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  1. An old patch

    I think that holds true up-to-a-point ! ?;.. It's kind of a "point-of-NO-Returns" with each time you frequent a spot. There comes a point of frequently returning to a "SPOT", and (thoroughly) working that spot where your gold-finds ultimately become Zero. I mean these spots are not like apples on a tree that reproduces each year without fail. This is ultimately a "zero-sum (returns) game" we are playing with each and every spot. And it will become zero-returns faster dependent-on how thorough you are in that particular spot. I have personally already experienced a point-of-zero-returns situation at about 4-5 of my favorite patch locations up here around the Lynx creak area. At these spots it makes no difference "now" how much monsoon rains move around overburden or cleared off the area, as there is no more gold there,...it's not a reproducing gold-tree, as "so-Many"-seem to believe by clinging and hording their precious gold spots. It's just human nature to Not-want-to-believe that a thoroughly-hammered and well-worked particular spot would become a "no-gold-returns-spot," but it does happen, and does exist. It's just hard to wrap your mind around this fact. So you keep going back. But the zero-returns once there, is there.
  2. I know what you mean Tom. I also like finding old lead as well, as it is an indicator to me that no one had detected down that deep to have retrieved that lead. And if they are missing lead, they are most likely also missing gold as well. So, "if" I have to be finding some sort of trash, I'd rather be finding old lead than pinhead sized rusted tin flakes. Gary
  3. An old patch

    "Point-well-taken", and I understand and agree with you completely. In my particular wash there is only one stringer wash that I have not only cleaned out the easy pickens, but I have also completely removed the heavy large rocks and overburden, and moved the large boulders all the way down to bedrock and detected this complete stretch. The rest of the main wash and other stringer washes still remain open for investigation.
  4. NO Tom, actually I am getting tired of finding lead with the Z-7000, as I know that that lead should have been gold, considering how deep most of those were, and how far down into bedrock even the very smallest ones were. I'm usually glad to find lead, as I know (weight-wise) both gold and lead will be in the same pocket ("IF" there is gold there to begin with). Gary
  5. An old patch

    I will "If you will,--"first."" Now that I am starting to get things worked-out with my GPZ-7000, I'd love to hit some old patches that "others" have pretty much given up on just to see if they had been as thorough as they "thought" they where. "AND", Dean, if you are reading this,.... I know how much you love your 9 x14 Evo coil, as I have found many nuggets with mine as well.. But, I know that I had swung my 14" Evo (as well as various other sized coils, including the 18" Wallaby) over this exact spot at least a half dozen times over the last couple of years that I have been hunting this wash, and I never got a signal of any kind from any of the other coils. Just food-for-thought. Guess I'll be starting from square-one with this wash now. Gary
  6. An old patch

    Good job Luke,... the 2.37 gram nugget that I posted yesterday was also in that dark-blood-red soil as well. And from the wash I can see areas up on the upper banks where it is bleeding out. I'll have to do some serious investigating next time. Gary
  7. Well, after playing and fooling around (on and off) with different settings, and hitting 4-5 different old, and "very-hammered" spots for the past 5-months up around Lynx Creek "without any luck" I headed down into the lower desert today. The heat wasn't bad (a high of around 75-78 deg). After a boot tack and 2-3 very small pieces of rusted tin, I managed to hear a very faint signal, and after digging down right-at one foot I pulled this 2.37 gram nugget out. The first photo is just "some" of the various-sized lead and fragments that I have found on other outings (there has been much more not photo'd). Based on how smooth and rounded this nugget is, it has traveled a bit down stream, and is pendant-shaped. Gary
  8. GB Pro Scores Again! :)

    Hey Old Tom, it's nice to see someone of your age ( 80 + ??) still getting around in the rough areas with a detector!! I am now 70, and really starting to feel the aches and pains in my joints as well. My wife says that I need to get at least 30-minutes of exercise each day (cardio) to stay healthy,---"shoot', I can just hike up a rough-cobble and boulder-strewn wash and get that much beneficial cardio in a 1/4 to 1/2 mile stretch, with the remainder of the day detecting and prospecting which is maintaining and also strengthening my muscles and joints for the next outing. So, like you, my "get up and go hasn't got up and gone yet; and as the saying goes, "that which is "not-used", withers away". So I intend to use it (muscles, joints, etc.) as long, and as regularly as I possibly can as obviously you have been doing. And I also carry Excedrin and Tylenol in my back pack (always); along with a protein drink, small bottle of water, and 3-4 protein bars,---you never know what might detain you on you way back to the pick up after the long day detecting Those where Good Gold finds you both got. That 4.8 Gram nugget must have a similar brother??? At least that would be my thinking. Gary
  9. Turquoise?

    From what I can see it appears to be turquoise (in the rough??). Or it could be a copper-stained rock?? Did you get this from a mine dump area??
  10. Bill's Bees.... Honeybees that is.

    Boy, now that reminds me of a time a number of years back when I was driving back from the Morencie mine after doing some sales business. I stopped to take a leak behind this old rundown and dilapidated old building. I no more than got my pants down and got a good flow going when something(s) began hitting me from all sides (they weren't stinging me, but where ramming me with their bodies like little kamakazies (spelling??)). I had waited too long before I had stopped and couldn't get the flow to stop, and about that same time I looked up and saw the (numerous) bees on the upper wall of the building next to a large opening. So, here I am (expediently) yanking my pants up, wetting myself, and running back towards my pickup. By now, they are no longer ramming me, they are litterly stinging the crap out of me. I yank the pickup door open, get inside (all the while others are hitting the window,----very hard). I thought that I was safe when two-three begin hitting me from within the pickup. I am swatting and thrashing (insanely) with my ball cap when one slips by me and nails me right under my left eye (almost where your shiner is). I managed to kill the other two, but ended up with about 5-stings on my body (arms, back of head, etc.) and by the time I got back to Tucson ( about an hour and half drive) my whole left eye was so swollen that it completely closed up, couldn't see out of it. So, I was like a one-eyed-cyclops driving home. I'm sure that there have been more than one of us (myself included) who have "surprisingly" come up on a hive of killer bees in a rock crevice while out in the field,..... And if not, you might want to keep your eyes and ears open and move slowly as to not upset then in their environment Gary
  11. Holey S*&#

    I Agree Bill, ...I think that's called a star opal, and unless I am mistaken, they are mined over somewhere in Africa?? They are valued at "Big-Bucks" by the carat.
  12. They are already out

    Now that's a "FLAT-LANDER"!! I'll bet he can't wait till they come out with Hover boards.
  13. gold fever / lynx creek

    "ROGER-THAN" JOHNM,.... You'll get there.
  14. Dome top

    Allen, as Bill stated; you might be able to repair (re-solder the headphone wires within the dome top, .. it's not that hard once you cut the glue and separate the top from the battery). I have done this with 3 of mine and they still work ..."Better". And Ace Hardware should carry these batteries ( as I buy them in Prescott Valley when and if I need them) and they are actually cheaper-priced than batteries plus (I think I paid about $20.00 to $25.00 for my last one). Gary