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  1. You are right Doc, the mixture is called agua regia, and if I remember correctly it consists of 2-parts hydrochloric acid mixed with 1-part nitrate acid. This ( to my knowledge) is the only acid mixture that will completely breakdown gold and put it into molecular solution. When you mix the two acids you have to pour one into the other "very-slowly" because of nitric acid's tendency to be kind of combustive. And (I think) that you must pour nitric into the beaker of hydrochloric (again slowly),.. not the other way around. And yes, Sodium Metabisulfite is a "Reagent" used to recover or change the structure of the gold in molecular solution back to a metallic form. A great book the learn about this process (and others) is the Second Edition of: RECOVERY AND REFINING OF PRECIOUS METALS , by C.W. AMMEN . A & B Prospecting in Prescott Valley has this book for sale ( I think that I paid approx. $70.00 for it about 8-years ago). Maybe Bill Southern can get one of these for any of those who are interested in learning these recovery processes???? Gary

    "YEP" TOM, that's exactly what happened with my Nitric acid test!!! The only difference was that I didn't reduce the entire nugget into solution, as the remaining nugget now weighs 3.81 grams(instead of 5.04), And I haven't (as yet) drained off the nitric acid solution, ..nor have I added water to this powder, which, should turn to crystals ( silver nitrate) when I do so. Hey, THANKS for the video..............................................."SO, A SILVER NUGGET IS WHAT I DO STILL HAVE", with some Silver Nitrate as well. I also know that I can add a reagent to either the crystals, or to this powder (once dried), heat in a crucible in a furnace and the heat and chemical reaction will return it to a solid metal (silver), as it was before. Gary

    Well, I decided to do a little acid test on this nugget today. I placed an obvious lead slug and my questionable silver nugget in a beaker of pure Nitric acid. I let them set soaking for about 20-minutes, and there was no action going on from either of them. So I then commenced to heat the beaker, nitric acid and the two on a little electric stove that I have. As soon as the nitric started getting hot the silver nugget started bubbling (there was no affect on the lead). The longer I heated the nitric acid the more the silver nugget bubbled with brown-colored bubbles (All the while the acid had no affect at all on the lead slug). Initially, the silver nugget turned to a sort-of battleship gray color all over, then that color turned to a chalky-white color; continuing to bubble all the while. After about 4-5 minutes I turned the burner off and let everything cool. What was left in the bottom of the beaker was a very-fine-chalky-white residue, which was also on the nugget until I sprayed the nugget off with a water hose. What was left is still a nugget, but it is now 1.23 grams "less" in weight compared to what I started with ( it was 5.04 grams); And it is much more shiner, brassy ,..."more Silvery" and metallic. It is not the least bit magnetic though. Any Thoughts regarding these results?????????? Gary
  4. Big Changes

    Tom, I also know of another FS road on the north side of the Bradshaws that had been closed with a barricade just following the fire. The location was not even close to the burn zone (probably at least 30 miles away) but they closed it anyway. It has been a good month or so since they put the fire out and the barricade is still up. I drove over again last week and talked to a residential property owner to see if they knew anything new. They told me that they, as well as other property owners in the area have been using the road for 2-3 weeks now without any issues from the FS. They have been driving their quads, atc's, motorcycles, and pickups up the road, just driving around the barricade. They said that the FS must have forgotten about the barricade, but no one has been approached, questioned, stopped, nor fined about using the road. SOOOOOOOOOOOOO, who knows,.. it's government ya know Gary
  5. Big Changes

    "What-in-the-world are you two talking about???" I have driven up into the burn zone via the Grapevine road no less than 5-times now, and have been detecting in various spots. I haven't had an issue with anyone!!!! As a matter of fact, last week when I was driving out (after detecting for about an hour, and after the heat, humidity and bugs run me out) I passed a Forest Service pickup heading up the road in the opposite direction. We waved to each other and went our own ways. Based on what I read ( the first day that I went into the burn zone) on a Forest Service plackard, the map had a high lighted-red area marked up at the breeze pines area that was restricted from entering, as there is still forest up there that could be started aflame, but the burn zone was not part of that restricted area. Now, even the plackard sign has been moved to the side of the road. When I was up there last week huge stacks of straw (maybe 100-bails) have been placed in two locations along the dirt road in the burn zone, so the Forest Service has contracted with a company to (I would assume) blow straw all over that area to stop, or at least slow down the erosion when it rains,... and it has been raining A lot over in that area (almost every other day). Gary
  6. Tammy and The GM 1000

    Probably just as well we didn't meet up. I was going to go out either way ...but, when I woke up at 6am it didn't feel even slightly cool, so I just slept in. By 8am it was 80 out with humidity sitting at about 40% (too uncomfortable for me to fight the sweat in my eyes and the biting bugs swarming in and out of my nose). I would say that I hope that you and Tammy find those spots on your way back down the hill to be cool (temp-wise) and comfortable to detect, But I know this time of year that hopefulness is completely without reason or reality; especially if you are going back down thru Skull Valley. Yes, I do plan to come down that way a few times when it cools off this fall. When the ground is frozen (with or without snow) up here, I usually head for the lower areas
  7. Tammy and The GM 1000

    Now see how you are??,... "CONTANKEROUS", I was going to invite you out to one of my spots while you are up here tomorrow. But guess you already have plans,...Sounds good to me
  8. Tammy and The GM 1000

    "REALLY"???,... I seem recall you saying: "stay out of my spots!!" when I bought my detector from you a few months ago
  9. Tammy and The GM 1000

    Darn Bill,... How come you didn't give me a holler while you where up around the Lynx???? I could have taken you to a couple of spots to elude the skunk, and really give that new monster-thangee a run for it's money. Oh, that's right you "flat-landers" don't take to sharing spots,......OOOOOOKKKKKKK
  10. The Indicators

    Yep, I've been up that wash (area). I think that these last monsoon rains have kicked up and uncovered some new gold around there. We'll have to meet up and check out some of it's tributaries as well. Gary
  11. Camp out

    Darn, wish I would have known you Phoenix-flat-landers where all getting together up around this way, I might have dropped in and said Hi. It's only about a 15-20 minute drive for me to Mayer. Oh well, maybe I'll run across ya in a wash one of these days. Looks like you got some nice finds though. Gary
  12. The Indicators

    "Nice ones", hey that decomposed reddish granite area looks familiar, say down around Bumblebee?? I'll bet it got HOT while you down there (and humid). I'll wait for it to cool off a bit before I head down that way. Good finds though,... Gary
  13. I know that our official gold prospecting season hasn't begun as yet, but thought I would go out and "eye ball" a wash today that had had some pretty good monsoon rains hammering it last month. I didn't take my detector, nor any of my other prospecting goodies this time. Just mainly walked the wash checking out the exposed bedrock sections. I thought I would do an update on my "naked-eye"-gold-recognition capabilities, and as such, positioned myself on my hands and knees eyeballing the cracks and crevices of the exposed bedrock. I was out there for a few minutes doing this, and was only able to find this one, so I guess I can say: eye to gold recognition----CHECK and GOOD!!! I hadn't brought any kind of container with me, so I had to use a plastic credit card folder that was in my wallet to hold this "Massive-nugget" until I got it home,--improvise. I'd say that it is a bit smaller than the head of a safety pin. Gary
  14. Dropping it to $185.00 (plus) buyer pays the shipping. Gary
  15. Volcanic Flint

    When I was younger and growing up I never used to nap, but in the last few retirement years I have grown accustom to napping every day around 3 or 4 ..... Oh, you mean knapping@@)