. The two end cuts from the top right corner are sold
  10. NWA meteorites are classified specimens from North West Africa that are normally sold by nomadic desert people to meteorite dealers. I recently acquired a 2.4 kilo H-6 whole specimen and processed it into a sphere rough for my collection and a variety of slices and end cuts that I am offering here and on other forums. H-6 Meteorite this large are very rare so this is a great opportunity to add a large example of an H-6 to your collection. This material is freshly cut and it is not polished in the first image. I will polish specimens at the request of any interested buyer. The last 2 images of the 72 gram end cut are polished to give you an idea of what these pieces can look like I am asking $1 – $1.50 per gram plus shipping The gram weight is shown in the second image The top right and bottom left end cuts, and the 2 large center pentagon shaped slices fragmented during cutting and if you are interested in any of these they can be sold in the fragmented condition or I can repair them prior to polishing and that is acceptable to most collectors as long as it is disclosed. If you are interested in any of the listed pieces send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com Please include the following Forum ID Full Name PayPal email Good Description of the piece you are interested in (Example - NWA 8529 top right 117 gram and 90 gram end cuts) Thanks
  11. My Collection

    I clean my spheres with Bar Keepers Friend and I re-etch the irons occasionally. I also have a polishing/cleaning cloth that use. But honestly I don't know why my collection isn't a mess, I live on the east coast of NC and I handle my sphere all the time.
  12. My Collection

    I decided to repair one of the 2 pentagon shaped slices that separated during the cutting process I wasn’t to hard to repair and it looks fantastic with a polish.
  13. My Collection

    I received my 2.4 kilo NWA 8529 H-6 Chondrite yesterday and processed it into my sphere rough today. The good, it was quite fragmented but I was able to find the most solid area to cut my rough from. The bad, the cube does have some cracks and I hope Dmitry can stabilize it before he makes it into a sphere PLUS it’s BROWN and I’m kind of sick of brown spheres. The 2.4 Kilo Whole Specimen Here it is on the saw, which was just big enough to process this whole specimen My 57mm (oversized) Sphere Rough The remaining cuts, the top left end cut is the only piece that stayed together which is ironic because I thought it would fall to pieces due to all of the fragments
  14. My Collection

    Oh, I enjoy it, it's just that when you process a specimen and see the pieces that are cut away from the rough you have an idea of what the sphere will look like. In some cases, like with most chondrites, it's not so different then what I expect so waiting to get the rough turned into a sphere is easy. But in some cases the cut material looks amazing so you know the sphere will be even more amazing so that can make the wait agonizing. When I processed a 1700 gram Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule I was amazed by the slices and end cuts and waiting 2 months to get the sphere back was torture Here are some of the slices that I sold for the collector that trusted me to process it for him I also worked Pallasovka and that wait ended in disappointment because the rough produced a sphere that was too small for my collection, I think it was 47mm but I can't remember. It was beautiful and it sold well but it was still disappointing. Here are some pictures of it and some of the pieces that came from making it
  15. My Collection

    Thanks Etching these cut pieces makes me very anxious to get my sphere made but I have to be patient and work the projects I have in a certain order. I just hope I can sell the end cuts for Derek so this partnership works out for both of us
  16. My Collection

    All 3 Sikhote Alin end cuts with their initial etch, the one in the center is 3.5" wide to give you an idea of the size of these I have used both nitol and ferric chloride in the past to etch SA, but my FC won’t be here till Monday. Once I have that I will heat these up and do a quick wash with the FC and follow that with a light nitol etch to make it sparkle.
  17. My Collection

    Thanks Don I don't know a lot about the science on space rocks but I can cut me some metal PS - You have a PM
  18. My Collection

    Fourth and final cut So the initial process to turn the 2504 gram end cut that a Met list member named Derek sent to me for processing is complete With my current work schedule it took about 5 days making one cut per day. Here are some pics of the processed material We ended up with the following A – 262 gram end cut with 5 cut faces B – 358 gram end cut with 3 cut faces C – 163 gram end cut with 3 cut faces D – 443 true end cut, single cut face, this is the nicest end cut of the lot E – 14 fragment consisting of what looks like 2 crystals So we have a total of 1240 sellable grams and after looking at current successful eBay listings, Derek and I decided to initially list these at $3 per gram. I will polish and etch these over the week end and list them for sale but if you are interested in any of this send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com C sold in less then a day when I posted it to a forum I frequent. When I was polishing it, a corner separated and at first I was disappointed but then I discovered it sits perfectly in place so it became a feature. Check out the above video and you will understand My sphere rough weighs 1126 grams and Dmitry is going to earn his money if he gets a 50mm sphere for this rough because it is tight. We had an initial cut loss of 138 grams or right around 5% so that’s good
  19. My Collection

    The second cut produced a 163 gram 2-part end cut that is really cool One corner separated along a crystal boundary but it stays together when displayed, here is quick video of it https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZH8hFTDA2Xg The third cut produced a 359 gram end cut and a smaller 15 gram end cut / fragment that separated during the cutting process. I hate to brag about my cutting process but this is a fresh cut and you can see the fragments reflection in the face of each part. A .030" / 1mm blade kerf and virtually no sanding of the faces is why I have such low cut loss
  20. My Collection

    I started to process a 2400 gram Sikhote Alin end cut Here is a video of one of many cuts I made which yeilded a 443 gram end cut https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aY5yZeDg0fE This is what the 2 pieces looks like Here is the 443 gram end cut that is 3.5" wide by 2.25" tall
  21. I went through my drawers and decided it's time to get rid of the "scraps" from past sphere projects. I will accept offers until midnight EST on Tuesday the 24th Best Offer takes it, even if it's a $1 Here is what is in the lot 79 grams of Dhofar 1724 Fragments 98 grams of Uruacu Fragmnents 39 grams of Bondoc Fragments 7 gram Sikhote Alin Slice 10 grams of Pallasovka Iron Fragments 4 grams of Pallasovka Olivine Crystals Pile of Pallasovka dust This is cross posted to 2 other forums Submit your offer via email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com Be sure to include the following info Forum Forum ID Full Name Country Thanks
  22. My Collection

    My Bondoc Mesosiderite Sphere Rough
  23. No worries I don't post a lot because I work a lot and my knowledge is limited to my specific collection of 50mm spheres and the processing of material to make those spheres I wish I had more time to explore of facets of this hobby but I guess that will have to wait for retirement