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  1. Wow I like this TDI and the TDI Loves Gold!!!

    Thanks Lonny but I know pretty much where a lot of these areas are since I was raised in Siskiyou Co around Yreka and Ft Jones and besides, I have my hands full right now. Nice looking gold though. I did take a lot of gold off your old areas, but it has been inaccessible for quite a while now, just wanted to inform people that a lot of the Shasta Co areas are on posted private property and patrolled.
  2. Wow I like this TDI and the TDI Loves Gold!!!

    Some of these areas are on private property and the land owners are aware so beware
  3. when the cats away, the mice will play

    Great pictures and nice gold, Squidward!

    Hey Moonlight Express AKA OAKWOODTRUCKER Don't keep it going and mentioning names.
  5. The cleaning of BUN

    That's a nice nugget! Congrats!!
  6. The new patch nugget

    Thanks! Hello Darren, it was down about 18 inches....whatever you do, don't get a 12x15 Commander... :innocent0009: Hey Brock, that's a silver dollar it's next to! Let me know when you guys can go, well put a hunt together. Thanks again, Alan
  7. The new patch nugget

    I drove by the parking area that I gave out the Coordnt's to and seen a few trucks parked there, hope you all did well or atleast had some fun! I tried for a short time in a new area and found this 14.1 grammer, the new settings I have are doing better than I expected, it was deeeeep!
  8. Nugget patch locations revealed!!!

    You can believe what you want, that is a bunch of trash. The COORD are on the South side of the fence, on Public property and no spike strips that I know of, why the hell would I do that? You have to remember that these guys are pissed off because I gave out their gold locations, Wheelbubble wants it all to himself, if there is no gold there then why is he posting pictures nice nuggets from "The Slope" as he's finding hem right now? You can't always believe what you read, I'm not bending anyones arm to go out there, just some info that's all and remember these are the bunch theat caused alot of trouble last fall that I was included in but no longer apart of and if you read what TrinityAU said, he has stated that the locations are on BLM and Public property but would like to see a lot map, I removed the location of Sugar and Nailhead as mentioned, those two patches I was unsure of but TrinityAU pointed this out to me, I removed them as soon as I read his post, thanks Ray. Why would it be ok for them to go there without permisson but no one else? I am going to get ahold of a map, scan it and put the Coord on it then post it. I'm trying to keep this cool, if this stuff filters over here to this forum everything gets nuked.
  9. Open dig holes

    Very nicely put!!! THANKS!!
  10. Nugget patch locations revealed!!!

    In Redding, Just don't cross the Barbedwire fence on the North side of Misty's patch. If in doubt, stop by the BLM office Redding Field Office CA360 Bureau of Land Management 355 Hemsted Drive Redding, CA 96002 Phone: (530) 224-2100 Fax: (530) 224-2172
  11. Please fill your dig holes, pick up your trash and there is a red flag warning so no smoking in the field (as per BLM Regs) have fun and watch for snakes, that's all I ask! Oh and NO Motorized Vech!!! Redding areas: Parking along Clear ck rd / BLM public land: 40 29.929N 122 27.628W Slope patch / BLM public land (nice gold being found right now): 40 30.038N 122 27.721W Rocker Patch / BLM public land: 40 30.064N 122 27.697W Hillside patch / BLM public land (lots of detectable nuggets): 40 30.071N 122 27.742W Diggerhead Patch / City of Redding (few 1/4 oz nuggies): 40 30.109N 122 27.515W Deerleg Patch / City of Redding: 40 30.084N 122 27.528W Rosebud Placers, Nevada North of LOVELOCK, not Winnemucca!...Sorry!! LARGE AREA!!! Camp BLM public land (drive right to here): 40 47.114N 118 42.201W Patch BLM public land: 40 47.667N 118 42.417W
  12. Nugget patch locations revealed!!!

    Before anyone goes off the deepend about private property and no trespasing, ect, ect you need to know where these locations are! These areas are on BLM land and the city of Redding (out of Redding city limits) and ARE open to the public, we even spoke to the Police and they said it's ok to detect there, been detecting there for quite awhile now with no problems! if your not sure, stop by the Redding BLM office and look at the map. These areas have been worked but still have some nice gold, I wen't out a few days ago and got 4 in 2 hrs. Alan
  13. Nugget patch locations revealed!!!

    I had an emergency today and I just got in (9:00 pm) everything's ok. I am sorry I haven't got to all the PM's but I will tomorrow afternoon, I promis that! I did get to a few last night, don't worrie, I will answer all of them tomorrow after I get some rest. Alan
  14. Nugget patch locations revealed!!!

    I'll tell you what, I need to take up speed typing, I can't keep up!
  15. Since I don't detect very much anymore I have decided to reveal some great detecting areas open to the public so some of you can find some nice gold. These areas are the same ones where myself and friends have found some very nice nuggets and posted right here on this forum in the past and where nuggets are being found right now. I will give you GPS coordinates to some great areas north of Winnemucca, Nevada and areas around Redding, Ca and even guide you right to the patches in the Redding area all for free!!! Just PM or email me and I will give you the info, it's that simple, this is no gimmick, just to much area for me to detect. Uncle Ron, you may want to get in on this, you've been wondering where weve been hunting for a long time now.