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  1. LowPoint

    Hello, all

    Hello Saul,.. and Welcome.... If you don't mind me asking, ...just how old are you, and what years where you raised in Prescott??? I being not only an Arizona native, but also a Prescott Arizona native am curious as to weather our paths have crossed before in the past. I was born in Prescott in 1947, and was one who was included in the graduating class from the old Prescott High school in 1966. The new one was built across town. You may find that getting to the gold around here is "much-more-harder" than you may have remember, due to much more growth (population), and a lot more private property restricting access. Gary
  2. LowPoint

    LSD camp out

    Boy Tom, that "squared-vertical-shaft" looks almost like the one I ran across a few weeks ago down around Bumble Bee. Only the ground was completely different colored,....your ground has a lot of pink (red) in it. Gary
  3. LowPoint

    Need new gold shows or movies....

    "Yea," but the cooool part of the movie is right-at almost the last when the Mexican hombre with the machete says: " Badges??, ...BADGES ! ? ! ?,.....We Don't need no "stink'n" badges!!!"
  4. LowPoint

    Just Check'n

    Thanks Tom, I see what you mean about inside lighting sucking,.. seams that I am always grappling with getting the best looking pictures using inside lite. Gary
  5. LowPoint

    Just Check'n

    Got a new camera and thought I'd see if it was working well enough to show my new nuggets with ??? Still working on the brightness and focusing. I couldn't download the pictures onto my other computer,...some stupid red box with a manager-rejection issue?????? Gary
  6. LowPoint

    A Good Day's Worth Of Nuggets

    9 (of those little beauties) is > "0" Any day!!! I'll bet you had a Fun day beep'n those out. Gary
  7. LowPoint

    Three nuggets and a 'stone'

    "WOW" Luke,..... Your description of what happened to you just made me run into the kitchen and down 4-very large glasses of water!!!!!!!! I don't need no "STINK'N" kidney stone crimp'n my activity. Sorry to hear of your pain!!!,.... although I can't relate to it, as I haven't ever experienced it for that reason. Nice gold though,.... I presume the kidney stone is the small-spinney-object in the middle of the dime????? That, or it's a spinney-quartz / gold thingey????? At any rate, maybe you should invite me along to assist you in the future when you return to this spot, as it may have bad-vudu-vibes thrusting themselves upon you to where you will need help when handling the "next-one",... will there be others?????? Hope Not. Gary
  8. LowPoint

    Mighty Fine Nugget Hunting Weather

    "Hey" , you are right-on there,.....That's what I looked like today,.......my other hand had these in it....only dinks, but .77 of-a-gram is better than nothing. Gary
  9. LowPoint

    Mighty Fine Nugget Hunting Weather

    Well , ....get Retired,...you young Whipper-Snapper..... Actually, I only got out one day this week..(so far). Retirement does have it's benefits. Hey, I like your new metal detecting avatar-dude,.. reminds me of:,......Me; only the hole isn't deep enough , and the accompanying pile isn't high enough. Gary
  10. LowPoint

    "Taint" much, ... but 2 is > "0"

    Yea, I could have entitled it: One centipede and two scorpions got "shovel-pounded" during the extraction of two nuggets", but the mathematical approach was shorter
  11. LowPoint

    Mighty Fine Nugget Hunting Weather

    This week????? Well, I was out Monday , and it was nice then too,..........ya know, one of those [ 2 is > "0" ] days. And I can attest-to the fact that the GPZ-7000 will get birdshot-sized nuggets, even down deep in bedrock cracks. Gary
  12. No one seems to be posting any more gold of-late; so thought I'd buck the flow and post a couple tonight,.......... .67 of-a-gram(s)-worth of well-worn-nuggets using my GPZ-7000.... YaHoo !! Gary
  13. LowPoint


    I found it just the way you are seeing it now.
  14. LowPoint


    I found my Tyrannosaurus Rex Geode in Southwestern Arizona. When I found it, it was upside down with the dull boring side up. I just happened to kick it over to recognize it. It is somewhat sedimentary in character, and came out of a quartz pocket. On occasion I like placing a number of my gold nuggets within it's cavities; taking a photo, and putting it on this forum just to see how much excitement I can conjure-up by doing so. Gary
  15. LowPoint

    Happy Birthday LowPoint

    "THANKS", .... Luke J and I met up and went out yesterday searching out some new ground,....It was a beautiful day out, but neither one of us could quit position out coils over anything but trash. Oh well, just makes you try harder next time. Gary