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  1. How to look for and find Gold

    Another informative-source of gold-locations and successful methodologies to attain it is: ARIZONA'S GOLDEN SECRET or HOW TO GET YOUR SHARE OF DESERT GOLD, by Ronald S. Wielgus (Copyright 1992).
  2. Nuggets and a broken ferrite ring

    I Admire that in your dad, Tom,....... I am 14-years younger than your dad,....(Opps, that will be 15-years next month--almost forgot) and I hope to be ..."OH" what-the-hell, I plan to be still hunting the hillsides and scrub at that age as well. I may?? get a bit slower, but: "WHAT IS NOT USED WEHTHERS AWAY", and I'm Not into wethering, if I can do something about it. Gary
  3. Apple pie patch gold

    GPS Coordinates, Please,... I'll Hike it.
  4. NEW HAT

    I got mine too, and "I LIKE IT!!!!" Gary
  5. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    Dang Bill !!!, I'm surprised you can even see out of either eye. Maybe some ice packs, and definitely some Benedryl would help bring the swelling down. "Are you sure you wouldn't want to stick with detecting instead???? It may be healthier Gary
  6. 16 to 1 wash

    "yes", I believe he mentioned your name as well as boulder dash's when we where out at his claim at Rich Hill.
  7. Sunday Gold

    "Well"...., Maybe that's what you should change your Sign In name to: Willy-Nilly-in-Lala Land; considering you like my terminology ! ! ...Nice rough gold there, no matter how you got it. Gary
  8. 16 to 1 wash

    My mistake,.... His name is Mica Schizzel. He is a realtor down here in Prescott Valley. He has a claim along side of "Bunk's" over at Rich Hill.
  9. 16 to 1 wash

    OH, So he is being Difficult, and Cantankerous ! ! ! Gary
  10. 16 to 1 wash

    Adam, I think that if you go back to the thread: "Gold is NOT where you find it," you will find that both Doc, and AzNuggetBob responded to your question regarding that picture of white cobble in that wash. Whether you accept those responses as valid or not is up to you. Also, Your question above is a strange one, considering some of the last few nuggets that you posted pictures of and stated that the bedrock (area) was full of dark-red iron-rich stain. Are your trying to tell me that you delete those bedrock-characteristics out of you mind once you have left that area, and don't look for the same signs in another wash or area????? OR, are you just trying to Difficult???... .....I, for one (I can't speak for other's methodology) take a mental-note of each and every location where I find a nugget. I don't walk around "willy-nilly" in lala-land not paying attention to the geologic surroundings that may (and do in many areas) pop up in a different location, even many miles away from each other. When it comes to bedrock-types, the geologic processes that contributed to the presence of gold up here on Lynx Creek, are no different than those that formed down around LSD (for example), if "that same" bedrock-type exits down there as well. "Ergo", if gold can be found in one location with a certain type of bedrock (host rock), then there is a very high probability that gold can be also-found in another location (even many miles away) having the same bedrock type. Bedrock runs in "bands" most of which you can't see because they lie so deep underground. It's only when they surface ( as exposed bedrock) thru tectonic forces that you can observe and compare-them-to what might be the same bedrock-type that has surfaced many miles away. I'm sure that "my view" of these processes is not held by others, but it is my view, and I have had good success finding nugget locations using it. Gary
  11. 16 to 1 wash

    "Yea Tom", that type of rock does look familiar to me, as I have run across a tributary of the Lynx up here that has that same type and color granite/ quartz mix in it. I have also found quite a few nuggets in it as well. It appears to me to be a great host rock to contain nuggets. Funny how "bands" of similar bedrock formations pop up in different locations miles away from each other. Gary .........."AND", for those of you who have the desire to "twist and distort" my comment around,. ."NO", I am not saying that Tom's (desert) photos are of Lynx Creek up here in Northern Arizona, with or without pine trees and mountains. Once-again, I am Associating, or relating (commonalities) the bedrock in his photo's with similar ones that I have observed up here on or around Lynx Creek. Gary
  12. 16 to 1 wash

    "What's a "hamdstack"???? I've seen a number of handstacks over the years, but that's new to me,........."Just-messing with ya" ,...Not to get off of the subject (this thread), but, do you know a guy named Mike Schizzel ??? I have taken him out with his new 2300 a couple of times and he mentioned your name to me. Gary
  13. 16 to 1 wash

    Nice looking nuggets Tom. Looks like there is some iron-stained quartz sand crystals lodged in the nooks of the nugget; that or maybe it is magnetite??? Is that host rock in the wash and boulders a type of granite mixed with quartz?? Gary
  14. Today's trip with the Toms.

    "Apologies" Mike; ...It just sounded like you two where Cahoot'n against me and my statement about Lynx Creek's bedrock compared to that where the Tom's where. I really didn't think you would do that ? ?.... but then again adam, .....I don't know, He kind of reminds me of............ " ME ! ! ! " .........Kind-of-a Secretive-Wiley-Coyote , always in search-of a sensitive spot to "Trip-ones-Trigger." Best wishes for your New Year too. ..........Enough of this craziness, I'm ready to get out and find some more Gold. Gary
  15. Today's trip with the Toms.

    "DAH!!",... I never said those where pictures of Lynx Creek !!! So, "YOU" would have to be DUMBER-THAN-DIRT to make that statement, or even think that!!! I was simply stating a fact about a different location's bedrock in-comparison-to that which "that" location has,....You know, ...Compare and Contrast??? So, you can Stuff-your comment, and you know where it goes..