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  1. "HEY" WHAT'S THE IDEA OF HIJACKING OR SABATAGING MY THREAD???? My purpose for starting this thread was to encourage "others" (on this forum) to "also-post" photos of their gold finds (instead of holding back and learking in the shadows as if they hadn't found any gold at all); .....To include some encouragement (for those new to this pursuit, and to others who may not have quite figured-out the ins and outs as yet); .... To provide a story (my experience in-relation-to my find) that may make it interesting to read about the experience; ... "AND" To provide some insites (helpful methods) that may help others to succeed as well. But, instead, some of you (through your off-breed-discussions) have used my thread as a "Portal" to communicate subjects that are completly unrelated to my title and subject matter. Far-be-it for me to label you inept, but I will say, you must be too lazy to open your own thread, as you would rather "change" the initial-subject matter of this thread instead. Gary
  2. Happy Birthday LukeJ

    Nice Nuggets Luke, ..And on your birthday too.. Where you out at C-4 ??? Gary
  3. 24 hour Gold

    Well,..... If "the gold pictured is not from the spot pictured with the handstacks" , THEN why show the spot, if it doesn't relate-to the gold??? A Devious and Deceptive Dude you are Gary

    That's alright, my T Shirt with a detector on it doesn't have a nugget on it either, .....and it's not a promo. Gary

    Darn Bill,... You couldn't put a bright yellow nugget just below the coil in that upper gap in the letter N?????
  6. 24 hour Gold

    Nice looking nuggets, Maybe you are right on the source............... where you guys part of the crew that built the Great Wall of China??? Gary

    No one has ever stacked, nor relocated overburden in this wash; and I think that the only others (few if any) that had tried to detect here where the guys who had the early VLF detectors. But I'm sure that the high mineralization and overabundant supply of iron stone hot rocks made them seek easier ground to hunt. Most likely drove them "Nuts". Gary

    Well, we all have out limitations, and sadly they become more prominent as we get older. You can only do what you can do at any given moment, so do all you can-do when you still can. Hey, nice looking dredge,... I'll bet that was a producer. Are you still allowed to dredge over there?? Your location says that you are out of Redding, Cal. I used to ride bulls over there whenever there was a rodeo back in the late 60's to early 70's. One of my limitations,... I can't do that anymore. Gary

    "Yea", I know darn well that you stress using headphones Bill, ...and I don't swing my detector without them. It would be kind of Cool to also have a yellow nugget down by the coil somewhere. Gary

    I have never seen anyone out in the goldfields, swinging a detector "wearing a cowboy hat"????!!!! What's up with that??? They "may be"??? wearing a summer-floppy hat, but a cowboy hat????? sort of looks like a Leonard B Johnson(a prior president of the 50's???) cowboy hat.......... How about a better looking "BALL CAP" ( which most everyone wears),........... except Tom, who has that red-Christmas-pullover-thingey". And I like the grey color shirt with the black and red lettering. Gary

    "Define YOUNG",.... I was born in 1947, which should put me about 70-years-Young. I just enjoy the challenge and the search (and of course the GOLD). What feels good is being right regarding my choice of where to dig. Gary
  12. Specimen from last week.

    "Dang" Tom,... That's Nice !!! I'll bet you didn't have to pick and shovel much to get that one off the hillside;......... Let me know if you need help finding it's Bothersome -Brother??,... Stupid-Sister??... Cursed-Cousin??... Nomadic-Nephew??... Nasty-Niece??... Etc., Etc.,Etc...... Gary

    There "may be"???? I have never attempted to go after fines, as this wash is normally always dry, and way to far away to haul in water (remote). All of the nuggets that I have taken out of this wash are course-chunky gold, with very little having been traveled very far.
  14. Blood, Sweat and Gold

    "If I take the time to placer you better believe I am going to bedrock."............... "YOU'RE DARN TOOT'N!!!" Gary

    Oh Yea, that huge boulder in the 8th photo had stopped and "had-been" balanced on top of the smaller round boulder until I undermined it and then pushed it (to the left) where it slid down along side. And, the large boulder up on the bank (to the left of the huge boulder, photo # 9) is no longer perched up on it's throne,... I managed to pry it loose upon-which it broke in half so that I could then skid it down next-to the huge boulder.............. all in a days work when there is gold involved. Gary