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  1. LowPoint

    Odd Places

    Way to go adam !!; I have checked many, many bankside and hillside outcrops like that over the years, but have never had much luck running across nuggets that way (not yet anyway). And I still do swing over them (ya never know till you do it). Some guys (like you) are much better at eeking-out those nuggets in those locations, while I am much more adept at taking the "lowpoint" approach within the washes, and reading the wash to use indicators of nugget-drop (catch)-locations. So I like starting from the bedrock-gut-of a wash with the intent of searching out a nugget-path either on upstream, or tracking it up a feeder-tributary (or outcrop on the bank), or up onto a hillside. Utilizing the approach that works best for you, based on whatever works at a particular location(s) is the way to go, as long as it provides a given amount of gold. I agree with TomH;... I think that you must be a gold-magnet, as you seem to just stumble onto it without much effort. Gary
  2. Headed down into the lower Arizona desert this morning, and the weather was gorgeous,....cool 60's just after an over night rain. Non of the washes had any water in them, but where wet and the air was cool. Sure wish that the rest of the summer would remain like this. Did about an hour's hike up a wash and didn't find even a piece of trash. By about 10:30 it started sprinkling on me. It sure felt good,................then all of a sudden it started getting heavier rain,..and then heavier, and then "Hey" I'm about an 30-45 minutes away from my pickup, and I'm starting to get real wet..... So I unrigged and started trekking it back as fast as I could. But the rain got heavier, and I'm sloshing it in the mud as fast as I could. I finally got back to my pickup and threw everything in haphazardly. I was "soaked", but luckily had an extra pull over shirt to put on. I'm sure lucky, as I no more than closed the door to my pickup and it really started coming down "cats and dogs"-style. I think it pummeled my pickup for about 30 minutes or-so. I sat there in my pickup and ate my saggie peanut butter sandwich (really kind of enjoying the rain(-even wet as I was) and I heard kind of a rumbling sound behind me???? I opened my window and peeped toward the back of my pickup and the wash that was dry when I had gotten there a couple of hours ago was running strong,....WOW. No gold today but got a nice picture of one of the desert's curious little creatures with "many" legs. Gary
  3. LowPoint

    "Dang, I forgot my camera !"

    Not me,.... I want someone to come up with "visual goggles" that when put on will indicate exactly where gold nuggets, gold hot spots and patches are. Kind of like the bionic man where you can scan a hillside, creek or stream and the gold will not only be indicated, but it will register the depth as well. Maybe even have a processor/ camera attached to a drone that will provide GPS Coord's of the locations. "Whatever a determined-One" can conceive and believe, that same one can Receive,.....time permitting.
  4. LowPoint

    Detecting hat

    I think you voided the warranty by cutting slots in the hat for the headphones.....I've never been a liker of camo gear, so mine takes on a look of "safari"..... Here's my hat that I use a lot over the summer months, it's a bit dirty, but...works great!!!! Gary
  5. LowPoint

    "Dang, I forgot my camera !"

    Yea Tom, the way that cat was closely watching me I don't think that I could have fumbled around and gotten my camera out of my back pack and gotten a shot before it would have trotted off, even if I had had the camera. It wasn't exactly "A KODAK MOMENT," especially after I started making movements, and towards it. Oh Well, I've got it photographed in my memory for later retrieval. I am glad that it did not show signs of being rabid I briefly had visions of it working it's way towards me with evil intent Such Fun in the great Outdoors. Gary
  6. I was out this morning on one of the drainage washes that flows into Lynx creek. I was up stream almost a mile and had just rounded a bend in the wash when I looked up and saw (something) that looked out-of-place right down in the middle of the wash. It was about 20 yards-or-so upstream. I could tell that it was an animal of some type, but couldn't tell exactly what??? It was sitting upright (vertical) in a shaded area due to pine trees up on the ridge. I stopped right off and began staring at it (I was also in the shadow of some pine trees). I think what caught my eye was it's pointy ears, as it was looking right at me. I kept staring at it, and it kept staring at me; neither one of us moved. I kept squinting my eyes trying to figure out just what It was, while I stood frozen-still. It looked like a mid-size german shepard, only more muscular; and it looked to be about 2 1/2 (or better) foot tall from where I was standing. It just sat there without moving a muscle. We must have stared at each other for (what seemed to be) about 2-minutes. Then I saw it's head move just slightly,....and I recognized it,..."WOW" it was a bobcat, and a very healthy one at that. In all the years (literally) that I have been hiking in the Prescott National Forest I have never come across a bobcat out in the wild. I'm sure that they have seen me, but I have never (up till now) ever seen one. Well, I decided to make the first move, so I began a slow stepping walk upstream toward it (male-female???) I got about 10 steps in and off it went up on the ridge and out of sight. That dude was definitely muscular, and had been eating well. Ya never know what you might run across out there, and sometimes it really surprises ya. I got these two nuggets out of that same wash using my Z-7000. The smallest one was .12 of-a-gram and down in vertically-layered schist about 4" down. I kept getting a signal, but my pin pointer couldn't even find it. I had to use a process of elimination to finally segregate it enough for the pin pointer to pick it up. This smallest nugget is the second "smallest" nugget that Z has found for me; the smallest is .10 of-a-gram,................AMAZING !!!!! Gary
  7. LowPoint

    Lead mining

    Believe it or not, finding lead slugs, shrapnel and the like is a good sign, and one I like to see, as it is an indication ( at least to me) that either no one has detected that area before, ...or someone has, but was careless and overlooked ( didn't dig) the target. At one time I had dug a lead target that had been left in the hole by someone else, then swinging over the hole again got another signal. When I dug down another 2" or so, there wedged between a bedrock crevice was a nice 1(+) gram nugget,....ya just never know, if ya don't dig them. Also, I don't live far from a metal recycling facility, so as it is I don't have much lead left over from my finds, as I go cash them in when I get a few pounds,.....it may not be much, but it helps pay for gas. Dig-em-All I say, ...eventually they will turn into gold. Gary
  8. LowPoint

    Prescott National Forest closures June 1st 2018

    I wasn't able to pull up the closure map on your forum, Bill, but based on the map that I was sent by the RRPC this closure is a "partial-area-closure" of the Prescott National Forest. The rest of the Prescott National Forest ("Outside-of-this-area") is still in Phase ll Restrictive, but still open to the public, and not a full closure of the Prescott National Forest ( SO FAR). Of coarse that could and would change any day if conditions get even worse for any number of reasons.
  9. LowPoint

    Research Time

    "WATCH IT BILL",.... The BLM most likely considers these 4-legged critters to be OHV'S, so they will be confiscating them and fining everyone on them for being on their coveted trails .....They fine extra for the poop-piles "YAHOOOOOOO"
  10. Hey adam,.... Do you take a hatchet to your gold as well??? They probably require you to take hatchet-101 class as a requirement,.. but you get to keep the hatchet as a graduation gift. Gary
  11. Really,??? the State GPAA is rallying the troops???????? I PM'd Kevin Hoagland about the situation, but I never got a response back from him at all. Nor did I get a response back from Chris Gholson (and I know he has a few claims down close to Bumble Bee). Rob Allison PM'd me that he would look into the situation. There are also other private claims down there, and up in the Castle Creek area that will be affected too. I haven't really heard back from the roadrunners as yet after giving them permission to use my name. It sure seems to me that "there should-be" better Communication between the three main gold forums (members), the Roadrunner members, the GPAA members, and the private claim owners to be able to act in Unity when it comes to exercising our legal rights as prospectors on BLM land. I have not seen this since this situation started. Gary
  12. Hello Jim,... I am curious, how much of the BLM'S decision (Option-wise) will affect your 5-claims (access-wise and trail closings) down around New River??? When I looked at their map encompassing Option C (which they seem t be leaning toward) , I think your 5-claims are within that area,......although I could be wrong???? Gary
  13. LowPoint

    Arizona mining claims for sale

    Hello Jim, You've got some nice looking claims there,....sort-of-mouthwatering to look at them. I am curious, how much of the BLM'S decision (Option-wise) will affect your 5-claims down around New River??? When I looked at their map encompassing Option C (which they seem t be leaning toward) , I think your 5-claims are within that area,......although I could be wrong???? Gary
  14. Has anyone heard what kind of decision ( which Option) was arrived at by the BLM regarding the closing of trails around the Bumble Bee and New River areas ?????? They where supposed to make a decision today. Gary
  15. Howdy Luke,... Yea, we all need to be a part of this, as it will be affecting all of us who gold prospect in many areas, and as Alwaysdirty said, it will go state-wide if it excallates out of control. "GIVE THEM AN INCH AND THEY WILL TAKE A MILE!!!" Gary