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  1. The following are sold: 2 Gram Slice 4 Gram Slice 13 Gram End Cut 18 Gram End Cut This is the remaining inventory:
  2. I recently acquired a 1553 gram Bondoc B-4 Mesosiderite Meteorite Whole Specimen to make a sphere rough for my collection You can check that out in my thread at http://nuggetshooter.ipbhost.com/topic/31171-my-collection/ Now that I have my rough I can sell off the pieces that were cut to make it Mesosiderites are stoney irons and they are one of the rarest classifications to get. This particular meteorite is very old with a lot of weathering so the iron nodules are pretty much gone but it’s still considered a mesosiderite. Fresh slices with visible iron nodules sell for $10 –$15 per gram but due to the condition of this specimen I will offer it at $3 per gram. If you are interested in a piece send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com with the following info Nugget Shooters Forum ID Full Name PayPal email address Country Item you want Let me know if you want additional pictures Thanks
  3. The 10 Gram and one of the 4 Gram Slices are sold
  4. I know it's been a while since I last posted but stuff happened. I have been actively searching for specimens to add to my collection but finding affordable material large enough to make a sphere in a classification that I need has been difficult But despite those barriers I am up to 20 meteorite or meteorite related spheres and I just bought a Mesosiderite, which has been very difficult to locate at an affordable price Here is my collection, the individual images are listed in the order they were obtained. GIBEON IAV / FINE OCTAHEDRITE IRON- 488 GRAMS NWA 869 L3/6 CHONDRITE - 225 GRAMS CAMPO IAB-MG / COARSE IRON - 485 GRAMS BRAHIN PALLASITE - 335 GRAMS SEYMCHAN IIE / UNGROUPED IRON - 520 GRAMS GUANG DONG TEKTITE - 145 GRAMS NWA 2828 EL3 CHONDRITE - 158 GRAMS DRONINO ATAXITE / UNGROUPED IRON- 536 GRAMS GAO-GUENIE H5 CHONDRITE - 227 GRAMS URUACU IAB-MG / COARSE IRON - 533 GRAMS NININGER MUSEUM WALL BRICK- 171 GRAMS BLACK ONAPING SUDBURY IMPACT MELT- 185 GRAMS TOLUCA IAB-sLL COARSE IRON- 528 GRAMS CANYON DIABLO GRAPHITE - 247 GRAMS NWA 791 L6 CHONDRITE - 220 GRAMS DHOFAR 1289 L4 CHONDRITE - 214 GRAMS LIBYAN GLASS IMPACT MELT GLASS - 147 GRAMS ZAG H3/6 CHONDRITE - 246 GRAMS GHUBARA L5 CHONDRITE - 230 GRAMS DHOFAR 1724 H4 CHONDRITE - 222 GRAMS
  5. My Collection

    Today I re-etched my irons, normally I etch the Dronino (center iron) but it looked good polished so I left it I also buil anew display board in anticipation of 3 new spheres I should be adding in the near future
  6. $41 gram end cut is sold for $3 per gram
  7. My Collection

    Good to be back but work may take me away again My collection from June 2006
  8. My Collection

    I appreciate that info. I have a question about processing my Bondoc End Cuts Because the focus of my collection is spheres I will admit that I don’t really know much about what other meteorite collectors like I have started to process the smaller slices and end cuts of my Bondoc Mesosiderite by soaking them in phosphoric acid and then I polish them up to 400. I might go to 800 but I have to get some supplies to do that. They end up looking like the 10 gram slice I posted above I don’t mind risking the “value of the specimen” on these smaller pieces but I don’t know if I want to do that for these larger end cuts: What do you all think?
  9. My Collection

    Thanks and thanks Most forums frown on posting the same thing in two sub-forums which I never understood, it's not like the EZboard days of the early 2000s where resources were limited PS - My name is David, I just use Boba Debt online, it's a Star Wars thing
  10. My Collection

    This is my first processed slice of the Bondoc B-4 Mesosiderite It has an interesting look. This piece is just over 1 3/4” wide and weighs 10 grams so at $3 per gram this would be $30 In a couple days I will list a small lot of slices and end cuts in the classifieds section, but if you want dibs on a piece send an email to bobadebt@ec.rr.com
  11. My Collection

    Bondoc Mesosiderite-B4 Meteorite – The Good & the Bad I received my Bondoc whole specimen yesterday and I processed it into my sphere rough cube today. The GOOD – Very easy to cut The BAD – not a lot of visible metal Here is a picture of the whole specimen Here is a picture of it after cutting Overall I will be happy to have a meso sphere in my collection, I just wish it had more metal in it. I plan to sell the end cuts and slices but don’t really know what it’s worth so if you have an opinion on it value per gram please reply I am soaking a small slice in phosphoric acid so we will see how that turns out
  12. My Collection

    Here are some Canyon Diablo Graphite Nodule slices that I cut when I made my sphere, these are long gone but it's not every day you get to see a slice of a graphite nodule
  13. My Collection

    This is the core machine I used to make my first iron sphere from a 57 pound Campo Whole Specimen It took 2 days and it resulted in a 7 1/2 core that was just over 2” in diameter I had that core turned on a lathe into 2 separate spheres, one for m y collection and one for eBay. I also sold the remaining whole specimen on eBay for more then I paid for it. Because it was so time consuming that was the only time I used it. Now I have a machine shop that turns a 51mm x 51mm x 60mm rough into my 50mm sphere This is the steel prototype Once I polish it I remove the hexagonal stem, sand and polish that area and then I etch the entire sphere I modified an MK-100 Brick and Paver saw so that I could cut stones and irons to make my sphere roughs Instead of using a band saw with a kerf so wide that you get 25-30% cut I use a .030” abrasive blade that produces slices that are almost ready to etch with about 5-7% cut. Here is an example of a freshly cut iron slice, it have not been sanded nor polished I have processed meteorites for hunters on a profit sharing basis but I only do that if they have a material that I can use for a sphere in my collection. I also buy whole specimens to make spheres and I always sell the left over end cuts, slices and “scraps” at very competative prices. In the near future I will have some nice large Bondoc Mesosiderite end cuts and slices that I will list for sale but if you’re not an rabid meteorite collector and just want a space rock I have lots of little left overs from my previous sphere projects that I sell super cheap.
  14. My Collection

    In addition to my sphere collection I also have a 4.2 pound Campo Iron Whole Specimen and 1.1 pound unclassified NWA Chondrite
  15. My Collection

    If the specimen is solid and has a thin solid exterior surface an area 55mm thick (little over 2") will work. The Rare Earth Trading Company runs a core bit through the area that is thick enough and then they cut it 2-3 more times, changing the orientation which creates a very spherical rough that is not much bigger then the final sphere. The older conventional way used to reply on the larger rough (70-75mm) and that isn't much of an issue for most terrestrial material but can be very costly for meteorite material. In both cases they stick the rough into a 3 head sphere making machine and spin it down to a sphere and then they polish it by using finer cups Here is a video of the process The only draw back to using the Rare Earth Trading Company is that the owner spends most of his time in China supervising the manufacture of his lapidary tool line so it can take him 6 months to a year to get my sphere back to me. I don't mind waiting because I know he will do it right and I know it will be 50mm So if you have the material and if you don't mind waiting I will be glad to get it worked out for you plus I can send you slices and end cuts from the left over part.
  16. My Collection

    Thank you for the kind words. I have looked at those but finding one big enough hasn't happened yet, however, feel free to send me if you got it I use a machining process to make the irons and the standard 3 head sphere machine for the non-iron specimens. Both of my processes use considerably less material then the conventional methods. For instance, to make a 50mm sphere on a 3 head machine most cutters start with a 70-75mm cube that gets cut into a soccer ball like rough The Rare Earth Trading Company uses custom made core bits they are thin walled and in my case produce a 52mm rough.
  17. Good read, wish I had this info last May when I started to collect meteorites I justed used FC to touch up a Campo Sphere that I had etched with Nitrol and it looks a lot better I have a good selection of 4 iron slices on my web site, each slice is exactly 50mm x 50mm so it is a good way to compare the different irons to each other. Click this to visit my site : 50 Mil Collection