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  1. As most of you know I have been making adjustable bungees for 20 years or so. Many for the Swingy Thingy and Ultra Swingy Thingy, but a lot of them have been sold to detectorists who have their own harness rig, or a Camelback hydration system that they have set up for use with a bungee. So as things evolved, of course my products have to evolve too. One thing that has come to pass is the wide variety of rod shapes on metal detectors. It use to be that they were all round and approximately the same diameter. Now we have rods that are diamond shaped and the rod on the ATX DEEP SEEKER pulse induction machine is the size of a baseball bat. So I had to address the issue of redesigning my plastic rod adjustment connection to fit a wide variety of styles of rods. Second issue, was my old design, you had to have a separate bungee for every detector you had, because there was no way to detach the bungee from the adjustment piece that connected to the rod. This also caused a problem because when you detached the bungee at the "D" ring, which was the only place you could detach it, and laid your detector on the ground, the bungee would be lying in the dirt. So I wanted to keep the basic design of the bungee adjustment rod connector, but give you an easy way to detach the bungee so you could lay the detector down but the bungee would still be on you, attached to the "D" ring. I achieved that by adding a slot on the side a little smaller than the bungee. It holds the bungee in, but a slight tug and it pops out of the plastic adjustment piece. Another slight tug and it pops back in place. Third issue, Many people like to adjust the length of their bungee at the "D" ring. So years ago I invented a snap that allowed you to adjust at the "D" ring. Minelab finally got the clue and designed a bungee that adjusted at the "D" ring too. BUT some people like to adjust the length of the bungee down on the rod. They can lift and lower the rod to the proper feel and length and then lock the bungee in with their non-swinging hand. So why should I not give them both options. Adjust at the "D" ring, or the rod. Fourth issue, which actually happened by accident. In redesigning the bungee adjustment piece that attaches to the rod, I actually realized that you can use Minelab's bungee just as you would with their rod attachment point, which is not adjustable, and which can break with rugged use. So the end result is a new bungee that has the ability to be adjustable at the rod or at the "D" ring. You can easily detach the bungee. You can have one bungee, and buy several rod bungee adjustment attachment pieces for each detector. And you can use your Minelab bungee. These are in production now. Want to adjust the bungee at the rod, no problem, tug the bungee up into the groove and it is locked at the perfect length. Need to lay the detector down? Pull the bungee out of the slot on the side. Like your Minelab bungee? No problem, it hooks on or you can go past the loop, slip it in the slot on the side and adjust the bungee at the rod. Like to have the option of adjusting at the "D" ring or the rod. No problem with this new bungee. Let me know what you think! Obviously Bill will be carrying these because I am going to make him. Take care! Doc
  2. DOC

    A bit surprised

    Dang girl you are hot as a pistol. You are a force to be reckoned with. The lady has a fever and there ain't no cure. Doc
  3. I know everyone and their brother knows how to do Specific Gravity tests, but for the newbies, here is an old You Tube video I did, actually walking myself through the process. Also, the big bonus is I did an excel spreadsheet that I am happy to share with anyone who contacts me with their email address. I will send you the file. You punch in Dry weight and wet weight and wham, the grams of gold are figured automatically for you via the mathematical magic of excel equations. Hey gang, I am including a link to my dropbox folder where you can find the spreadsheet to do your own Specific Gravity. As I said all you have to do is enter the Dry weight and wet weight and everything else is done for you automatically. I have the Excel file in two formats. .XLS and . XLSX. Feel welcome to download the one that will work in your version of Excel. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ixhlgic3zbrdy1k/AADZ_azcUvo7ImrL7ufXw4Xfa?dl=0 Doc
  4. Doc might I suggest that rather then dental floss use a hog ring to crimp on the bungee or maybe cut the bungee a lil longer and get one of those adjustable bungees and swipe the end off of it so you have an adjustable one for whatever length works the best for you.

    1. DOC


      The loop that is on the bungee that I make up, is actually crimped with a SS hog ring, because that is the working end.  Stupid me, the first one I made up I just used the adhesive lined thick walled heat shrink and nothing else.  It worked great about 5 trips and then I was out one day when it was real hot and that bungee loop came unlooped and came off the detector and smacked me in the face.  For a split second I thought I had been bit by a flying rattlesnake.  :ROFL: 

      " get one of those adjustable bungees and swipe the end off of it so you have an adjustable one for whatever length works the best for you. "

      I'm not real clear on what you mean by that above sentence?  The snap that comes with the Minelab bungee is adjustable.

      Also I am currently in production of something that will replace the shaft hook that Minelab makes to attach the bungee that will give you the ability to either attach the bungee, or adjust the length of the bungee on the shaft as well as using the hook, up by the "D" ring.

      Thank you for the advice, some of the best ideas are actually a collaboration with actual users who come up with, "If only you could..."

      Take care!


    2. DOC


      The reason I suggested dental floss for the non-working end is because it is the non-working end, and doesn't really have any stress on it.

  5. So what do you do when your Minelab Bungee wears out on your GPZ7000? You can order a new original equipment bungee that comes with a lot of other accessories that you don't need. Or you can order Doc's replacement after market bungee for $15 plus s&h from Bill. Here's the secret to replacing your bungee DO NOT THROW AWAY YOUR WORN OUT MINELAB BUNGEE! Take your old bungee, cut it and slide the plastic snap off and save the snap. Thread the new bungee through the snap. Take the plain end and thread it up through the side of the snap that does not have the groove that you use to lock the bungee at the proper length. Now go through the hole in the snap and down through the side that has the adjustment groove. I supply you with a piece of thick walled adhesive lined heat shrink to finish the plain end. You can either loop it, like Minelab does, or, I prefer to just leave the end plain and put the heat shrink on it. By leaving the end plain, you always know the plain end is the end you use to adjust the length of the bungee, and the looped end is the end that you attach to the detector. If you do decide to put a loop in the end, before you apply the heat shrink, form the loop and use a piece of strong thin line to tie the bungee together to form the loop. Then put the heat shrink over it and take a heat gun to it. I use dental floss because it is very thin and very tough. If you don't tie the bungee together first before applying the heat shrink, the loop will come loose. The adhesive inside the heat shrink is not enough to hold the loop together under constant tension, you need the thin line to tie it to itself. This bungee cord that I use comes from Australia and is fairly expensive, but it is the shipping costs that is a killer; the rolls of bungee cord are very heavy. However, I wanted to make sure I was using the same quality and strength bungee as the original. This replacement bungee is the exact same length as the original. Call Bill. It's always good to have a spare just in case. Unless you are one of those brutes that swing that GPZ7000 without a bungee. Take care! Doc
  6. Add to those other metals the fact that some nuggets have iron staining, and while it is hotly debated, whether there can be a halo effect, I definitely believe there is. Most gold prospectors have experienced the lost nugget syndrome. Nice little target in the ground, you break up the matrix, get it out of the hole, and chase it around in the darn pile of dirt for 15 minutes. Even when you finally get it, it just doesn't sound as good as it did when it was in the ground. Doc
  7. DOC

    Bucket Dredge Pics - 1940's to 1960's

    Thank you so much for sharing these pictures. They truly are amazing and reminds us of a time long gone. I know Bill and other members of this forum appreciate all contributions to the forum. However, I hope you understand that it is forum contributions like this one that are really very special and greatly appreciated. Thank you to everyone who posted pictures and comments. We are a weird bunch. When we aren't looking for gold we like to look at pictures of people who were looking for gold or just found some! Doc
  8. Mike, If you have funky hook and loop, (Not supposed to call it Velcro® unless it is name brand Velcro®) send me your cover and I will replace it. Or have Bill replace it and I will send him a new one. I have had a couple of covers where the (hook and loop) was just funky and would not stay closed at all. Must have been a couple that got some weird hook and look material because that has been a real rare occurrence, but it has happened a couple times now. Doc
  9. Working on approving the final prototype covers for GM 1000 and Equinox before they go into production. I thought a Velcro® secured wrap around to secure the coil cord on the Gold Monster 1000 was better than having to force the cable cord into that plastic clip on the machine. I have a feeling that clip is going to cause shorts in the cable. Bill has already pre-ordered, even though I don't know the pricing as of yet. Dang things are labor intensive. Get on his list. Thanks! Doc
  10. DOC


    Notice how many more nuggets you are finding with those new knee pads? ... just saying. Doc
  11. That gold pan is called the Claw. It is so much easier to use than a round pan. Very fast. Doc
  12. So today was a gold finding lesson for my grandson, Rhett, and granddaughter Kay. They learned to sluice for gold, to use the "Blue Bowl" the Blue Bowl is actually green. The spiral wheel and how to pan. They recovered about $57 dollars worth of gold out of two buckets of dirt I brought back from the desert where I had already found some nuggets. Doc
  13. DOC

    Got Gold ?

    I just don't know of any hobby that gives me as much enjoyment as this one. I mean I even get excited when I see that other people have scored nice nuggets. Way to go Adam. Doc
  14. DOC

    W-I-D-E mouth bottle, no go !

    That's prettier than butter on a homemade biscuit. Congratulations. Doc
  15. DOC

    MARCH 2018 NS Spring Outing

    LOL, TMI. Getting unplugged, dog turd? How in the hell does that go with beautiful sunsets? Sounds like you got the making of a country western song in there somewhere. Doc