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  1. Bill I had 20 come in, but they screwed up the holes on the cover where the buttons are on the detector. Fortunately it was just a matter of them having to cut the holes larger and restitch them, but it will delay things about a week. I actually sent out a couple before I discovered the issue, so I am going to have to replace the ones I sent out. That's why I always make them send me the first 20 off of production. The proto-type was perfect, and then the person who cuts the patterns grabbed the wrong proto-type and made the hole pattern wrong. Very frustrating. I have over $1,000 invested right now just in DHL shipping charges sending proto-types back and forth. Doc
  2. Pictures! Where are the pictures? Doc
  3. Hey gang, I saw this Gladiator wake board bag at Overton's and thought, "That looks like it may be a great metal detector bag." Typically I find that bags made for other sports seem to be much better padded and better made than bags made for metal detecting. So I ordered one. This bag kicks butt. I really like the fact that it has a lot of padding. It is really wide. It has a big zipper mesh see-through pocket for accessories. And a little zippered pocket for bits and bobbs. And it's only like $39.99. I tried to find out who manufactures these but I wonder if this is Overton's own private brand because I couldn't find anyone else that carries them. They were on Amazon, now they say they are no longer available. I don't know if that means they are closing them out or what. https://www.overtons.com/modperl/product/details.cgi?pdesc=Gladiator-Padded-Wakeboard-Bag&i=320417&CAWELAID=120030620000073070&s_kwcid=adwords__&gclid=CjwKCAjwkrrbBRB9EiwAhlN8_ANDn26En6JkGu7SOuRtBNkNY64eVkifk97X0etDJT7TZoitbkVVDBoC2QsQAvD_BwE Doc Start new topic
  4. DOC

    I found my biggest one today!

    Good job Tammy! Doc
  5. I just checked tracking. Your package is at the post office in the parcel box. I assume they leave a key in your post office box, so you can open the parcel box. Doc
  6. Yes they are $5 includes shipping. Doc
  7. Hey Tammy, I may or may not have sent you something in the mail that I think you will like. In fact there may or may not be two of them. Perhaps you could share the extra with someone you know and love, or is that know and tolerate? Sent it off today. You should have it maybe Saturday. Doc
  8. So I finally have some production models of the New dual adjustment bungee I designed. I know a lot of you use your own harness, which in a lot of instances is a modified Camel Back. Camel Backs are great because they provide hydration and give you a great place to hook a bungee cord up to. Well I have thought long and hard about now to improve the QWEEGEE bungee which allowed you to adjust the length of the bungee where it attached to the rod. The BOOMERANG bungee which I also invented allowed you to adjust the length of the bungee at the "D" ring. The big issue with the QWEEGEE, was that you could only detach the bungee at the "D" ring, so when you laid your detector down the bungee was lying in the dirt. There was no way to detach the bungee from the shaft of the detector. Also where the bungee snapped onto the "D" ring it was pretty clumsy to get it on and off. I wear gloves, and when you wear gloves, small pieces of plastic are hard to deal with. So here was my challenge. 1. Design a bungee that could be adjusted with at the "D" ring or where the bungee attached to the rod. 2. Design a bungee that could easily be detached from the detector. or the "D" ring. 3. Make the process of detaching the bungee really easy and effortless. 4. Provide an optional attachment ring that would be similar to a "D" ring but be more durable, easier to attach to, allow the user to stitch it onto their own harness, and not turn around in the webbing you use to attach it. Standard "D" rings, always manage to wiggle around in the webbing and end up looking just like this "D" running vertical instead of like a U where the curved part of the "D" stays at the bottom. First part: Easy on and off attachment snap that attaches to "D" ring. Nice and hefty and durable. A thumb tab, to allow you to remove the bungee from the adjustment groove using one hand. Second Picture: Adjustment groove in snap. Lift or lower your detector while the bungee is out of the adjustment groove to find the right length, give a slight tug down to seat the bungee in the groove and lock the bungee to a perfect length for detecting comfort. SHAFT ATTACHMENT ADJUSTMENT Point. Long non-slip strap that will accommodate all known detector shafts, even the Garret ATX Deep Seeker that has a rod the size of a baseball bat. • Easily attach or detach bungee by pulling the bungee in or out of the SLIDE SLOT. Picture 3 • Easily adjust the length of the bungee by lifting your detector up or down, and then tugging the bungee up into the adjustment groove when you find the proper length. Picture 4 • Use the shaft attachment point only as an attachment point, and don't use the adjustment feature. Simply put the loop at the end on the bungee onto the shaft attachment point. Then you can use the snap at the "D" ring to make adjustments Picture 5 PICTURE 3 PICTURE 4 PICTURE 5 Then we have the optional non-slip "O" ring that I designed . Supplied with a piece of webbing for you to attach to your favorite harness system. I designed all of these pieces. I had to have injection molds made (not cheap) and had the parts molded out of Nyglass, which is a darn near bulletproof material. That "O" ring is 2 1/4 inside diameter. A blind drunk monkey could attach the snap to this "O" ring without ever worrying about having to see it. So I would love to hear your input. I have just 10 from the first production run. The rest will be sent by boat. Only the plastic parts and the strap are being shipped, we assemble the parts with the bungee here in Henderson. Some things are OK to have made in China, but bungee cord is not one of them. We use a very expensive high quality marine grade bungee. Doc
  9. DOC


    The fires in California are really screwing with our air quality here in Las Vegas. Doc
  10. DOC


    I got to take a trip someplace cooler than Vegas. I am really getting cabin fever, but the heat here is just like Arizona, it's brutal. Doc
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    Well at least I now know the price of friendship is only $200 worth of beef. Gosh you guys are easy! Doc
  12. I wore my Spot, the old one, on an elastic band on my arm, when I was in Sudan detecting. I never noticed any issues. And I had tracking on all the time and I think I had it set to send a track location like every 30 minutes. With the old one you had to select your tracking time on your computer at home before you went into the field. So you could set it for every 5 minutes, every 10 minutes, every 30 minute or every hour. The nice thing about the SPOT X is you can change the tracking time on your SPOTX while you are in the field. So if you are just walking, once every 30 minutes is probably fine because you aren't going to travel far. If you hop on your ATV, then you may want to set it for every 5 minutes because you can travel a pretty good distance in 30 minutes. Let's assume you crashed your ATV and you are laying unconscious somewhere in a ditch. If your friends, spouse, have your shared tracking page, and you were supposed to be home at 5 pm, and now it's 9 pm and you have not checked in. They go to your tracking page and they can see the last place your SPOT X sent out a tracking alert. it's really a pretty darn neat device. The thing will send out tracking for days without a recharge. I feel safer with it, but I also feel more comfortable knowing my wife can reach me if she needs to. You know we really could form a safety network. If 5 or 10 of us have these we could have each other's cell numbers programmed in. You can actually take people in your contact list and combine them into a contact group. So when you send a text it sends the text to everyone's phone in the contact group that you created simultaneously. So you have 10 numbers in there, all of them other prospectors, and you have named the group SAFETY. You could send a text out to the SAFETY group. "Hey guys I am broke down out in the boonies in Prescott, see the GPS data. Can you check and see if someone can come give me a hand." OK, So I'm in Las Vegas, but I get the text on my phone. I get on the forum and say, "Hey anyone in Prescott that can help Goldminer Joe, he is broke down in Prescott at this GPS location. Anyone in that area?" Slim Pickens answers and says, "I live in Prescott I know right where he is. Give me 40 minutes." Now I can give Slim, Goldminer's Mobile Device Number on his SPOT and he can text him directly from his phone while he still has cell coverage in town. I can text Goldminer Joe and tell him Slim is on the way. I'm just thinking if I texted my wife, heck she doesn't know the first thing about a GPS or how to find me, and she sure couldn't get there in her Rav 4. But another prospector type would be equipped with a 4 wheel drive and know how to get to me using a GPS. It would be a good system for less than life threatening situations. Doc
  13. Well one thing we know for sure, not having anything does not work at all. They have a lot of saves to their credit. I like the idea of being able to text because the SOS service can try to text you and find out the extent of your emergency. And I like the idea of personal texting because the fact is, all my wife needs to know is that I am OK. On the other hand if there is an emergency at home, or a question she has, she can initiate contact with me. Doc
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    That's OK. my feelings aren't hurt... that much. Doc